Ek Duje Ke Vaste 15th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 15th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The rings are exchanged. It is the turn of the bride’s brother to do tilak of the groom. Sumo guides him. The puja thaal was about to fall down when both Sumo and Shravan hold it together in time. Dabbu goes to Pushkar who happily makes him sit with him in his lap. Kamini is irked. She tells Vandy that cheap people only got cheap stuff for them. She suggests everyone to have food. Sumo excuses herself for going to the washroom.

Sumo is in washroom. I never thought that I will be so far away even after being so near you. till when will I be able to do this drama? Till when I will be able to stay away from you. no, Sumo. Don’t even think about it. Continue doing what you are doing. Sumo’s dress gets torn (from the waist) when it gets stuck in a nail. Shravan notices it. He wraps his

stole around her without saying a word. They look at each other. Shravan thinks if she wont ask him why he called her for coffee that day. Please ask me once what I want to say. She asks him what happened. he says I want to tell you something. She tells him to go ahead. He tells him against it. I had promised myself to tell her upon her askance only. She asks him again but he says it is nothing. She nods. You go, I will manage it. He leaves.

Ramnath hopes Sumo will not break her promise. I hope you will stay away from my son.

At Tiwari House, Sumo thinks of the incident as she holds Shravan’s stole in her hands. She folds it properly and keeps it safely in her almirah.

Tiwari family is happily talking about Lala ji (Shyamnath). They compliment the arrangements yesterday. Mami ji is lost. She shares that maybe Kamini ji dint like their ring. It was nothing before ours. She turns to Sumo. You could have brought a better one. Mama ji liked it. we have to keep our budget in mind. We cannot compete with them. Mami ji says it is about respect. Small things have a big impact later on. It is about Preeti’s life. Sumo says you are right. I thought to get a better one but then it was expensive. I am sorry. I will make sure nothing is amiss on Sangeet. Mami ji says you manage it. I have left everything on you. Hope nothing happens now because of which we will be ashamed.

Kamini makes an issue of the ring before all the family members. Pushkar asks her why she is exaggerating the situation. She insists that you join relations with people who are equal to you in status. Varun too does not find her thoughts justified but Kamini continues to speak of status in the society. She complains to Shravan for not telling Sumo when she was buying the ring. Pushkar tries to explain but she tells him to be quiet. You don’t talk in things you don’t know about. I will look over all the arrangements personally in the next function. lala ji ends up scolding her. we aren’t making a deal here but getting our son married. You are only pointing the faults. Tell Shravan whatever you wish to convey to them. They will manage it together. Kamini leaves it on them to do things their way. It should happen nicely though. Sangeet will happen in 5 star hotel only. Shravan assures her of the same.

Sumo is speaking to a manager about the venue. Prita and all the ladies see her tensed. Sumo tells them about the venue problem. She also invites them. Prita says we had already decided to be here till the end of the marriage. We will take care of everything. She gives an advance cheque to Sumo. Sumo thanks her happily. it was really important. Any amount of money is less during wedding. I will book a great hall now. Prita says I know you are happy for Preeti’s marriage, so am I. What will happen to PCT if you spend everything in this only? We have to find a new place for PCT. Sumo wants to fulfil her responsibility first. Work is important but it isn’t more important than family. they have done a lot for me. There is nothing more important to me than family. Prita nods. Don’t forget to look after yourself while doing all the work.

Ramnath finds Shravan working on the laptop. Are you working on some very important case? Shravan says yes. I am working on Pushkar’s case (Sangeet). Ramnath smiles. I am sure you must have felt bad because of what Kamini said downstairs. Shravan denies. I am actually feeling bad that Chachi was scolded. Ramnath points at the situation again. Did you notice Kamini going all quiet when Shyam spoke in a louder voice? This is the understanding, balance in married life which I was talking to you about. Kamini speaks a little too much when being emotional but women like Nirmala (and other women like her) are different. Women like Kamini do everything to keep the house together whereas women like Nirmala don’t take a second to break the house. Remember my words. Shravan thinks of his previous convo with his Sumo (about self-respect).

Sumo finalises the hall. She sends photos for decoration to the manager. Preeti loves it too. She tells Sumo that she bought her wedding lehenga. Sumo asks her to show it. Preeti has sent it for alteration. I will show you tomorrow. Give me the list of songs. My cousins from Kanpur have already sent me one. Sumo asks her about the songs. Preeti says the songs on which you will be dancing. Sumo is hesitant but Preeti says this is the best chance. you meet smart guys in such functions only. I really want you to find a very good guy. You will miss me when I will be married. She gets a call so goes outside to attend it. Sumo hears Shravan’s voice and is surprised.

Mama ji speaks of the functions at the time of his wedding. Everyone is happy to reminisce the memories. Nanu says a person never forget such memories. Shravan seconds him. be it good or bad, you never forget the memories associated with marriage. Nanu is surprised to see him talking in a roundabout manner. Speak clearly. Shravan tells Tiwari Family that many friends and relatives of Kamini Chachi will come on Sangeet function. I know you will do your best. I only wish you to match up to CHachi’s expectations. If you don’t mind then I will be happy to help you in any way I can. Nanu smiles and thanks him politely. Your saying so is enough. Shravan wants to see the venue. Sumo tells the name. Nanu suggests Sumo to take Shravan with her to the venue. He will also be relaxed. Sumo agrees. We want everything to be liked by the groom’s side. come along. Epi ends on Shravan’s tensed face.

Precap: Shravan tells Pushkar Sumo cannot do things her way every time. She argues every time. Her ego is too big. I will see how Sangeet happens in Regal Palace. Pushkar is left speechless.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. roshni

    Y today also some error thing came??? What’s happening?????

    Anyways…. About the epi…. I liked dupatta scene….very much…n that creep ramnath comparing Kamini to Nirmala n brain washing our shravan….god still how much low he will stoop low???? I felt so touched when shravu while making her wear dupatta his sayings abb toh puchlo Ki kyu bulayata uss din…. How desperately he is waiting god…. For each scene his expressions were mind blowing….. N the way pushkar acted for Kamini sayings….n suddenly she gave up n sat on sofa I felt so cute ….he was really very cute at that moment…..

    And precap oh no wats gonaa happen???? Y he is angry ????

    N guys think wat if pushkar came to know true face of ramanath first before shravan….. What say guys?????

    Well good night all…. Sleep well….bye bye…tc….???

  2. Marie


    |Registered Member

    Ufff tu ne dimagh Kharab kar dia hai yr…..!!!!!!!
    Site open hi nai hoti…..!
    Well anyways abt d ep..!! It’s WS awesome ep! <3 <3 loved shraman scenes kamu chachi uffff
    Ladako….!! N dis ramu kaka Aj toh mera dil cha raha tha show ke Ander ja kar usay maar doon 😀 he is brainwashing shr kaisa Baap hai…!!!
    N Precap nai……100 ep pr ye dikhaaiin gai kya??? I thought ke shraman dance wagaira hoga…!! Plzzzz show smithing special on 100 ep..! 🙂

    Good ni8 guys
    Sweet dreams !
    C u soon evry one!!
    Byy byy

  3. Aritri


    |Registered Member

    Kamini does things to keep the house together??!!!! I mean seriously??!! Ramnath is such an idiot ??????

  4. mahima

    very nice episode ….loving it….today is my birthday…16july…happiest moment…????…gud morning

  5. kittu

    Hi,good morning… Hey this my first cmmt,as yesterday some error yaar….really what a ewwww type prob was,well m just examining ,is everything going rite or some error….. M coming….

  6. kittu

    @Guys,hey everyone a very good morning to u alllllll….
    First of all…my sweet sis”MAHI “…
    @Mahima,hey happy birthday to uuuu…
    Enjoy this nd ya really a special dayyyy….nd may get success in life nd with respect nd prosperity….. Nd a gift….???⌚??.

    Chose yrself…. Nd I hope u will like my gift….nd enjoyyyyyy….love u my younger sis…
    @Guys….epi was awesome ha ha hey I didn’t watch but just an imagination wowww nd PRIYA DI ,u r more awesome than edkv means how perfectly u depict here everything ….soooo nice to read this woowww…nd ya it seems that m reading a love story with villains nd powerpack couples really amazing Di nd hattsoffff….
    Yaar duppatta …really this duppatta will kill one day…ha ha ha….amazing duppatta bro keep carrying yr love with me (duppatta)…this is wht duppatta is saying ha ha…???…
    Yaar how cheap this ramu will do in his cheapness …really sakuni papa…can’t bear a simple smile on his beloved son’s face…kaisa I mean uuufffff…..
    Hey today is a joke which my frnd told me yesterday… May be joke or any name u can give…. So here is…
    Good day,is not made by god…
    Good day is not made by parents…
    Good day is not made by frnds…
    Good day is not made by u..
    Good day is not made by teachers..
    Good day is not made by colleagues…
    Good day is not made by classmates…
    But it is made by by…
    BRITANNIA BISCUITS COMPANY… Ha ha…hey plez tell
    ..I know this is awww but plez tell…
    Now it’s time for shayari….
    Kal hona Hai SANGEET…
    Kal hona Hai SANGEET…
    In the weeding of pushu n preet….
    Everyone will b there…
    But where is bride’s brother (Anuj)
    Well leave this matter…
    Nd gave a look on groom’s brother…
    Seems that he is the groom..
    Seems that he is the groom …
    But where is his bride…
    Where is his bride…
    Hey everyone…. WO aagayi…
    With a dhaal nd haath Hai laal….
    Shravan usse dekhkar ,dekhta hi reh gaya..
    Shravan usse dekhkar dekhta hi reh gaya..
    Aur ramu ko usse dekhkar bada gussa aagaya….
    He will not let them dance..
    But this is shravan…
    Not our ANGRY YOUNG MAN…
    He will handle everything..
    Whether it is weeding or sumo’s hand…
    Jiyooo mere punjab k sher…
    But remember that whom u love is a sherni,mere sher…
    Aur yahi Hai kismat ka pher…
    Aur yahi Hai kismat ka pher…
    But keep watching edkv for coming updates…..

  7. kittu

    @Minu Di…
    @Roshu Di,hey Di congrats for being first..
    @Priya 15 ,Didi..
    @Ireena Di..
    @Ankita Di..
    @Sona Di..
    @Bhagyashri Di..
    @Khushi Di..
    @well,sry if I left anyone… Hiii nd good morning.. Byeeee…
    @Sonai..nd Beas ..ya how r u all nd what’s going on????..hope that u r fine nd byee

  8. kittu

    Hey m back…yahooo..sab complete.. But but today maths teacher will give one more nd fortunately today is no morning tuition… Thnk godddd..
    Well @SSS,hey m here nd missed u totallyyyy…nd ya the song…song..aammmm
    Well m a confused guy…so what’s say ??mashup good na..ha ha…
    Ya one more in option from Azhar….ITNI SI BAAT HAI MUJHE TUMSE PYAAR….???
    What’s say????both r perfect for their situation but more is first one….well banda bhai pata ni Ambani banne America gaya h..yaar had Hai..banda Mr.India I mean Mr.America to nahi Hai na…kamaal Hai..ja mat aa ganda bhai…oooooo???
    Well this kamoo Chachi will serve us a good treat in preekar ‘s wedding…. Yipeee jiyooo Meri kammoooo…well she will surely marry sumo with shravan nd will say one thing.. Mere puttar ko phasa diya..Ab dekho bhaisaab…mai kya karti hoo…
    Hey both r making each other fooolll….ha ha WO bhi bada wala…well I thought that if this will b a destination wedding then they should go to goa…Goa=Mumbai=nirmala..
    Yaar ye ramu kaka ki dulhnia kahan mar gayi…yaar kitni beshram Hai Ghar phodke bhag milkha bhag ki tarah bhag gayi…Aur ye kammu vaille hi ud rahi h…bandi rukja…Bas ek baar sumo ko form me aane de….dekh Teri dhazzia udda degi Aur tujhe pata bhi ni chalega…hey I think that after marriage kamu will try to feel her inferiority means abt preeti…nd preeti bhi chup chaap sunti jayegi but one day kamo ki aisi ki taisi kar degi…that day will b the saas bahu real drama…eagerly waiting for after marriage ..he he…hey after preekar’s wedding shraman will b in relationship
    .ha ha..

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      U r absolutely right yr…u stole wrote the words which were in my heart yr….love u dear and how r u??
      Busy with studies I suppose m I right??

  9. sona

    Gd mrng everybody..☺☺
    Sorry ..for not commenting in time..actually..I got mad because of this site..??
    Anyway..according to episode..I agree with aritri and u all..☺
    @kittu..it was so..nice..☺
    @guys..wts ur plan for this weekend..? How many comments we r gng to make????☺

  10. Minakhi

    This site is really fishy……Ok Episode was Ok …bcz of Duppatta scenes but That Buddha …uff I can’t tolerate that Buddha anymore He should die now…..Sumo Ki compare Kammo se Kar raha tha ….Buddha sathiya Gaya hai kya….???ND I can’t believe that Shravan is Taking his words…..yeh apna Brain Use kab karega …..hay bhagwan Is Ramini Jodi Ko utha le……..

    @kittu loved ur Joke nd Shayeri yaar…too good….

    @Roahni U r first…? take this…. tune uncle ko hara k Achive kiya hai……

    @Mahima ….Many many happy returns of the day dear …? Enjoy ur day. Dear…

    Good morning to all guys

  11. SONAI

    Wonderful, superb and ShraMantastic episode !!!
    The dupatta scene………………..LOVE IT !!

    Can anyone please tell me why TU site is not opening ?

    @Kittu di Nice joke and superb shayari !!
    We all are fine !
    @Roshni di Congratulations !! U are the 1st !!

  12. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    Thanks alot Pooja di for the update…..di can u tell us that why the site is crashing again and again??

    The episode was sooo good the way shravan wrapped his duppata around her it was soo cute…and then sumo kept that duppata in her cupboard??
    Yr wth kamini is always creating trouble
    And that ravan nath is again brainwashing shravan why just be can’t shut his mouth

    When that jerk said that kamini jaisi women ghar jodti and nirmala jaisi todti hai I was like????
    Agar money and status ko relations se zayada importance dena ghar ko jodna hai toh wow….kya thinking hai ramu kaka ki…

    @precap it was scary uff shravan why r u angry on her yr try to get her point also don’t listen to that jerk..

    @roshini ha yr kya pta pushkar ko pehle pta chal jaaye….?

    @kittu wah yr kya shayari hai bahut achi and good morning dear…

    @roshini Congo on being first here is my treat??????????????
    Hope u like it dear

    God bless u with all the success u want and may u get everything u dream for…love I dear….here is the crown of bday girl plz wear it??
    And here is ur treat
    Party hard dear

    Good morning guys…

  13. Prettypreeti


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    Gud morning guys holiday today yippeee and I hope that this site will not spoil today so firstly mahima happy birthday to u sweety now what’s ur age
    Rosh di driving classes kaisi hai and Congo for the first one
    Coming towards my kittu sorry my elder di shyari biscuits Britannia me maine khye hai tasty hote hai and ur shyari was super duper as always and gud morning to.each sweet person.here
    Khush kal sabse pehli aaj koi comment nhi ki dhala hai moderate nhi hoya
    So coming towards the epi it was too good and precap was superb and sumo and shravan seems were really sweet and each and every seen awesome as always

  14. Prettypreeti


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    Sorry khush I think moderate nhi hoya tune toh comment kr dia and phir se dp changed Monday ke liye all the best school Jana hai na

  15. roshni

    Wat me first??????????? I commented @12 but still its first okay may its coz of error prob… anyways……i am glad that I commented first hehehe……

    @kittu Ty yaar……. Hm…. Yup ur back with long long comments…..hehe just kidding….aur tumhara joke ek level pe ta dear… But tumhari shayari is beyond everything……….loved it…..???

    @minu. Oh tysm minu…..i loved it….bohot achha gift hain…..???

    @sonai tysm dear…..???

    @khushi wow yaar…bohot ti achi gift hain……especially cake n chocolates ……its very yummy Khushi…..tysm dear…..? ? ??

  16. roshni

    @mahima a many more happy returns of the day dear…have a nice day…..stay blessed…..may success follow u always….. Here take ur gift for ur birthday….. ? ? ? ?????????????? so did u liked it???????

  17. Lily

    Guys on Monday shraman will dance….I they practice for the function..namik posted a pic in which they were in a dance pose on Instagram….he said 100th episode will have some dancing….be happy guys..

  18. Bhagyashri

    Hii friends, very good morning to all.episode was too good. I like diya and dupatta scene. @ mahima a very happy birthday to u. @ roshni congrats for first. @ kittu ur shayari awesome. @ all guys enjoy weekend. Saregamapa finale tommrow na.I wish sachin win this competition. Who is ur favorite guys.

    • roshni

      Yup me too want either Sachin or ropalli I love both …. I like all coz all r very good singers but winner is only one na…so my support for these both……..n tysm I cant believe that I commented first hehe. …..

  19. Minakhi

    @Lily yes yaar …They r going to dance ….but I really want Them to Go romantically…soo Then Ramu ka shakkal dekhne layek hoga……Mein uska popat dekhne k liye Mari jaa rahi hoon….Kammo kuch dhamal kar de bas……nd Sumo should choose a saree for Dance……O no..I m thinking soo much but ab to CVs koi Romantic scene dedo inhe…..Hay re Hum bikhariyon Ki tarah Tarash Gaye…….Romance Ki Bhikh hi dedo CVs….?

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Thanks Preeto for the link…I hope jaisa likha hai vaise hi ho….uff can’t wait excitement doubled up…??

  20. Beas

    Awesome episode the dupatta scene was superb! Loved it.
    @Mahima Happy Birthday ????? and many many happy returns of the day ?

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Wow thanks alot Mayank for providing the links of such s wonderful news …
      Ab ramnath ko pta chlega ki usne kisko double cross kiya hai bechara???

  21. Bhagyashri

    Guys what u think? Why bbkd choose edkv for their promotion.ya sony pe only 7 show hai.usme se 2 show cp and cid r crime shows. Hanuman and karna r pauranic show so no chance. But vo tkss me protion kar sakte the.remaining 2 hai krpkab and edkv. But I think sony knows edkv is the one show jisko TV pe jitne log dekhte hai utne hi online bhi dekhte hai.so they choose edkv.it means sony ne man liya edkv is more popular show than other series on sony channal excluding tkss.hehehe

  22. Lily

    Bhagyashri , yaar they didn’t telecast that part in which bade Bhaiya ki dulhaniya cast came for promotions…. As sumo was in the engagement dress in that part…..

  23. Minakhi

    @shit …..Welcome welcome….Aap jaise bohot ate rehte hein darshan dene m…… Hey mahanubhav …..Kya Bata sakte hain Ki aap k anushar Humein kounsa show dekhna chahiye … ….I really Want ur POV on this topic ….Bata do na plz …?…..


    Sorry bohut zyada respect Ho Gaya kya???Abe Chappad ganju …..Agar faltu lagta hai to Dekhta/dekhti kyun hai ……Jake apne Acche show KO Enjoy kar ….yahan mat bhatak …Naya aya hai iss liye Thodi respect kar rahi hoon ….warna ……..??????….pasand nahi to dekhti kyun hai re Chammak challo

  24. Minakhi

    @Khusi …..My Hug lele ..kitne calm hoke ans back kiya tune ….love u my dear….even mujhe v gussa aya Aur comment kiya meine …but now I m feeling Don’t pay attention them yaar….chodo unhe ……

    @Bhagya ….Ek baat ganth baandh le …Sony ka koi bharosha nahi …..Sony is not a trusted channel at all…….mujhe lagta hai ….BBKD ka promotion EDKV karega or KRPKEB Mein Ek Rishta sanjhedari wale ayenge ……may be …..I don’t know…..

    @Mayank ….I hope this is going to happen……CVs Pl kuch acchi chiz dikha de….. plz.

  25. Prettypreeti


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    Ok shit thank u yar hmara comment badhane ke liye and agar acha nahi lagta toh comment toh acha kr skte ho idiot vaise yeh show best show hai without any doubt

  26. Minakhi

    @vaishali….. …..plz ask to CVs…. ….we r here to comment on show…we r not show writers yaar ….Humein kese patta lagega Ki Wo kb pakda jayega …wese bhi Show Mein Hum Sharman scenes k liye tarash rahe hain aur ab ye sawal..
    CVs jab chahenge tabhi hoga…..@preeto…..Mere tarf se bhi Shit ko Thanks bol de ….Ok She Is not linking but she should stop watching……What is the reason of spreading negativity……

    • Bhagyashri

      @ minakhi, yes minakhi main 4 days se dekh rahi hoon vaishali din me ekhi comment karti hai aur harroj ek hi sawaal puchti hai.aur uper se ye critics vale yahape aake bakte hai.guys muze lag raha hai ye sab hume aise questions karte hai jaise humne edkv ke rights humne hi kharid liye hai.

  27. Bhagyashri

    @ shit,tumhara comment dekhke Hume bhi aise hi lag raga hai.yahape kuon aagaya ye faltu without any substance. Plz tumhe Jo serial pasand hai vaha pe Jake comment kar.dont waste ur time here.aur hamara bheja mat kha.nahi to hum sab milke tumhe kha lenge.hahahaha

  28. mahima

    thank [email protected] actually mein abhi ayi school se and dekh so thanks alot meine spoilers padhe and they are realy interesting

  29. mahima

    i loved ur gifts ……yess partying hard today….monday’s episode ..waiting eagerly…????thanks once again

    • Ireena

      many many happy returns of the day,mahima.??????
      may u get all the happiness that u deserve,and may u have all the smiles that u want.❤❤???????

  30. Prettypreeti


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    @mino u r right negativity fel rahi hai but we all luv edkv and will always luv it chahe Jo bhi ho jaye
    @mahima again a very sweet and happy birthday and yeh lo merit taraf se party???????????????????????????????????????????????????and a ?because it keeps doctor away

  31. roshni

    @shit. Ur a shit dear…. Agar tumme pasad nahi hain toh kyu tum yeh serail dekh kar apna time waste karti Ho??? Jakar zaruri kaam karna…. Mein batao woh kya kaam hain??? Chalo will help u out…. First n foremost is go n check ur sight…. I guess u have grew old that’s the reason u r not able to c poperly…. N next is ur bp…. Coz after seeing all our comments ur bp will definitely raises…. Koi kaam nahi bhas aa jate hain ham sab Ki mood karab karne…. But the fact is I feel piity on such ppl …. Shame on such ppl…… ???

  32. roshni

    @khushi. Dear I have commented on ur OS n have u my id on Twitter…… N good reply dear….

    @minu. Wah wah bohot achhi reply …..he/she received very good gift ….hehehe…..???

    @beas tysm for the link…..??

  33. Ireena

    here is ur all time disturbing element????…(II)
    how was the week?
    and most importantly how was the whole week edkv??didn’t read all wu till now..All ok?
    what’s this week trp?any rise??

  34. kittu

    Hey congratulations for giving us such a good news that edkv is a phaltu series… Wow how intelligent ,I must say… Superb dear… Well do u knw the meaning of SHIT..???after all u r so intelligent that’s y m asking …sorry dear if u hurt….aawwwww…
    Well welcome …now only Hindi…
    Oioyee welcome ,bas Teri hi kami thi…@GUYS…hey I was thinking yesterday ki Ab tak koi disgusting ppl k darshan Q nahi huye ….nd see we got our intelligent frnd..ooo myy god…hey mujhe to pata hi ni tha ki edkv faltu h….kamaal Hai…jiyoo Meri SHIT…Teri sooch tere naam se ditto match karti Hai…well my SHITTY…accha huya tu mere saamne nahi h…otherwise mai tera band,dhol,tabla,guitar, sitaar,piano, I mean a whole orchestra bana deti…how dare u???well I must appreciate u on yr dare…@GUYS…hey y such ppl came here… Jab inhe pata Hai ki hum inki dhazzia uda denge nd koi respect ki gunjaais nahi bachegi…seems that they have a great status in real lyf…that’s y they came here…because zyada izaat bhi logon se digest ni hoti..isliye insult katwane aate Hai…well hattsoff to u…insult karwaani ho to koi inse coaching le..well tumhari fees kitni Hai????…well aaye ho to khali haath jaane nahi dungi???????….
    Well enjoy yr weekend with these precocious gifts…
    Well muh me na ek baat nigal le ..ki this is our page..nd we can’t bear any Insult of edkv..

    • Prettypreeti


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      Kittu shant ho ja wase bhi in jaise logon PR dhyan nhi dete tu kuch thanda pi le in logon PR kon dyaan deta hai leave this shit

    • roshni

      Exactly pata nahi iss jese log per kya bath kare…. Leave kittu they have left all manners that’s the reason they came here n tell some rubbish…… Cool kittu man or dimak dono koh shaath rak…. Yeh lo Mein teri liye kya bejrahi Hu…..?????? cool Hua????? Dimaag karab math karo iss shit logo waja Sai…..

  35. Minakhi

    O yaar what’s wrong with this site man????I m really angry on this site …ufff ?? This uncle is soo rude….finally I have got a Chance to comment I hope this will posted………..Guys………Do u know the Most popular show poll is still on yaar ..it is supposed to close on 15th July but it is still running…..WTH???I don’t know what Telly express want????……Plz continue voting…..

    http://lm.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Ftellyexpress.com%2F2016%2F07%2F08%2Fmost-popular-show-on-indian-television%2F&h=DAQHd7KQp&s=1……..I feel something fishy……well keep voting dears… Good morning ?

  36. SONAI

    GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!! How are your weekends going ???

    Please don’t waste your time on that person who gave us such a wonderful news .
    We know what EDKV is and we can’t be bothered by what others say !
    Just ignore them !!!!

    TU is not opening all the time !!!!
    I’ve to comment only in the morning !!!!

  37. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Hii all.. How r u people?? Sorry guys couldn’t cmnt here.. Mera xmz chal raha hai.. Now my schl has postponed my last xm date to 19th.. Sorry.. Miss u all.. Love u..

  38. vaishali

    Pata nahi achanak is site ko kya ho jata hai gm frd koi news mili kya shrman ke bare me

  39. roshni

    Good morning all…. Guys can anyone tell me y always it shows error what the problem with this site

  40. Minakhi

    Guys do u know…Namik’s female fans r asking him some Rubbish Questions on Twitter….They r Asking that If he is in love with Nikita ….I mean seriously yaar what they want nd Why they r Soo Chipku to him.it’s his personal Life nd day by day they r Creating problems for him…..Our Namik is such a sweetheart….he answered them very politely…………

    But whats wrong with this site …….Uff this site..is not doing well yaar….?

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Ya right minu I also think so….itna kyu ghuste ho unko personal life mein….well he is such a sweetheart he always answers politely fans should also be a lil sensible

  41. Prettypreeti


    |Registered Member

    Guys gud morning sorry for not commenting earlier actually kal site nhi chal rhi thi and today I was doing my homework in morning nd mino thanks for the link

  42. Lily

    Minakhi you are totally right….. These people should understand that this is very personal thing…… As if they will say like this.. It can create problems BTW nimik…… As both will feel awkward
    … It can affect them professionally also…… As both will feel uncomfortable enacting a romantic scene …..
    I also read that tweet… Namik also replied to it but politely……

    • Lily

      No Vaishali……. Just know that shraman are gearing up for Sangeet…… And 100 th epi is going to be special….

  43. Lily

    Guys I am just thinking that Raamu toh dono Taraf se phas gaya….. Preekar ki shadi hoti hai toh Kamini shraman Ko unite kardegi….. Aur Agar shaadi nahi hoti toh sumo hai hi….. Deal toot jaaega….. So ab Raamu ka bura haal Hoga……..

  44. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    Wohoo guys we won the poll…yeh toh hona hi tha…
    Ab toh jeetne ki aadat ho gyi hai….vaise guys r u all excited for the 100th episode??

  45. roshni

    @ SHIT. Arey kaha Ho mmmm yeh bekar serial doh doh bhar hese jeet li kuch batao na…. Ab sabke moo bath hui na….. Hehe hehe ????

  46. Minakhi

    @Khushi Yes I m exited but ….U know na That precape was Horrible…I hope Shravan Can understand Sumo …..nd ye bade Bhaiya na ajaye …bas

  47. Ireena

    this site us doing so much disgusting activities…..can’t take it…already checked for such aaaas long…server under maintenance…give us some some space…decided to come here on.weekend….now this…

  48. Lily

    Guys I just saw Nikita Sangeet pic… She was looking damn pretty….. It was a selfie… So couldn’t see her dress…..

  49. mahima

    great great news…there is going to be a mahasangam between edkv and bbkd….bade bhaiya sumo ko sadi ke liye dekhne ayenge aur sumo ko pata bhi nahi hoga par they will be testing her…like bhajan gao and bla bla..shravu ka reaction dekhna hai…????

  50. Minakhi

    @Guys check this out ……….wowo? …..https://m.facebook.com/944075822380407/photos/a.944112029043453.1073741828.944075822380407/1038678662920122/?type=3&refid=28&_ft_=qid.6308258591638561452%3Amf_story_key.-4534320334736840760&__tn__=E…..pakka humara Shravan Gaya samjho ……Ego vigo jayega bhaad Mein …………@Rosu baby Shaant Shaant……Shit shit ho Gaya ….tu link check kar…..

    @Ireena ….Ur uncle is soo rude yaar ……I m hating him…..?

    @Lily ….Twitter check kiya ….omg …..Niki …..is looking stunning……Kaash Ki Shravanka bhi Look mil jaye….?

    • Ireena

      so am I..though I admit he is my oldie uncle…??…he doesn’t care for me at all….neither for my friends here,dr…at all..??

  51. Ireena

    guys…we r getting opportunities partying now and then…coooooooolll!!!!
    we have tackled all challenges…now only one is left…increasing trp.though it’s (terrific rotten potato)…..will feel good watching our lovely nik nak feel satisfied from all corner,u know☺☺

  52. Lily

    Hey guys now I want to see my shravan.. Yaar the ultimate reason of me watching this show………

  53. Nazia

    Hello every1! Mera school aj se khula hai. Pata nahi yaha pe regular comments kar payungi ya nahi. Will really miss u all a lot!!!! EDKV dekhungi jaroor. Agar yei error prob nahi hua to mein yaha pein ayungi. And ha mujhe bhul mat jana!Plz miss me guys!
    Love u all!!,,,

  54. Bhagyashri

    Saregamapa winner of 2016 is kushal Paul.I can’t believe kushal and sachin both r my favorite. But sachin deserve karta tha.muze lagta tha sachin hona chahiye baw first runner up to hai.second runner up is jagpreet,4 th Rupali,5 the jyotica .

  55. roshni

    @minu. Yup dear I too saw that on tweet she herself has tweeted…. Thought to share with u all but this tu bhi na mera mood kharab kardiya….. Ty dear ……

  56. roshni

    @bhagya sad yaar kushal is the winner…..sachin is runner up…. Mmm….felt really bad my both fav singers didn’t won…. Well I am happy that at least preetam dada team won….. Hehe….. good night all sweet dreams sleep well…..

  57. roshni

    @guys comment me n guess in which song shraman will dance…. my guess is for soch na sake….hehe.

  58. Roshni

    Oyi hoi kaha khayab Ho gayi meri comments ek nahi do nahi teen nahi balki char char comment kiya ta…. Yeh kya syappa Ho gayi yaar…. Mujhe bohot rona aarahi hain…. Cheating…..:'(:'(:'(:'(

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      As gye sab comments PTA nhi yr kyu tang kar rhe hai this site sucks sorry for bad language but gusse mein insaan language nhi dekhta I hope u understand

  59. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    Uff thank God the site got opened
    Yes lily really excited for the 100th episode
    Good morning guys how r u all???

  60. Minakhi

    WTH ???What’s wrong with this Site ….I want to kill this Uncle…This is the limit😠…..Hiii everyone……well I m back with another Great news……EDKV is again no1 on Chaska meter Show ranking…..hullaaa…….Again let’s celebrate…….🙌🎆🎊🎉🎂🎈

  61. Minakhi

    Shit ko bura lag raha hoga Ki uske hisaab se ….ek No sustained wala Bakwass show Kese har jagah no.1 Ho raha hai ……hay hay ….bohut buri baat hai uske liye…………….

    but honestly guys …..This will be a best gift on 100th Episode…….What’s say…..😊 Very much happy yaar

  62. Sss


    |Registered Member

    hii guys..
    sorry i am commenting late but what happened to telly update like really whenever i came the site is not opening saying error data connection something like not just one many time i came here when i get time but always showing same problem this really made me angry and frustrated hopefully they will work out on this anyways episode was awesome i am saying this after a time wow excited for their dance
    @ even i think soch na sake will be the song don’t know but it will be very good if it is..

  63. kittu

    Hey listen everyone… A BREAKING NEWS..
    Hey I read on TWITTER… That that…
    Shravan ‘s sis..KAJAL MALHOTRA… Hey her real name is SANA SAYEED….I mean the girl who will play the role of KAJAL is SANA SAYEED…nd nd….she is the only daughter of Malhotra’s….nd have all the qualities of a girl which is not liked by Shravan…. Means she will b like open nd very frank like today’s city girl..nd our KHAMBOO..doesn’t like such attitudes in girls,as we know….so I think I had given a superb news…nd I think that this will b a plus point for nirvan ‘s bonding… Hey but don’t know is she kamini’s dau. Or ramu’s dau …well she will join the cast in wedding of our preekar…. I don’t think that this is a rumor..because I read totally… As we have name of girl too…so we can find..well one thing
    …Don’t ask…r u on Twitter, r u on Twitter??
    Because I know that this is the first question which comes in mind…when someone like me expose a dhamaka type news…ppl ask , r u on fb,Twitter, if..oh my god…well m here only…so stay tuned here for my comments😜😜😜😜😜😜 ..
    I think kuch zyada hi ho gaya…hey I wanna to tell u that,I wanted to tell u early morning.. Nd thought that I ‘ll wish u a good morning with this good news..but this modu uncle.. Whatever this uncle or aunt…nd ya a congratulations for edkv on 100ths episodes… Keep going cast nd crew…we want 1000ths episodes of edkv, y 1000ths only…we want 10000000thssss episodes.. But but..cast nd crew old ho jayenge na…soooo😛😛😛…I mean sooryy for my bevkhoofiyaan…anyways I want at least 500+ episodes because we had completed our 500+ cmmts,so want 500+episodes tooo…well no problem… I m enjoying this wu nd u all’s bonding a lottt…nd ya don’t say that u know this kajal’s news…yaar bht khooz k nikala Hai…nd ya pata bhi ho to for my sake don’t tell…ha ha..hey just kidding…. U can tell..nd ya my intention was only to provide u with this shaadi me dhamaka wala news…what’s say???mast Hai na…nd ya search on SANA SAYEED,as I don’t know is this rite or not..may b this is a fake news…but I m sure,this can’t b fake…nd agar huyi…tooo…don’t scold me…as m very sweet na..😜😜😜…hey u r free nd can scold me..as we r bestiesssssss…na WO bhi bade wale…sorry for lng cmmt…nd byeee

  64. kittu

    Abe yaar link kithe gaya😰😰😰https://scontent-lax3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/t31.0-8/cp0/e15/q65/p720x720/13641042_1037214399733215_3857097992633718292_o.jpg…..ya ya goooo nd enjoyyy…ha ha ha😋😋😋😋😋

  65. Bhagyashri

    @ roshni I guess jag ghumeya but soch na sake is also good. And vaise bhi edkv ka kuch pata nahi becs in reunion party unone ek duje ke vaaste song from dil to pagal hai movie uspe dance kiya tha.so old song bhi ho sakta hai.hehe. @ kittu, if ur news is fake hum tumhara aisa hal karenge ki bolo mat hum kuch nahi karenge don’t worry.afteall u r our cute sisy so hum aisa kaise karenge.and kittu may be she is not from malhotras but from relatives. Becs ab tak ek bar bhi uska nam nahi aaya like anuj. So may be she is from their relative.

  66. Minakhi

    @kittu ru maregi mere haathon se…….😈😠😠……
    .honestly I loved this joke yaar m……….Kya ….KAJAL……HA HA HA ….Accha ullu banaya …..

  67. kittu

    @Bhagya Di,hey Di…u may Also rite…but it’s a news which I got… Soooo…
    ..hey GI nd check on my linkiiiii….shared many

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Yo kittu kya naat hai…I saw this on Facebook and even posted on Twitter hehe it is hell amazing and hilarious…😂😂

  68. kittu

    Well guys…kuch Jada hi dimaag laga diya…nd posted same link again nd again….😝😝😝

  69. SONAI

    Guys I’m dying to watch today’s episode !!!!! Waiting for ShraMan dance !!!!
    Pata nahi iss Ravan ka pool kab khulenga ???

    Acchha ho aagar Ram Preekar ki shaadi dila de aaur Kamini ShraMan ki !!!

  70. Bhagyashri

    @ kittu tum vandy or varun ki itni big fan ho Hume pata nahi that.itne sare images.bapre all images r so different. Hahaha.sumo or shravan ki bhi bhej de yaar.

  71. Lily

    Guys there’s a big news….. A new entry is
    Coming… His name will be Aditya……. Love triangle……

  72. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    Hi guys….how r u
    @rosh m fine dear…
    Well m pretty excited for today’s episode…
    U know what there is lot of trending going on Twitter about 100 episode

    And guys I have a good news edkv again got first rank on the chaska meter show ranking
    So what u guys r goinyto say now
    Bolo bolo

  73. Bhagyashri

    Yes lily he is ahujas boy.humne nirmala ki entry ke bad discuss kiya tha abhirami ke sath ki love triangle hoga.aur hamara guess bilkul sahi nikla.uski Behan ka bhi name bataya tha shayad kittu Jo bol rahi hai vo uski behan hai shayad. Unko nirmala ne sambhala hai.so they r shravan bro and sis.anyone remember us ladki ka name Jo nirmala ne bataya tha.kittu u r Right. She is shravan sister.

  74. kittu

    @Sonai,oo Meri intelligent sis,kisne kahi thi…ki mai news bhej rahi hooo…through this link???
    @Minu Di…hey m not kidding.. M serious abt KAJAL..
    @Lily…may b this is nirmala ‘s aaditya…omggggg…this is what I wanted…. Shravan ,beta tu to gaya…ha ha ha…

  75. kittu

    @Bhagya…may be her name was Nisha..but I got the name Kajal..nd it was clearly written that she is Malhotras only daughter.. Nd nishu is ahujas…yaar kya kabada ho gaya I mean ho ga..off ek to mai Kaisi hi confused hooo nd this will send me to mental asylum… Ha ha…hey m ready to go mental asylum for edkv…😝😝😝

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.