Ek Duje Ke Vaste 15th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Duje Ke Vaste 15th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shravan says you women are alike. You don’t apologize even after making mistake. You are just like my mother – selfish! He drives away leaving her behind alone. Sumo looks on sadly. Shravan’s hurtful words echo in her head. She walks ahead absentmindedly.

Sumo comes home. She composes herself and wipes her tears before going inside. She picks up the carton containing all the memories of their childhood. Ok Shravan, you wont see my face after today till fate unites us again. She keeps the carton in her trunk and locks it.

Shravan is in a park. He looks lost.

Ramnath asks for Shravan but Bahadur shares that he is still not home. Ramnath comes to Shravan’s room but it is empty. Where would he be? Why dint he come back till now? He calls Dhillon (the showroom guy) to

know about Shravan. Dhillon says he dint come here. Ramnath ends the call. Was he with Sumo? Suman Tiwari! I don’t know what she wants. Why is she after my son? He looks at a file kept on the table. He finds Shravan’s love letter in the book kept under it. He is stunned to know that his son loves Sumo. He loves the girl who wants to unite Shravan and Nirmala? Kamini brings water for him. He notices him looking all pale. Are you fine? He gives the letter to her. Did you know about it? She denies. I knew them as friends but this letter states otherwise. It also proves that Shravan loves Sumo since childhood. Ramnath says now I understand everything. Shravan isn’t upset because of Nirmala. He was upset because of Sumo. She is confused. He explains that Shravan loves Sumo. He went to meet her that day but got hurt when he got to know Sumo called him to meet Nirmala. Now I understand why he has been avoiding her since last 2 days. Kamini says it wont last for forever. Sumo will be back in Shravan’s life once he calms down. Eventually Sumo will bring Nirmala in Shravan’s life too. He says it isn’t only about Nirmala. It is about Suman too. I don’t know why I saw Nirmala in Sumo always. She is angry, free and stubborn like Nirmala. Nirmala ruined my life. I am sure Sumo too might ruin Shravan’s life. Kamini tells him against it. Ramnath says I wont let it happen. I will have to separate Shravan from Sumo anyhow for once and for all.

A man (Mr. Pradhan’s representative) tells Sumo how particular Mr. Pradhan is about health and hygiene. Sumo nods. Did you like it? He says it is ok but there is scope for improvement. You have to send food for 500 people daily. He gives her advance. You can make PCT better now. She has to give her PAN Card number but she realises she left her purse at home maybe. He agrees to talk to her over phone for the same. She signs the papers. He goes. Prita thanks Baba ji for giving them such a big order. Aren’t you happy? Sumo says I am very happy. Big order means big responsibility. She tells everyone to get ready for action. Prita jokes to make light of the situation. Sumo smiles.

Ramnath is with Shravan’s client. He had come to show his file to Shravan but he isn’t in the cabin. Ramnath says he must be busy in meeting. The client is worried about the other party. Ramnath has faith in Shravan. The client shares that he has noticed Shravan a little disturbed since some days. He seems a little preoccupied. Ramnath dismisses it. Shravan only will take your case. Rakesh ji comes to take his sign on some cheques. He notices a cheque for PCT. What is PCT? Rakesh ji says it is Sumo’s PCT. Our food comes from PCT only nowadays. Rakesh ji leaves. The client says PCT belongs to Suman Tiwari. It is on my property. Ramnath looks at him in shock. He reads the file again. The client says she is the tenant of the person we are worried about. It will also be demolished along with other shops if we win the case. Will Shravan like it if we break it along with the other properties tomorrow? Ramnath tells him to make sure Shravan does not get to know about it.

Ramnath is with Shravan. He talks to Shravan about his old cases. Shravan does not look so happy which does not go unnoticed by Ramnath. Are you fine? Shravan says why you asked so. Ramnath says just like that. You look very disturbed since that day? You neither care for your health nor your work. Shravan replies it isn’t so but Ramnath is sure it is the fact. Your client came to me as you were not in the cabin. He looked tensed. He said your focus is not on your work these days. shravan says I am sorry if he felt so. I am studying his case only. Ramnath thinks of PCT in the list of the buildings which will be demolished if they win the case. You have to win this case at any cost. I will believe it then only that you aren’t disturbed because of that woman. Shravan assures him he will win the case. Ramnath gets happy. He picks up a file but Ramnath takes it from him. It is of some other case. Focus on tomorrow’s case. All the best! Shravan thanks him. Ramnath smirks.

Precap: Police brings court order for Sumo. It is made here illegally. A lawyer reads the court’s verdict for her. Shravan has won the case thereby proving his client’s legal rights on this piece of land. Sumo takes the file from him and reads it. Shravan cannot do this!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    1. Abhi abhi bohot sare vote karke ayi hu. ShraMan ko jit na chahiye but u know how sony tv is!:(

  1. Awwww…. Dis moderation sucks.. Mera comment show hi nhi kr rha

    @Minakhi… 3 n 4 ofcourse n 1 wins d award of best jodi in comedy role….. (sound of applause)… BTW u missed pushkar n sumo jodi… I lv it 2

    @Lado… Thank god u r back…. Missed u soo much.. How r u??? Did u overcome d ‘competition phobia’ (or i m d only one havin it )

    @Minakhi… Something’s tellin me she is nt d old chipkali… Bcs old one never said sorry… N she sincerely apologised… Maybe she is a new harshita… Maybe her cheli (student)… 😉 …

    @Harshita… Luk each show is diff…. Krpkab n edkv(u were spellin it ekdv yesterday) r 2 diff shows…. One hs story about 2 people who already were frnds bt were separated… Other is about ppl who actually never met , they were complete strangers fr each other… How cn compare 2 shows sooo diff.??
    Now harsh talk…
    Luk dunno ki tumhe yeh emotional baatein samajh aayi ki nhi bt ek baat dhyaan se suno… Understnd wat we say or hush off….
    N yaa jaate jaate ek doubt clear kr do… Tum vahi purani wali harshita ho ya fir koi nayi…

  2. Nyc episode

  3. Hii minakhi, I like 3 And 4. But can I add three more.pushkar and sumo, sumo and priti, and most cute dabooo and sumo.

  4. May be Anshi u r right…. Wo Harshita kabhi bhi sorry nahi Ho Sakti or sorry kehte hi usne EDKV ka support liya strange!kya ye Abhijit hai?????Well I don’t care now ….bcz I m really in positive mood now …no one can beat my thoughts for this show…

  5. Of course sorry I Forgot to add Sumo and Pushkar,Sumo and Preeti,Dabboo and Sumo…….just add all this.

  6. Heyy @ankita u r with a new poll….kya tum humesha Link hi share karogi ….plz humare sath apni kuch batein share karo na ……Itna limited kyu ati Ho tum????

  7. Hey friends, u know top 6 shows on Indian television storywise.edkv on number 2 position. Yeeeee edkv rocks.

    1. Can u tell me the complete list of the top 6 shows…

      And 3 cheers for edkv

      1. Hii Indira.no yaar I dont know remaining show becs vo website open nahi ho rahi.I saw only top 2 shows yhm and edkv.

  8. Hi ,everyone ,I m back with full enthusiasm and excitement and with kittu’s special .Actually I commented on last night only ,bt this moderation system ,really my foot.I went on this page bt pata nahi kahan se kahan pahuch gayi.Well I m back nd m free now ,no work to do as I completed my whole work .
    Comment abhi baki h mere dost.
    Actually ye older comment, newer comment k chhakar me sab jhand ho jata h .Bt as I said my comment is not complete ,so just wait nd read ,let me go to the older comments. I m coming.????

  9. Sorry..!! Late comment.. Ramnath dead

  10. HI HI HI HI HI HI????to everyone ,I know tumne mujhe miss nahi kiya bt mujhe laga shayad kisi ne to kiya hi hoga.
    What’s say ,MINAKSHI, and ANSHI. Hope u missed me,my loviii dobiii frnds.???
    @minakshi, hey dear ,I m here.
    @lily ,ha I also thinks so that this track is better than khosla’s track.But that was also nice one,in fact from that track only we get our shraman nd also thinks that there is no need of bingo type chemistry between shraman nd third character, which I think.Sry ,if I hurt anyone.??
    @Wakeel, hey who r u ,I don’t know, nd if u r new then welcome here, hope u will comment here regularly. And ya I also want same judiciary system in India.???ITTI JALDI NAYAY MIL GAYA, well it’s seems strange.
    @Bhagyashri ,hi dear , well I don’t know trp system warna abhi tak bata deti.But no problem,and leave this topic ,shravan ne dekha ki nahi ,actually WO to h hi daddy’s boy.Kuch ni ho sakta bande ka.
    @Sunitha ,hi I think u r the same one who commented on my ff ,if yes then alright and if no then never mind .???,actually I m something like jhalli.?Kittuanyways this ravannath is really a bad father ,yaar isse apne bete I mean ek laute bete ki khushi nahi dekhi jaati,had h.???
    @Afra, both of u ,Plez have patience, everything will be alright. Finger crossed .Hope for best bas Jude rahna tum log ,chod k bhaag mat jaana.???
    @Minakshi, sahi kah rahi h,ye banda itta bada vakeel Kaise ban gaya ,yaar tera love letter expose ho gaya Aur tujhe pata hi nahi ,kis duniya me rahta h,well I know u r disturbed now bt Plez focus on your personal life ,hey it was for shravan not for u ,dear.??and excited to see school time sumo, well she is not like nirmala nd will not give up ,soon, jeet kar k hi maanegi.

    Hey my minakshi, I m here .Don’t miss me, a song for u
    Tum ne bulaya Aur hum chale aaye reeee

    Jaan hatheli par le aayeee reeeeee yeeeee
    @ridhima, hey don’t worry our frnds nd this page fans will soon increase as this
    was before.???
    @smile, hi I had already welcomed u yesterday bt again hi and welcome from Kittu???
    @SSS, where were u, Plez comment regularly ,we really miss u.Anyways r u okay?How r yr rozas going ????
    @Lado, hi , how r u? Good to know that u r back.????
    @Minakshi, yaar all r awesome , as I said in my previous comments that I like even the villain of this show ,so 4 me all r just amazing ,superb ,awesome ,fantastic and mind blowing???????.
    And kyu??
    So answer is, becoz becoz becoz becoz becoz
    I like this show a lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot…. Can’t give correct answer. Becoz mujhe khud hi nahi pata ki which relationship should I like ,which bonding ,which love,which trust and a lot r there in this show .Every relationship is really fab on it’s on ,so couldn’t support any one.Hope u understand.???
    @Neethu, hey I didn’t watch any show like kitni mohabbat h,well I think he is not as bad as we r thinking , he is really very very very possessive abt shravu that’s all,nothing more bt ya now I also thinks that he is crossing his limitations,as he knows that his son still loves sumo,so y is he creating all this mess.Only for his son’s future ,not at all, it’s really a very dangerous mindset.
    Bt I only know one thing that this track is going superb and ram nd Kamini r also doing good job ,seriously, guys I know har chiz ki had hoti h ,bt karne do kya ukhad lenge kuch nahi ,at last shraman shraman nd only shraman. Well I also think ki jab nirnath ka patch up hoga uske baad nirnath ki chemistry bhi A1 hogi.
    Hey now it’s kittu’s special for those who r not here ,U mean who left us bt I know they will come someday.
    So in preeti’s language enjoyyyyyyyyhh
    Bahti hava sa tha WO
    Udti patanggg sa thaaa woooo
    Kahan gaya use dhondhoooooo
    Well come back guys we r really missing u.
    @Anshi ,hey what u thought ,bhul gayi?
    Are nahi tujhe bhuli nahi thi bas tujhe likhne hi waali thi ,”””HI”””.How r u???.
    Hey everyone ,sorry for long comment?????????????

    1. Kittu yaar dont mind bt pehli baar maine itnaaa lamba msg padha… N trust me maine ek bhi wrd skip nhi kiya…. U wont mind rite?? 😉 😉

      No way kittu ko koi bhool sakta h??? N agar glti se kittu ko koi bhool bhi jaaye (it doesnt mean ki main tumhe bholl gayi… Talkin in general)… Toh kittu ki shayari ko kaise bhool sakta h..

      Kittu yaar tum ek dum sahi jagah pr sahi gaana fit krti ho

      Frankly jb main tumhara comment padh rhi thi tb mujhe lag tum mujhe bhool gaye… Bt noo i ws wrong..

      N yaaa… Hiii…. Tujhe miss kr rhi thi aur gaa rhi
      “Intihaa ho gyi intezaar ki
      aayi na khabar mere yaar ki”
      (tere saath rehte rehte main bhi lyricist bn gayi…. 😛 😛 )

    2. hi kittu…how r u dr? I’m fine n roza also going well but I’ll be busy.from nowadays so maybe can’t comment that much….how do u manage to write a long comment..i mean i just read ur comment that’s enough for me feel like i can’t read other comment…what e song ur choise is great actually suit the situation shayeri madam….feel nice to read comment…do u write s ff too? if u do than tell me the name plz would like to read

    3. it used to come on Imagine tv
      kitni mohobbat hai was of karan kundra and kritika kamra…….

  11. @shraman,wht????? Ramnath dead.

  12. Yaar Minakshi nd Anshi, Plez tell when that MDH I mean My Dear HARSHITA said sry???? Bataooooooo…..
    Is she again commented on yesterday’s page if yes ,uski him mat kaise huyi,bt if she came to apologize then it’s okkkkaaayyy,we can understand bt was she the same ,I don’t think so.WO to kah rahi thi ki edkv waaloon ki to phat gayi,to WO sry kyun bolegi, kaun sa hum uske Ghar pe jaake use maarenge …hum to bas comment kar rahe the may be she had realized her mistake or pata ni anything may happen with her.
    Anyways if she had apologized then it’s okay HARSHITA ,I don’t mind these things ,bt ya it was really tooo much ,really kuch jyada hi ho gaya kal ,Everything is different ,nd if we like to watch this show then it’s our choice ,humne kabhi KRPKAB k baare me utt patang kaha kya phir kyu hamare interest ki band bajane aati ho,jabki pata h ki tumhari insult hogi.Anyways I m also sorry for what I said I think kuch jyada hi tha bt tune bhi kuch lihaz me nahi likha tha,so acc. to that thodi bathmeezi hame bhi karni padi.You can join us ,trust me ,no one will say anything to u,bt as a frnd Aur agar buraaye karne aayi to phir tu dekh.As I said sorry.So Plez forgive me and a sweet song for u…….
    Sorry sorry sorry
    Bachhe ki loge jaan kya
    Sorry sorry sorry
    Ab pakde dono kaan kya……..
    Hope u will feel haappppy now,so keep smiling nd be happy with your shows nd hope u will give only happiness to others in the form of yr comment..
    Bye dear,with love Kitty.
    To my new frnd MDH..
    Aur ha agar sorry nahi bola h to I m taking my words back.Misunderstanding me mat rahna ki bina sorry vole hi hum tujhe forgive kar denge..Never Never…..
    @Anshi,Plez tell yaar isne kab sorry bolaaaa??? Kab dimag khula iska ,bataoooo??????????

    1. Kl k comment box mein devi ko akal aayi… Usne older comments mein apne hi post pr reply karkar sry kaha..

    2. Tum bohot funny lyricist ho. I like ur nature. Meri tumse bat nahi hui. Par tumhari comments par kar esa lagta tum bohot masti majak wali nature ki ho aur positive bhi ho:-)

  13. You guys are absolutely right….This Abhi is cheating you guys ,look,now she is there in krpkab page n not in this page.Now she shower her real love for this show.

  14. @indira I know about no.3 that is Bahu Humari Rajnikant…this is the Mid year Review where critics gives their reviews of best Storytelling…..1.YHM ,2 .EDKV 3.Bahu humari RAJNI -kant

  15. @Anshi, thnx yaar,let me move to yesterday’s page.Dekho to kya likha h.

  16. Oii kittu ,tera haath nahi dukhta kya m?…..???well Accha lagta hai tera comment padhna ……? so weet of u ..

  17. Uffff Ab tumhari hi kami thi @Anita ,Plz yaar Chod de Abhi ko …..mujhe nahi lagta KRPKEB Mein Humari Abhi hai …m..uska logo bhi alag hai …..Chod na yaar …..JaldI hi sab ayenge ….

  18. Orrrr @Anita ,Devga ,Tara ,Tanya wo bhi nahi ati hain yahan …..wo sab KRPKEB comment deti hain Tumne unke bare Mein nahi bola bas Abhi k peeche lagi Ho …..seriously Chod de….Mein bhi dekhti hoon Jab KRPKEB ka boring chalega tab wo log kahan Comment karte hain …m.Chod Abhi ko ….Wo aajayegi……..chill

  19. @anita wat do u mean by u guys r absolutely right????????when did v told that abhi is cheating????????
    Well Anita I checked that comment its not that abhi….so chillax…..if so then will c when she comes back…..lead a peace full life….its my Moto for life….no worries no tension just chilll chilll chilll…..????????

  20. @anshi dear did she said sorry??????seriously?????when?????wait let me also check in previous episode page….i think I didn’t see that comment….???

    1. Ohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Yaaaaa!!!!!!!! But I couldn’t trust her sayings don’t know y?????last she told shabeer or someone I don’t know his real name….was better than my namik yeah I completely trust on that words…its 100% sure…do be very much Franck till now I have seen only one or two epi in krpkabr….for me its only edkv is d best…..offooo friends let us stop talking about harshitha…..in d above comments I said na chilllaaaaxxxxx….
      Live in peace….ha ha…..????

      N by d way where ru ireena?????????ishu?????abhi?????lado??????sree?????Khushi ????????come back soon..

      N new friends Swati sry I forgot d names u all too come back soon…

  21. @minakshi ,thnx for giving me the name of lyricist???.
    @Sss ,sorry ,I know u r busy.
    @Anshi, thnx mujhe yaad rakhne k liye.Nd ha MDH ne apologize kar kiya.????

  22. Aaj k night show k liye one song…….
    Dost dost na rahaaa
    Pyar pyar na rahaaa.??
    Hai masooom chahraaa
    Nigahenn pharebii
    Labooo be haseenn
    Aur dil me daga hhhh
    Mile dost jiskoo
    Yahann tere jaisaaa
    Use dusmanooo ki
    Jaroorat hii kya hhhhh
    Masooom chahraaaaaaa????
    Jaateee hoooo
    Jaaaneee jaaanaaa
    Aakhriii salaammm
    Leeteee jaaanaaaaa.???.
    Enjoy tonight’s episode ,everyone.???

    1. U r mind blowin yaar… Itne saare gaane kaise yaad rehte h tumhe plus sahi time pr vaapas bhi yaad aa jaate h… Gr8..

  23. @Ankita… Before sayin anythin i wanna ask u ki tumhe aur abhijit ko abhi se kya prob h???…. Abhi ne tum logon ka kya ukhada h??

  24. hii guys….good evening
    i hope everyone is fine….
    wow another negative commenter entry or reentry maybe….i will not say that as many of here will give her a punctual reply.already minakhi has done it…nice reply minakhi…..

    ekdv show in position 2 of stotyewise top Indian show yeah…happy to know that thanx bhagyashree…

    today episode is horrible one….sumon will not bout shravan but still this Evilnath can do anything…don’t know what will happen..

  25. Pooja di u r veryyyyyyyy fast. Kesey manage karleti ho ap?
    Us ramnath ko to lath marni chahiye. Why he and kamini started planning to separate our shraman?Stupids! Aur pata nahi ab kya hoga shraman ka. Agar unke bich nafrat peda ho jaye then hope ki nafrat sehi dono ke bich pyar wapas shuru ho jaye. Aur wo ramnath-he shud go to hell!
    I don’t know what to say now. Sony as if hamare bat ko ignore hi karhehe. So no request to them from now on. EDKV ka story fab hai aur true characters bhi hai usme. That’s why EDKV deserves more. Ab ek hi chis bar bar bol ke bhi koi fayda nahi ho raha. So really now won’t request to sony tv:(

  26. Thax sss ,But why soo late comment ???Plz give some time to us dear …nd Kittu tere kya kehne tere songs ne mera dil jeet liya ….Keep it up dear. …….Anshi and u r Totally stress busters guys…..I have a last request to u all …plz aaj k Episode KO positivity k saath enjoy krna ….kyunki negative thoughts k saath dekhoge to sab negative hi lagega …..be positive guys……Bye

  27. Anshi ….she is Anita not Ankita dear …..Don’t say Ankita ….Ankita may be upset with us ….

  28. Heyy Nazia why soo late comment dear??? really missed u????Well Yahan pe Comedians ki kami nahi hai …..Villains Ki bhi kami nahi hai…..but mujhe lagta hai negativity Hona bhi acchi baat hai Negative comments k baad humari bonding strong hoti hai….jaise Shraman Mei negativity aagayi hai……kyunki Unka bonding strong hone ko hai …..We have to be patience .

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