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Sumo keeps the gift in her cupboard. She again takes out the dress and keeps it on herself to see her in mirror. A flashback is shown. Sumo chose a prom dress for herself. It was actually Shravan’s choice. She is also surprised. How can a bore, studious person have such a good choice? He tells her to take a non-bore, non-studious kid with her for shopping. Shravan asks her if she will go with him on prom night. She says this is why you took me to shopping. I have to keep my image. You go to parties with rocking dudes. You know how conscious Sumo is of her image. He asks her with who will she go then. Shravan is waiting outside the party entry gate. Sumo comes there alone but she goes inside with another guy. She winks at Shravan. He stands behind them both when they pose for a photo. Flashback

ends. Shravan is looking at that photo only. He picks up his phone.

Urvashi is partying with her friends. She gets excited to receive Shravan’s call. He says I told you I will call you. want to meet? She agrees. He says I will message you time and place. I am bringing a gift for you too. He ends the call before she can say something.

Sumo finds a note with the dress in the box. Your room looks better than before. She gets worried thinking he came here. She looks at the room and then continues reading the letter. He advises her to keep the books right. She finds a book kept there differently. There is a note inside. I read your sorry note that day only. We have no backlogs now. Come in the party thinking that all the old things will be finished, but do come. She decides to think as he has tried so hard.

Chachi ji is worried for Varun. No one thinks of anyone else in the house except one guy. Vandy says he dint eat anything since evening. He is very calm otherwise. Chachi ji is irked with Lala ji. Tell Varun I will get him money somehow. He will complete this project. I guarantee it.

Mami ji comes to Rachna’s room to give her some bills. You only asked me to pay, you will give later. She tells the expenses to Rachna. It is 3 lacks. 1.5 lacs each can be given by you and Babu Lal. It will be good if you give it to me before leaving. Rachna is irked that Bhabhi never forgets anything. The expenses are more than what I thought of. His husband comes home with shopping bags. She asks for last payment but he stands there with blank face. He shares that he was about to get payment. They asked me to extend the payment. She knows he has been fooled once again. Rachna thinks to arrange money somehow.

Pushkar is exercising when his mother brings juice for him. he says I drink protein shake after exercise. She loudly talks to him (as Shravan is nearby) about needing 2 crores. Varun needs money to complete the contract he has received. Ask Bade Papa for money. Pushkar denies. I get scared when I have to ask for salary. Why don’t you do it? She denies. He walks into washroom. You cannot do anything. She notices Shravan standing by the door. He agrees to help her. Ask Varun bhaiya to show me the papers. I will get his work done. He leaves. She smiles thinking it was so easy.

Sumo’s relatives are packing their bags. Sumo was to make papad for Anuj (their son in London). She notices Rachna coming from outside. You went to ATM? Give me money. Rachna agrees to give in the evening. Sumo is asked to pack everything for everyone. Rachna tries to talk to Rachna when Dabbu asks for his favourite cartoon tshirt. She points out that he wore it under his tshirt only. Nana ji remarks how they will go to America without him. Drop him till New York airport. He takes tea from her. Serve them. She tries to say something when he warns her not to speak in their favour. Rachna asks for 50k from Sumo. I will add it in the list. Sumo says the ticket refund money was supposed to come. I will check. Rachna thanks her. You have taken after your mom. She always used to help me. She never ever asked me to return her money too. She leaves. Sumo is all emotional.

Pushkar talks to some people about not gathering enough facts. Shravan brings his salary cheque. Pushkar sends the guys out. He asks Shravan if he heard everything. Did you tell everything to Bade Papa? Shravan teases him saying Papa. Pushkar is sad as he hasn’t chosen clothes for party or partner. Shravan asks him why he is so scared of papa. He is soft from inside. Pushkar gets scared seeing him. Shravan tells Pushkar he found his partner. Pushkar is happy to think that she (Sumo) agreed. Shravan tells him to buy clothes for himself so he can also find a girl for himself in the party. He leaves. Pushkar is sure his Bhaiya is acting thinking he does not know anything. But she said yes to him and not me?

Sumo checks her account. The balance is here. I will give money to Massi. Her phone rings just then. Sumo calls Pushkar. I was thinking that I…. He knows it already that she is coming, that too as Shravan bhaiya’s partner. You could have told me if you were dying to come. I would have made Shravan Bhaiya call you. People change when they grow up. You are becoming melodramatic. She says I did not tell him anything. He is proud that his brother knows it already. Help me in the part now that you are coming. She refuses to come and ends the call. He gave me a gown thinking I will go. Sumo has been insulted! I wont go.

Precap: Shrava tells Pushkar she will come in party. Pushkar smiles. Shravan walks towards Sumo holding the gift. You did not open or check it? She shakes her head. He asks her if she does not want the gift. She looks at him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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