Ek Duje Ke Vaste 15th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 15th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sumo and Shravan are on the way to Khosla’s office. He tells her to calm down but she insists upon him to drive fast.

Khosla appreciates the decision made by Mama ji. he sends his assistant to bring sweets. I knew you will understand my point. I have the papers ready already.

Sumo has faith only in Shravan now. Nanu will break down if he finds out about this. Please make Mama ji and Massi understand.

Mama ji checks the papers. 16 crores are mentioned instead of 24 crores that he spoke of. Khosla says that was yesterday. Rachna and Mama ji get upset. Khosla says I can do anything. We can cancel the deal if you don’t agree to it. Mami ji calms everyone down. There is a lot of difference between 16 and 24 crores. Rachna adds that the house is too big. You can earn a lot

by renovating it. Khosla points out that the papers are already ready. Bablu requests him to increase the amount a little on Mata Rani’s name. Khosla agrees.

Shravan and Sumo will have to take a detour because of construction going on in the way.

Sumo tells Shravan she is scared.

Khosla tells the final amount – 16 crores, 21 lacs. Don’t think too much. It was what Mata Rani told me. Mama ji looks pensive.

Shravan parks in a no parking zone. Everyone is gone by the time Shravan and Sumo reach Khosla’s office. Khosla says they left just now. Plus I don’t tell anyone about my deals. You can ask them yourself. Sumo is about to say something in anger but Shravan holds her hand. Come. Khosla talks about their close friendship.

Mami ji keeps the papers in house temple. She asks her husband not to teach her about right and wrong. Sign the papers. She hides them behind the idol when Sumo and Shravan come in. She keeps blabbering about random stuff. Rachna goes to bring cold coffee. Mama ji asks Shravan to have a seat. Shravan sits down next to him. Mami says you must have come to meet Babu ji. he is in his room. I will send coffee there only. Sumo walks up to Mami ji. I know I have no right on this house so I can only request you. Please don’t do this. I know you all went to Khosla’s office. Preeti also comes there and Dabbu also peeks in. Sumo asks Mama ji and Massi not to sell their house. I beg you. nanu comes there. What happened? What are they doing? Shravan asks him to come with him. nanu demands to know what’s happening behind his back.

Mama ji tries to stop his wife but Mami ji tells Nanu that they all decided to wait for the right time. Now you should know it as it is already out. We are selling the house to Khosla. We have thought well about it. we wont change our decision now. You saw what happened in the court today? We lost the case. We would lose the money too. He asks her since when she became a lawyer. Who said that we lost the case? Mami ji insists that nothing is left. Signature was proved to be real. Highs and lows come in case. Sumo holds Shravan’s hand saying you trust him atleast if not me. Shravan looks at her. Mami ji tells Sumo to stop her lecture. I haven’t spent a day peacefully in this house after marriage. Nanu said that you will keep me as a queen in this house. I had no idea I will be made a maid. There has been work only since I came here. I have had enough. I wont take it anymore. I don’t care what Priya did. You can fight the case. You might win and Priya’s soul will be in peace. Nanu says you are crossing your limits. He coughs. Mami calls truth bitter. We love our kids just like you love your kids. Dabbu told me yesterday that he will become pilot. I want to marry preeti with all pomp but we don’t earn that much. You are right. I am not a lawyer. I do know that people die but cases don’t. You have spent your life in court but I wont be able to do so. We have killed our wishes all our life but wont let our kids’ dream break. My son will become pilot. Preeti will have a lavish wedding. No one will stop us from fulfilling these dreams. She takes the papers with her. Everyone leaves.

Nanu coughs again. Shravan and Sumo make him sit down. Nanu says I spent my life in the illusion that I gave a lot to my kids. I gave life with time. I was wrong. Maybe Manju is right. I dint give anything to my kids except pain. If they get happiness by selling the house then let it be. Sumo tells him not to say so. You only taught me that one does not lose before losing or wins before actually winning. He has already lost before losing, he says. She tells him against it. Tiwari Villa is your pride. No one can snatch it from you. don’t lose hope. She asks Shravan to tell the same to Nanu. Nanu points out that it isn’t about losing or winning now. It is about the happiness of the members of the house. If the defeat means sadness for this family then its no point. I have accepted this truth. It will be good if you accept it as well.

Sumo is distraught. She heads to her room and cries. Shravan comes there. He sits down beside her to pacify her but she asks him to go. There’s nothing left. Nanu was my only hope. No one can do anything as Nanu only gave up. No one can do anything. You too cannot do anything. He tries to talk but she slightly pushes him asking him to leave. She immediately apologises and he shakes his head at her. I know you have done a lot for this house but it is of no use. No one can stop this house from being sold. We will lose this house. It will also be proved that my Ma was wrong. He says it wont happen. Listen to me. We will find a way. She cries saying nothing is left. He makes her look at him. You trust me? If yes then trust this that I wont let you lose. She looks at him teary eyed.

Precap: Ramnath tells Shravan that a good lawyer is the one who wins the case inside court but a better lawyer is the one who wins it outside court. Shravan gives a signed cheque to Khosla who in turn shows it to Sumo. She looks at it in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Ohhh so shravan will cheat

  2. I think shravan ll buy d house from khosla n giv it to suman… free of cost

  3. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Yessss guys I heard that khosla will buy that house. At same time shravan also give more money to khosla.. He will buy and give to sumo as a gift???valantine day spl…

    1. lol….is teh last sentence true??

    2. there is an year for valentines day

  4. but promo la shravan case a jaichu sumo family avana paaratra maadhiriyum….suman adha paathutu sandhoshama siricha adhuku apram ava shravan kita,nee case jaichu sandhoshatha kuduthuta adhu maadhiri edho solli,aana enaku ipdi pantiye nu edho solva……apdi shravan enna thappu senjaan????????adhu theriyanum na paarunga EK DUJE KE VAASTE

    1. can u plzz write in english…

      1. it is about the promo

    2. Shut ur mouth! speak properly nonsense

      1. It is not nonsense it is tamil

    3. ava andha filela edhayo patthuttu than appadi sonna

  5. There was a promo in which it was showed that sumo told shravan that though they hav won the case but her self respect lost.

  6. Ohh..shravan Suman scenes were awesome…yoo,.he tried to console her..i want more shraman scenes…ohh..now I understood..i think Shravan will buy the house from Khosla n will give it to Suman..thats why Suman is saying in the promo that he won the case but he lose the selfrespect which she had for him in her eyes.

    guys..i have a doubt..in the promo what Suman is actually saying..
    She lose selfrespect because of him or he lose selfrespect which she had for him??if u can..den pls clr my doubt..

  7. Abhi i think u r rite…….
    Or shravan will bribe khosla . And ask him to lose in return….
    Well Yup things r indeed confusing bt atleast it will be interesting to see monday’s epi.
    Why dont dis serial come on Saturday too?????

    1. Yes yaar,..i want it Saturdays too..

  8. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    This show and ek tha raja ek thi rani should be telecasted casted Saturday also… Agree guys..

  9. Hundred per cent right. This is the best show ever televised on Sony. It should telecasted Monday – Sunday (everything single day). Are you Sony guys listening. I am also little confused about the Promo. Sharavan is doing so much for Sumo to keep her self respect. She should be thankful to him and not vice versa. Sharavan is sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute. Looking forward to Monday’s episode.

  10. Abhi she clearly said par mera atma samman her gaya.
    I think Shravan will pay 4.5 chores. To khosla.
    But suman’s family are trapping khosla as he has definitely given them take cheque.

    1. Ohh..so he will buy that house…thats why she is saying like that,,

  11. Story started nicely but now it is so predictable.
    I think Summo will not get married to shravan likely the younger brother “Pushkar” will come in between. Soo typical.

  12. I do not agree with sd, about Pushkar and Sumo getting married. Pushkar is all for Shravana and Sumo. I have a strong feeling he likes Sumo’s cousin Preeti and will go for her. I am sure S and S will marry eventually. Sumo smarten up and confess your love to Shravan.

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