Ek Duje Ke Vaste 13th June 2016 Written Episode Update

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Vandy has burnt toasts. She shows them to Kamini. Kamini says you worry about toast when my heart is burning here. Vandy nods. Two things went bad. Shravan did not go back and everything is fine between him and Bade Papa. Aapki to choupsey ho gayi Mummy ji. Kamini stares at her so she goes quiet. What should I do to the toast now? Kamini suggests her to add some salt to it just like she is rubbing salt to her wounds right now. Listen to me carefully. I wont give up so easily.

Kamini knocks at Shravan’s door and goes iniside with breakfast for him. She tells Vandy how Shravan has become in a day. Since he has come to Delhi he has been in tensions constantly. She asks him to have breakfast. He looks pointedly at her but then gets busy in his work. Kamini remarks that he might not believe

in planets and timings but probably he came to India at the wrong time. You need a break. Go out for a vacation for some days. Vandy seconds her. You will feel better. Shravan is still quiet. He resumes his work. Kamini tries again. I cannot see you in this condition. Forgive me. Go to London for some days. You will feel better after meeting with your old friends. He refuses to go anywhere. I have stopped running away from myself. Vandy says should I add salt. She corrects herself saying sugar. Kamini sits there with an upset look on her face.

Sumo is still in bed when her phone rings. She thinks it to be Shravan but it is Prita. Sumo tells her to handle things for the day. I am not feeling good. Prita agrees. Mami ji asks Preeti to check if Sumo has woken up or not. Preeti says let Didi sleep. She looks for sugar. Dabbu helps hr but ends up dropping it. They end up arguing. Sumo looks on. She thinks of Shravan’s words (Who asked you to help? Don’t do bad to anyone if you cannot do good!). She tells them that it is ok. It will be fine. She sends them outside. Shravan’s words echo in her head (I hate you!).

Mami ji and Rachna Massi are waiting for auto but no one is stopping. Rachna sees Kamini and Vandy there. They think to take lift from them. Rachna ends up telling them that they cannot find auto. She invites them over for lunch. They make sad faces. Mami asks them why they are all quiet. Kamini and Vandy blame Sumo for ruining the relationship between both the families for forever. Kamini tells them to question Sumo when they are home.

Sumo tells her family members everything. I only wanted to tell him truth to make things right between him and his mother. Mami questions her on her act. None of us have spoken to them about this and you did! Babu ji had good relations with both of them. Why did you do it? Mama ji says what was bound to happen has happened. There is no point intervening. He tells Sumo she dint do right but meddling into their personal affair. Mami and Rachna tell her how rude Ramnath and Kamini have been. We have an old connection with Malhotra family. We wont let it break like this for Sumo. You will have to apologize to them. Call Shravan right away. Nanu tells her to be quiet. He asks Sumo if she feels what she did was right. I am only asking for your opinion. She nods. As per me, I did the right thing. I don’t regret it. But yes, everyone is upset because of me. I am hurt because of it. I really dint intend to hurt or upset anyone. Mami ji is right. I should apologize to Ramnath Uncle and Shravan. I will do it. She goes inside.

Sumo comes to Shravan’s office. Peon stops her from going inside. Sir is in meeting. He has asked no one to come inside. She insists to meet him. Tell him Sumo is here. Shravan hears her voice. Peon repeats that Sir is very busy today. She agrees to wait. Title track (sad version) plays. Hours pass by. She thinks of the party night and of what happened at her home.

Pushkar notices Sumo sitting outside. Go inside and meet Bhaiya. Peon tells him what he told Sumo. Pushkar understands it. He asks her to come to his cabin but she denies. I will wait here only. Shravan is listening to music inside.

In his cabin, Pushkar is feeling bad. He calls Preeti. I want to meet you right away. She asks him if everything is fine. He denies. I have to talk to you about something important. She says I don’t think we should meet for a while because of what happened yesterday. A big scene happened today at home too. Mami ji calls out for her so she ends the call. Pushkar looks upset.

Shravan gets to know Mr. Nanda is here. He has to go to conference room. He peeks at Sumo from his cabin. He straight away heads to the conference room without so much as even looking at Sumo or paying heed to her calling out to him. She sits down sadly once again. Manager (Rakesh) asks Sumo to come tomorrow instead for meeting. He will take 1-2 hours more. Why don’t you come tomorrow? Sumo replies that she has to meet Shravan today itself.

Everyone begins to leave office one by one. Pushkar looks at the clock. Pushkar offers to drop Sumo home but she refuses to leave without meeting Shravan. He tells her to drop it. Meet him tomorrow. He is very bust anyways. You have been waiting here since 6-7 hours already. Will you stay here all night now? Come with me. She says I will come tomorrow. Tell Shravan. He stops her. You knew everything yet why did you do all this? You shouldn’t have done it. Bade Papa and Bhaiya are really hurt. She nods emotionally. Many times we fail to make other people understand what we know. She thinks I did it all for Shravan so he can forget his past and accept his present, so he is able to accept me. She goes with Pushkar. Shravan looks at them leaving. He orders someone to get his car. I have to go somewhere.

Precap: Shravan is jogging. He comes to Tiwari Villa unconsciously and looks at the nameplate. Sumo feels his presence. She gets up to look out from the window.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  2. Bhagyashri I don’t think koi nayi entry hogi …..itni jaldi …Ye Story emotional,sentimental and strong time hai Sumo k liye …isme Love triangle Ki abhi zaroorat hi nahi hai warns Unrealistic lagega…..Haan baad Mein zaroorat pad Sakti hai …

  3. Ooo Ireena All r busy or Avoiding EDKV..Don’t know dear ..but I will not leave u ……? soo Exited for Shravan ‘s emotional kaand In front of Tivari Killa …????/they will not Meet each other….I m sure

  4. Really gonna be an interesting episode tonight.:-)
    And I feel like the Sony TV waloko marke au.
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  5. Absolutely Right Nazia all our efforts…going to a disaster….Sale ye Sony wale Na to Khud Ki reputation hai aur na Hi Dushre Acche show Ki Kadar hai Inko …Yaar uss poll Mein humne Sony ko warning de Dali ….fir bhi no response…..Helll hell hell with this Sony …none sense none sense

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