Ek Duje Ke Vaste 13th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Duje Ke Vaste 13th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Prita finds Sumo lost in thoughts and teases her. Prita shares her thoughts with her. So much has happened between Shravan and me in past. Even our friendship was at stake. I had many questions in my mind earlier but the hopes are increasing with the passage of time. It shouldn’t happen as we keep on fighting all the time. I wonder how we will face each other after marriage. I am stupid. I feel there will be only happiness. It’s a beautiful feeling. I only want to live it every second of my life. I want to see dreams and be happy. She goes quiet as she notices Prita looking at her sweetly. I look mad, right? Prita finds it cute and wishes that he gets what she wants. Sumo reminds her about the delivery. Prita goes. Sumo informs Prita she is going to Sadar Bazaar. It will take 2-3 hours.

Prita assures her she will manage.

Sumo notices Shravan outside PCT and is surprised. You dint reply to my messages. I thought you dint see them. He shares that he fell asleep last night. I saw them today though. She tries to say something when he says we will talk about you later. I have to say something. There have been so many calls from big people asking about the marriage as papa has too many connections. Everyone has been asking about the wedding. Everyone wants to have a lavish wedding, including my family. I agree it will cost very much. If you allow then we will manage the expenses. She speaks of her wish and her ideals. He tries to make her understand. You are going to be a part of our family now. Don’t you value it? She politely says she does value them. But I have to think about my family too. Your family can keep a reception after the wedding. It will sort things for you. He asks her if this is her final decision. She nods. He offers to drop her to Sadar Bazaar. She sits in the car.

Sumo gets a call from someone on the way. She tells the caller to take payment in evening. She is happy. Shravan is also smiling. Sumo thinks of their childhood times. Shravan points out the one good thing that is between them. people spend their lives to understand the other person but we know everything about each other already. I knew that you will refuse to take help. I can say anything but Suman Tiwari wont listen to everyone, who am I then. Sumo points out that they missed a cut. He says I thought to finish a small work in this area. We will go our separate ways from here. He gets a call from Mr. Gupta who informs them that everyone is on their way. Sumo asks him where they are going. He tells her to have patience. Told you, it’s a small thing. Shravan brings Sumo to court. She asks him if he has some case. Will it take too long? He nods. It is of life. No more questions now. He guides her as to where to go to.

Pushkar and Preeti meet Mr. Gupta. Why did you call us here? Mr. Gupta shares that he is an agent. I arrange weddings. Pushkar does not get a reply from him. Pushkar thinks to call Shravan to find out but he enters just then. Pushkar asks his brother what’s happening. Shravan reminds him he is a lawyer. I don’t think I have to explain you more. He checks the form and signs them. He also asks Sumo to sign. She asks him what he is doing. Shravan shocks Sumo by telling her that they have come here for (court) marriage. Just the way you wanted it! I have signed now. I cannot become husband without a wife though. You also sign now. We have Pushkar and Preeti here. Magistrar asks them to exchange rings or garlands if they have brought any. Shravan stands next to Sumo. We don’t believe in such things. We want a simple wedding without any pomp and show. We don’t want too many things. The groom and bride are here. We have witness too. Sumo, do you want anything more or is it too much? Should I decrease something else? Pushkar and Preeti tell Shravan this isn’t right. You dint even inform elders. Shravan insists it is just the way Sumo wanted it. Let’s finish this asap. You are very busy and so am I. Sign so we can go our ways. Sumo takes the pen. I will do it this way if this is what you want. He guides her where to sign. She does. He holds her hand. Congratulations. We are finally married. I think everyone will be happy now. He speaks of his meeting. Work shouldn’t be affected because of anything. He asks Pushkar to drop Sumo to wherever she wants to. He stops by the door and says bye to Sumo, calling her Mrs. Malhotra.

Sumo is in the car with Preeti and Pushkar. Pushkar calls Shravan who ignores the calls. Pushkar cannot understand what has happened to his brother. He married just now and now he isn’t picking his phone. This is unbelievable! He just can’t act like this.

Shravan is with some client. Client tells Shravan to attend the call if it is important. Shravan speaks to Pushkar. Pushkar asks him how he left like this. Sumo is alone here. Shravan says I have some important work. There can be more important work than wedding. Now please don’t disturb me. He ends the calls. Client asks him about wedding. You weren’t married till morning time. Shravan says how much time it takes to get married. It does take time to get out of it though. You are an experienced man. The guy nods. They check the files.

Pushkar is irked with Shravan. Is this some joke? Sumo says it is indeed. I have to go home. Preeti says you are married now. How will you go home now? Sumo angrily asks her where she should go then. She is trying her best to hold her tears. Preeti and Pushkar look worried.

Mami ji is finalising the gift items for Sumo’s wedding. Sumo, Preeti and Pushkar come just then. Mama ji asks them why they are so quiet. What has happened? Everyone is still quiet so Mami ji asks Preeti to speak up. Preeti looks at Sumo who is still in shock. She turns to her mother and begins to say it when Sumo speaks up. Shravan and I got married. Everyone is shocked and confused. Sumo says yes. we just got married in court. I only wanted a simple and small wedding. Shravan cares a lot about my every wish. He made it really small. It is fine. Wedding was anyway going to happen. Let it be this way. Epi ends on Sumo‘s face.

Precap: Nanu says what Shravan did. It is very wrong. Call Sumo here. I want to talk to her. Sumo comes. Nanu asks her if what he has heard is right. Shravan walks in just then. It was my decision. Sumo is not at fault here.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Shravan pagal ho gaya hai! Sumo ki kya galti hai agar wo simple si shaadi chahti hai to??

    1. @nazu …ha dear pagal ho gya h shravu pura .. ptani yar egoistic ho gya h sumo ki koi galti ni h

  2. Narendran

    finally shravan and suman is married..i am happy now

  3. maine padha ki sharman ki shadi ke badh sumo will try her beat to make this relation go best but shravan will….bcz of ramu kaka….and ya ronit will……uff….but it seems interesting…lets see….and seriously i feeled bore bcz no.one replies …..but don’t worry i will not quiet commenting bcz i am a true edkivian….☺☺☺

    1. Priya15

      Hii di.. Kya?? Shravan pagal hai kya?? Nahi shravan ko kyun galat Bolenge.. Uss ramnath… I just wanna kill him.. But where does that sumo gone?? Who is so strong???

    2. Alina

      Hlw Mahima ….don’t feel bored join us dear ..ok tell wat r u doing in studies. .where do u live ??tel about yourself..

    3. @mahima…dear ur ryt Maine v pdha hai…don’t feel bored…I’ve given u reply before too I remember..

  4. Ruchi

    Whats wrong with the cv’s…
    Never xpected Shraman’s marriage like this…
    Sumo’s character was initially like strong woman… but now it is totally chnged… She can’t even take a stand for herself…
    nd Shravan’s character is now a days loosing its charm…

  5. Are do you all know that Shravan is going to be kidnapped by Aditya. I dont know what will happen to Sumo.

    1. @David…ha bhai heard it… this adi again…

  6. Beas

    OMG Shravu to get kidnap ? Aditya commanding the goons?
    Don’t worry Guys Sony has CID. They will surely do something ?

    1. Right ……beas di

    2. I too read EDKV news of kidnapping on Twitter…… It is absolutely ryt guys..n adi monkey man is back…..so hope for the best as SHRAVU is gonna to be kidnapped…

      1. @kittu …ha dear… ye adimanav na…ramu n adi gorilla…please someone kill them. .


      I too read EDKV news of kidnapping on Twitter…… It is absolutely ryt guys..n adi monkey man is back…..so hope for the best as SHRAVU is gonna to be kidnapped…

    4. Priya15

      Hi beas di.. How r u?? Bas edkv Mei kidnapping hi nahi Hua Tha. Ab hogaya.. Hare yr phirse Aditya.. Pehle hi shravan ab pagal jaisa harkate Kar raha hai.. Aur ab oopar se ramnath.. Ab yeh Aditya bhi?? Hare yr koi bachavo meri shravan ko adi aur ramnath se… Bechara shravan..

    5. @beas …dear u forgot to mention crime patrol… 😉

    1. @beas …both link mast …:)

    1. @sonai babu. .m also waiting for that thappad. n links are amazing …

  7. OMG my dp changed…….I’ve not signed in !!

    Gyzzz dhamakedar newss !!!!


  8. Diya

    Where r my posts !!! Oh god…I’ll post again !!!
    CID at work on EDKV sets !! https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/photo/110976389404722419382/6330161781619618898?icm=false

    Dhamakedar newss https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7Z-VbzyXDU

  9. Priya15

    @SMILE.. Sry dear I thought u r elder to me.. Now I l not call u di.. Bcoz ur my choti sis.. Okay??

    1. Beas

      Hi Priya plz don’t call me di as I’m younger than u by 1 yr so I m the one who shall address u as di ?

      1. Priya15

        Omg.. . U r my choti sis.. Most of u here are my chotis wow… Okay I l not call u di. I l call u Bea okay??

  10. pretty preeti

    Oh adimanav phir as rha hai
    Aapne sath nayi musibate la RHA hai

    1. Priya15

      Pretty dear.. Jab adi khud ek museebath hai.. Uske saath ek aur museebath kyun?? He himself is enough for creating prbs.. But just hope voh bhi Kamini ki Tarah ban jaaye.. Bcoz of Kamini shraman married.. Ab iss adi ke vajah shraman ek dusre se pyar karne lag jaaye toh Kitna accha hoga na??

  11. Diya


    Niki is not suffering from any dengue….see this !!!!

  12. by the way,friendssss…..u r talking abt yesterday eve without me…not fair???…remember i wore my most gorgeous gown??? yesterday…and yeah…your dresses were great as well…hey,u didn’t tell me how u found those chocolates which i especially bought for u guys…
    oh that ice cream was great anyway..
    remember,even nikita didn’t miss to admire my chocolates?????…but u guys did forget?…
    well,@soma,AD (anj di),kittu kumar,alina,joyee,nazia,khushi,priya,smile,sonai,beas,preety,rashi…u r soo soo gorgeous to look at…i am so happy to get all cute friends at once…even pooja di was no less,remember?????

    1. Alina

      Hey Ireena..how can we forget u yaar..u was luking fabulous in ur gown ..nd chocolates were yummm..now get ready for reception dear!!

  13. hmm…di do quite confusing looks like…l think guys gotta make a list of our ages…then no probs(as this di da is a must here)?

  14. @guys….good news for u all…those who miss edkv at 10:30 can watch it at 11pm on sony +1 as tata sky has added a new channel …so we can watch it back to back twice 🙂

  15. Cuteprincess

    may be sumo will come for rescue,
    in search of her “husband”.

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