Ek Duje Ke Vaste 15th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Duje Ke Vaste 15th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The rings are exchanged. It is the turn of the bride’s brother to do tilak of the groom. Sumo guides him. The puja thaal was about to fall down when both Sumo and Shravan hold it together in time. Dabbu goes to Pushkar who happily makes him sit with him in his lap. Kamini is irked. She tells Vandy that cheap people only got cheap stuff for them. She suggests everyone to have food. Sumo excuses herself for going to the washroom.

Sumo is in washroom. I never thought that I will be so far away even after being so near you. till when will I be able to do this drama? Till when I will be able to stay away from you. no, Sumo. Don’t even think about it. Continue doing what you are doing. Sumo’s dress gets torn (from the waist) when it gets stuck in a nail. Shravan notices it. He wraps his

stole around her without saying a word. They look at each other. Shravan thinks if she wont ask him why he called her for coffee that day. Please ask me once what I want to say. She asks him what happened. he says I want to tell you something. She tells him to go ahead. He tells him against it. I had promised myself to tell her upon her askance only. She asks him again but he says it is nothing. She nods. You go, I will manage it. He leaves.

Ramnath hopes Sumo will not break her promise. I hope you will stay away from my son.

At Tiwari House, Sumo thinks of the incident as she holds Shravan’s stole in her hands. She folds it properly and keeps it safely in her almirah.

Tiwari family is happily talking about Lala ji (Shyamnath). They compliment the arrangements yesterday. Mami ji is lost. She shares that maybe Kamini ji dint like their ring. It was nothing before ours. She turns to Sumo. You could have brought a better one. Mama ji liked it. we have to keep our budget in mind. We cannot compete with them. Mami ji says it is about respect. Small things have a big impact later on. It is about Preeti’s life. Sumo says you are right. I thought to get a better one but then it was expensive. I am sorry. I will make sure nothing is amiss on Sangeet. Mami ji says you manage it. I have left everything on you. Hope nothing happens now because of which we will be ashamed.

Kamini makes an issue of the ring before all the family members. Pushkar asks her why she is exaggerating the situation. She insists that you join relations with people who are equal to you in status. Varun too does not find her thoughts justified but Kamini continues to speak of status in the society. She complains to Shravan for not telling Sumo when she was buying the ring. Pushkar tries to explain but she tells him to be quiet. You don’t talk in things you don’t know about. I will look over all the arrangements personally in the next function. lala ji ends up scolding her. we aren’t making a deal here but getting our son married. You are only pointing the faults. Tell Shravan whatever you wish to convey to them. They will manage it together. Kamini leaves it on them to do things their way. It should happen nicely though. Sangeet will happen in 5 star hotel only. Shravan assures her of the same.

Sumo is speaking to a manager about the venue. Prita and all the ladies see her tensed. Sumo tells them about the venue problem. She also invites them. Prita says we had already decided to be here till the end of the marriage. We will take care of everything. She gives an advance cheque to Sumo. Sumo thanks her happily. it was really important. Any amount of money is less during wedding. I will book a great hall now. Prita says I know you are happy for Preeti’s marriage, so am I. What will happen to PCT if you spend everything in this only? We have to find a new place for PCT. Sumo wants to fulfil her responsibility first. Work is important but it isn’t more important than family. they have done a lot for me. There is nothing more important to me than family. Prita nods. Don’t forget to look after yourself while doing all the work.

Ramnath finds Shravan working on the laptop. Are you working on some very important case? Shravan says yes. I am working on Pushkar’s case (Sangeet). Ramnath smiles. I am sure you must have felt bad because of what Kamini said downstairs. Shravan denies. I am actually feeling bad that Chachi was scolded. Ramnath points at the situation again. Did you notice Kamini going all quiet when Shyam spoke in a louder voice? This is the understanding, balance in married life which I was talking to you about. Kamini speaks a little too much when being emotional but women like Nirmala (and other women like her) are different. Women like Kamini do everything to keep the house together whereas women like Nirmala don’t take a second to break the house. Remember my words. Shravan thinks of his previous convo with his Sumo (about self-respect).

Sumo finalises the hall. She sends photos for decoration to the manager. Preeti loves it too. She tells Sumo that she bought her wedding lehenga. Sumo asks her to show it. Preeti has sent it for alteration. I will show you tomorrow. Give me the list of songs. My cousins from Kanpur have already sent me one. Sumo asks her about the songs. Preeti says the songs on which you will be dancing. Sumo is hesitant but Preeti says this is the best chance. you meet smart guys in such functions only. I really want you to find a very good guy. You will miss me when I will be married. She gets a call so goes outside to attend it. Sumo hears Shravan’s voice and is surprised.

Mama ji speaks of the functions at the time of his wedding. Everyone is happy to reminisce the memories. Nanu says a person never forget such memories. Shravan seconds him. be it good or bad, you never forget the memories associated with marriage. Nanu is surprised to see him talking in a roundabout manner. Speak clearly. Shravan tells Tiwari Family that many friends and relatives of Kamini Chachi will come on Sangeet function. I know you will do your best. I only wish you to match up to CHachi’s expectations. If you don’t mind then I will be happy to help you in any way I can. Nanu smiles and thanks him politely. Your saying so is enough. Shravan wants to see the venue. Sumo tells the name. Nanu suggests Sumo to take Shravan with her to the venue. He will also be relaxed. Sumo agrees. We want everything to be liked by the groom’s side. come along. Epi ends on Shravan’s tensed face.

Precap: Shravan tells Pushkar Sumo cannot do things her way every time. She argues every time. Her ego is too big. I will see how Sangeet happens in Regal Palace. Pushkar is left speechless.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. @minu. Yup dear I too saw that on tweet she herself has tweeted…. Thought to share with u all but this tu bhi na mera mood kharab kardiya….. Ty dear ……

  2. @bhagya sad yaar kushal is the winner…..sachin is runner up…. Mmm….felt really bad my both fav singers didn’t won…. Well I am happy that at least preetam dada team won….. Hehe….. good night all sweet dreams sleep well…..

  3. @guys comment me n guess in which song shraman will dance…. my guess is for soch na sake….hehe.

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    @ even i think soch na sake will be the song don’t know but it will be very good if it is..

  10. Guys ramu ka band kab bajega

  11. Hey listen everyone… A BREAKING NEWS..
    Hey I read on TWITTER… That that…
    Shravan ‘s sis..KAJAL MALHOTRA… Hey her real name is SANA SAYEED….I mean the girl who will play the role of KAJAL is SANA SAYEED…nd nd….she is the only daughter of Malhotra’s….nd have all the qualities of a girl which is not liked by Shravan…. Means she will b like open nd very frank like today’s city girl..nd our KHAMBOO..doesn’t like such attitudes in girls,as we know….so I think I had given a superb news…nd I think that this will b a plus point for nirvan ‘s bonding… Hey but don’t know is she kamini’s dau. Or ramu’s dau …well she will join the cast in wedding of our preekar…. I don’t think that this is a rumor..because I read totally… As we have name of girl too…so we can find..well one thing
    …Don’t ask…r u on Twitter, r u on Twitter??
    Because I know that this is the first question which comes in mind…when someone like me expose a dhamaka type news…ppl ask , r u on fb,Twitter, if..oh my god…well m here only…so stay tuned here for my comments?????? ..
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  12. @Guys,sorry she isn’t SANA SAYEED,but SANA SAYYAD…sorry for mistake….??

  13. ,hey plezzzzz go to this link….

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  15. @ roshni I guess jag ghumeya but soch na sake is also good. And vaise bhi edkv ka kuch pata nahi becs in reunion party unone ek duje ke vaaste song from dil to pagal hai movie uspe dance kiya tha.so old song bhi ho sakta hai.hehe. @ kittu, if ur news is fake hum tumhara aisa hal karenge ki bolo mat hum kuch nahi karenge don’t worry.afteall u r our cute sisy so hum aisa kaise karenge.and kittu may be she is not from malhotras but from relatives. Becs ab tak ek bar bhi uska nam nahi aaya like anuj. So may be she is from their relative.

  16. @kittu ru maregi mere haathon se…….???……
    .honestly I loved this joke yaar m……….Kya ….KAJAL……HA HA HA ….Accha ullu banaya …..

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  21. Guys I’m dying to watch today’s episode !!!!! Waiting for ShraMan dance !!!!
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    Acchha ho aagar Ram Preekar ki shaadi dila de aaur Kamini ShraMan ki !!!

  22. @ kittu tum vandy or varun ki itni big fan ho Hume pata nahi that.itne sare images.bapre all images r so different. Hahaha.sumo or shravan ki bhi bhej de yaar.

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  27. Yes lily he is ahujas boy.humne nirmala ki entry ke bad discuss kiya tha abhirami ke sath ki love triangle hoga.aur hamara guess bilkul sahi nikla.uski Behan ka bhi name bataya tha shayad kittu Jo bol rahi hai vo uski behan hai shayad. Unko nirmala ne sambhala hai.so they r shravan bro and sis.anyone remember us ladki ka name Jo nirmala ne bataya tha.kittu u r Right. She is shravan sister.

  28. @Sonai,oo Meri intelligent sis,kisne kahi thi…ki mai news bhej rahi hooo…through this link???
    @Minu Di…hey m not kidding.. M serious abt KAJAL..
    @Lily…may b this is nirmala ‘s aaditya…omggggg…this is what I wanted…. Shravan ,beta tu to gaya…ha ha ha…

  29. @Bhagya…may be her name was Nisha..but I got the name Kajal..nd it was clearly written that she is Malhotras only daughter.. Nd nishu is ahujas…yaar kya kabada ho gaya I mean ho ga..off ek to mai Kaisi hi confused hooo nd this will send me to mental asylum… Ha ha…hey m ready to go mental asylum for edkv…???

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