Ek Duje Ke Vaste 14th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 14th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Tiwari family is eating dinner quietly. Nanu notices Sumo lost. Did Shravan know you waited for him all day? Sumo nods. He says he still dint meet you. Mami blames Sumo again. Meet him tomorrow or day after tomorrow. Go there till you apologize to him. Mama ji tells her against it. Everyone makes mistakes but Sumo knows it and is trying hard. Shravan isn’t ready to listen. Preeti suggests sending a message to Shravan instead. Dabbu tells her to add a happy smiley. Mami tells him to eat quietly. Mausa ji says we can keep Mata Ki Chowki. We will invite everyone to which no one will decline. We can do it then. Everyone likes his idea. Mausa ji asks Nanu to invite Ramnath ji for Saturday. Sumo denies. I have hurt them so I only will apologize. Nanu reasons that he isn’t ready to meet her

or hear her. Sumo says no problem. I will go again. one does not become small by apologizing. What if he dint meet me today, I will go daily. Till when will he stay upset with me? He will meet me some day. He will forgive me some day!

Shravan is jogging. He comes to Tiwari Villa unconsciously and looks at the name plate. Title track plays. Sumo feels his presence. She gets up with a start. Shravan looks at the house with pain in his eyes. He walks till the main gate and looks at the window of Sumo’s room. Shravan thinks of what he said to Sumo (I hate you) and how he made her wait all day. He pained. Sumo comes out of the house. Shravan is gone by then. She retreats sadly.

Shravan comes home. Ramnath notices him looking all lost as he heads to his room straight.

Shravan stares blankly at the ceiling. It is the same case with Sumo. They both eventually close their eyes. Ramnath comes to check on Shravan but finds him asleep. He tidies the bed and covers him with a duvet. He stops himself from caressing Shravan’s head. He closes the lights before leaving.

Pushkar waits for Preeti outside her Nail Class. She asks him why he came here. What if some acquaintance sees you here? He replies that he felt like meeting her so he came. She reminds him that she told him she cannot meet him for a few days. Don’t you understand? He denies. I will drop you to class after having coffee. She tells him to understand. So much has happened in our houses in the past days. we should avoiud meeting for a few days. he reasons that they are not to be blamed for it. She boards an auto and leaves while he keeps asking her against it.

Rakesh ji tells Sumo Sir will be busy today too. She refuses to leave today without meeting Shravan. Ramnath notices her. He asks Rakesh ji about. He is happy hearing Shravan’s reply. Ramnath goes in Shravan’s room. Shravan is resting on his chair. Ramnath coughs to gain his attention. Shravan is surprised to see him. Ramnath asks him if he can disturb him for a while. You look disturbed? Shravan lies he was thinking about the case. Ramnath says it is good to worry for work but be careful about your health too. Look at your eyes. There are dark circles under your eyes. Shravan smiles. Ramnath diverts it to working too hard even at night. You fell asleep with your files only. Think about yourself too. Shravan nods. Ramnath says I know you are very busy but I came to busy you a little more. it is some personal work. I am thinking of buying a new car. You are a master of cars so thought to ask you. Shravan agrees to help him. Ramnath sends him outside to talk to the guy. Choose any colour other than red or yellow. Shravan begins to go out when Ramnath adds that Sumo is here.

Sumo blocks Shravan’s way but he says I am busy. She asks him what is so important that he cannot even spare a minute. He replies that he is going for papa’s work. No one is more important to me than him. Better not waste my time. It is no point coming here daily. He goes outside. Ramnath has seen it all.

Shravan sits in the car. He starts it but Sumo also sits in the passenger seat before he can drive away. Ramnath looks tensed. Shravan takes Sumo with him. He stops the car at a park. She too gets down after him. He tells her to go ahead. What do you want to say? She replies that she came to apologize to him. He is taken aback. Good that you know you made a mistake. She shakes her head. I dint make any mistake by meeting you and Nirmala aunty. He asks her for what she is apologizing then. She says you and uncle are hurt because of me. I dint intend anything like that. He says you thought we will thank you after meeting that woman. We will be happy? Is this what you thought? You are your intentions! She repeats that she had no such intentions. He asks her again if she thinks her action was justified. She nods. He says you said you want to apologize. FYI, people who make mistake apologise. She has no clue how to make him understand. There was a reason behind it so she did it. I had no idea it will turn out like this. He demands to know the reason but she says she cannot tell him right now. Please trust me. He outright refuses to believe her. You are lying. You are a liar. You said you dint make any mistake. I will help you. One, you fell in that woman’s trap. Two, you trusted her. Three, you dint trust me, your best friend. Four, you called my papa wrong. This is beyond tolerance for me! They both stick to their points. She says I am not sorry but I have hurt you and uncle. I am ready to apologize to both of you for the same. But I dint make any mistake by making you meet your mom. You will understand it one day if not today. He says I am angry on myself right now for thinking you to be different from others. But no, you women are alike. You don’t apologize even after making mistake. You are just like my mother – selfish!

Precap: Sumo says you wont see my face after today till fate unites us again. Ramnath asks about PCT. Rakesh ji talks to Ramnath about Sumo’s PCT. The client says it is on my property. Ramnath gets an idea. He tells them not to tell Shravan about it. Later, Ramnath tells Shravan he has to win this case at any cost.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. Ireena

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…theres a word called limitation….LIMITATION OF INSULT…sumo is always there to forget it….and we r always there to get irritated annoyed and disgusted….just leave frm there…oh!i cant just….express my???????….
    what sorry sorry!!!what kinda friendship is that!!!such words r used always amd sumo is always there to persuade him…what the heck!!!i just hope this is the last time…if those r used mext time….i m nt gonna leave THAT DADDYS BOY….this time sumo wont say sorry…that ramnath’s son will.
    actually i m grateful to that creepy eamnath.brcause of him sumo get some hatred for that daddys boy.nothing is good one sided neither love nor hatred…i have developed newtons third law now itself”every action SHOULD HAVE its equal amd oppodite reaction”.
    damn ur friendship,damn ur worship towards ur GOD, RAVAN NATH,damn ur anger etc. etc.

  2. Lily

    I think shravan will be the opposition lawyer of pct land case…. N he will win the case….. N after winning the case he will get to know that sumo’s pct is on that land…. But sumo Will misunderstand him… Aww ……….back to epi it was good…. Ekdv is maintaining a good tempo…… Now I m liking this twist………

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Hi lily…..I m so glad that u liked my ff so much…..I have submitted the next part of my ff…..hope they will post it soon??

  3. Anshi

    Nic epi… Pata nahi yeh shravan apna gussa kyu nhi chhod deta… She is sooooooooo nic yaar… Common..
    Bechara pushkar faltu mein suffer kr gya.. 😛 😛 😛 .. Dabbu is cuuttttteeee… Lv him..
    @Precap… Someone wanna accompany me in hittin dat Ravanath.. Seriously man apne bete se hi uski khushiyan chheen rahe ho…. Stupid

    @Ireena… Dammit.. Did i miss a ‘f’ .. I meant bff (best frnds forever)… No way ireena i hv noooo bf.. Trust me..

    @Kittu… I m frm uttar pradesh… My dad ws transfered 2 delhi fr 3 months so i hv also gone dere… Its a nic place indeed..

    @Minakhi… Dont worry yaar neither i m busy nor i m avoidin edkv… So jst chill till i m damn busy i ll continue commentin here… In short main tum logon ka peechha kabhi nhi chhodungi.. 😛 😛 😉

  4. Sunitha

    So it is true that Ramnath will stop Sumo’s business,she will think that Shravan did it,and will start hating him

  5. Ireena

    sometimes i think that i will learn hacking and hacking this site, will get the moderation out.???

  6. Madhuri


    |Registered Member

    I’m getting bored of edkv. I hate the people who avoids n this show is full of that only. I don’t know why always their fight with each other. Krpkab track was going superb. But edkv comment became less.i think there should change the hatred track to caring track otherwise it will not be nice.

    Sorry if anyone hurt for this

  7. ishu

    good morning frnds…..sorry for late comments……..i had fever and was not able to get up from bed…and more over i had classes too….now i will try to comments here…..missed u all…

    whn will we get some good shraman scenes huh…!!! really this ramnath is irritating…the way he hide while shravan and sumo was talking ….he is really a villian more thn tht kamini….

  8. Minakhi

    The episode Is going on track but we get bored bcz no love scenes at. All and No friendship bonding also we have no Patience at all ….This is our mentality that We only want Love story ….We have to give them Some space for built up the story….Nd Madhuri …Har show Mein esa ek Time zaroor. Ata hai jab sab kuch Gadbad chalta Hai ….Abhi KRPKEB is going superb bcz of the story line ….but u know na the spoiler that They r also going to be separated nd Again a love triangle will be start on that show ..Soo it’s better to not to compare it with other shows …All shows different from each other ………in short all the shows r going on separation track …..Bas koi week accha hota hai koi week Bura but It’s only depends on Storyline…sry if I hurt u ….but I. Can’t Change others thoughts…..it’s only my opinion

  9. sss

    hi guys….good morning
    why there so less comment in here
    anyway i am commenting late also hehe..
    when will this Evilnath leave shraman…always seeing hush evil face my mood just got ruined moreover three no shraman scene always try avoid eachother shravan is best in that…finally when they got to together our sumo rani ruined it wow…even no preekar scene….oh god now can’t bear this separation anymore it loosing the serial interest…hopefully everything will be fine in short time….

  10. Minakhi

    Yess sss They should put some positivity in the show otherwise no one will watch the show….As its going to not so popular now…

  11. Minakhi

    Now I can’t bear all negative thoughts of the show ..so I will not Come here for some time….Till the show not going on right Positive track ….bye bye

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Yr don’t think about the negativity yr…..just think about u and ur friends…..we will really miss u so o
      Don’t leave the page yr….stick to ur fav show and just ignore the negativity like I m doing???

  12. Harshitaa

    Ekdv ke fans ki to phat gayi…….??????????????????????
    Kya episode tha kal krpkab ka…….❤❤❤❤❤❤????
    Itna boring bana diya hai iss serial no
    Krpkab story is fab and 100% better than eldv
    Ekdv is just a drag
    There is a purpose In krpkab
    Hence it is considered a Better promotional proposition for sony.????????????
    Loooooooser ekdv??????

    • Anshi

      Seriously harshita?? No offence bt itss jst track ok…. Later wen d separation track ll come in krpkab n edkv ll go on nic… Den u wud nt b showin ur face… Luk edkv n krpkab r 2 diff. Shows wid diff. Storyline…. So we better nt compare dem…. N plss watch wat u say… Bcs its time anytime it cn change…. :-/ :-/

      Krpkab fans no offence plsss…. I know krpkab is on nic track n i appreciate it… Sry if anyone felt offended

      BTW do u guys think she is old harshita??

      • Harshitaa

        Sorry guys shouldn’t have compared it was just spur of the moment and also because I didn’t like yesterday’s epi…..so the burst……
        By the way I am an outright ekdv and nimik fan…….sorry to have hurt feelings….
        Also namik is far better than shaaheer?????????????????

    • Lily

      Harshita ….see I watch both the shows….these days krpkab is mind blowing………but this will be for a week or two week………ekdv’s track is serious right now…..so don’t compare….n next thing in beginning ekdv like 20 April vala episode (see I remember the date as well)or holi one or shravan room scenes were so good……at that time krpkab was only showing family drama..that was boring……so u know u can’t compare……both the shows are equally awesome…..u know like the yesterday episode of krpkab was so expressive (the way dev confessed)like that in ekdv we had the terrace scene of last Wednesday…….they didn’t confessed their love but that was more beautiful than any love confession …the way they hugged so tightly….so passionate (u can notice it if u r
      Romantic n like romantic things) see both the shows have different USB like krpkab a light comedy of sona’s family or brilliant acting by the actors…just like ekdv has beautiful chemistry between the co actors or Preeti n pushkar or the brilliant bg music(the best bg music of a serial )…..so please don’t compare…………I love both the serials……

    • Bhagyashri

      Hii,harshita plz tumhe ye serial pasand nahi hai to mat dekho no compulsion to u.and ha hum to bore nahi huye hai.aur we like both serials so plz dont compare both serials.both serials sahi chal rahe hai.aur ha edkv fans fati nahi hai.becs we r very happy krpkab ke promo band ho gaye hai .aaj to subah se edkv ke pramo Jada chal rahe hai Sony par but I think u dont know.so plz stop ur bskvas.

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Just stop it yr….if u can’t say good about something Atleast don’t say bad also….both the shows are nice and team of both the shows is working hard…nowadays krpab is going good but it will also become sad bcoz we know that dev and sona are going to be separated…..and as far as edkv is concerned u don’t need to worry about that…..we r happy with the track and at the end shravan will understand

  13. Anshi

    Now time fr my anger comment…
    Shravan i lv u… Actually frankly i lv namik… Bcs namik is kind corteous n independent man… Nt like shravan who ll better b described as ‘daddy’s boy’ (NAME GIVEN BY IREENA)…
    Luk u hv got a very serious ego prob… Fix it or go to hell… Ek din sahi h do din sahi…. Nooo frndship mein ek din bhi sahi nhi h… UR ATTITUDE MY FOOT !!!! I recommend u go 2 anger management classes either ….. Foot …

    @Ireena… Abso rite…. Every time our damsel wudnt say sorry… Daddy’s boy shud alsooo say sorry… N guys tomorrow’s my flight 2 mumbai… Anyone wanna accompany…. I m goin 2 make dat ravanath go paralyse… Stupid

    • Bhagyashri

      Hey anshi,I am in Pune.so yahase only 2 hrs lagte hai Mumbai ke liye.so I can join u to kill ramnath.sirf Mumbai aane ke 2 hrs pehle muze cal karna pakka.haha

    • Bhagyashri

      Hey minakhi,why u did this.plz dont do this.I like yesterday episode muze to bilkul bore nahi hua.abhi 17 June se challenging role dikhenge sumo and shravan ke and I am disarately waiting for that episodes.lilly u r right.and one good news aaj subah se edkv ke pramo Jada chal rahe hai Sony par.ek bar bhi krpkab bhi ka nahi dikha.so chill guys.let’s hope for the best.

  14. Anshi

    @Minakhi… What??? R u serious… Common.. Yesterday only u said u ll nt leave us… Aur aaj yeh common dr… Some ppl r commentin negative so wat…. Atleast we shud b united… Minakhi dats nt gud u hurt me… 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  15. Lily

    Hey guys don’t loose hope everything will become fine after 17 June ….. suman will turn into sumo …….she will just give attitude to Mr shravan.. till now she was grief sticken but not any more …….n u know I read on Twitter that makers are planning for a rain sequence…so be happy……

  16. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    What the hell is this……just watched the repeat telecast and I m fuming with anger….how can shravan say that Suman is selfish and all…….he knows what Suman had done for him….still he is saying such thing…. Like seriously….. I m totally pissed off yr …..what kind of friendship is this where one person is doing her best to sort the things and other is just showing attitude….. I think now sumo should stop giving shravan importance only then he will understand… Huh???
    @ireena …@anshi….@minakhi….@sss….u all are absolutely right…… Every relation… Becomes successfully if both the sides are adjusting…. One sided relation is not strong….god seriously I want to kick that stupid ramnath…..hi is such a creep?

    • priya

      ya right khushi i too want to kick ramnath and kamini too bcoz of them only shraman have miss understandings

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      What the hell……I just hate that blo*dy ramnath…..I know I m not supposed to use such words but that ramnath…. I can’t take him anymore……… He is trying to create misunderstanding between shravan and sumo…..how very disgusting….. He is a very bad father……. And shravan should understand that his father is very bad …..why dont he understand damn it

  17. Minakhi

    Heyy Harshita …Now u have Welcomed me again …..I said This is not The good episode but I didn’t said that this is a bas show abhi to Mein kahin nahi jaungi …This show is great no one can beat This…btw Guys soo sry meri wajah se ye chudail phir se yahan wapas aa gayi BTW Harshita KRPKEB Mein abhi Jo bhi chal raha hai m..wo der tak nhi hai usme boring start hone hi wala hai …tab tum kahan chupogi …Jagah dhundh lo. …..Bina promotions or bina love triangle k Show KO kese hit Karan hai ..wo EDKV se koi sikhe ….samjhi…Agayi muh utha ke …..Tu Jake apna Show enjoy kar Zzyada Khush hone Ki zaroorat nahi …..tune India ke most popular show KO Kharap bola …..Abhi se chup jaaa…….or Mujhe yahann wapas bulane k liye Thanks … ….

  18. Smile

    Hi guys 🙂 all the fans of edkv….
    I m a sailent reader …..
    Today’s epi was good ..
    I just want to ask why Sony liv is not promoting this show

    If any one knows ,,,, plzzzz reply

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Hi smile…..nice name yr….
      Well even I don’t yr why sony don’t promote this show……even a poll was conducted……. regarding this matter……where all voted…..that Sony do partiality….. But still they didn’t listen….. It’s wrong…..isn’t it??

  19. priya

    hey guys I am new here and this track of edkv is nice( according to me )I love the track when a girl hates a boy but the boy loves her and wanted her back in his life

  20. Minakhi

    Guys abhi abhi mene apne gaal pe do chammat Mara hai …..Kese mujhse itni badi galti Ho gayi ….I m really Sorry ☹ Kabhi bhi esa nahi karoongi ….Anshi soo sorry dear mene bhi wesa hi kiya jaise bakiyo ne kiya …oh nooo …mein to bas Positive rehna chah ti thi ……Nahi Or nahi ……mein yaha pe Glue k jaisi chipki rahungi …promise……Jab Shraman ka love track start hoga …..sab ko yahan wapas Ana hi hoga ….pata nahi Mein us waqt kese react karungi …….Thik samay pe sab chod ke chale Gaye ……or Mein bhi jaa rahi thi ……No way…..Iss chudail ne mujhe Wapas bula liya …again I m soo Sorry dears???

  21. Minakhi

    O Bhagyashri I m really sorry dear …..mujhe nahi patta Tha ye chipkali EDKV k saath chipki hui hai …..Mein yahan comment karne hi wali thi …..Issiliye mene isse phir se khola nd this chipkali was here …..Now Mein esa nahi karoongi ….promise guys….Khud KO itna dukh Ho raha hai Ki pucho mat yaar …How can I be soo Dumb…..really hell with my mind….. .

  22. roshni

    Wat is this???????shravan such hate towards ur best friend?????? Guys I guess he never thought her as a friend…..not even in a single moment he supported her nor believed her…..i am totally disappointed….shravan pls understand yr sumo….but I guess somewhere in deep he still loves n care her…he too wanted to believe her..but circumstances r like that ….he cant….n by seeing promo god…..bechara shravu…..but I didn’t understand wat will ramnath get by breaking shraman friendship?????n where is Nirmala?????all these r happening coz of her n…she????where is she????? N preethi wats her prob????y she refused to talk with pushkar….ooooo I felt so bad for him….I really cant tolerate this hate wala track….cut d crap cvs….pls……..v need a lovely cute caring shraman….jald se jald sare galat family koh door karo….pls……sry guys for my bad Hindi talks…i am quite poor in that….n how ru all?????sry I couldn’t comment……these many days….i guess edkv fans r decreasing coz of current track….but I know edkv rocks always…..wats say guys??????

  23. Minakhi

    Heyyy Chipkali Tune mujhe gussa dila Diya hai …..Mein ab tak to Positive thi but lagta hai Ki mujhe negative hona hi chahiye……Tere liye ……Mere fav show k bare me bola tune …..chal bhaag Iss comment box se ….Jake Apne KRPKEB me Humesha Comment kar Na ….mauka Mila nahi Ki Agayi ….Kya tujhe wahan se bhi bhaga Diya Gaya hai ….Jo yahan jagah pane chali ayi …..wese bhi kuch hi Dino me Sab thik hone hi wala hai ….EDKV is best best best …..

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Great yr minakhi……this was I was expecting from u yr…u r our brave friend and no one can make us leave this page …..and don’t u dare say that u will stop commenting on this page OK???
      And @ireena ..chipkali means lizard….. Telling in case u didn’t get it?

  24. Minakhi

    Hii smile nd priya welcome dears ….Well today I m sad bcz of my behaviour……I will not do anything like this ….I hope all of u can Forgive me. …….I m back guys…plz Anshi reply me dear …..I really want ur support dear plzzzz

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Hey minu….u don’t need to apologise from me yr….I can understand it happens sometimes…. So chill and enjoy??
      We love u alot

  25. Minakhi

    Hey smile we all Know that now EDKV Is going with a lil bit Depression but It will be okk ….. at this time Sony should support this ….but our all Requests ,All polls nd all reaction ended now ….Sony is not promoting this show….Not even It’s FB pages …….now we can’t do anything……We made this show no1 popular show but still Sony not Giving support to this ….Hell with this sony….

  26. rukhaia

    Hi everyone. ..

    In the coming episodes. .
    we’ll see that sumo gets annoyed by shravan for ruining her dreams. .. Thn shravan realises his mistakes n comes to apologise to sumo.. but sumo doesn’t even see his face.. she starts her business all over again from her home..
    ramnath is very happy that shravan has defeated sumo.. later nanu calls ramnath n shouts at him for doing all this. He tells tht the truth of nirmala to ramnath n says tht nirmala was right to leave you..because you don’t deserve her..
    ramnath is shattered..

    • Bhavana

      is it true Rukhaia… that nanu will shout @ that creep ramanath.. in the comming episodes..??

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Thanks rukhaia……for the spoilers….. Ahh atlast ramnath will feel guilty…. Stupid…. But don’t know whether nirmala and ramnath will patch up or not…..but it will be fun to c shravan apologising to sumo…..I just hope….sumo don’t forgive him so easily…… I want him to suffer as much as he made sumo wait and suffer
      Give ur comments guys???

  27. Lily

    Chill yaar Minakhi… It doesn’t matter to us……. Our show was best. Is best…. N will be best……. Please guys be patient n watch the show………

  28. Minakhi

    Oo Thanks Khushi at least u supported me ……?? Wow Lily Romance in rain…very much exited……Ye EDKV humesha Heart attack dene Ki kyun sochte rehte hain ……slapping client attack ,Pct attack ,Now Rain attack ….omg omg I can’t wait.

  29. Minakhi

    rukhaia wow such a great news….now Sumo will teach Shravan Very nice ,ND Nanu wil shout on Ramu kaka …. Great but Nirmala kaha mar jayegi …usse bhi hona chahiye na …..Well iss show Mein ek hi time pe kese sab kuch Ho raha hai ..yaar Hatts off to CVs…..well rukhaia…r u new here,If yes’s than welcome dear Kya Dhamake dar entry liya tumne (I mean with a good news)

  30. sumo

    So rite now edkv is going through d worst phase of love hate relationship.. I hope it to sort out quickly so dat we can enjoy some lovely shraman scenes… ❤?

  31. Bhagyashri

    Hey guys,sonydev shsyad hamari bhakti dekhke kuch Jada hi khush ho gaye hai.subah se krpkab ka promo ek bar bhi nahi lagaya.balki edkv ka promo continuously chal raha hai.yipeeeee

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Right bhaygashri……but think we should stop calling sony….sonydev….instead we should call it sonydevil???
      Sounds good no??

  32. Anshi

    @Minakhi…. Cheer up gal.. I m nt angry on u.. I cn never b.. U r such a sweet gal..
    Actually i ws already upset wid decreasin fans n den u said dis soo i got a lil over upset… Bt atlast u r back wid more power…
    😛 😛 … Chipkali… Dats hillarious… Now dats wat we expect frm our strong lovely lovable sweet minakhi…. 😉 😉 😀

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Exactly anshi….that’s what I told Minu…..and chipkali???????
      It’s really hilarious….
      I don’t think harshitaa will come back here after what she got from us????

  33. Minakhi

    Bhagyashri Sonydev ne iss liye KRPKEB Ka promo Nahi dikhaya kyun Ki Confession promo k baad Unnka koi promo nahi aya hai ….par jaldi hi wo le ayenge …..issi liye Abhi EDKV ka promo dikha rahe Hein …But I m happy ke Kuch samay k liye hi sahi wo dikha rahe hain…

  34. Minakhi

    Thank u soo Much Anshi U came …I m very much happy….that u all r soo kind nd sweet to me …Really feeling relaxed now……???

  35. swathi

    Hello all….i am new here..can I also join????? I was just reading all comments that’s it I never ever commented in any page ..its my first page…..i have watched may serials but in Sony its my first serial…i have never missed one episode of edkv…i was watching from d beginning n will watch till d end….I am really very much impressed with d actors acting…especially namik his expressions for each moment is out of d world….
    N yeah there were many talks with partiality that they r doing with edkv…but I am seeing from yesterday …I guess recent poll made there mind…so they really showed our edkv promos many a times…so guys I am sure it rocks till d end….have faith in our love to our edkv…i am 100% sure they will show good no no best episodes in future………..

    • Anshi

      Hey swathi… Welcum.. I ubderstnd no one cn resist being silent reader of such an awsum show… BTW i m anshi as u cn see … Here u ll find many lovee dovee frnds…
      Hope u ll comment daily

  36. roshni

    @khushi hey can u help me out in registering….i mean I did all…but that prove that ur not robot ..how to do that?????pls yaar help me….i am waiting for ur reply…..

  37. kittu

    Hi everyone! Sry for late comment bt I was busy with my maths problems.So can’t comment. Well epi was nice ,I think this track is superb anyways I like separation track more than love track???.That’s y my frnds say that I m a negative girl.??But what to do ,I like separation becoz this create a sense of strange felling between characters. Bt I m a positive girl. Ramnath is more creep than Kamini. Pushkar don’t hurt yourself. Be strong after all u r our only hope.
    @Minakshi ,hey don’t dare to leave this page.Plez yaar mat kar. Hume maarna chahti h kya??? nd ha where was your ramu kaka ki dulhania ,aag laga k mar gayi,Budhiya.Don’t mind.Plez
    @Anshi, r u not in Delhi now,nd ya of course it is a very nice place??
    Kya kahun, kamaal ki h,well I really don’t know who r u,bt I read yr negative comment on that day, tabhi se man to kar raha h ki tujhse milu Aur tujhe kuch kahun,anyways Today I ‘ll comment only in Hindi becoz of u harsita only kyunki Jo feelings Hindi me aa sakti h WO mai tujhe English me nahi samjha sakti ,to sun
    Ji nahi bhara,kambakhth, aa gayi muh utha k,daayan, bhoot ,preat ,aag lagane wali, duniya me kahin jagah nahi mili.Well I think tujhe bedakhal kar diya from KRPKAB page.Ya phir tadap rahi hogi apni insult sun ne k liye.To sun,chipkali( By Minakshi)
    Thnx for commenting here kam se kam ek comment to badha.???
    Well mai KRPKAB dekhti to nahi bt from promo I can say that it is going superb bt not for always kabhi na kabhi to tere sapno ka Ghar tutega tab kidhar bhagegi.Bata kahna???.Waise tu kahin bhi jaye mai tera picha nahi karungi.HA HA Ha????.Anyways one song for u as a tribute ,are sentimental mat ho tere himmat ki daat de rahi hoon,to ek Aur baat as a song sun hi le.Hey everyone it’s kittu’s special???
    Chalao na comment k baan r
    Jaan le lo na pran re
    Kahin nikal na jaye kahin nikal na jaye hamri haatho se jaan re???
    Aayo re aayo re mahro bhadkilo mehmaan
    Edkv ,KRPKAB fark na samjiyo
    Mare sab pe chhalang
    Maregi tu pagal ,pitege tu pagal
    Mat kar mat kar………???
    I hope u understand ,so Plez don’t dare to do this again ,yaar I know u don’t like this show bt what’s your problem .Are kisi ko khushi nahi dekh sakti to kam se kam use dukhi to mat kar.Hope ,agar akal hogi to besharmo ki tarah dobara nahi aayegi.Aur sunna ho to likh ,mere pass bht gaane h Aur time bhi ,likh k bhejungi.
    Well I thing don’t say nd don’t give me any advice to I should utilize my time nd bla bla bla.Your old advice. Yaad aaya kuch, devi??.
    Don’t mind I think kuch I mean bht jyada ho gaya.But kya karun ,can’t bear EDKV insult.
    Anyways, My Dear HARSHITA, I know very well ,how to manage my time, so think abt yourself, it’s my advice for u dear, dear, well I m very caring abt my enemies???
    With love ,kittu,for my frnds
    With hatred and sympathy for My Dear HARSHITA??

    • Anshi

      Yaar kittu kya bandi ho yaar tum… Matlab gaddar ki sunny deol ban gayi tum… 😛 😛 … Tumhara comment padhke toh voh chipkali chhip chhip kr hi rahegi… Tum soch nhi sakti tumhara comment padhne k baad main kitne paaglon ki tarah hans rhi thi… Meri didi ne toh mental asylum ka no. Bhi pata lagwa liya tha… 😛 😛

      (Wow kittu wat a gal u r.. U became gaddar’s sunny deol yaar.. 😛 😛 … After readin ur comment dat lizard ll keep hidin… U cant imagine after readin ur comment i ws laughin like mad… My sis even searched d no. Of mental asylum)

      Kittu tum shravan k pyaar mein ab lyricist bhi ban gayi… Sahi h

      (Kittu u hv became lyricist in shravan’s lv… Nic man)

  38. Kittu

    First of all,”welcome “,a word for those who r new here,like swati,rukhaia,smile and priya.Really thnx for commenting here.
    Keep commenting???
    @Minakshi ,itsy okay yaar,never mind ,after all we r frnds, aren’t we.??
    @Bhagyashri ,really ,sonydev ne to kamal hi kar diya.Just amazing keep it up ,Sony ,bt I know u r very partial. Bery baad??
    @Rukhaia, thnx u soooo much for giving us such a fab spoiler.
    @Lily ,wht r u saying?? Shravu will slap sumo.Can’t happen. Bt Maja aayega.He He he.First time I’ll saw him slapping someone not someone bt suuummoooo.Sometime I think that his behavior towards sumo is something like Monaco biscuits ” kabhi sweet kabhi salty”.Hope for the best .But is this any friendship???Really Had h yaar.Two films for shravu, patthar k sanam nd Had kar Di aapne,really suitable for current role nd storyline. Don’t mind bt I really love this separation track .Going on fabulous.
    @SSS ,where were u,really missed u.
    @Anshi, Hi .Itna hi h tere liye.Hey could I talk to u in our cool Hindi .Really missing my Hindi as I m on vacation nd no frnds ,only studies nd some shows. So if u don’t mind ,could I call u,Anu.?

    • Anshi

      Ohhh definitely…. No offence bt jitna achhe se mein hindi mein explain kr paati hun utna aur kisi lang. Mein nhi kr paati…. Like abhi ishu n our south indian frnds cn better explain in south indian lang. Like our bengali frnds cn better explain in bengali… I cn best explain or express in hindi (Kyunki mujhe sirf hindi aur eng aati h)… Soo yes i wud lv 2 chat in hindi… ( itni si baat kehne k liye itna bada lecture de diya…. 😛 😛 )

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Hey kittu…..shravan will not slap sumo instead he will slap sumo’s client bcoz her client will say bad things about her….but sumo will misunderstand shravan …this all planing will be done by none other than ramnath…..to separate sumo and shravan

  39. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    @swathi….hi dear……of course u r welcome…. I m glad that u r here and plz keep commenting dear…..we will love to have I here

  40. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    @roshini……when they will ask u to prove that u r not a robot…..click at that place where it’s written that I m not a robot….. Then they will ask u something…. For eg…they showed me some pics and asked me to identify that which amongst them is a good item….I did that and then on submit button and it’s done…..sometimes they ask twice also…buy just do it what they say…and u will be registered….
    I hope u got it dear???
    And if not…..tell me i will surely help u???

  41. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    @ireena..@abhi….@jo….and all the other friends…..where r u guys….plz come and comment yr we r missing u ??

    • Ireena

      sorry,dr.had a hectic schedule yesterday…having a disgusting headache….took some pain killer too.its not reducing

      • Khushi


        |Registered Member

        Oh ireena…take care dear….I don’t like to c my friend in pain…..
        And I have a suggestion for u take a cloth make it wet by dipping in ice cold water and keep it on ur eyes….it will give u soothing effect….. U know na nowadays it’s so much heat….this can be the cause ur headache….. So try this

  42. Kittu

    @Lily ,thnx for liking my song. And for tellit me abt slap land.
    @Khushi ,thnk u as u also tell me abt slap kand ,wht a misunderstanding.
    @Anshi ,I mean Anu,okay ,Ab mai tujhe Hindi me hi likungu.Well I also like to comment in Hindi bt thought ki here is no one who will like Hindi comment. But now We are here.???
    And ya I gave a lecture hehehe ,anyways tujhe clear to ho gaya na,sukar h.So let’s start Hindi comment. Well Ek pate ki baat ,I also know Hindi and English .Aur koi language ni aati.
    Hey everyone ,read my last comment, I gave a long reply to MDH,I mean My Dear HARSHITA????

  43. Ireena

    this harshita’s comment has doubled my headache…all of u r expressing absolutely deserving reply for her.due to some journey reasons,having nausea….now feeling like puking on harshita.

  44. Minakhi

    Oo kittu kittu Tere gaane ne Comment box pe Chand channd laga diya aur tere comment ne Aag laga di …..mein bhi Hindi mei bolungi yaar m…..guys u know what That Harshita is a really big Idiot ….She thought that she will break our friendship ND Views about the show …but Jab jab wo yaha Ayi hai tab tab humari bonding strong hui ha ……She is a stupid follower…WO pehle bhi yahan aa chuki hai ….ab jab Humare friends Kam Ho Gaye hain tab wo phir se chali ayi ….Kya hum Jake uske fav show pe comment karte hain kya????To phir wo chudail yahan pe Laat khane kyun aajati hai yaar ……Really disgusting…..have u noticed Where old friends r Leaving new friends r joining here m..woowwww ….Ek hi time pe Sab me sochne Ki alag Nazariya kese aa Gaya hai ???old friends Plz come ….we all missing u ..

  45. Ireena

    anshi,bhagyashri,kittu,minakhi,khushi,bold and strong protest,????my sweeties.if wanna get rid of a lizard, put lizard in an washing machine so that it can be washed out for good…we should not use our precious hands 4 it??????….??????

  46. Minakhi

    All the new friends welcome here …U will find here comedian(Ireena),Lyricist(kittu),Villain(Harshita,Abhijit…..)(hero heroine to ek hi hai Shraman)Stress busters(Anshi),Link informer(Lily) ,tension taker(me)….many more nd all others who r not here today….If old friends yahan pe hote to unko bhi include karti but I m sad bcz of them….well welcome again new frinds

    • Anshi

      Oooo wow… Stress buster n me… Mujhe lgta h mujhe apni didi ki baaton pr dhyaan nhi dena chahiye bcs she always says i m a stress provider…. Bt main tum logon ki baat hi sunungi (Bcs tum log sweet ho… Didi toh devil h…. ) 😉 😉

  47. Minakhi

    Oo how can I Forgot Ishu ,Khushi,Sss…nd all ……Here all r very humble.. Mere taraf se sab ko ek jadu Ki jhappi

  48. Bhagyashri

    Hey guys plz anyone tell me format of trp.vo trp vale only original epi lete hai ya fir repeat bhi lete hai for trp purpose. Becs most of my friends watching repeat of that series. Plz tell.

  49. sss

    hi guys ….like there are many new find also welcm all the new people here….
    @kittu see I’m here sorry i can’t comment that much actually this month its really busy time for me so…anyway in upcoming episode shravan will slap sumo that news just came up to me like what the crap….but after that i read lily comment and i said what he will slap sumo’s client than god or else i was angry that i would have made some wired name of shravan…

    another spoiler rukhaia thanx for that…it like good news to me now there is someone who will teach a lesson ti this Evilnath…thanx nanaji u did a got job or will….waiting for that to see nanaji ki karname…..i will be more happy if nanaji give a tight slap to that Evilnath by any chance…. 3:)

  50. Nazia

    Welcome everyone who is new here. Here all r really very good people so u will get great friends. And thnx for commenting. I m happy to know ki edkv’s fans are increasing. I don’t know why Sony TV is not seeing the fan list of the serials. Obvio then edkv would win. After all, we all are greaaatttt fans of edkv,anything for it. So partial Sony walo plz apply some common sense.
    I wished that sumo would tell shravan the reason why she had done this. But if it happens then the track will be finished very soon. And I knew that PCT will be in danger. Shravan will once challenge sumo to run her PCT in her own without any support of her employees. Don’t know what will happen. Bechara pushkar he had to suffer because of the family probs. Hope he proposes priti soon. Hate that ramnath:\
    And the new comers plz tell me something about urselves. In this way we can become good friends,ryt?:-)

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.