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Ramnath talks to Shravan. We all tried to stop you so much but you dint agree. Now we have come to know that you have agreed to stay back for Tiwari ji. Is it true? Shravan nods. Ramnath says he is my Guru. I respect him a lot. Whatever I am today is because of him only. Respecting him is equivalent to respect me. You have increased my respect by taking his case in my absence. I am so proud of you. Kamini is shocked while Pushkar smiles. Ramnath blesses Shravan and leaves. Shravan and everyone sit down to have food. Kamini is irked. I will have to find another way.

Everyone is in the court. Mama is sure truth will win today. I will feed sweets to Khosla then. Rachna calls him angry young man. Nanu says this is the power of faith. It gives strength with belief. Shravan comes there. Satya

teasingly asks Sumo how she is. Shravan greets everyone. He assures Massi that they are not wrong so they will win. Khosla greets them all. I came empty handed today as I have to go back with full hands. Hearing starts. Satya calls handwriting expert in witness box. The signatures are real. It is Shravan’s turn now. He asks for some time to explain his client’s stance. Satya objects to it. The case is crystal clear. The sign is also of Priya ji. We surely win. Shravan remarks he had no idea that Satya makes decisions here. Judge gives next date. Sumo sits sadly.

Khosla is very positive about his win. My construction will start as soon as the decision is made in favour. He tells Nanu of the same. Judge sends everyone out. Shravan is with Nanu. Nanu says up and down come in court. But always remember that one should neither celebrate victory before winning nor feel dejected before losing. Shravan nods. Pushkar tells Sumo to cheer up. Everything will be fine. Shravan goes to her. We hope of something else and something else happens at time. The case isn’t over yet. We will find a way. She nods.

Everyone sits sad on the dining table. Nanu tells them not to be sad like this. Make such faces on the day I die. Sumo warns him not to talk like that again. Mami does not want to eat. Bablu says everything is finished. I told you not to shift the idol but no one heard me. See what happened now! nanu says he has spent a long time in court and fought many cases. Obstacles will come if we have to win over lies. I have full faith on Shravan. He will find a solution by the next hearing for sure.

Mami is with Mama ji, Bablu and Rachna. She is sure Shravan will not do a miracle in the next hearing. We should agree with Khosla before we lose everything in court. 24 crores is not a less amount. Mama ji says Babu ji wont like it. mami does not care. We are selling our house. You should think how you want to spend the rest of your life. Rachna seconds her. Bablu cannot think of anything. I will do as you say. Mama ji is in a dilemma but then agrees. Mami tells them her plan. We will just meet Khosla and strike a deal. Not even Preeti should know of this. She asks Bablu to call Khosla to fix a meeting. He fumbles he does not have his number. They remind him of Khosla calling him for Jagrata. Bablu dials Khosla’s number. Dabbu is sleeping in the same room. Mama ji is still not convinced by it all. Dabbu shifts in his sleep.

Pushkar finds Shravan fully immersed in work. I know you are tensed after what happened in the court today. Do let me know if you need any help. Shravan smiles. My brother is with me. What can be better than this? They shake hands.

Sumo is sitting on the swing. Dabbu sits down next to her. She tells him nothing will go wrong. Dabbu says nothing will go wrong. Everyone has gone to Khosla’s office to sell the house. I heard them talking with my own ears. Sumo is in disbelief. It cannot be. He says I have heard it with my own ears. Mummy made everyone fall in her words. Everyone went to his office. Will someone else stay in my room now? I don’t want to go. Khosla uncle is really bad. Will he break down our house? She says it wont happen.

Sumo comes to wake Nanu but then thinks against it. He will be really hurt. She tries Shravan’s number but he does not respond to her calls.

Everyone is celebrating at Malhotra House as Varun’s company sent the first consignment today. Vandy burnt the cake she was trying to cook (cake had sustained 99% burn injuries as per Lala ji 😛 ). Shravan asks Vandy about her get up. She wanted to enjoy the feel of it so she is wearing apron and chef’s hat. Everyone smiles. Varun tells Shravan he sent the first consignment finally. You are a great lawyer but you were wrong there. Shravan is glad. I wish that you prove me wrong all the times. Varun picks up a piece of cake to feed Shravan. Sumo walks in just then saying I was trying your (Shravan’s) number since so long. Everyone looks at her. Sumo immediately says sorry to them. Vandy shares the good news with Sumo. She congratulates Varun. Vandy offers her cake but she looks tensed. Shravan notices it. Sumo says sorry to Shravan for coming in like this. They go out to discuss the case. Kamini is irked that Shravan ignored Varun’s happiness. He cares so much about outsiders. Kamini sweetly complains to Ramnath. Ramnath is happy that work is priority for Srhavan. This is his first case here after all. He has to work hard.

Sumo and Shravan head to Khosla’s office.

Mami, Mama, Bablu and Rachna reach Khosla’s office. Khosla wears his wig just in time. He scolds his assistant for leaving the door open. He finally sits down to talk to his guests.

Shravan asks Sumo how much time ago she got to know about it. She replies that Dabbu told her almost two hours ago. He reasons that she could have told Nanu. Sumo says I went but he was asleep. I still would not be able to tell him this even then. Plus you were not picking your phone. Shravan calculates the time. She tells him to hurry up or they might get late. He says they are already late.

Precap: Khosla appreciates the decision made by Mama ji. Sumo and Shravan are on the way to Khosla’s office. Khosla gives papers to Mami to sign. Sumo tells Shravan she is scared.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    Me too want more shravan scene and this show is superb hit…???????nice show.

  4. Nice episode, but I really don’t like Sumo’s Mami. She’s so cruel to Sumo. If she wants money so much, she should go get her own job.

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  9. I feel like Pushkar likes Sumo and soon there will be drama between him and Shravan over Sumo…

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