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Shravan comes to Aditya’s room. Why do you want that property? Aditya fumbles. Shravan guesses it that he wants to give it to Sumo. Aditya is surprised. Did you hire some detectives? Pushkar might have told you. Shravan says it doesn’t matter. You dint tell me directly though. Aditya speaks of the problem between Shravan and Sumo because of it. Shravan says you thought wrong. I would have given the papers to you that time itself if you had told me you need it for Sumo. Did she ask for it? Aditya denies. you are her best friend. You know her better than me. You think she will she it? Don’t tell her pleas or my surprised will be ruined. shravan agrees. He gives the property papers to Aditya. Aditya thanks him profusely. I will pay and do the formalities soon. Shravan tells him to chill.

We have to wait for Sumo to accept it first. Aditya gets thrilled. You changed your image in my eyes today. Shravan thinks Sumo dint take this property from him or his papa. I will wait for the moment when you will give these papers to Sumo. You will then know what place you have in Sumo’s life.

Nirmala ji is doing puja. Aditya asks her if she was praying to meet him soon. she denies. you aren’t the only one who I wish to meet. I want to meet my would be DIL too. Aditya agrees to make her meet soon. I will show you her photo tomorrow. I have chosen the most complicated DIL for you. I know she wants it but I don’t know if she will take it or not. her best friend was going to give it to her but she refused. Nirmala ji calls it self-respect. I appreciate your choice. They pray that Aditya succeeds tomorrow in his plan.

Aditya brings Sumo to PCT’s old office. She gets emotional seeing the board. Why are we here? He asks her to come inside. I will tell then. this place has waited too long for you already. She looks at everything emotionally. There is so much dust here now. Aditya gives her the property papers. She asks him what they are doing here. She reads the papers. I cannot take it. How id you even think about it? From where did you get them? Aditya takes Ramnath’s name. She asks him to come. He blocks her way. You are forgetting your promise. She corrects him. I dint agree to take any favour from you. He calls it a business deal between her and her investor. Not I but he will invest it. He has to launch an application named tiffin for which he wants to use your services. You will work for him. I am only making both the parties meet. You and PCT deserve something good. Investor agrees to invest money when he is sure about the talent and hard work of someone. This is you not me who is getting this place back. Destiny is knocking at your door. Just open it. She thanks him. He is super happy.

Shravan paces anxiously. Aditya would have given the papers to Sumo by now. He must be coming soon. Aditya comes just then and hugs Shravan which irritates Shravan. Sumo accepted it from me. She said no to you and your dad but I could help her. I am so happy to be a part of her new start. You too are a part of it but you are a little less special than me. Shravan is all shaken up. Aditya says I am kidding. You have done a huge favour on me today. thank you so much. I owe you big time. He leaves. Shravan breaks down. He angrily says Sumo and throws stuff away.

Sumo is busy tidying up PCT. She calls one of her milk suppliers asking him to resume the milk supplies. Sumo calls Prita from her mobile. She will understand if I call from landline. She asks Prita to come to PCT along with all the other ladies. Prita speaks of making lunch. Sumo insists her to come to PCT asap. I have to tell you all something. Prita agrees. Sumo thinks of Shravan. He was so concerned about it. I spoke so rudely to him. Did he spoke to Aditya about it so I can get the deal? That’s my Shravan. He is so concerned for me. I hope he tells me what’s in his heart soon. She smiles.

Shravan is practising boxing. His hand is wounded. He thinks of how he tried to help Sumo but she refused him and then her accepting help from Aditya. He looks hurt. He still continues practising angrily. Ramnath comes to Shravan’s room. He is shocked to see his hand all wounded and bloodied. He nurses Shravan’s wound. Dint you realise it was bleeding? Shravan says how it matters. Ramnath says it matters to me. this is our family’s blood, my blood. It’s not there to waste. You have to understand its value. Tell me what happened. Who were you taking out your anger on? Shravan is all quiet. Ramnath advises him not to become weak or everyone will make use of it. Shravan gets thinking.

Prita and the ladies come to PCT. They are surprised to see the place empty yet well decked. Prita wonders if someone else started business in their name. When will Sumo’s problems go away? Sumo says from now only. I dint call you here to talk. We have to do a lot of work. She guides everyone what they have to do on their first day. They have confused looks on their faces. Sumo asks them if they aren’t happy to get their place back. They happily share a group hug. How did it happen? They all get down to work.

Shravan calls Sumo. Where are you? She takes PCT’s name upsetting him all the more. I am coming. He ends the call. Shravan angrily throws the perfume bottle on the mirror thereby breaking it. he looks at the pieces of broken glass. Servant asks him what happened. Shravan asks him to get a new mirror in his room today itself. Servant looks confused. Sir sees this mirror daily. Don’t know what happened today.

Prita teases Sumo on her happy face. It is shining so bright. Is there some better news than PCT? Sumo does not tell her anything. Prita goes. Sumo thinks Shravan you are feeling so jealous right now that you don’t want to share me with anyone even in your thoughts. Come. Your Sumo is waiting for you. epi ends on her happy face.

Precap: Shravan says you get everything without losing anything but you will lose something today. I know it wont matter to you. You will lose a friend today. You will never get that Shravan now whom you knew till date. Sumo is in tears.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. @guys..
    HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY frnds..????????

  2. @ Kittu u say u dont know Gujarati, but you write farely well. No harm about your imagination. It is around 60 hr now from the last friday. Not single hour gone without thinking of Shravan atlest 5 times in an hour. That is the agony.

    Bye the way in the vedio Tarunima Varma posted in her tweeter acount the production team has agreed that they brought this track purposely. Now they are phass gayi. Now they are trying to find out how to escape from the wrath of Shraman fans. Oh god see tweeter Kitan tweets against Adi.

  3. @Kitu it is ok to divert the attention from the painful event. Best wishes continue your good work.

  4. After seein the Promo, I dont know how I will see todays episode.

  5. now gonna take a sound sleep…gotta wake up early 2morrow…?..☺bye

    1. @Ireena di…sleep…nd ya red fort is made of red sandstone…see u nxt week….ND enjoy edkv nd hope u will miss us…

      1. i see…
        well,c u next week..and then u must give me info abt whole week,ok??
        undoubtedly i will miss u and my edkv family…so remember me too…??☺?

  6. @KITTU u know KITTU their relationship is a”Pavitra Bandan” Remember their conversation in Sumo car after Shravan repairs it. She asks what we’re u doing at London all these 10 years. Any girlfriend she asks him he replies no. So he never even thought of any girl leave alone touching any girl with live. She too maintained the same waiting for him 10 long years. I am unable to even imagine Sumo ka mahend usme adi ka nam our engagement and ring. Or even adi s nail touching a shravan ka Sumo. No fan wants all these rubbish. All the want is an undefiled Sumo for an equally undefiled Shravan. Ek duje ke vaste is an EK PAVITRA BANDAN OF 2 PAVITRA SOULS Dear. Please please don’t even dream of Adi touching Sumo with love

  7. Happy Independence Day ? Guys

  8. @KITTU u know KITTU their relationship is a “PAVITRA BANDAN” from childhood. Do u remember their conversation in Sumo car after Shravan repairs it. She what we’re u doing all these 10 years in London?. Any girl friend. She asks him. He replies ni. So he neve had girl friend and the same way she had no Bf. Then how can u think Adi Exchane ring with Sumo uski mehendi and axis name on Sumo palm. Shravan deserve to get an undefiled Sumo and Sumo a undefiled Shravan. They r EK DUJE KE VASTE EK PAVITRA BANDAN HE BHAI.Not even sums nail should not hv axis name

    1. @4444…OK…well I don’t know Gujarati..but only copied u?…okay…I’ll continue my work…nd PAVITRA RISHTA…very TRUE…
      BOTH SOULS R VERY HOLY…PAVITRA RISHTA 2 SHOULD B MADE NOW?…well okay…I agree..even I too can’t see sumo with adi..I mean adimanav…bhagvaan..neverrrrr…..nd wow ,yr cmmts were 4 me….I think this is the first time when we r talking…well hi dear…this is Kittu..could u tell me anything abt u..

      1. @KITTU regarding me. Frm combatore TN. Now in Gujarat. Name DMDavid. Twiter same. Male. Engaged to be married soon. Cricket tennis. Leandeer Sania saina nehwal, marykom, Doni Virat muralist vijay Ashwin jadeja Steffi graff Boris beck ke my favourites.

  9. Happy Independence Day all my dear friends

  10. Hiiiiiiijijjj guys…

    I have seen a tweet on twitter that krpkab makers are changing the storyline bcz of the downfalling trps …….I wish edkv makers also change the storyline a bit ..make it a bit romantic.. I want some romance…just 2 months left show us some

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  24. 10 more minutes FOR EDKV 12th episode. My heart beats with anxiety. Oh god.

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