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Aditya comes to meet his mother. I told you if that girl accepts my gift then she surely has some feelings for me. She accepted it. I am so happy. You will soon get a DIL. Nirmala ji asks for her photo. Aditya shows her Sumo’s photo. I am sure you will like her. She is amazing. Nirmala ji is thrilled to see Sumo’s photo. Aditya asks her if she knows Sumo. NIrmala ji nods. I know her and her family very well. Aditya gets super happy. Talk to them and help me in making them agree to it. I will tackle her in the meanwhile. Nirmala ji asks him where he met Sumo. He relates that he is here to attend Pushkar’s wedding. He is my close friend. In fact, I am staying at his house only. He lives with his Bade Papa, Ramnath Malhotra. NIrmala ji gets tensed. Don’t go in the wedding please. He is

taken aback. Is everything fine? She nods. I only remembered something important. He says Pushkar is my very dear friend. He will feel bad if I wont go. I have to propose Sumo too. It is only two days away. Please. She allows him. come to meet directly afterwards. I have to talk to you. He agrees. Nirmala ji worries what if Shravan will find out Aditya’s truth. There will be a big drama in the wedding then,

Sumo is very happy today. I have made special sweet which will go with lunch. Prita says hope no evil eyes fall on you. Shravan enters just then. He is all drenched. Sumo gives him tissues. Wipe yourself or you will catch cold. He says not anymore. I was too lost in your friendship. People can hide their true faces but it comes out one day. These people might not see it but I have seen it. Everyone looks at them. Sumo asks Shravan to come outside. He says you have said enough. I always trusted you but I regret every second of it today. We will talk here only in front of these people. They should also know your truth. You make everyone look down before everyone all the time. You don’t like it when it comes to you. Not today! The people who think you are innocent will see your true face today. prita tries to object but he warns her to stay out of their matter. He says I will introduce you to Suman Tiwari. She makes friends for reasons. She loves her self-respect, family, friendship. She made me do every possible work in childhood and then stayed 10 years away. Now once again, she made me do it all. She is very smart. She never lets anyone find out. When my papa offered to return this PCT to her she refused. Everyone was impressed for the kind of girl she is. I, being her friend, ran after her, offering to help her but she pushed me away too. Then came another guy in her life – Aditya. He dint waste another second to get PCT for her. She shot so many birds with one stone. She got her PCT back and her self-respect remained intact. You get everything without losing anything but you will lose something today. I know it wont matter to you. You will lose a friend today. You will never get that Shravan now whom you knew till date. The weakness with which you made me dance on your fingers till date is over! Sumo is in tears. Phone rings. Prita picks it up. She tells Sumo it was from their client. He was asking about delivery. Shravan nods upset. He angrily hits all the boxes. Food spills over shocking everyone. He throws the sweets away. his hand is bloodied once again. Shravan tells Prita it is done. Sumo got her PCT back. Her best friend did the delivery. Tell the client not to disturb us as Sumo is talking to her best friend for the last time today. Why are you crying? Is it because of you getting PCT back or your truth coming out before eveyroe? Anyone, listen to me carefully. Shravan isn’t your puppet anymore. You wont be able to use me from now onwards as our relation ends today. It’s all finished! Sumo tries to say something but he walks out. Sumo cries.

Shravan removes the bandage and drives away.

Sumo looks at the mess. Zindagi song plays. How can he say so? Our friendship, our relation got over just like that? I was thinking that. She breaks down. The ladies try to comfort her but she walks away from them.

It is raining. Sumo is sitting on a bench and crying badly. Little Sumo asks Sumo why she is crying. Don’t you know Shravan? He has said so much till date yet you couldn’t understand him. Don’t waste your tears for him. He doesn’t deserve it. Throw him out of your life. Understand that it is only Nanu who is with you. Don’t think of anyone else to be your own. Sumo accepts it. I have to rectify my mistake. I only have Nanu in this world. Her phone rings. It is Preeti. She asks Sumo to come home asap. Nanu had a heart attack. Doc is saying he might now. Sumo denies. Nothing will happen to him. I am coming right away.

Doc and everyone is with Nanu. Ramnath is also there. How is he? Mama ji says he had a heart attack. We want to admit him to hospital but he isn’t agreeing. Nanu repeats he wont go to hospital. Sumo comes right then. You have to come to hospital for your Suman. Nanu says whoever goes there never comes back. Your mother too dint come back when I took her there. I have to fulfil one responsibility. It is very important. He passes out which worries / scares everyone. Ramnath asks doc to do something. Save him somehow. Turn this room into ICU if you have to but save him. Doc says only one person can stay with the patient. Sumo looks on in shock. Everyone goes out.

Doc tells everyone that it was a major heart attack. Condition is very serious. Next 24 hours are very crucial. We cannot comment anything as of now. His condition will go up and down. We have to observe and wait. Mama ji asks Ramnath to go to his house and rest. Your health will be affected otherwise. We will call you in case we need anything. Ramnath is reluctant but then agrees. Keep me updated please. Call in case you need anything. Mama ji nods.

Sumo is in house temple. Hey Mata Rani, if I have done anything nice one day and have helped someone then give it all to Nanu. I cannot live without him. Please don’t snatch him from me. Mausa ji joins her. I will pray all night tonight. Nothing will happen to Babu ji. Everyone tells Sumo not to be scared. Nothing will happen to your Nanu.

Nanu is sleeping. Sumo thinks of Shravan. She is in tears. Nurse checks Nanu. Sumo asks Nanu if he is fighting. You have to fight please. I am your responsibility. You have never ran away from it. Don’t leave your Suman. I somehow managed losing Ma and Papa but I wont be able to manage myself if I lose you. I have no one except you.

Precap: Ramnath is trying to reach shravan. He is nowhere to be seen. He checks with security. Nirmala ji talks to Nanu about Sumo and Aditya’s alliance. NIrmala ji later tells Sumo her son is really lucky. You are also very lucky as you are going to become a part of our family.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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