Ek Duje Ke Vaste 15th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 15th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aditya comes to meet his mother. I told you if that girl accepts my gift then she surely has some feelings for me. She accepted it. I am so happy. You will soon get a DIL. Nirmala ji asks for her photo. Aditya shows her Sumo’s photo. I am sure you will like her. She is amazing. Nirmala ji is thrilled to see Sumo’s photo. Aditya asks her if she knows Sumo. NIrmala ji nods. I know her and her family very well. Aditya gets super happy. Talk to them and help me in making them agree to it. I will tackle her in the meanwhile. Nirmala ji asks him where he met Sumo. He relates that he is here to attend Pushkar’s wedding. He is my close friend. In fact, I am staying at his house only. He lives with his Bade Papa, Ramnath Malhotra. NIrmala ji gets tensed. Don’t go in the wedding please. He is

taken aback. Is everything fine? She nods. I only remembered something important. He says Pushkar is my very dear friend. He will feel bad if I wont go. I have to propose Sumo too. It is only two days away. Please. She allows him. come to meet directly afterwards. I have to talk to you. He agrees. Nirmala ji worries what if Shravan will find out Aditya’s truth. There will be a big drama in the wedding then,

Sumo is very happy today. I have made special sweet which will go with lunch. Prita says hope no evil eyes fall on you. Shravan enters just then. He is all drenched. Sumo gives him tissues. Wipe yourself or you will catch cold. He says not anymore. I was too lost in your friendship. People can hide their true faces but it comes out one day. These people might not see it but I have seen it. Everyone looks at them. Sumo asks Shravan to come outside. He says you have said enough. I always trusted you but I regret every second of it today. We will talk here only in front of these people. They should also know your truth. You make everyone look down before everyone all the time. You don’t like it when it comes to you. Not today! The people who think you are innocent will see your true face today. prita tries to object but he warns her to stay out of their matter. He says I will introduce you to Suman Tiwari. She makes friends for reasons. She loves her self-respect, family, friendship. She made me do every possible work in childhood and then stayed 10 years away. Now once again, she made me do it all. She is very smart. She never lets anyone find out. When my papa offered to return this PCT to her she refused. Everyone was impressed for the kind of girl she is. I, being her friend, ran after her, offering to help her but she pushed me away too. Then came another guy in her life – Aditya. He dint waste another second to get PCT for her. She shot so many birds with one stone. She got her PCT back and her self-respect remained intact. You get everything without losing anything but you will lose something today. I know it wont matter to you. You will lose a friend today. You will never get that Shravan now whom you knew till date. The weakness with which you made me dance on your fingers till date is over! Sumo is in tears. Phone rings. Prita picks it up. She tells Sumo it was from their client. He was asking about delivery. Shravan nods upset. He angrily hits all the boxes. Food spills over shocking everyone. He throws the sweets away. his hand is bloodied once again. Shravan tells Prita it is done. Sumo got her PCT back. Her best friend did the delivery. Tell the client not to disturb us as Sumo is talking to her best friend for the last time today. Why are you crying? Is it because of you getting PCT back or your truth coming out before eveyroe? Anyone, listen to me carefully. Shravan isn’t your puppet anymore. You wont be able to use me from now onwards as our relation ends today. It’s all finished! Sumo tries to say something but he walks out. Sumo cries.

Shravan removes the bandage and drives away.

Sumo looks at the mess. Zindagi song plays. How can he say so? Our friendship, our relation got over just like that? I was thinking that. She breaks down. The ladies try to comfort her but she walks away from them.

It is raining. Sumo is sitting on a bench and crying badly. Little Sumo asks Sumo why she is crying. Don’t you know Shravan? He has said so much till date yet you couldn’t understand him. Don’t waste your tears for him. He doesn’t deserve it. Throw him out of your life. Understand that it is only Nanu who is with you. Don’t think of anyone else to be your own. Sumo accepts it. I have to rectify my mistake. I only have Nanu in this world. Her phone rings. It is Preeti. She asks Sumo to come home asap. Nanu had a heart attack. Doc is saying he might now. Sumo denies. Nothing will happen to him. I am coming right away.

Doc and everyone is with Nanu. Ramnath is also there. How is he? Mama ji says he had a heart attack. We want to admit him to hospital but he isn’t agreeing. Nanu repeats he wont go to hospital. Sumo comes right then. You have to come to hospital for your Suman. Nanu says whoever goes there never comes back. Your mother too dint come back when I took her there. I have to fulfil one responsibility. It is very important. He passes out which worries / scares everyone. Ramnath asks doc to do something. Save him somehow. Turn this room into ICU if you have to but save him. Doc says only one person can stay with the patient. Sumo looks on in shock. Everyone goes out.

Doc tells everyone that it was a major heart attack. Condition is very serious. Next 24 hours are very crucial. We cannot comment anything as of now. His condition will go up and down. We have to observe and wait. Mama ji asks Ramnath to go to his house and rest. Your health will be affected otherwise. We will call you in case we need anything. Ramnath is reluctant but then agrees. Keep me updated please. Call in case you need anything. Mama ji nods.

Sumo is in house temple. Hey Mata Rani, if I have done anything nice one day and have helped someone then give it all to Nanu. I cannot live without him. Please don’t snatch him from me. Mausa ji joins her. I will pray all night tonight. Nothing will happen to Babu ji. Everyone tells Sumo not to be scared. Nothing will happen to your Nanu.

Nanu is sleeping. Sumo thinks of Shravan. She is in tears. Nurse checks Nanu. Sumo asks Nanu if he is fighting. You have to fight please. I am your responsibility. You have never ran away from it. Don’t leave your Suman. I somehow managed losing Ma and Papa but I wont be able to manage myself if I lose you. I have no one except you.

Precap: Ramnath is trying to reach shravan. He is nowhere to be seen. He checks with security. Nirmala ji talks to Nanu about Sumo and Aditya’s alliance. NIrmala ji later tells Sumo her son is really lucky. You are also very lucky as you are going to become a part of our family.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. Lily

    Omg namiks acting

    Bas ho gayi ladaayi …ab keval aur keval story…no more dragging…

  2. Shruti Priya

    What’s happening??? Sumo will be married to Aditya, is this what the CVs want to show us, why is the serial is named Ek Duje Ke Vaaste then? I hate the story line now, there is only one hope, maybe Aditya will find out that Sumo and Shravan love each other and they are parted because of him then maybe he will unite them, but I am really hating the story line now…

    • 44444

      The CV s obsessed with love triangle only that much. They don’t care about the fans emotions. They get money.

    • Devga


      |Registered Member

      Poor shravu and sumo…. Neither both r at faults….

      nirmala aunty cant u talk clearly…. Now sumo wil misunderstand it to b shravan…. Y not coz she only knws shravan as her son…

  3. sona

    Its..so tragedy…emotional…
    Shravan aur suman ki dilon ki dardh dekh key…
    Aaj sheeshey..jaisi merey dil pey…ek daraaar padgayi…😧😧😧😧😧😦😦😦😨😨😰😰
    Yadhi ye vaisey hi chalti rahi…
    Tho jitni..dharaar badengey…vutni baar dil tootney ki dardh hoga..😭😭😭😭😭
    Aur dil tho tab tootega mera jab shravu..ko adiman ki merge proposal ki baat pata chalegi..😓😓😓
    Kaisey act kar letey hai yaar..namik aur Nikki..so sweet of them..😊😊😊
    Mera tho dil kiya ki my is dardh ko jhelney sey acha..TV bandh kar k so jaavu..😉😕😑😑😑
    Par kya..karey..in dhono..sey..aur aap sab sey itni attachment ho chuki hai ki..abh tho..ek din bhi shraman k much dekhey bina nahi puri hothi..
    For Chahey..vo dhono..Lacey..roye..hasey..
    Ya romance karey..😛😛😜😜
    They are always lovely…😊😊😊
    OK..guys..gd nyt…ireena..anjali..kittu..be as..Priya 15..pp..WS..and everybody..😊☺

  4. roshni

    Oh god!!!!!! Wat to say????? Namik u again stole my heart with ur brilliant acting…. He was soooo intense though he was very rude n angry he was never the less hot…. Especially his hair…. Oh I was seeing his hair only…. He was so nice in that…. But I really felt very bad for shraman…. Both r hurt sumo is very much than shravan…. One side nanu n shravan….. But both namik n Nikita were awesome today there acting were amazing….. N I totally disagree with that choti sumo sayings…. Very bad….. N precap oh god wat will happen now???? She told that she will forget everything I guess she agrees the proposal…. Finger crossed…..

    Hi all wassup???? How ru all????? Enjoyed independence day?????

    • Akash

      bt if sumo agree with her marriage wid shravan…its directly affect serial bcoz we all luv shravan nd the trp will decrease

  5. mun

    phir se sumo shravan ka duria started
    Oh! God I can’t tolerate it……
    Kabhi to e a duria khatam ho jaye….
    Waise e a aditya ko bich me kyon a ne k lia bolatha…
    Wish ki sumo k sath aditya ka saadi na ho jaye

  6. mukti

    phir se sumo shravan ka duria started
    Oh! God I can’t tolerate it……
    Kabhi to e a duria khatam ho jaye….
    Waise e a aditya ko bich me kyon a ne k lia bolatha…
    Wish ki sumo k sath aditya ka saadi na ho jaye

  7. nishi

    Hi the added twist is dat shraven is going 2 attempt suicide bit this will probably make suman 2 say I love you first may be this is another angle 2 look from and Aditya will be out of scene. Hopefully that’s way happens but suman is heartbroken don’t know how she will react.please give us a nyc lobe story widout the twists

    • 44444

      No Shravan is heart broken. He may get hurt due to the closeness of Adi & Sumo. He will not try suite may be depressed. I think now it is suman will be devasted with the marriage proposal. But now EDKV hs become a sas bahu drama. Nirmala may come to know by some means that Suman is his everything and because of her head over heal love towards he adopted son she will realise she once again destroyed her own sons life.

  8. Anjali

    hi all…couldn’t see today’s episode …I don’t think I’ll be able to watch this week’s episode …so guys please update the written episode coz I won’t be able to sleep without that…
    everyone in my family knows I have become addicted to edkv so I think they wont allow me to watch edkv …God I’ll die…really feel like my heart is clenching …can’t spend a single day without edkv 🙁
    after a long time I have started liking any Indian serial ..
    @roshni…not good yar …couldn’t see today’s episode. .wat can be worst than it 🙁
    @pooja di …again thanks a lot for update…
    my heart sank inside somewhere only be reading the episode…I can understand all of ur feelings…
    both are awsm actors. ..nimik guys u r awsm ….feeling bad for both of them 🙁
    @sona …I know dear ur feelings …its really hard to see them like this…but as we are crazy about this so we’ll definitely watch edkv haste, rote ya chupchap Kaise v. 😉
    @lily I really hope tmhari batein sach ho…its time to bring shraman together…its time for them to be each others support…
    lastly …God this adimanav he is getting on my nerves very badly…beda garg ho tera …how dare u sumo ko propose krega ….n nirmu aunt couldn’t u directly say that stay away from sumo…n ur going to confuse sumo…she will be happy thinking about shravu but hell yar ur trying to marry her with ugghh don’t wanna even talk about him ….
    lil sumo…I disagree with u …don’t forget dear it was shravan who was always there for u during all bad n good times….
    oh I missed their expression …. 🙁
    khair will definitely try to watch it …
    hope to see you soon my edkvians…
    love u all…good night …n a good night wala hug…pray for shraman to unite …
    shraman dreams 🙂
    @ sona, kittu, minakhi, lily, beas, roshni, sonai, sumo, khushi, ireena di, areena, areeba. ,sonai, beas, sss, diya, bhagya di, jo, preetypreeti, priti15 n all good night…stay positive n calm…n watch edkv 🙂

    • Akash

      yes u r right…. bt if sumo agree wid nirmala it afftect on trp nd its goes down…..
      bt shyad ram nath baad m sumo k accept kr le….jo b ho bss suman n shravan k bich m koi ni ana chahiye

  9. kittu

    @44444..hey now 5 fours can b seen here..hey Bhaiya…really itte bade wale Bhaiya..OK..so bro..if u don’t mind could I call bro..well I know u won’t mind…I thought u were a girl…sorry for silly imagination🙋..well mujhe to pehle hi samajh Lena chahiye tha …when u were scolding me in yr Gujarati..😝…ki koi ladki mujhe ittna suna to nahi sakti,well ladkiyo ka bharosa nahi…jab gussa aata Hai to phirrrr…..actually m same….again kahan se kahan pahunch gayi….well DMDavid…I won’t follow u on Twitter because m not there…well Bhaiya ,thnx for telling me abt u….nd byeee…
    Well I didn’t even read the epi…I just rushed here to give u reply.. Nd I too can’t see sudi(sumo ,adi)….ewwwwwwww,..ya it was a wild thinking….

    • 44444

      Kittu u can call me Bro since u r my little sister and I see u are liked by each and every one in this forum.Done say Sud. What imagination you have. U deerve to be a CV in any one of these serials. My only disaapointment iwth serial is, the cvs to make it hit made a mess out of this love triangle and earned the illwill of all darshaks. It hurs such a beautiful which was evertold has to become a head ache due to wild imaginations of the production team.

      Think of 2 months head ache of Adi and Nirmal make me sick. I am ok wilth Kamini, Ramnath & Manju mamis villainy but cant tollerate this Adi Nirmal house and love destroyers.

      • Missing.....minu di,ireena di,(i know she will come at the end of this week),arbi,Anu,khushi di...rashi(meet u in skol)..sonai...beas...hey this is mee..kittttuuu

        @44444….okay so bade Bhaiya…thnx 4 giving permit… Well could u tell what’s this 444444….so strange…phir se ek question… M weird,no doubt😋

  10. kittu

    Haiiiiii….mar gayiiiii…kide padee adiii…pair tooot jaye tere…..bol na sakeeeeee…hassi rukkk jayeee….maaar dalaaa…
    Hey these r the worlds I was imagining while reading this wu….oh god…how much shravu will have to face..nd sumo…what wrong she did…y this is happening with our shraman…. Nd ramu…love u buddhe..u r really a very very gooood student…kya kimat chukayi 101 rupee ki…truly amazing shravu k papa….nd Mata rani…plez save nanu…otherwise she will b broken like mirror… Nd no one is here…nd niru kaki…Jaan leke jayegi…pakka…
    @Anjali…hey it’s all right dear…
    Nd something for u…

    NXT ….


  11. kittu

    @GUYS.@…MARIE..FIRSTLY nice dp..nd congratulations for being first…
    @lily…I too agree…CVS should not dragg anymore.. We r really felling very bad…but twists r awesome….
    @Shruti Priya….no more dragging will b there..as per NAMIK said…this week is full of drama…so don’t lose hope..
    @SONA di..r u trying to write I mean speak Hindi????…nice Didi…I think u r from south.. So it is difficult for u to speak Hindi,ryt?…well goooooood very good Hindi..nd brilliant try…do do…superb.. If u don’t mind…di,yr tooti phooti Hindi..gives a lot of feelings..that can’t express…well u improved yrself in Hindi a lotttttttt….nd GOOD MORNING… wake up di…nd u were ryt…chahe WO roye ya hase..we love them…nd will love them…
    Maja aa gaya….
    Shravan ka suicide
    Sumo ka samjhana…
    Adi ka Rona..
    Nd ramu ka rulanaaa…
    Yipeeeee,means maggieee…
    Hai Hai..galti se mistake ho gayi..
    Well everyone.. If this write.. Then golden episode.. No more dragging.. Well this is the only way for CVS to come out of this ADI’s chapter… I know cast r doing awesome.. But fans don’t have patience.. As this is a finite show nd only 170-180..nd not more than 220-235 episodes… So we all want a good journey of edkv.. Nd what a base it has…BACHPAN KI DOSTI…with flashbacks…nd kitna kharcha kiya Hai…see,ek ek character ko chun k laye Hai…so we want a sweet nd lovely story…well NISHI..M NOT saying this to u…but to our frnds…. Do u know when I think of edkv’s end… I feel myself sooo alone…no one can understand how much I love this…each nd everything… Even promo tooo..hope we will shape a great bonding in future tooo..
    @ANJALi…hey not only u…but we also have addiction of this edkv… Well show aisa ho to koi kya kar sakta Hai…y our family don’t allow us..uuhh..same same…my mumma don’t like this…she says that this is not of yr age…okay I understand that..but dekhne me kya jata Hai..well I watched all the episodes in vacation but in these skol going days…no chance..so come here for my episode nd satisfaction that ya…show me Jaan abhi Hai…y don’t our parents understand… Okay mumma me kar diya ,papa too…but jab tak in he convince karungi..tab tak time over..shuuu….that y…Maine dekhna hi chod diya…nd sonydev…kambhaktoo be 6:30 ka telecast bhi to rook diya..nd 10:30 nd 1:30…impossible for me to watch nd no holidays on Saturday… So no edkv… But u all r so humble nd pooja di..so I don’t have to face any problem.. But sometimes modu uncle… But no offence…nd family should understand ki baccha din bhar me agar sirf or sirf ek show dekhta Hai,so what’s the problem… Well leave this…we r in India… Nd this happens… Well we r ek naao k savaari..don’t worry…Maine 2 mahino se edkv nahi dekha…I mean after my vacation… Sooo..
    Hey plez disclose something abt u…
    This is Kittu…a girl…nd from Delhi..nd nd..hey m in 10th standard…
    Well ,I m very pakaoo..nd stress buster.(by Minakshi di).as u can guess….so tell me Abt u..
    If u will b Senior then I’ll call u di…otherwise u ‘ll have to call me di…haha ..just kidding… Bye dear..SOORY for this long lecture…well I think u r a student because student face only these problems… I sometime imagines how happy the people r who r a employee nd who jobs…buttt…well…I m happy… Kitna maja aata Hai…m glad on being a student…

  12. Missing.....minu di,ireena di,(i know she will come at the end of this week),arbi,Anu,khushi di...rashi(meet u in skol)...hey this is mee..kittttuuu

    Well guys ,plez tell…if pooja di..don’t write any wu..so on which page we ‘ll cmmt then…nd just imagine… Koi bhi wu of edkv ka na likhe…as where will we all talk…plez plez tellll…….
    Thnx pooja di…nd others who helped us..

  13. Missing.....minu di,ireena di,(i know she will come at the end of this week),arbi,Anu,khushi di...rashi(meet u in skol)..sonai...beas...hey this is mee..kittttuuu

    Where r Sonai nd Beasss…missing our YKY(yaaro k yaar)

  14. Minakhi

    Omg Finally Shravu throw out his all outburst on Sumo ….What kind of Man he is If He Is angry then That’s his problem He shouldn’t Insult Sumo infrot of All Pct workers but At least He Has done This to Realize Sumo that she was wrong whatever she Done Past. …..She could do everything maturely….Both They have Fault soon they will realise this nd They will cry later ……that retaliations r not like Supermarket where u can buy them…… Well Our choti sumo apne aukat pe agayi Firse selfish Advice Diya ….wow …Sone pe suhaga ……usse yehi expected tha……….Ab jaldi se jaldi In Useless preekar ki shaadi ho jaye to Story agey badhe…..Humari overactig ki Adi aur uski maa k to kya kehne ……Dono ka Popat hone wala hai jaldi se……..Well hello Guys …Feeling sad that I can’t come here often time bcz I m preparing for my Semester exams…..Which is Going to start From Next week ….but I will try to come here(If possible)……I will miss u all my dears……😊😊 Stay calm down Nd pray for me plz ……😊😊 Have a Good week ……

  15. mun

    I saw in tellygossip that shravan after hearing about sumo and aditya’s wedding will get depressed and will try to attemp suicide
    Really I am to much upset….
    Anjali di apki or meri halath ak jaisi i hai meri family bhi after getting to know that I am a die heart fan of EDKV is not letting me to watch
    par me to mar jayon ga agar me ak din bhi dekh na saku to…..
    pooja di please written episode jaldi update kar dena………plz…….
    ham sab k mummi ak jaisa kyun ha
    bo bhi muja bolti rahati ha ki it is not of my age….

    • Missing.....minu di,ireena di,(i know she will come at the end of this week),arbi,Anu,khushi di...rashi(meet u in skol)..sonai...beas...hey this is mee..kittttuuu

      @Mun…this happens in India….nd well mumma r same in every country… Same same….

  16. sona

    Wts this yaar…minakshi..wts hapeni g to our site..every one is missing..
    Pehle..ireena weekly commented ho chuki..jaisey kittu ney kaha
    .arbi..khushi..rahi..Anu ..sonai..beas..nahi aaye..yaha..aur abh tum..miss u all….😧😧😧😧😧😧
    Even I read that spoiler of shravu suicide attempt…I was not ready to accept the truth..that’s y I didn’t posted that spoiler here..😖😖😓😓😓
    Aur vaisey bhi..spoilers..kitna such hotey hai..kitna jhoot ye sab tho him jaantey hai..na…so better not to take it strongly to ur heart..OK😔😔😔😖😖😖😖

    • Missing.....minu di,ireena di,(i know she will come at the end of this week),arbi,Anu,khushi di...rashi(meet u in skol)..sonai...beas...hey this is mee..kittttuuu

      @sona di…yeah…dekha ..
      Sahi pakde HAIN…

  17. sona

    Hi dear…
    We all r doing..not well..not dull..😳😟😐😉😊
    Just gng with edkv track like u..😊😊😊
    Abh shraman k vaisey haal..sab ka haal ..jaisey ho sakta hai batau..?😉😉😉😊
    Happy independence day😊😊

  18. Minakhi

    yaar @Sona Mein Na hi Show dekhna Band kar rahi hoon Aur na Hi Yahan comment karna Bas ….mujhe Mere Semester k liye thoda zyada time dena padega that’s it……Hay maara Thakur Shaam ji ….Tune kya samjh liya …..Shravan k tarah jise ek samjhao to kuch aur samjh leta hai m…well Mein Har din show dekhungi bcz poora din EDKV ko miss karne se accha hai adha ghanta to Mein De hi Sakti hoon ….aur ek comment to Mein zaroor Dungi episode k upar ….Wese v yeh Comment box hai Fan page nahi ….soo chill dear….mein kahin nahi jaa rahi hoon……..well Jitne v log Bol rahe hain Ki Shravan Suicide karnewala hai Mujhe koi Real Link de sakta hai kya ……???mujhe to yeh samjh nahi aya Ki. Kese Yeh spoiler wale Predict kar lete hain yaar itne tough show ko….Comment kar kar k Unko kuch sunane ka mn kar raha hai ….Mujhe Link do koi……

  19. Minakhi

    @dpak I think CVs so Gaye Hain Tumhari yeh wish Av poori nahi Ho Sakti ….Well Mujhe badi hi Bad feeling aarahi hai Ki Shraman ki Hate marriage Ho Sakti hai …..bcz Jab tak Nimu aur Ramu Ki Asliyet nahi ati tab tak to tum Shraman k ek Hone k baare meinm Nahi soch sakte ……Aur Nimmu ne iss episode mein ek sign de Diya hai Ki Shaadi mein Adi ka sach bahar ajayega. Ki woH Nimmu ka mmuh bola beta hai ….To let’s Wait for Wednesday episode…..Adi aur Shravan k. Bich Hone wali hain Face off😊😊😇😇

    • Missing.....minu di,ireena di,(i know she will come at the end of this week),arbi,Anu,khushi di...rashi(meet u in skol)..sonai...beas...hey this is mee..kittttuuu

      @Minu di….will miss u..allllll theee very best 4 yr xms…nd sure..u will surely watch epi…I know..after all u r so positive… Do preparation..byeeeeee

  20. Bhagyashri

    Hii anjali.hw r u? Hii Preety preeti m not able to comment yesterday becs m very busy. Hii all how r u? M not able to watch yesterday episode. I comment latter on episode. Good afternoon to all.

  21. Meena

    OMG what misunderstandings!!!!It is really sad EDKV is turning out to be like any other serial. Like many others I am also a crazy fan of this show. But recent developments have left a great disappointment in me!I thought at least this show had less flaws. Now there are so many,we lose count!for instance when AdI is so close to the mother he talks everything but doesn’t talk about his close friend Pushkar.Nirmala doesn’t talk about the Tiwaris to Adi. No one in the Malhotra’s family knows or even questions about Adi!!!!and Adi supposed to be so clever,can’t understand Suman and Shravan’s closenes and doesn’t understand that Suman doesn’t love him.BTW,they gave great hopes of Kamini playing cupid to Shraman’s love!so they have taken us to the highest point of point of disappointment!we had high hopes that this would be an exception!

    • 44444

      U r abosolutely correct. The same view is expressed in Twitter too. We need not to follow anything blind folded. First sumo runs away from Shravan fearing he may talk of his dill ki bath at the coffee shop. Then she wants shravan to talk about his feelings when she very well knows it from the letter he wrote for her in school days and lying at his house underlivered. When she knows that there is no message about shravan she ran out in the midnight and on seeing him she hugs him on his own. Then why this creating jelousy in shravan game which backfireed. The prodeucers wanted to pull the serial beyon the stipulated time (upto 200 episodes). So they brought in Aditya, which was turned down by fans. Now they are in a soup and in confusion how to clear the mess they have made.

      Howerver yesterday Nikis and Namiks acting was superp. (the verses of Suman Kadham itna sale ka rishth kadam)

  22. Anushika

    Hi,I really want to post a FF I am writing but I don’t have any Email account and my parents won’t allow me one.Do you have any idea how I can post a FF ???Or can one of you help me

  23. *****

    Hmmm….. Seems like meri absence se sbne chain ki saans li??
    Jst kiddin….

    U know wat d unlucky award of d week goes to me….. Ask why…. Puchho….. Chalo bata hi deti hun…. Bcs mein kl ka epi nhi dekh paayi…

    @Pooja di….. I sometime doubt if u were a proffesional writer…. I mean u describe sooo well

    Kl ka epi ws epic in history of edkv…. Mein kuchh bhi kahun its less… Bt I hv nt seen shravan sooo heartbroken…. Feelin pity…

    Aaj ka epi in opposers k munh ek karara thappad hoga…

    @Kittu… Hey yaar tu vaapas aa gyi… Missed u..




    *Guys abhi tk idea toh lg hi gaya hoga mein kaun hoon…. So name me… *

  24. pretty preeti

    Hello everybody
    Sorry for my delay so sorry
    I was in skol
    I’m sorry
    The epi was sweet sumo I mean Nikita ji ur expressions are awesome
    I was melted
    But why shravan didn’t mmelt
    Precap omg sumo and adi noooo
    @guys how u all are

  25. *****

    @Kittu… U r rite.. Jagah badalti h… Lang badalti… Culture badalta h… Dresses badalti h… Bt moms… Moms r all same..
    Vahi…”Its ur 10th lecture” ,”Act ur age.lecture..” N pta nhi aur kitne…

  26. Bhagyashri

    Shravan and sumans acting superb.be positive all shayad shravan ke suicide attempt ke baad story turn kar sakti hai.so just chill.

    • 44444

      If any body to be hated then it is only 2. Not Kamini not Ramnath but Nirmala And Manju Mami. Manju is selfish and Nirmala values her self respect and job more than her son and family.

  27. *****

    Hawwww…. No one’s able to g_ess my identity…
    Chalo ek hint deti hun… Mera naam aaj k page pr aaya h… Kisne liya h aur kahan liya h.. Guess it out..

  28. 44444

    Hv u noticed Suman prepares special sweet Mung dalka halwa Shravans favourite sweet dish. She gather those spilled halwa in trembling hands. Tear eyed.

  29. AREEBA

    hiiiiiii guys but so so so sorry as my prediction proved ri8…..
    really sorry guys black tongue 😠😠😠
    actually my prediction was ……..
    Shravan character will turn negative
    sumo and shravan will have their path away…..
    nanu health would be critical(budda dekhna sumo ki shadi hote hi hatta khatta ho jaega,lekin bichare nanu ko bhi nhi keh sakti kyuki he is sweet nd supportive……
    nirmala will give marriage proposal..
    nanu and other family members will force sumo to get married with adi. …….

    kitti…..itna lamba naam tera wah chlo kuch serial chahe Jitna bhi negative ho jae pr friends h na voh positive hote h ri8…..
    anjali…… I know we need a big fire of positivity ri8……
    ireena di,anshi,nd all other friends missing you. ….
    mina di…..I hope ki shravan aur adi ka face off ho aur afcorce as we know shravan will win nd no problem with dishoom dishoom marriage as they r made 4 each other ….
    44444….sorry but I totally disagree with u as sumo did not have any clue about adi intentions guys Yeh shravan bohot A6a lawyer h ri8 but voh apne pagal baab ke paap kyu nhi dekh paas rha…..

  30. AREEBA

    nikita ur acting was dhasu,mind blowing,damm awsome……
    namik ur acting was fabulous but I feel to kill those cvs who wants adi nd sumo get married…..
    guys who will join with me to kill these duffers…..

  31. roshni

    Hi guys ….. How RU all????

    @anjali yup it happened i will be so lost if i miss one epi…. I cant ever iss edkv…. No nit even think of that i can understand ur situation very well…..

    @sona hehe true shraman esa hain toh shraman Ki fans Ki halaat toh puchna hi nahi chahiye….. How RU???

    @preeti I am fine dear how RU????

    @priyu hi yaar how RU how can v forget u dear….. We all missed u….

    @bhagya yup hope so it happens like that only but yesterday epi was awesome n even to much hurt touching…. Nimik rocked with there brilliant acting…..

    @akash ru new here???? Well I hope that she don’t agree but I have read somewhere that she do agrees so finger crossed I am not able to predict anything now rather watching…..

  32. 44444

    Hi friends. U may not like my comment. But u know what among Nikita namik safer shaikh and Erica it is Erica has the more flung than others roughl

    • 44444

      Hi friends. U may not like my comment. But u know what among Nikita namik safer shaikh and Erica it is Erica has the more fan following than others.

  33. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Hey guys as I promised I l be regular I m cmntng now but sry for this short cmnt… I got hit by one bike while going to schl.. I m having scratches in my hand so I can’t type.. My di is cmntng this as it want to keep my promise…

    Hii all.. How r u??? Hope u people r fyn.. Take care guys.. Love u all..

    • Missing.....minu di,ireena di,(i know she will come at the end of this week),arbi,Anu,khushi di...rashi(meet u in skol)..sonai...beas...hey this is mee..kittttuuu

      @Priya 15..r u okay???yaar di…be careful…. Nd thnx to yr diii…love u nd take care…

  34. Jashi

    Shravan is too much. If I have to watch Adi marry Sumo, I don’t think I’ll be able to watch anymore…unless Shravan crashes the wedding and marries her himself. I really hate Ramnauth.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.