Ek Duje Ke Vaste 13th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 13th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vandy has burnt toasts. She shows them to Kamini. Kamini says you worry about toast when my heart is burning here. Vandy nods. Two things went bad. Shravan did not go back and everything is fine between him and Bade Papa. Aapki to choupsey ho gayi Mummy ji. Kamini stares at her so she goes quiet. What should I do to the toast now? Kamini suggests her to add some salt to it just like she is rubbing salt to her wounds right now. Listen to me carefully. I wont give up so easily.

Kamini knocks at Shravan’s door and goes iniside with breakfast for him. She tells Vandy how Shravan has become in a day. Since he has come to Delhi he has been in tensions constantly. She asks him to have breakfast. He looks pointedly at her but then gets busy in his work. Kamini remarks that he might not believe

in planets and timings but probably he came to India at the wrong time. You need a break. Go out for a vacation for some days. Vandy seconds her. You will feel better. Shravan is still quiet. He resumes his work. Kamini tries again. I cannot see you in this condition. Forgive me. Go to London for some days. You will feel better after meeting with your old friends. He refuses to go anywhere. I have stopped running away from myself. Vandy says should I add salt. She corrects herself saying sugar. Kamini sits there with an upset look on her face.

Sumo is still in bed when her phone rings. She thinks it to be Shravan but it is Prita. Sumo tells her to handle things for the day. I am not feeling good. Prita agrees. Mami ji asks Preeti to check if Sumo has woken up or not. Preeti says let Didi sleep. She looks for sugar. Dabbu helps hr but ends up dropping it. They end up arguing. Sumo looks on. She thinks of Shravan’s words (Who asked you to help? Don’t do bad to anyone if you cannot do good!). She tells them that it is ok. It will be fine. She sends them outside. Shravan’s words echo in her head (I hate you!).

Mami ji and Rachna Massi are waiting for auto but no one is stopping. Rachna sees Kamini and Vandy there. They think to take lift from them. Rachna ends up telling them that they cannot find auto. She invites them over for lunch. They make sad faces. Mami asks them why they are all quiet. Kamini and Vandy blame Sumo for ruining the relationship between both the families for forever. Kamini tells them to question Sumo when they are home.

Sumo tells her family members everything. I only wanted to tell him truth to make things right between him and his mother. Mami questions her on her act. None of us have spoken to them about this and you did! Babu ji had good relations with both of them. Why did you do it? Mama ji says what was bound to happen has happened. There is no point intervening. He tells Sumo she dint do right but meddling into their personal affair. Mami and Rachna tell her how rude Ramnath and Kamini have been. We have an old connection with Malhotra family. We wont let it break like this for Sumo. You will have to apologize to them. Call Shravan right away. Nanu tells her to be quiet. He asks Sumo if she feels what she did was right. I am only asking for your opinion. She nods. As per me, I did the right thing. I don’t regret it. But yes, everyone is upset because of me. I am hurt because of it. I really dint intend to hurt or upset anyone. Mami ji is right. I should apologize to Ramnath Uncle and Shravan. I will do it. She goes inside.

Sumo comes to Shravan’s office. Peon stops her from going inside. Sir is in meeting. He has asked no one to come inside. She insists to meet him. Tell him Sumo is here. Shravan hears her voice. Peon repeats that Sir is very busy today. She agrees to wait. Title track (sad version) plays. Hours pass by. She thinks of the party night and of what happened at her home.

Pushkar notices Sumo sitting outside. Go inside and meet Bhaiya. Peon tells him what he told Sumo. Pushkar understands it. He asks her to come to his cabin but she denies. I will wait here only. Shravan is listening to music inside.

In his cabin, Pushkar is feeling bad. He calls Preeti. I want to meet you right away. She asks him if everything is fine. He denies. I have to talk to you about something important. She says I don’t think we should meet for a while because of what happened yesterday. A big scene happened today at home too. Mami ji calls out for her so she ends the call. Pushkar looks upset.

Shravan gets to know Mr. Nanda is here. He has to go to conference room. He peeks at Sumo from his cabin. He straight away heads to the conference room without so much as even looking at Sumo or paying heed to her calling out to him. She sits down sadly once again. Manager (Rakesh) asks Sumo to come tomorrow instead for meeting. He will take 1-2 hours more. Why don’t you come tomorrow? Sumo replies that she has to meet Shravan today itself.

Everyone begins to leave office one by one. Pushkar looks at the clock. Pushkar offers to drop Sumo home but she refuses to leave without meeting Shravan. He tells her to drop it. Meet him tomorrow. He is very bust anyways. You have been waiting here since 6-7 hours already. Will you stay here all night now? Come with me. She says I will come tomorrow. Tell Shravan. He stops her. You knew everything yet why did you do all this? You shouldn’t have done it. Bade Papa and Bhaiya are really hurt. She nods emotionally. Many times we fail to make other people understand what we know. She thinks I did it all for Shravan so he can forget his past and accept his present, so he is able to accept me. She goes with Pushkar. Shravan looks at them leaving. He orders someone to get his car. I have to go somewhere.

Precap: Shravan is jogging. He comes to Tiwari Villa unconsciously and looks at the nameplate. Sumo feels his presence. She gets up to look out from the window.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. Shraman

    what a lovely episode! Vandy is so cute..!! this kamini would definitely cause problems.. good to know that one episode no ramnath.. 🙂 Sumo is so damn patient i mean who the hell does wait for 8 hours just to apologise? i guess that’s what love is..!! She was so patient.. I love you nanu and pushkar.. nanu is so damn supportive to sumo and pushkar understands everyone so well.. PreeKar cant meet for some days.. that’s sad.. i think that sumo should give some time to shravan.. as i cant see them both so broken and hurt… Precap: oh my god! what connection..! overall, a nice episode.. hats off to nimik acting and sumo, you are so sweet and adorable and PATIENT!! nice one guys..

  2. Ireena

    pooja di,ur updates r really so descriptive….it helps a looot.i read others too.most of them r short….its an exception.
    i have been missing it since a few days…but ur cover covers it up

  3. Ireena

    pooja di,ur updates r really so descriptive….it helps a looot.i read others too.most of them r short….its an exception.
    i have been missing epis since a few days…but ur update covers it up

  4. Shraman

    what an episode.. sumo is so damn patient! she waited 8 hours just to apologize.. hats off to her.. well that’s what love is..! i love you pushkar.. you are so damn understanding… nanu is the best! how he understands everyone and never accuses… this mami is damn selfish.. vandy is so funny.. i think sumo should give some space to shravan also.. its a big trauma for him.. pushkar cant meet preeti for some days.. sad.. happy to know that one episode is without are villan “RAMNATH”.. overall a nice episode… hats off to nimik’s acting.. sumo’s patience..*RESPECT* to her… love y’all…

  5. Minkahi

    Yaar Accha tha Shravu ne kaha the Ki Summo ko bhi ek din Intezar karna padega lo ….kar Diya usne …..Jay Ho Bande tumne kar Diya ….Sumo felt so guilty that she waited around 6-7 hours..poor Sumo ….kisne kaha tha uske life Mei interfere karne k liye ..Both of them Hurting themselves…Which is really sad ….Abhi aur bhi baki hai….Precape seemed some thing good but I m damm sure They will not meet This time….Overall the episode was good according to the story and Track …..Let’s see what is coming up ….Hoping for Shraman scenes……Good morning My dear friends..?

  6. Minkahi

    Episode Mein Nirmala Kahan mar gayi thi ..itna Sara kaand kar k Kahan chup gayi ……????She needs to clear all misunderstandins…..Aag laga k chali gayi Ramu kaka Ki Dulhaniya……???

    • Ireena

      ??….u know we made all preparations for throwing a party…but this moderation is not going to let us live us in peace

  7. sona

    Really..its a nice episode..I thought now they will fight a lot..evrytime..but..even this silence between shraman is so nice..
    This ekdv never showed more drama like saas babu serials that’s y I like this and krpkab.?☺

  8. Minakhi

    Absolutely right Sona ….here is the Link of new Promo

    https://m.y outube.co m /watch?v= AB4OX6N CG6A& feature=yo utu.be

    Sawal yeh hai Ki Shravan ka Jawab kya hoga …..Let’s Guess guyssss ….what r u thinking about this …???share …..

  9. Ireena

    ??….u know we made all preparations for throwing a party…but this moderation is not going to let us live in peace

    • Anshi

      Wat happen yaar….. I thought we were partyin wen approx everyone ll b free… Like abhi ishu lado sss n all others.. =-O =-O

  10. Anshi

    Thanx pooja di… Ur wu r addictin… I mean wen someone who reads ur wu’s try some other author… It feels like dey r undescriptive-writers (no offence)…
    Nic epi.. Sumo hs got damn patience.. I lv dat vandy is nt in typical evil role… I lv her d way she is… <3 <3 …

    @Abhi…. Yesterday u didnt comment i ws a lil angry at first… Bt i understand dat nervousness of 10th… My cousins continously try 2 nervous me more (in a teasin way) by sayin… BOARD'S COMPETITION IS TOUGH… WILL U B ABLE 2.PASS SUCH A TOUGH COMPETITION… Sometime literally my head burst wid tension… 😛 😛 … Bt wat i wanna say is dont worry… Keep comcentratin on stiudies (c who's sayin dis 'Ms. Studies r borin') bt show ur face 2 is 2….

    @Ireena… Frankly i 2 m scared… I mean u know 'bout registration n all…

  11. priya

    Hey anyone plz help me ….
    Can anyone give me the link of
    Zindgi kaha kaha se Mp3 song…
    I tried bt cant downloaded yet…
    So plz help………

    • Bhagyashri

      Ya priya.happy to see precap in also repeat telecast.I also missed yesterday episode so I saw both episode at morning 10 to 11.but in one hour they will show edkv promo once after showing krpkab three times. So partial.so bad.

  12. Bhagyashri

    Yesterday’s episode was nice.but I don’t understand what happened to edkv team.kaise pramo kar rahe hai.krpkab really made better promo than edkv.becs of that sony support their promos.krpkab wale promo me bhi ache effort kar rahe hai.as compared to krpkab edkv ache promo nahi de rahe hai isliye Sab problem ho rahi hai.plz edkv team made catchy promos better than krpkab.krpkab valonke serial se Jada promos acche hai.aur edkv valon ka bilkul ulta hai.inki serial better hai than promos.but for popularity promo significantly important na? What u think guys. Sorry if anyone hurt.

  13. Lily

    From 17 June ekdv will become more interesting…..till then we will only see sumo crying crying………..n shravan getting angry…that villain ramnath plotting………. but after that we will see changed sumo……..then both will show tashan to each other ……

  14. Minakhi

    Wow great news Sony ke fb page pe abhi tak EDKV ka New promo post nahi kiya Gaya hai …only KRPKEB ka hi posts hai ….Congrats……Humari Poll Ki Dhajiya udd gayi …Party to banti hai … ….Bhagyashri ….jo bhi promo Ho Track k hisab se wo log bana rahe hain …par Sony ko bhi to support karna chahiye na ….Partiality partiality Partiality partiality …all the time Partiality ……Really don’t understand Sony’s intension….Are abhi Jab promo ban hi Gaya hai to ….promote karne Mein kya problem hai chahe jaisa bhi promo Ho…..pehle Sony promte to kare Ab to EDKV wale bhi jaan bujh kar Promo ko ignore kar rahe hain …kynki wo jante hain ye TV pe to ane nahi wala ……

    • Anshi

      Whoaaa…. =-O =-O …. I cn feel dat u were damn soooo angry about d poll wen u wrote dis comment… Rite minakhi??
      Well talkin about i2 m angry….. Rite no words no slangs r enough 2 express my anger… How i m controllin my anger only i cn know…. I mean r dey freakin mad or dere mind hs stopped workin… Oops wen did dere mind worked….. Plsss someone put oil in dere rusted minds…. X-( X-(

  15. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    Sorry for late comment…. The net was down….the episode was good….I must say sumo has a bucket full of patience…. Or I should say rather a room full of patience..???
    If i have been at her place and if my friend had been doing this…..I would have destroyed his office……in anger and would have breaker through in his cabin also????
    How dare he ignore me….but I must say shravan is really lucky to have a friend like sumo??

    • Anshi

      Abso rite khushi… If my bff wud hv done sumthin like dis i wud hv shouted at top of my voice n said.. “U STUPID… KEEP UR PATHETIC ANGER WID U… U N UR EGO CN DANCE ALONG FRM NOW… MAKE EGO UR BFF INSTEAD OF ME..” Plus he wud hv gotten a pretty punch on his beautiful face…

  16. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    @ireena….u asked the meaning of lallu…..well.it means stupid
    For eg…if we say tu lallu hai….it will mean u r stupid…
    And sorry for late answer…. Network was bad

  17. Minakhi

    Good news…Nikita – 23 Namik – 24 They are in Top 25 ……on chaska meter ranking System…..We should celebrate……but I m sad that all our friends r missing……Not done yaar …..What kind of behaviour guys..what’s wrong with this track…This is going as The story…..plz come on …join here … ND comment ….otherwise I will Also do the same as u all…plz comment

  18. Lily

    Really it’s height sony is not at all promoting ekdv……….on Twitter there are
    Only Kapil Sharma show tweets or krpkab tweets….. I can understand that these days love confession n fresh love track in krpkab is going on…which is very interesting….. But that doesn’t mean they will forget ekdv……

  19. Lily

    Acha guys …… Can u all tell me ur opinion about what will happen after Suman hating shravan? What do you think Suman do after her business gets destroyed? Will there be a third entry to support Suman? Or nirmala will help HER? OR Shravan will help her? Pls share ur views about this

    • Anshi

      Gud topic lily….. I think whatever’s happenin its fr gud.. Luk d benefit of dis sumo hatin shravan tracks r:
      Point 1- Dis ll help shravan 2 leave his oh-i-m-angry image n help sumo. It ll also help sumo 2 come out of her oh-i-m-guilty image n oppose shravan
      Point 2- Dis cn come out by shravan confrontin ramnath fr sumo’s situation (only if ramnath hs done it widout shravan’s knowledge) which wud b a nic lesson fr dat stupid ravanath…
      Point 3 n most interestin point – It cn result in 3rd lead comin opposite sumo after which we cn c a jealous shravan once again…

      Hey wat do u think about it lily…

      • Lily

        Yah u r right…. I want all these three points to happen in the serial…….. Sumo has faced so much anger of shravan….. Now it’s shravan’s turn……. Best part in this serial is that the heroine is not bechari types…. She will also fight back…. Hey after seeing promo it’s seems like shravan has idea what happened to sumo business……. I m confused that this was all done by Ramanath… Then how come shravan know about it…….. N after reading new spoilers it seems like shravan not confront Ramanath n will still be in fighting mode with sumo……

      • Anshi

        Point taken… I m confused 2… I hv theory which cn satisfy both things… Wat if ramnath made shravu understand in his own emotional atyaachar ( emotional blackmail) language dat it is best 2 tack sumo’s pct frm her as she hs given u sooo many wounds… At dat time shravan comes in his chants… Bt later wen sumo cries in front of him his heart is melted n he thinks he hs done wrong… N tries 2 undo it.. Ramnath comes n protest bt in exchange gets confrontation frm shravu…. Den as bhagyashri said new lead wud make entry by placin orders….
        Dis is my theory bt lemme confirm dat i hv nt read it somewhere its my thinkin so its nt guaranteed 2 b rite…

    • Lily

      Exactly this logic perfectly fits in the story …. As per promo shravan tries to explain…. N when sumo asks yes or no….. His expressions shows mixed feeling of fear and worry… That means he has done it but want now repenting on his decision…….
      LOL I have never seen any serial so carefully.

  20. ishveer

    Nice epi….precap is very heart touching…. I just like it….I like sumo’s hairstyle… She has so patient…

  21. Kittu

    @Minakshi ,dr I m agree with u,really dhokebaaz dikhi hi nahi,bad very bad
    Loved to see the precap in retelecast.
    @Ireena ,really dued maan gaye ,superb pooja Di.Hey, could u tell me anything about Di.well I only know that she writes this WU,bt nothing much.
    @Anshi, R u in 10th.If yes then congrats ,I m also in same. And definitely we should put oil in their rusted mind.
    @Lily, well ,listen I didn’t watch the new promo of edkv ,so can’t say anything. Bt wanna share my views as u asked, If there will be any new character for sumo as her support ,so I feel just amazing, means than shravu will get jealous, so excited bt I know this will not happen, bt just a desire.
    If nirmala will help theeeeennnn, something more strange will happen becoz shravu nd ramu is already hurt by sumo,It will be risky which I think.
    And I don’t think shravu will support sumo as he is totally a father loving son, bt if he get his father’s fault thennn ,bhagwaan bharose.Hope u will like my views.????

  22. Ireena

    this sumo has a dangerous tolerance level…tht too even without saying anything….i would have given a strong punch on his unshaved face????

  23. Bhagyashri

    I watch it on sbs, abp news.Sumo got 4 lakhs order.and sumo and prita very happy.but don’t know who give this order.may be new entry honevali hai opposite sumo.I think so.not sure.

  24. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Ha… Suman Ka tolerance level is really great…. Mei toh 6hrs wait nahi Kar sakti… Sach Mei u r really great sumo… Shravan samjo na uski pyar ko… Jaldi samjo… Shraman rocks always…

  25. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Now only I saw the promo…. Kya voh ek misunderstanding hai???? Seeing shravan reaction I think it’s an misunderstanding…. Waiting for 17th epi…

  26. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    No….. Before 17th I m waiting for tdy epi.. Eagerly waiting for shraman scene… Hope shravan speaks to Suman tdy….

  27. Ireena

    the least comment in edkv….now a days,in summer vacation every1 is having restless sleep?….leaving edkv???

  28. Minakhi

    Bhagyashri I don’t think koi nayi entry hogi …..itni jaldi …Ye Story emotional,sentimental and strong time hai Sumo k liye …isme Love triangle Ki abhi zaroorat hi nahi hai warns Unrealistic lagega…..Haan baad Mein zaroorat pad Sakti hai …

  29. Minakhi

    Ooo Ireena All r busy or Avoiding EDKV..Don’t know dear ..but I will not leave u ……? soo Exited for Shravan ‘s emotional kaand In front of Tivari Killa …????/they will not Meet each other….I m sure

  30. Nazia

    Really gonna be an interesting episode tonight.:-)
    And I feel like the Sony TV waloko marke au.
    Why? Why they are doing so much partiality? I don’t like to compare edkv with krpkeb again and again but I am compelled to. If the votes go vain then hate polls:,(

  31. Minakhi

    Absolutely Right Nazia all our efforts…going to a disaster….Sale ye Sony wale Na to Khud Ki reputation hai aur na Hi Dushre Acche show Ki Kadar hai Inko …Yaar uss poll Mein humne Sony ko warning de Dali ….fir bhi no response…..Helll hell hell with this Sony …none sense none sense

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