Ek Duje Ke Vaste 12th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 12th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sumo comes there. Sumo greets the guests and touches their feet. Bua says the girls of yyour house are very beautiful. Did you speak to anyone about marriage? Mami shakes her head.

Sumo comes to Ramnath House. She greets Ramnath. He asks the servant to make tea for Sumo. Sumo makes it for both of them. Ramnath says Shravan is still not ready. Thank you for taking care of Shravan and handling him. I must say you are quite a fighter like Tiwari ji. Lala ji agrees with him. She makes tea for him too. Lala ji says Sumo is very mature. She handled Shravan. He cannot be controlled by anyone else otherwise. He has gone after his father. Ramnath looks at him. Lala ji says he has taken after me. Both brothers smile. Lala ji tells Ramnath not to let her hard work go waste. Ramnath is confused. Lala

ji says Shravan will be with us forever now. Hand over all the work to him and we brothers will enjoy together. Sumo’s smile disappears. Ramnath says how she would know. Lala ji says she just won a case with Shravan just now. Tell us if Shravan cannot handle the law firm? Sumo says Lala ji is right. He can handle your firm very well. He is a very nice man and a great lawyer. I am sure he will take it to great heights. Lala ji is happy while Kamini, who overheard their convo, looks upset.

Rachna coughs to gain Preeti’s attention. Preeti shakes her head. Tiwari ji asks Bua how she came to Delhi. Bua says we liked Preeti for Paras. You are really lucky to get an alliance like this. Tiwari ji says this cannot happen now. Preeti is relieved. Nanu says Sumo is the elder daughter of the house. We cannot think of this till she is married. Bua and her family agree to wait. Sumo is a good girl. we don’t understand how to marry an orphan. Nanu looks upset. Bua says I was just saying it for the sake of it. nanu says life and death are in God’s hands. It isn’t a kid’s fault if kids lose their parents. Paras’s mother says we dint mean it like that. We will wait for your reply. Nanu wishes them good luck. They all leave. Mami looks unhappy. My daughter was getting engaged but Sumo will get engaged first?

Shravan says this girl can do anything but packing. Everything should be perfect! I could have done it better on my own. Everything is helter-skelter. She asks him if he is done complaining (ho gaya tumhara?). He drops the book by mistake. She recognizes it to be their 12th standard book. He says it is important for me. You will never knock? She replies that you will never close from inside. Need help? I packed so nicely and you! He says everything is misplaced. She says this is how it is done. You don’t keep anything anywhere just like that. He smiles. I am not used to it. She smiles. He says thanks to her. She checks his pulse. Are you fine? How did you say thank you? He laughs. Jokes apart, seriously, thank you. She smiles sweetly. You are welcome. She punches him sweetly. I should thank you for staying back. I am very happy because of your decision. He says me too. She asks him if he has thought about what Chachi ji said. He nods. I will open an independent firm. Automatically everything will go to Pushkar if I don’t join papa’s firm. Chachi will be happy. She thinks uncle is thinking something else altogether. She tells him she met uncle just now. He was saying that. He says he must have thanked you for taking care of me. Just then Pushkar comes there.

Pushkar says hi to Sumo and playfully touches her feet. He asks Bhaiya if he is still here. Shravan jokes that he is exercising. Pushkar smiles. Come down. Everyone is waiting for you. Shravan says your newly married girl kind of smile is very dangerous. Tell me what is going to happen. Pushkar takes them both downstairs. Lala ji tells Ramnath to go ahead.

Ramnath does Shravan’s tilak and feeds him ladoo. Lala ji points out that Ramnath is doing the biggest and best thing of his life today. Ramnath gives him credit for the same. He announces before everyone that Shravan will handle the responsibilities of Malhotra Associates from today onwards. Everyone is happy except Kamini. Shravan looks shocked. Ramnath adds that he only took this decision while Trimurti stamped on it – Lala ji (Stubbornness), Pushkar (enthusiasm) and Sumo (advisor). Shravan looks pointedly at Sumo who is looking down. Pushkar stops Kamini from reacting. Pushkar is happiest as he will work with his brother from now onwards and not sir. I am a free bird now. It is masti time for Lala ji and me! Lala ji swirls with him.

Shravan asks his father why this decision suddenly. Ramnath tells him not to worry. Pushkar is there to help you. Pushkar nods. He addresses Shravan Sir sweetly. This will be cakewalk for you. He asks servant (Kamal) to bring cake. Shravan is hesitant but Lala ji tells him to cut cake. Sumo turns to go but Shravan tells her where she is going. Cake is yet to be cut. I have to take advice from you afterwards. Who else can be better than you to take advice from?

Shravan stops Sumo. I told you to stay back but you are leaving already? I need your advice. I am not intelligent like you. you knew everything yet you? She tells him everything honestly. What else could I have said? He suggests her that she could have ignored or lied. She says I am not interested in ignoring and I cannot lie about you. I will tell everyone honestly what is right about you, that you deserve to handle the firm on your own. I have to leave now. I have work. He stops her again. You are going to work after spoiling my work? She replies that his brain is spoiled. I don’t want to spoil mine. She leaves. He looks upset.

Mami is upset by Nanu’s decision. Bablu ji seconds Nanu. Mami says I will get Preeti married in that house only come what may. She will rule there. You do Jagrate. Why don’t you look for a groom there? Bablu says what Paras’s mother said about a girl without parents. It is difficult to find a groom. Mami tells him to try atleast. He nods.

Preeti and Pushkar are at a restaurant. She places a big order. He smiles. This much? She tells him what happened at home today. He asks her if she said yes to them. She says I was praising pastry. He is relieved. What happened then? She praises the guy. I dint like him that much but mom did. Pushkar is tensed. What happened then? Preeti says they spoke to Dadu who said they cannot think about my wedding till Sumo is married. Pushkar smiles broadly. Why did you say no to the guy when you liked the guy? She says it is about life. The compatibility of me and my husband should be good. The next alliance that should come for me should be such that I should say yes! He is taken aback. You will say yes? She agrees. He looks at her sadly as she relishes pastry.

Mami asks Mama ji to try papad. He tastes them and tells what he finds wrong with it. She makes it clear to him that Preeti will go to that house only, come what may. She is our daughter yet Babu ji said no to them without asking us? We never say anything. If it was someone else then there would have been a Mahabharat! Sumo asks them if everything is fine. Mami taunts her that everything is fine. It is just that Preeti’s alliance broke because of you. Mama ji sternly warns her not to speak like that. He seconds Babu ji. He tells Sumo what happened on her insistence. I will find a very good alliance for you, don’t worry.

Precap: Sumo tells Shravan she needs to talk to him about something important. He denies. I have to say something to you. She says I called you so I will tell first. Your talk cannot be important than my marriage! He is shocked. I called you to give invitation. He gets angry. What nonsense are you saying? How can you get married like this? She says what else she could do. He asks her to meet him right away but she refuses. He looks upset / angry.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. ishu

    Im too happy…everyone was praising sumo…there will be no family problem in future…( after shraman’s marriage) …except kamini….
    Preethi thu tho gayi…..pushkar plz confess ur love…
    The way tht old women told abt sumo “bina maa baap ke bla bla ” its -_-
    Shravan and sumo are cute together….he will never lock his room and she never knock hihi…..
    Shravan was rude….poor sumo…
    Did any one noticed the way sumo looked at shravan…she was using her hands to stop the sunlight from falling on her face…shravan is having such a height…. hihi

    Pushkar was jealous…hihi….he said he too “bach gayi “…..the way he looked at her eyes … -_-

    Good episode…. precap is soo interesting…shravan’s expression …. waiting for tomorrow

      • Ireena

        I am feeling now ur warmness,guys….missed u too,lado and my all lovely friends??

    • Ireena

      The pleasure is only mine,ishu abhi and all my friends,to get connected with such lovely people…???..that u all miss me….so am i

    • sree

      superb episode…Shravu’s cuteness and the way he asks sumo to wait as he has to take advice…his acting is so natural…He is still so concerned about his 12th standard book…He says it so much important for him and sumo smile by hearing tht awww……she is on cloud9
      preethi pushkar scenes are too gud..Reaction of Pushkar when she said about guys family made me laugh so much…He strted loving her ab preethi ko uska feelings samajna hai….
      last but not the least is precap…..shravu expressions by hearing about suman’s alliance…I think sumo will not loose this chance…waiting eagerly for tomorrow’s epi

    • lado

      shit i was not first but earlier i could not see ur comments ….maybe some network problem …happening since morning …tired of it:(

      • Ireena

        Its may be not a network problem….actually moderation takes time and thus the first comment gets published late….and we go wrong

  2. sweeto

    guyz can any one help how can i post my story in edkv section

    as their are only fan fiction and humor options

  3. Ireena

    This nik-nak just nailing it…well,guys,namik has confirmed for ‘preekar’…but pree seems tooo free…no problem,i thought abt two options,to unite shraman preekar will start feeling or to unite preekar shraman will be in deep…thinking both is going flop.???

  4. Minakhi

    Awesome episode.shraman fought after a very long time and don’t know why i love watching them fighting! It’s way more cute than their romance actually.Pushkar nd Preeti r soo cute …Eagerly waiting for tomorrow episode …Tx fr the fast update

  5. Rekha

    Thanks pooja. I have recently moved out of India and eagerly wait for your updates every day.

  6. Ohh god..now kamini will again start her evil plans..Sumo knew everything still she said Shravan is eligible for owning the firm.Though it will create some troubles in shravan’s life,sumo is there na..she will handle that kamini..I loved the way shravu angrily said sumo to stay there as he want some advices from her…Though shravu was angry,I loved that scene..Shraman scenes were awesome…Today also she entered his room with full haq without knocking….Their cute nok jhok was superb…Loved the way Pushkar touched Sumo’s feet…(future bhabhi hai,so no problem?)..Pushkar-Sumo-Shravan bonding is awesome….
    Preekar scenes were also sweet…So Pushku starts falling for preethi…Loved his tensed face when Preeti said about her marriage….Shravan ke liye khatra as Nanu is planning for sumo’s marriage..?
    Precap looks very very interesting…Shravan jealous track is gonna start..When sumo said her marriage is fixed…he shouted..how can u marry like this…That was so cute..N she pretend to be busy when he ask her to meet him….Eagerly waiting for the moment when Shravan proposes sumo…?
    They both r really cute..,
    Shraman rockssssss…??

    • Sunitha

      Yes,Shravan is still in love with Suman, I knew that if he keeps delaying to tell about his love than her family will think about getting Suman married, I knew Shravan would not want to see her with a guy,remember Sathya, he talked about Suman, which made him insecure,now he might just say I love you,Pushkar was shocked when he heard about Preeti’proposal with another guy,now Shravan is shocked about Suman’s marriage

  7. Ireena

    Hey,natasha…were u here????i missed u…..and searched for u too…after coming back,i searched 4 all my friends in marmarziyan page…couldnt catch them..only devga comes here sometimes…

    • sree

      hey even iam frm manmarziyan page…but i left tht page because of my xams….now i nly comment here nd dehleez…
      i was asking the same question to Natasha yesterday bt there was no rly

      • Ireena

        Oh!!!sorry,i have forgot……?,i think i got 3 old friends from mmz page,thats sweet?

  8. ishveer

    Hello,I am new here…
    I starting to watch this show only last week… This show is so much interesting….but l don’t know about the story, but I like it so much….
    I like sharvan and sumo couple as well as preeti and pushkar took….
    Precap is so nice..
    Plz anyone tell about the story of this serial…because why l ask means,in between scenes they show fb ,that’s why i can’t understand clearly..

    • ishu

      welcome to our group 🙂 🙂 … shravan and sumo were childhood frnds….shravan used to love sumo at tht time…but sumo always ignored him in their school…this made shravan sad….and due to some reasons shravan leaves india and goes to london…after 10 yrs he returns to india but tell pushkar tht he dont evn remember sumo…also he arranged a party in which sumo was also invited…he purpose fully send her and his another girl frnd same dress…there create a scene…after tht a case arises ie khosla’s which bring suman and shravan together…. hope u get it 🙂 🙂

    • Lado

      Hello ishveer even I started watching edkv a lil late but now I m a big fan of the show they don’t drag anything and just love sharman chemistry???
      Btw where r u from and in which class???

      • ishveer

        Hello lado …l am from Kerala and I completed post graduation… Now I searching job…
        Now where r u from ???…what are u doing???

      • sree

        i got another dii…yipeee…can i call u [email protected]

      • ishu

        another malayali… 🙂 🙂 i & abhi too from kerala… we are from ernakulam …and u di???

      • Lado

        Ohh I m from Punjab @ishveer and I gave my 12th exams this year……younger than u …I got a di here….I hope u don’t have any prob if I will call u di???

  9. cutie pie

    Awesome episode loved pushkars prank with suman
    Wailting to watch shravan jealousy when he learn about simans wedding

    • cutie pie

      Awesome episode loved pushkars prank with suman
      Wailting to watch shravan jealousy when he learn about sumans wedding

  10. shweeto

    thank @abhi and @ishu

    well yeah i,m gng to share a story which is a true one and i,ll use edkv characters sumo and sharvan

  11. Meena

    What an episode!!!!!!really lovely!you can go on and on watching sumo and Shravan!Even pushkar and Priti are-both so cute, act so well.just can’t wait for tomorrow ‘s episode.hope they don’t disappoint like last week repeating today’s episode.I predict Ek Duje ke vaste is going to be one of the best shows,without making even a little bit boring!

  12. Lily

    Oh God shravu was looking so cute in jealousy ………and Suman was purposely doing it…. So that he can confess his love … I m loving this jealousy track………………

    • lado

      hi di m from punjab and just gave my 12th exams this year and i m also a medical student and m preparing for the medical entrance test …….plz di it will be nice if u will guide me a little as u have already done M.B.B.S 🙂

  13. sree

    superb episode…Shravu’s cuteness and the way he asks sumo to wait as he has to take advice…his acting is so natural…He is still so concerned about his 12th standard book…He says it so much important for him and sumo smile by hearing tht awww……she is on cloud9
    preethi pushkar scenes are too gud..Reaction of Pushkar when she said about guys family made me laugh so much…He strted loving her ab preethi ko uska feelings samajna hai….
    last but not the least is precap…..shravu expressions by hearing about suman’s alliance…I think sumo will not loose this chance…waiting eagerly for tomorrow’s epi

  14. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Guys few things I have doubt.. Where is suman tiffin centre?? It was shown long back and what happened? 2. Shravan was engaged to one stupid girl and where is she? No words about her till now?.. Anyways I liked the epi

    • sree

      1.check 4 days back episode,u’ll find the tiffin center track
      2.He is nt engaged to tht girl…see 29th march episode for tht….
      your doubts are clear i think now

    • Tiffin centre is there…now they r focussing on Shraman..thats why they r not showing it..

      About that girl,…That engagement was broken na…so may be her part is over..

    • tara

      1. sumo’s tiffin centre is still there..they show it sometimes..bt not very frequently/// prita’s and sumo’s conversation takes place mostly there,
      2. shravan was not really engaged to her. she was behind his money , property and high status..shravan understood that nd it was on the holy party that the girl broke the engagement as she didnt want to sta with someone who does charity….
      if u still dont get it see that holi epi.. 🙂

  15. Guys…i have given nimik’s interview link above…Trust me guys,thats the best interview of namik n niki …Niki paises namik in that interview..??

  16. Feera

    I am new here .. Couldnt stop myself after reading your comments ..
    The episode was awsome… Oh that puskar’s smile.. Its gonna kill me

  17. Abhijit

    I said i will be an antagonist in this page!!! @lado An antagonist will be never polite!! Okay, u r my friend so i am sorry!! I am really sorry @lado. No one wants me as a negative character so forget spiced up group, forget abhijit.. Bye guys i will not comment, u hate antagonist fine!! Ur antagonist is going.. I will not comment.. Bye everyone!! It was really nice being here with u all 🙂

  18. Natasha

    Yeah ireena how r u? And sree u too. Do devga come here? Im missing her too. I just saw ur names so commented. But i dont think i will always able to. But will everyday read ur comments.

    • sree

      after a long time Natasha….happy to see u..Iam fine and how r u?…wt hpnd to ur story?u r nt continuing it..

    • Ireena

      Oops!!natasha,i just got it….no problem,dear…do come here when u r free….
      Actually devga is busy due to her exams….thats she cant come regularly…
      Btw,has ur ff got finished???i looked for it…i am missing it…??

  19. Ameesha

    Guys is that just me or u also think that suman’s dresses are just perfect?? Her dresses are really so gorgeous!! Anyone knows where she gets those dress from?? Her dresses are so??
    I cant express it!!!

    • Lado

      Yeah u r right ameesha …..her dresses are just fab….they are designed for a girl who is from a middle class family the design of her kurtis is so unique and classy at the same time …I just wish I had a figure like her and the dresses also like hers???????

  20. mannu

    hi hello….dis is Mannu….I m from Hyderabad…. I just loved ur bonding guys..can I join u all?? can I be your frnd…??

  21. Anshi

    Ahem!!! Smart pushkar has even startred practicing touching feet of his future bhabhi… Nice!!
    Guys Shraman jodi is lovely bt i also lik bonding btween pushkar nd sumo. I mean d level of frankness.
    Well guys hv noticed dat luk of agony jealousy luv hurt on shravan’s face wen he heard about sumo’s marriage.
    Guys actually i jst luv nok jhok btween shraman. Jst luv it…
    Awwww bechara shravan voh abhi tk sumo ke liye feel krta h.
    Nd pushkar u r actually falling fr preeti…
    Luv dis serial..
    Welcum back ireena di(r u older dan me???) nd pooja di

  22. Abhijit

    No1 wants me to be negative.. I had described that i will be the antagonist.. How can an antagonist be polite and good and not be negative.. I am really sorry abhi, ishu, ireena, anshi and lado for being here these days and irritating everyone.. Sorry lado for hurting you.. I will not comment here, as no one wants me to be here.. Forget abhijit, forget spiced up group, forget the friendship lado, forget the attitude, forget the antagonist, forget the job ameesha, forget about my hurted feelings anshi, forget the fresh start, forget me abhi, ishu, ireena, natasha, sree and everyone else.. Sorry to every commenter being ignored that i cant fight for u!! It was really a good experience being here.. Bye guys!!! I dont want any replies to this comment.. You can read it keep your replies to yourself. I dont want any1’s replies.. Thanks that all of u made my 3 days

    • Lado

      Oh god abhijit no one saying u to go and btw once I be friends with someone I be their friend always…. So there is no point that I will forget u(my god that was a cheesy line???but true)
      So u may go now but it will be better if u stay and u will always be welcomed here
      M I right guys ….who all agree with me???

  23. tara

    omg what all is happening guys,,i mean i just read few comments from previous epis…i think u shouldnt entertain such people they just want attention…its my request…to all plzz let them be..u guys chillax nd enjoy the show..

    • Yes I m already used to this kind of people and there were shows I previously commented so u know what name is given to them, virus 😛
      I don’t mid people criticizing the show but they shouldn’t use mean and rude words it’s not nice at all

  24. @Tara,…sorry yaar..i was a watching a movie..in that people use aap …so while typing i accidentally used it…?

  25. tara

    m in class 11 lado… I hope u don’t mind me calling by ur name…as I don’t like to be formal…

  26. Shobhit

    I can’t understand why sumo can’t confess her love becoz shravan had already confessed it in childhood. Whenever I read comment in starting of the show, comments were opposite to shravan ( specially after reunion party episode) but now it is good to see all have become shravan’s fan.

  27. shweeto

    okkkkk guysssss i posted my ff read it and give reviews ”innocent heart”

    and as i said its true story so i,ll not spice it up that much just will add some songs………

    It will be pleasure if u guyzzz read

  28. anu

    I feel even preeti and pushkar also make a very cute couple
    A good pair .
    I so wish them to come together soon .
    N about episode it was good All through ☺??

  29. Sindhu

    Hello everyone
    Ishu u write sandir ff write.. Episode was awesome loved it nd Puskar’s face ??

    • ishu

      yes im writing an ff there… happy tht u noticed it…. u too a fan of sadda haq??? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  30. swathi

    Hello guys I am new here…i always used to read ur comments usually I won’t comment in written update parts but its my first attempt…i just loved this serial to core…they r not dragging anything I felt…n shraman off wat to say guys they just best couple for me….sry I didn’t ask d permission n started to type…hope u guys don’t mind??????

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