Ek Duje Ke Vaste 14th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Duje Ke Vaste 14th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Tiwari family is eating dinner quietly. Nanu notices Sumo lost. Did Shravan know you waited for him all day? Sumo nods. He says he still dint meet you. Mami blames Sumo again. Meet him tomorrow or day after tomorrow. Go there till you apologize to him. Mama ji tells her against it. Everyone makes mistakes but Sumo knows it and is trying hard. Shravan isn’t ready to listen. Preeti suggests sending a message to Shravan instead. Dabbu tells her to add a happy smiley. Mami tells him to eat quietly. Mausa ji says we can keep Mata Ki Chowki. We will invite everyone to which no one will decline. We can do it then. Everyone likes his idea. Mausa ji asks Nanu to invite Ramnath ji for Saturday. Sumo denies. I have hurt them so I only will apologize. Nanu reasons that he isn’t ready to meet her

or hear her. Sumo says no problem. I will go again. one does not become small by apologizing. What if he dint meet me today, I will go daily. Till when will he stay upset with me? He will meet me some day. He will forgive me some day!

Shravan is jogging. He comes to Tiwari Villa unconsciously and looks at the name plate. Title track plays. Sumo feels his presence. She gets up with a start. Shravan looks at the house with pain in his eyes. He walks till the main gate and looks at the window of Sumo’s room. Shravan thinks of what he said to Sumo (I hate you) and how he made her wait all day. He pained. Sumo comes out of the house. Shravan is gone by then. She retreats sadly.

Shravan comes home. Ramnath notices him looking all lost as he heads to his room straight.

Shravan stares blankly at the ceiling. It is the same case with Sumo. They both eventually close their eyes. Ramnath comes to check on Shravan but finds him asleep. He tidies the bed and covers him with a duvet. He stops himself from caressing Shravan’s head. He closes the lights before leaving.

Pushkar waits for Preeti outside her Nail Class. She asks him why he came here. What if some acquaintance sees you here? He replies that he felt like meeting her so he came. She reminds him that she told him she cannot meet him for a few days. Don’t you understand? He denies. I will drop you to class after having coffee. She tells him to understand. So much has happened in our houses in the past days. we should avoiud meeting for a few days. he reasons that they are not to be blamed for it. She boards an auto and leaves while he keeps asking her against it.

Rakesh ji tells Sumo Sir will be busy today too. She refuses to leave today without meeting Shravan. Ramnath notices her. He asks Rakesh ji about. He is happy hearing Shravan’s reply. Ramnath goes in Shravan’s room. Shravan is resting on his chair. Ramnath coughs to gain his attention. Shravan is surprised to see him. Ramnath asks him if he can disturb him for a while. You look disturbed? Shravan lies he was thinking about the case. Ramnath says it is good to worry for work but be careful about your health too. Look at your eyes. There are dark circles under your eyes. Shravan smiles. Ramnath diverts it to working too hard even at night. You fell asleep with your files only. Think about yourself too. Shravan nods. Ramnath says I know you are very busy but I came to busy you a little more. it is some personal work. I am thinking of buying a new car. You are a master of cars so thought to ask you. Shravan agrees to help him. Ramnath sends him outside to talk to the guy. Choose any colour other than red or yellow. Shravan begins to go out when Ramnath adds that Sumo is here.

Sumo blocks Shravan’s way but he says I am busy. She asks him what is so important that he cannot even spare a minute. He replies that he is going for papa’s work. No one is more important to me than him. Better not waste my time. It is no point coming here daily. He goes outside. Ramnath has seen it all.

Shravan sits in the car. He starts it but Sumo also sits in the passenger seat before he can drive away. Ramnath looks tensed. Shravan takes Sumo with him. He stops the car at a park. She too gets down after him. He tells her to go ahead. What do you want to say? She replies that she came to apologize to him. He is taken aback. Good that you know you made a mistake. She shakes her head. I dint make any mistake by meeting you and Nirmala aunty. He asks her for what she is apologizing then. She says you and uncle are hurt because of me. I dint intend anything like that. He says you thought we will thank you after meeting that woman. We will be happy? Is this what you thought? You are your intentions! She repeats that she had no such intentions. He asks her again if she thinks her action was justified. She nods. He says you said you want to apologize. FYI, people who make mistake apologise. She has no clue how to make him understand. There was a reason behind it so she did it. I had no idea it will turn out like this. He demands to know the reason but she says she cannot tell him right now. Please trust me. He outright refuses to believe her. You are lying. You are a liar. You said you dint make any mistake. I will help you. One, you fell in that woman’s trap. Two, you trusted her. Three, you dint trust me, your best friend. Four, you called my papa wrong. This is beyond tolerance for me! They both stick to their points. She says I am not sorry but I have hurt you and uncle. I am ready to apologize to both of you for the same. But I dint make any mistake by making you meet your mom. You will understand it one day if not today. He says I am angry on myself right now for thinking you to be different from others. But no, you women are alike. You don’t apologize even after making mistake. You are just like my mother – selfish!

Precap: Sumo says you wont see my face after today till fate unites us again. Ramnath asks about PCT. Rakesh ji talks to Ramnath about Sumo’s PCT. The client says it is on my property. Ramnath gets an idea. He tells them not to tell Shravan about it. Later, Ramnath tells Shravan he has to win this case at any cost.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    I wished that sumo would tell shravan the reason why she had done this. But if it happens then the track will be finished very soon. And I knew that PCT will be in danger. Shravan will once challenge sumo to run her PCT in her own without any support of her employees. Don’t know what will happen. Bechara pushkar he had to suffer because of the family probs. Hope he proposes priti soon. Hate that ramnath:\
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