Ek Duje Ke Vaste 13th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 13th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sumo is in thoughts. Preeti comes there. You know someone came to saw me today? Don’t they have any work? You saved me today. I am so excited about your wedding, clothes, jewellery, I will decide everything. Sumo gets Prita’s call. Look carefully. It is there only. Call ends.

Sumo thinks to do something. What if they really find a guy for me? Shravan is a duffer, khadus. When will you realise that I love you and you love me too? When will you understand!

Pushkar thinks of Preeti’s words as he gets ready. He smiles. Vandy asks him who he is talking to. Pushkar picks up his bag and turns to go. He says I am not hungry. Vandy shares that mom left for Chandigarh. She looked upset. Lala ji says she loves you a lot. Pushkar denies. She wouldn’t have gone like this then. Lala ji

jokes that it will be a change for her and freedom for us. Pushkar walks out.

Nanu is repairing his old music system. Sumo offers to get him a new one but he denies. I don’t need it. She says time is changing. He replies that some things never change. She agrees. Just like old thoughts. A younger sister cannot marry till elder sis marries. Why did you say no to Preeti’s marriage? Sumo refuses to marry. He says will you marry in my age then. It is time for your wedding. She talks about fulfilling her dreams. He tells her to go ahead and do it. She says I know you are saying this as I am a kid without parents, and what will people say. He says you are my responsibility, not of people. I don’t care about what people will say. I have never worried about it and will never think about it ever. I will do what is right. Do you like someone? Tell me if you like someone. I will talk to his family members. She thinks of Shravan’s words (we were and are childhood friends). She shakes her head. He decides to go somewhere to register her name. She looks sad.

Pushkar complains to Preeti. How did she go to Chandigarh? Preeti makes light of the situation. My mom too says so much about her times and mine. And now this marriage thing! He speaks of his tensions.

Sumo paces thinking of Nanu’s words (do you like someone?). She is upset. Nanu isn’t agreeing and that khadus fights with me always. How do I make him understand? What to do?

Shravan smiles thinking about Sumo. Mad girl! I scolded her for no reason. She was only praising me before papa. She must have been hurt. I will call her and apologize. He picks up his phone but she calls him just then. He asks her who called whom. She reminds him that he fights with her always and it is her who always calls him back to make it up. I need to tell you something important. He denies. I have to say something to you. She says I called you so I will tell first. Your talk cannot be important than my marriage! He is shocked. I called you to give invitation. He gets angry. What nonsense are you saying? How can you get married like this? I only scolded you and you say this? She says you are scolding me again. He asks her how she said yes to marriage. She gets happy thinking he got jealous. She says what else she could do. He asks her to meet him right away but she refuses. He looks upset / angry. She thinks why she said no to him. But atleast he will realise something.

Preeti is massaging Pushkar’s head. He holds her hand but then says sorry. She sweetly remarks that there is no need for sorry or thank you in friendship. He still thanks her. I have to thank you as I have started to feel happy after meeting you. Otherwise, it was always only work and mom’s tensions at home earlier. I enjoy meeting you. She too says the same.

Sumo is happily going out somewhere. Shravan steps out of his car. Come, sit. She thinks against it. I have to go for work. She sits in her car. He looks at her in the rear view mirror. She is always angry. I wont move my car. I will see how she leaves. She thinks he is sadu. He will make sure I step down from my car! Did I throw too many tantrums? She tries starting her car but in vain. Shravan steps down from his car. I will drop you. We can have a chat too. She smiles happily. she apologizes to her car (sorry darling, mujhe tujhe na chalane ki acting karni padi). I had to make it look like you aren’t starting. She sits in Shravan’s car.

Both are quiet on the way. Sumo talks about her car dramatically (dhokebaaz and dagabaaz). I am coming with you as I don’t like reaching my work place late. She hopes he says something. He says I have brought something for you. She wonders if he brought ring directly. She checks the packet. They have samosas from her favourite shop. She makes a sad face. He stops the car and asks her to come out. She asks him why he brought her here. He says this is a lovely place. She tells him to speak. He apologizes for yesterday. But why think of marriage suddenly? She thinks he came on track now. She begins to relate everything to him but he doesn’t let her talk. She thinks he got jealous. It was because of Nanu. He wants me to marry before Preeti. He asks her if she said yes.
He refuses to let it happen. You could have thought about me once before saying yes! She smiles broadly. Anyways, why am I saying this to you. I will talk directly to Nanu. She gets happy. what will you tell him? He says I will tell him that Sumo can marry only when I will meet the guy. She is shocked. He says we are childhood friends. Don’t feel bad but you are a troublemaker. It will only happen after my final yes. She angrily leaves in an auto. He shouts after her. She is hurt thinking about his words.

Sumo comes to her work place. She straight away gets down to work. Ladies find her behaviour suspicious. Sumo adds tadka to a dal. A lady (maybe a new Prita) says you haven’t taught us this recipe. It is your secret. What is it? Sumo says a secret is a secret. Someone taught it to me with love which is why it is PCB’s favourite. The lady says I understand. Your mother must have taught you. Sumo denies. Not mine but someone else’s mother taught me. She adds tadka to dal. The lady says I don’t think anyone bothers about it. Sumo says I don’t mind. I will marry the one who is bothered about it. the lady is confused. What is the connection between ladka and tadka?

Lala ji is speaking to someone about dieting. Sumo comes there with food. Lala ji is thrilled to hear it that she brought his favourite dish (karela) for him. He loves it. Who will feed me these when you leave? She says where am I going. He replies that Shravan told him everything. You are getting married. She is shocked. He told you this? He nods. He was really happy about it. She thinks to make sure Shravan is married too. She says Shravan is unhappy about my wedding. I am getting married before him. He is elder to me in age and height too. He will feel bad. Ramnath joins then. Lala ji tells him that they dint realise Shravan wants to get married. Ramnath is surprised. Did he tell you this? She says you know how shy he is. How will he say this on his own? Both the brothers think to confront Shravan right away. Sumo gets a call but it is from credit card company. She shouts at him and disconnects the call. I will see what that Khadus will do now!

Precap: Shravan says the problem of women is that you women think you know everything. In reality, you only know how to do drama. You can stoop low for it too. I am sure you would have done this drama for some reason. My mother left me and my father. I am sure you would have done this drama for your own benefit. Leave. She tries to make him understand but in vain. He angrily asks her to leave.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. ishu

    Hihi i loved today’s episode…bechara shravan….kadooos….hihi…..this show is becoming more and more interesting…. loved sumo’s dialogs….she soooo cute…shravan too…dialog writers handsoff…..loved shraman chemistry…..
    Mami ji ki saas ki wht evr hihi…..are yaar i think tht shravan will say i love you sumo…but he is told he wants to see the ladka first …
    Sumo ne shravan ko phassa diya… but precap shravn is scolding sumo
    Waiting for tomorrow ….
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Roshni

    Hello everyone I am new here can I join this page????well I just love this searial coming today’s it was soooo nice…wats say guys????

  3. When nanu asked her if she love someone…she thought about shravu…That was awesome,…Nanu is so supportive…loved his words of todays episode…shraman conversation in phone was cute…he was about to apologize her for his rude behaviour in last day…but instead he scold her again..Preekar scenes were good..Pushkar is completely falling for preethi..
    …Loved the way,sumo show off infront of Shravan…It was so funny to listen to the things which sumo said to herself…shravan was really confused to see sumo’s weird behaviour..When shravu said open it..She thought it to be ring..but unfortunately it was samoosa….It was so sad..sumo expected him to propose her but he asked her to make him meet her would be,,after that only marriage will occur….poor sumo.. Whether the girl who was acting Preetha’s character is changed??Old girl was more cute..I think that the person who taught her to make that is none other than shravu’s mom..
    Lalaji is so funny..diet….Sumo gave a super trouble for shravu…Thats awesome…i loved the way she said Shravu is sad as he is taller than her…elder than her..still her marriage is gonna happen first..That was cool… precap…oh no..full misunderstanding…Sumo did that as a joke..but shravu got super angry..n asked her to get out…oh god..ab kya hoga??????

  4. Minakhi

    Nice episode But Its not done no I felt shravan doesn’t care about sumo’s marriage. ok usse mat dikha magar kuch feel toh hona cahiye na.Hopeful for Monday .

    • Sunitha

      I know, he is acting as if he is moved on, I hope soon all is well between them, on Tuesday, next Monday will show him angry with Angry wih Suman, about his marriage,

    • Actually shravu is scolding sumo for saying all that nonsense to lalaji n Ramnath…He is saying that all women are like this,…like his mom,who left his papa n him.Women do drama for their benefit…bla bla…

    • Lado

      Me too ……I was watching swaragini….and was really sad to c sanskar sad coz the current track..(I can’t c him like this just love him)
      Then I watched edkv and I was really laughing seeing suman antics??? she is just amazing and so is shravan ……the show is really very nice and stress buster also?????

  5. sumo

    hey! m new here.. n I share d name “sumo” 😋 n a die heart EDKV FAN 😍😍😍❤

  6. Arshi

    Hi everyone..☺
    Nice episode..
    Gud 2 see one serial without dragging so much

    & Hi lado
    Sry 4 replying this late..
    I didn’t get time 2 reply as I’m busy with work..
    I’ll be happy 2 provide any guidance u need..

  7. Stalin

    Yaar shravan shall not propose sumo anytime soon.
    Bande ke dimag me problem ye hain ki uske maa ne chodd diya toh kahin sumo use choddh na de……..
    Until he reconciles with nirmala ji…
    Shraman ki love story NahI badheghi
    .. .100% dal la tadka ki recipe….. sumo
    Ne normalize se seekha gain….
    Shravan ke zindagi mein 2 logon se pyaar karta hain mom and sump but use emotionalmy damagekar diya gain……

  8. ishveer

    Haii my Dr younger sisters lado,sree,ishu…
    I saw ur comments but here a small network problems that’s why my comment was not posted…
    I am sooo happy,I got three younger sisters, bcoz I don’t have younger sister…I soooo happy drs…u can call dii,i am happy…
    I staying in pkd but I am Tamil not malayali ….but l understand malayalam very well,bcoz up to +2 i was studied in Kerala….after that my graduation was completed from Tn…
    Lado which group u r from +2dr????
    Ishu and sree what r u doing yaar???

  9. Ireena

    Its just making me mad…how irritating!!!!all types of shows get higher trp except edkv…i just wanna know AN EEXPLANATION of it….i don’t think people sleep even before 10.00…WHY?????things r getting worse day by day..people want to get entertained through watching sns…but dont try it for once even

  10. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    Hahaha nice episode loved it 🙂 poor shravu sumo was funny today 😛

  11. Minakhi

    Aree ye ladka Har chiz ko friendship k nazariye se kyun dekhta hai ?Thoda to feelings Lata .But still a nice episode.bcz Shrvan ne kaha Ki wo jab tak final nhi kare ga .Matlab bhul jao Ki wo kabhi final karega.Hee Hee? Agar Final bhi kr diya to toodwa bhi de sakta hai ….Dekhte hain Age kya hota hai.

    • Anshi

      Rite minakshi shravan friends k aage badhta hi nhi h pr koi baat nhi apni sumo h naa confess krwa hi legi

  12. Madhuri

    Today epi is very nice. That shravan he said how can you, nonsense bla bla bla finally he said I will see the boy without I’m seeing u can’t marry. That was funny after listen that suman face. Sumo booked the shravan. And Pushkar I think he do realize but not open up. Precap……. But I don’t what he understood that he scold her with hard work. I hope to clear all misunderstanding between shramo

  13. Anshi

    Lv d show it ws awesome. I wnt dat a 3rd man wud start luving sumo nd propose her den d fun wud b 2see dr shravu driving dat 3rd man out of sumo’s lyf.
    I luv wen sumo said sorry 2 dear car…

    • Neha

      I ws thnkng the same thng…tabhi shravan ko pyaar mehsoos hoga…….n ya tht car scene was cute;)

  14. lado

    oh god how cud shravan be happy with suman marraige
    has he really moved on ….but then why he was jealous when suman was flirting with gugul……oh god shravan will drive me crazy…m getting super confused but its interesting lets c what will happen next:))

    • sree

      I don’t think shravu had moved on lado…if yes then he would not have kept that letter and book with him..he said it is so much important for him…do u guy remember

  15. Minakhi

    This is not fair That ek duje ke Vaaste Got soo less Ratings.I mean After all Fabulous Appreciations It got this ….Soo sad .?

  16. Ireena

    I am just speechless…can anyone give me any explanation? ??how its trp is getting soooooo low???whats wrong…this channel will again disappoint us like sp…if continues like that…i dont think people sleep even before 10.00…..??

    • Lado

      It’s maybe coz Sony is not so famous channel and competition is also tough …but I expected more from coz the fans are increasing…. It’s really shocking??

    • sree

      bcse barc jst count trp on TV….almost who are in this group are watching it online…if they count online trp then ekdv will have high ratings for sure…..even i dont watch it on tv as my parents wont allow me…the same happend with manmarziyaan…online fans are more

  17. Minakhi

    I don’t understand….May be The fans of this show are not giving valuable feedbacks to this show .But me and my friends are always on every poll or Comment box ….what’s wrong with this channel yaar ….Or abhi iski TRP nhi badhegi to kab badhegi Is couple ke shaadi ho Jane ke baad …What to do ????give me some suggestions…

  18. Minakhi

    I don’t understand.May be the fans of this show r not giving their valuable feedbacks .But me nd my all friends r Always on the every poll Nd comment box …..What’s wrong with this Show or channel..Abhi iski TRP Nhi badhegi to Kab badhegi …couple ke shaadi k baad …..can anyone give some suggestions….

    • ishu

      saas – bahu dramaz are getting high trp… this is soo bad…did u guys get the news tht channel V is going to be a music channel from june onwards….how sad…i used to watch saddq haq, D4, 🙁 🙁

      • sumo

        hey! ishu , yea dats so annoying… d4 is lovely .. I use to follow it… now will have to hook up to hotstar.. :'(

      • ishu

        but mine hotstar is not responding 🙁 did any one know sony ‘s rank according channel wise????

    • sree

      fans are giving good reponse to it but only through online…we have to watch on TV to increase TRP which is impossible for most of us

  19. Ishu …here is that promo’s written update…
    Sumo’s voiceover: eh kismat hi tho hain uska ruk jaana… kabhi wapas na jaane ka decision kismat hi tho hain Sumo to herself: Duffer, khadoos kahika kab realise karogi ki main tumse pyar kati hu (cupboard scene shot) aur tum bhi mujhe chahte ho Voiceover: (terrace shot of Shravan caressing her cheek) Suman ka dil chala jab pyar ki wor Nanaji to Sumo: abh teri shaadi ki umar ho gayi hain, main aaj kal mein hi kahi na kahi teri baat chala dunga Voiceover: (terrace shot when Shravan takes few steps away from her) tho kismat le aayi ye kaunsa naya modh…

  20. Tanya

    O my pushkar started feelings for preeti…lovely……yaar ye shravn ko hua kya hai???????? Sumo ko 12th me love karta tha to aab kyu frndship involve kar raha hai….
    When Suman got frustrated with shrvu’s speech wat a face…Lol..

  21. Meena

    I think Shravan doesn’t want to marry anyone because of his mother who left him and his father.so he is scared to get married even though he loves suman!anyway just waiting for Monday to see what is going to happen!

  22. ishu

    “im new here “ke baad disappear hone wale log thumko jantha maaf nahi karegi … ( jst kidding…sorry for my broken hindi) hihi 🙂 🙂

  23. Mannu

    Episode is so gud.. But the precap is terrific….I think the futhr story will be according the first promo…of the serial…like shravan against ladies..N suman for women rights….I donno but o felt like this….wat do u say??

  24. Minakhi

    Iska matlab agar Ageey iss show Ki trp nahi badhi ,to kya yeh bhi Dehleez Ki tarah Off air Ho jayega???☹☹ Friends we have to do something right….Hum esa kaya kare Jis Ki wajah se Iss show ko Acche trp mil payegi …Plz suggest.I don’t want to loose this show.

  25. fairy

    hiiiiii guyzzzzzz rememb me????????

    Hru all

    omgggg epi waassssssss sooooooo nycccccccc hahahahahahaha sumo is so happy in making sharvn jealous hahahhahaha

  26. Minakhi

    Yes I have got this news from india-forums.com …that there r Two MAJOR Star Plus shows set to go off-air..! One is Dehleez nd another is Tamanna.

    • mannu

      Actually these new writers of starplus…..start the show with good theme but they don’t knw how to get forward….but the old writers…just drag with all nonsense stories…I was once a grt follower of starplus…but now a days I lost all intrst….wat to say about saathiya…n yrkkh…just nonsense family drama…..they will drag it for more four generatns…

      • Yes yaar…i love dehleez a lot…so sad that they r gonna end it soon…n ha..serials like saathiya n yrkkh…r still going on…These two r the worst serials of start plus now according to me…still they r continuing it…

      • Tanya

        Star plus wale khale serial ko drag krte hai…..like ….I don’t want to say any name here…u frnds r already smart to know what I mean to say.

  27. Ireena

    hello,friends?…whats up??
    i read ur comments….u know?i didnt ask anyone to be a part of this page…?…just came and started commenting…and now a days u guys need to bear me regularly??…(actually i cant leave it…)
    well,generally,i dont welcome anyone here…somebody may think its not a good manner….
    actually,to me, its not others home,guys…its all ours…☺..and take it so…and so far i know,i have some sweetest friends who r ready to cover up my mistakes and welcome all the newcomers WARMLY…so,all my (going to) friends,just come here and share ur thoughts….we all r with u…???

    • Anshi

      Hey ireena u might nt know me bt i read ur comment in earlier epi wu’s nd frankly i lved d way u show dese stupid villains(i.e.:harshita,….u know)where dey belong….
      Thank god u returned i ws waiting 2 talk 2 u

      • Ireena

        Awww…??..thank u,dear…thats so sweet of u that u have read my comments……??
        Actually i m thinking what to tell…..actually that harshita was just just FOOLING us,and we were giving her importance…i just wanted to stop it.
        Btw,i have also read u…when u came here. Actually i dont welcome any1,many may mind.but i read u and all the newcomers…but always dont reply..
        That angry young bird said that me,abhi and ishu r leaders of the page…..guys,plz dont think like that at all…we r all same.
        Difference is that we have come 2 days ago,u have come 2 days later.thats it?✨

  28. Ireena

    btw,friends,i have read previous comments….ha..ha…??
    an angry bird just washed me,abhi and ishu out….we r heck,mean,cheap….???
    we r even entitled as best actress….
    guys,how did u tackle that???
    i m just thinking what would i do….if i was here that day…though now i m finding its funny…but i think abhi and ishu felt bad then…actually i have ever never got such bad comments…

    • ishu

      no yaar … its common now…in all pages there is someone like him…he was just jealous of us…. hehe…. bw where were u?? 🙂 🙂

    • I felt it so irritating at first
      …but later i ignored it completely…i didn’t give reply to comments …
      Really yaar…i missed u those days…U r in a trip ..right? How is it??

    • Ireena

      yeah…dears.kinda a trip.was out of home.i had been to reims for some days…it was good..?☺

    • Yaaa…i also heard that news…dehleez n tamanna is not ending …they r doing this just for trp…but later they said its confirmed that these shows r ending.,..donno if it is true..

  29. Minakhi

    Yaa mannu….Aur notice kiya hai kya SNS nd YRKKH Mein Koi Buddha hi nahi Ho raha hai nd they all r still young yaar ….Hee Hee ? Funny nd disgusting Family drama .I just hate all Star plus Serials ….

    • Mannu

      Haa that’s wat…wo log har leap ke baad sirf materials change karte…jaise woh 10 saal ki leap ke baad spectacles….wheel chair…beard. Woh gopi ka hairstyle…ha-ha..so funny…har serial mai bhi..aise hi karte…aur wo yhm mai…Raman N ishitha ka dressing style…it’s so funny

  30. sree

    late comment of mine today…anyhow epi was as usual superb…sumo expressions are killing,….she was on cloud9 thinking tht shravan will propose her…but shravu dissapointed her..I think sumo is so close to shravu’s mom…so no problem for shraman in future

    • Mannu

      Lekhin abhi tak toh vo log shravans mom ko nahi dikhaya….did they show…I don’t remembr…anyone knw anything about it before guys??

      • Yes..it is confirmed n she started the shooting too…The actor who is acting shravu’s mom is shlok’s mom in iss pyaar ko kya naam doon 2

  31. ammu

    hi guys im also a diehard fan of shraman im a silent reader im commenting for the frst time here 🙂

  32. Roshni

    And tell me guys of his mom.is playing negative or wat???I just hope she wont create any problem in sharaman life….

  33. oooooo I was tooo happy when cutie got jealous and all and pushku cutie’s scene was also fab.but precap…..after seeing the precap I was grief-stricken and I’m just feeling tooo sad it’s sumo’s mistake now bcoz of her cutie is angry.he told her many times that 1.hum donon ke beech mein dosti ke alaava kuch bhi nahi hai 2.he is happy to be single 3.he has moved on 4.that love was one-sided 5.I”ll select d guy for u sumo and much more…… so maybe cutie is not interested.so sumo should say and start. why does she expect cutie to say? and if he does’nt say then make him get into trouble.yyyyy cutie must say??? and y not sumo? guyz pls dont feel bad but I think it is sumo’s mistake and she should make up.sorry guyz if I’ve hurt any of u

  34. Minakhi

    Actually according to the source……It describe that Suman will get close to Shravan’Mom nd she will Bring her to shravan ….As we all know that He hates his mom Since childhood…..soo May be she will not be a negative character…..Then Suman nd She Tie up nd Back to the family .

  35. Sanjana

    hi guys i am a silent reader and commented only for two or three times so i think to make new friends by commenting today. the episode was superb

  36. Sanjana

    hi guys i am a silent reader and commented only for two or three times so i think to make new friends by commenting today.

  37. Lily

    I think shravan’s mom character is positive … But she must be an ambitious , independent woman…….due to family pressure or Kamini, she had to leave everything… But now she wants to live with her family…… I have read somewhere that she will be independent n she will be close to Suman….. As sumo is also a person whose self respect comes first…so they will have same thoughts in life…….. But yes initially it will create problem for our shraman.but at last it would be shravan’s mom who will realize their love n unite them……… I think it will be a long track…… In between there r many things like
    Preeti n Pushkin love track
    Third person’s entry in Sumo’s life
    Then sumo’s marriage track
    N most important Kamini chachi evil plan also………. Very excited …….

  38. ishu

    gud evng frnds…. soo many new frnds…welcome all #sanjana #ami#ammu di….. im getting more and more elder sisters…..really happy 🙂 🙂 bw im too from kerala,pbvr 🙂 🙂 🙂 little busy with studies…plz pray 4 me … my exmz are coming °_°

  39. Ireena

    I m finding all south indian joining us…???…btw,is there any scientific reason behind it???i m finding its mysterious and psychical…?????

      • Once if u watch u will understand…Its so horrible…their dialogues r..no words to say…its an another level..,also their acting…most serials r saas bahu types..we will feel to cry seeing it,even if it is a happy scene..Its so horrible..terrifying..?

      • Ireena

        Really?do u cry if u try watching them???????….
        I have just burst out laughter reading u…ha..ha..
        But people watch it,4 sure.why so??
        Btw,is it more dangerous than SNS?

      • ishu

        once u watch any malayalam show u cn understand it… hehe …and its dangerous thn sns… in our shows if any lead actresses is pregnant she will have baby only after 2 yrs…. °_°

      • sree

        [email protected]

    • Ireena

      oh!!this case seems so serious???…i got two info abt malayali serials…that a pregnant woman will have her baby after 2 years.??..and even any happy moment also looks terrifying and horrible…
      guys,i dont get scared watching any kinda horror shows,i think i should try them??????
      even telegu and tamil seems ??..what abt others?and bengali serials,friends??i may try them as i understand bengali…

  40. Hey, frdz….. just missing ds show nw…aftr saraswatichandra,i nvr lykd any serial..bt nw itz edkv..my 1st evr cmnt

  41. nirmala ( shravan’s mom ) and suman in sumo’s bedroom .. Sumo is folding a extra bed and nirmala enters and say something regarding cooking and sumo says nanu had told her to not cook bcoz he overeats as they r tasty .. Nirmala says she couldn’t sleep as she was nervous abt facing shravan .. She asks sumo to fill her with shravan’s details .. So sumo shows her her laptop andhis pics I guess .. Nirmala gets emotional .

    This is the new spoiler…

  42. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    How many watched vijay TV shows?? Especially deivam thantha veedu??????such an crap show!!! Many shows are there.. In Tamil..so I watch Hindi shows.. Especially two shows.. One ek duje ke vaaste and vishkanya… First i watched 8shows.. But now two.. 8shows are.. Ishq ka rang safed,tashan-e-ishq, sasural simar ka,thapki pyaar ki,kumkum bhagya,ek tha raja ek thi rani and meri aashiqui tum se hi and naagin
    After matsh I have stopped watching many shows.. If track is good I will watch otherwise.. Nothing…

    • Lado

      Well don’t watch that channel but like u I also stopped watching many shows…..before I used to watch naagin, yhm, tashn E ishq (it’s quite bore nowadays), krishnadasi, CID?, kaala teeka.
      But nowadays I only watch swaragini (just bcoz of sanskar?) ,thapki pyaar Ki and edkv and krpkab sometimes……all other shows are quite boring????
      But my fav are EDKV and SWARAGINI????
      Ohhh it seems like a paragraph???
      It’s just my opinion plz don’t mind guys

  43. Minakhi

    Hey guys Plz vote for ur Favourite onscreen best Jodi On poll
    Go to this link…..http://youthbuzzbiz.blogspot.com/2016/05/the-best-jodi-couple-on-indian.html…….plz Vote For ur Best Jodies…nd plz For Shraman also.

    The poll shall run till 13th of June hence you have much time to spread the word. there’s no problem

    you also need to comment. One comment per user. multiple comments shall not be accepted and disqualified.Plz support Shraman it’s also good for the show.If u r true fans of this Jodi than go for it .?

    • Ireena

      thank u,minakhi,4 sharing this link..☺though voted 4 shraman,i dont think it would be easy 4 shraman to win…as u see;there r many many famous couples,whereas shraman is just new…swasan,which has a huge huge following,ishra,never leave it,rivanya…sandhir,twinj….cant even count.
      i think,guys,we must spread it as much as possible.and we must provide this link regularly here.
      well,what will the best couple get???is it something special poll?

  44. tara

    m fine amy..and abhi how are u?? plzz dont call me di..m just one year elder it doesnt matters..plzz

  45. tara

    m fine lado..
    nd awwwwwwwwwwwww ireena..it was cho chweet..i never read such a cute comment / description..i missed u all 🙂 😀

    • Lado

      Of course Stalin…. Is there any need to ask??…….ummmm I don’t think so?????
      How r u dear…..where r u from and in which class????? I hope u don’t mind me asking personal questions???

  46. sumo

    286 comments n increasing… I guess dis page is having d max no. of dieheart fans… we people love d show .. dis is becoming a fanzone … 🙂 :-*

    • lado

      yo sumo…….u r rite…..there r such lovely people here everybody wants to join and i think we fans r going to rock it for edkv and sharman 😉
      and i was missing u sice morning ..where were u????
      how r u????

    • sree

      yep sumo…last week it would have crossed 400 comments also,higher of all shows…but due to some tu technical problems…it could not happen

  47. Ridhi

    Hi Abhi, Could you please give us the link for the Sharavan’s Mom in
    sumo’s room. Thanks.

  48. Ipsy

    Hi Guys..I am a big fan of edkv,dehleez and kuch rang pyar ke eise bhi….I would like to join u ppl…

  49. Minakhi

    U r right Ireena The competition is really tough bcz they r new nd This show is also new.but we should Increase it’s popularity on social media .I guess Many people r don’t know about this show .May be because of Sony Channel but If it’s a good show then everybody should know about this show.On other hand these polls r just A way for Commenting nd Increasing popularity of shows.Soo Do from now .otherwise we have to loss this show.

  50. Minakhi

    It’s my humble request to all my friends ND Fans of this show that if anybody have FB account then plz Go to” Ek Duje Ke Vaaste-Sony” nd Hit The Like button every day.Plz make it a good nd long lasting show.Bcz All we know that Why Dehleez Is going to off air…yes only for Low TRP ratings sooo plz support EDKV.nd u can support it on twitter also…? (But if anyone have the time)… A good show should be for All .soo plz support

  51. tara

    guys my ff is posted please check it.. i dont knw y it is not coming on edkv page..bt its on krpkab page

  52. Minakhi

    Heyy Friends Our comment box has reached 300 Comments….yehh yeppy …More then other comment box….Soo ?Good comments for a good show……feeling proud To be a fan of this show.Soo happy I m commenting here With u all fabulous friends.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.