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Mami ji calls Kamini. We will come tomorrow to your house to do Pushkar’s tilak. Kamini tries to postpone it. We will consult pundit ji first. Mami ji reminds her that it happened yesterday by Shastri ji. He took the mahurat’s. Kamini asks for some time to make preps but mami ji says you don’t have to do anything. Ok, I will ask Babu ji to talk to Ramnath ji or probably I will talk to Pushkar. Kamini finally tells her to come tomorrow. Mami ji is happy while Kamini isn’t. Tiwari’s are too interested in doing their rituals. Come tomorrow. I will show you what Punjabi’s do.

Mami ji tells everyone to be ready by 9 tomorrow. Sumo looks tensed.

Sumo comes face to face with Shravan as she steps inside Malhotra House. He smiles seeing her but she looks away. He holds the

tray in her hand so she let’s go of it and goes inside. Shravan notices her. Shravan keeps the tray on table.

Dabbu shows Varun how to make Rubik cube. Elders discuss how kids grew up so fast. They dint even realise it and the kids are about to marry now. Sumo teases Dabbu. We should get you married too. Dabbu very sweetly says he doesn’t have a problem. I don’t like any girl though. Everyone smiles hearing it. Nanu tells Ramnath he is officially his relative now, that too from the groom’s side. I have to bend down before you now. Ramnath tells him not to say so. Tree never bends down before its branches.

Vandy and Kamini come as well. Vandy compliments Sumo. Shravan smiles to himself as he looks at Sumo. Pushkar greets everyone. He thanks Shravan and Sumo. This is the result of your efforts only. Mausa ji ask Pushkar to sit. Kamini asks about Preeti. Nanu says girls don’t come in the wedding. Kamini insists that they were supposed to follow the rituals of both the families. It is engagement function as per our ritual. She should be here! Now I understand that you anyways dint bring rings. Preeti should have come. We had agreed to do so. You should have researched a little. Varun says you could have told it on phone. It would have been good for everyone. Kamini casually says she forgot. She turns to Mami ji. We will first do engagement. Tilak will happen later. Lala ji says there is nothing to worry. Both ring and Preeti can come. He asks Shravan to get Preeti. I will call the jeweller. Pick it up on your way. Mama ji offers to go but Lala ji suggests sending Sumo from Tiwari’s side. Kamini is irked. It seems as if Tiwari’s are paying my family! Nanu tells Sumo to go with Shravan for ring selection. Mami asks Sumo to get Preeti ready.

Sumo and Shravan walk with awkward silence till the car. He opens the car door for her. Sumo suggests picking Preeti first. We will go to jeweller later so we can pick rings. He suggests her to call Preeti first. She will get ready by the time we will get the ring. She does not like the idea. There is a jeweller near my house. We will buy rings from there. I buy my entire jewellery from there only. He relents. She calls Preeti.

Sumo talks to Preeti. She ends the call and says they both are so excited about their marriage. She goes quiet realising she is with Shravan. She meets the jeweller next. Shravan and Sumo see the rings. He does not like any. Let us go to our jeweller. She knows that the rates will be high there. We have got everything from here till date including the wedding jewellery. I will get it from here only. He does not say much. They check the rings again. Jeweller shows a special diamond ring to Sumo. Sumo likes one but it costs 80k. She selects one that will cost her 20k. Shravan pulls her aside. You will buy such a ring? One gets engaged only once in a life. What will people say? She says how it matters. We cannot spend so much money like you. we aren’t rich like you. This wasn’t planned. He offers to pay on her behalf. It is about our family only. She corrects him. It is about our family. we don’t take anything from the groom’s side. we have some self-respect. He cannot understand the way she is taking this convo to (he thinks of his convo with his dad). Do as you wish.

At Malhotra House, Kamini is unhappy to see both the families involved in excited conversations on the wedding. Vandy is also suggesting a designer to Pushkar for his wedding. Kamini tells Tiwari’s to go ahead with their ritual till Sumo and Shravan come with Preeti. Lala ji asks her about her change of heart. She replies that it will be better than wasting time. Pushkar refuses to do anything without the entire family. Lala ji seconds him which irks Kamini highly.

Shravan tries the ring upon Sumo’s askance. The ring gets stuck. Sumo says you should have tried a bigger size. She tries to get the ring out of his finger. She asks the jeweller to get soapy water. Sumo gets Kamini’s call. We will be home soon. we got stuck in traffic. Shravan keeps looking at her all the time. Sumo resumes in her attempt to get the ring out. He wishes that she asks him once why he was waiting for her that day. She looks at him only to notice him looking at her only. Ramnath’s words echo in Sumo’s head. She finally gets the ring out. Is it paining? He says yes. Whatever you are doing is hurting me badly (job hi tum kar rahi ho wo mujhe bahot dukh raha hai). She says sorry. She asks for a bigger size of the ring from the jeweller and leaves.

Sumo and Shravan come home with Preeti. Pushkar is all mesmerised to see her. Lala ji says your brother is here now. Shall we start? He tells Shravan how Pushkar refused to go ahead with any ritual without his brother. Pushkar nods. I don’t want Bhaiya to miss any ritual. Lala ji adds that Pushkar gave all the responsibilities to Shravan. Mama ji points out that Preeti gave them to Sumo. Rachna remarks that these best friends together will make this wedding best. Sumo is quiet. Shravan hugs Pushkar. Don’t worry. I am always with you. Pushkar notices his wounded ring finger. Shravan dismisses it to be nothing (aajkal chot pe chot lagi ja rahi hai) but Ramnath is alert. Pushkar wants him to put some ointment over his wound. Sumo bandages Shravan’s wound just then. Everyone looks on.

Precap: Sumo’s dress gets torn (from the waist) when it gets stuck in a nail. Shravan notices it. He wraps his stole around her without saying a word. They look at each other.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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