Ek Duje Ke Vaste 12th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 12th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shravan comes to Aditya’s room. Why do you want that property? Aditya fumbles. Shravan guesses it that he wants to give it to Sumo. Aditya is surprised. Did you hire some detectives? Pushkar might have told you. Shravan says it doesn’t matter. You dint tell me directly though. Aditya speaks of the problem between Shravan and Sumo because of it. Shravan says you thought wrong. I would have given the papers to you that time itself if you had told me you need it for Sumo. Did she ask for it? Aditya denies. you are her best friend. You know her better than me. You think she will she it? Don’t tell her pleas or my surprised will be ruined. shravan agrees. He gives the property papers to Aditya. Aditya thanks him profusely. I will pay and do the formalities soon. Shravan tells him to chill.

We have to wait for Sumo to accept it first. Aditya gets thrilled. You changed your image in my eyes today. Shravan thinks Sumo dint take this property from him or his papa. I will wait for the moment when you will give these papers to Sumo. You will then know what place you have in Sumo’s life.

Nirmala ji is doing puja. Aditya asks her if she was praying to meet him soon. she denies. you aren’t the only one who I wish to meet. I want to meet my would be DIL too. Aditya agrees to make her meet soon. I will show you her photo tomorrow. I have chosen the most complicated DIL for you. I know she wants it but I don’t know if she will take it or not. her best friend was going to give it to her but she refused. Nirmala ji calls it self-respect. I appreciate your choice. They pray that Aditya succeeds tomorrow in his plan.

Aditya brings Sumo to PCT’s old office. She gets emotional seeing the board. Why are we here? He asks her to come inside. I will tell then. this place has waited too long for you already. She looks at everything emotionally. There is so much dust here now. Aditya gives her the property papers. She asks him what they are doing here. She reads the papers. I cannot take it. How id you even think about it? From where did you get them? Aditya takes Ramnath’s name. She asks him to come. He blocks her way. You are forgetting your promise. She corrects him. I dint agree to take any favour from you. He calls it a business deal between her and her investor. Not I but he will invest it. He has to launch an application named tiffin for which he wants to use your services. You will work for him. I am only making both the parties meet. You and PCT deserve something good. Investor agrees to invest money when he is sure about the talent and hard work of someone. This is you not me who is getting this place back. Destiny is knocking at your door. Just open it. She thanks him. He is super happy.

Shravan paces anxiously. Aditya would have given the papers to Sumo by now. He must be coming soon. Aditya comes just then and hugs Shravan which irritates Shravan. Sumo accepted it from me. She said no to you and your dad but I could help her. I am so happy to be a part of her new start. You too are a part of it but you are a little less special than me. Shravan is all shaken up. Aditya says I am kidding. You have done a huge favour on me today. thank you so much. I owe you big time. He leaves. Shravan breaks down. He angrily says Sumo and throws stuff away.

Sumo is busy tidying up PCT. She calls one of her milk suppliers asking him to resume the milk supplies. Sumo calls Prita from her mobile. She will understand if I call from landline. She asks Prita to come to PCT along with all the other ladies. Prita speaks of making lunch. Sumo insists her to come to PCT asap. I have to tell you all something. Prita agrees. Sumo thinks of Shravan. He was so concerned about it. I spoke so rudely to him. Did he spoke to Aditya about it so I can get the deal? That’s my Shravan. He is so concerned for me. I hope he tells me what’s in his heart soon. She smiles.

Shravan is practising boxing. His hand is wounded. He thinks of how he tried to help Sumo but she refused him and then her accepting help from Aditya. He looks hurt. He still continues practising angrily. Ramnath comes to Shravan’s room. He is shocked to see his hand all wounded and bloodied. He nurses Shravan’s wound. Dint you realise it was bleeding? Shravan says how it matters. Ramnath says it matters to me. this is our family’s blood, my blood. It’s not there to waste. You have to understand its value. Tell me what happened. Who were you taking out your anger on? Shravan is all quiet. Ramnath advises him not to become weak or everyone will make use of it. Shravan gets thinking.

Prita and the ladies come to PCT. They are surprised to see the place empty yet well decked. Prita wonders if someone else started business in their name. When will Sumo’s problems go away? Sumo says from now only. I dint call you here to talk. We have to do a lot of work. She guides everyone what they have to do on their first day. They have confused looks on their faces. Sumo asks them if they aren’t happy to get their place back. They happily share a group hug. How did it happen? They all get down to work.

Shravan calls Sumo. Where are you? She takes PCT’s name upsetting him all the more. I am coming. He ends the call. Shravan angrily throws the perfume bottle on the mirror thereby breaking it. he looks at the pieces of broken glass. Servant asks him what happened. Shravan asks him to get a new mirror in his room today itself. Servant looks confused. Sir sees this mirror daily. Don’t know what happened today.

Prita teases Sumo on her happy face. It is shining so bright. Is there some better news than PCT? Sumo does not tell her anything. Prita goes. Sumo thinks Shravan you are feeling so jealous right now that you don’t want to share me with anyone even in your thoughts. Come. Your Sumo is waiting for you. epi ends on her happy face.

Precap: Shravan says you get everything without losing anything but you will lose something today. I know it wont matter to you. You will lose a friend today. You will never get that Shravan now whom you knew till date. Sumo is in tears.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. Devga


    |Registered Member

    Uffff felt really bad for shravu…
    Today is the first epi i hate adhi a lot…
    His convo with shravu…. And shravu expression knwing sumo accepted…

    Adhi : mein bahuth khush hoon jo papers usne na thumse na ramnath uncle se liya mujse liya mein bahuth khush hoon… Thank u shravan thank u shravan….

    Shravu bichara bahuth shocking expression detha hein….(( Maine toh rona shuru kiya aur chanel chnge kar dhiya))

    Adhi (lookin at shravu’s expression) :
    “thum bhi special ho but mujse thoda cum…”

    Sumo shravu had less misunderstanding by ravan nath tht again with adhi’s track it is increasing….

    RReally hating these MANY MISUNDERSTANDINGS….


    I m crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    feeling horrible frustrated crying angry ……
    horrible for shravan villain look
    frustrated with this lots of misunderstanding track
    crying for suman as she thinks shravan is coming for love confession
    angry on shravan as he is papa’s boy duffer dumb
    guys please I m really srry but I would say one thing….
    Shravan tumhe khuda ne is duniya me bheja toh bheja pr tumhare bheje me bheja nhi bheja…..
    In short use ur heart before taking any decision…..
    poor sumo she loves shravan alot but guys what kind of love does shravan feel…..He can leave sumo whenever he feel he thinks he is the only man who is rich or who is loyar ……
    see my prediction
    somo and shravan will have their path away
    adi will show suman photo to nirmala
    nirmala will go to nanu
    and then nanu, ramukaka nd other family members will force sumo to get married with adi
    now the whole decision is dependent on sumo what will she doo??? u all have to decide doo reply guys kkk…..

    guys one shayari 4 shravan……
    love is not a game to play,
    It is not a word to say,
    It doesn’t start on March and ends on May,
    It is for tomorrow, yesterday, today and everyday…….

    1 song 4 shraman…..
    tadap tadap ke iss dill se aag nikalni rhi……..
    mujh ko saza di pyaar ki…..
    aisa ky gunah kiya….,,
    o lut gae haaa lut gae…….
    o lut gae hum teri mohobbat me……..

    last but not the least
    1 shyari 4 us this shayari goes to the bottom of my heart……..
    Kamyabi Badi Nahi Paane Wale Bade Hote Hai.
    Zakhm Bade Nahi Bharne Wale Bade Hote Hai.
    Itihas Ke Har Panne Pe Likha Hai.
    Dosti Badi Nahi Nibhane Wale Bade Hote Hai?…..

    chlo gud ni8 guys

  3. Chandu

    Hey pooja… you forgot to mention that aditya saying to nirmala about his surprise gift to sumo. U directly started with… whether she will accept or not…


    I m crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    feeling horrible frustrated crying angry ……
    horrible for shravan villain look
    frustrated with this lots of misunderstanding track
    crying for suman as she thinks shravan is coming for love confession
    angry on shravan as he is papa’s boy duffer dumb
    guys please I m really srry but I would say one thing….
    Shravan tumhe khuda ne is duniya me bheja toh bheja pr tumhare bheje me bheja nhi bheja…..
    In short use ur heart before taking any decision…..
    poor sumo she loves shravan alot but guys what kind of love does shravan feel…..He can leave sumo whenever he feel he thinks he is the only man who is rich or who is loyar ……
    see my prediction
    somo and shravan will have their path away
    adi will show suman photo to nirmala
    nirmala will go to nanu
    and then nanu, ramukaka nd other family members will force sumo to get married with adi
    now the whole decision is dependent on sumo what will she doo??? u all have to decide doo reply guys kkk…..

    guys one shayari 4 shravan……
    love is not a game to play,
    It is not a word to say,
    It doesn’t start on March and ends on May,
    It is for tomorrow, yesterday, today and everyday…….

    1 song 4 shraman…..
    tadap tadap ke iss dill se aag nikalni rhi……..
    mujh ko saza di pyaar ki…..
    aisa ky gunah kiya….,,
    o lut gae haaa lut gae…….
    o lut gae hum teri mohobbat me……..

    last but not the least
    1 shyari 4 us this shayari goes to the bottom of my heart……..
    Kamyabi Badi Nahi Paane Wale Bade Hote Hai.
    Zakhm Bade Nahi Bharne Wale Bade Hote Hai.
    Itihas Ke Har Panne Pe Likha Hai.
    Dosti Badi Nahi Nibhane Wale Bade Hote Hai?…..

    chlo gud ni8 guys
    shabbakher. ……..

  5. sona

    Shraman pls…b strong..it’s tough time not only for u..but also for ur fans…..☺
    Emotional episode…shravu k ankho mey aasu dekh k…boxing k waqt..mera bhi aasu nikal aaye..
    Par myney taan li😵😵..badi himmath kar k..ki…
    Baaki aasu…Monday wali aur uskey aagey aneywaley..tough times kiye..bacha..k rakhu…hu..hu…hu…..😨😨😨😨😨😨😧😧😧😦😦😥😥😥😥

  6. 44444

    I am broken. Precap. For the last 3 days when it is 10.00pm my heart beat increases.@ Minaki, lily,Irene & all yr frnds call me negative. But today I could not hold my tears for both. It may be a story, but has become a integral part of my life for the last 118 episodes. Wondering whether the heart of writers is made of steel. God my fears should not come true. Oh oh god Pl Pl unite the hearts made for each other.

  7. nikipaul

    Worst episode. But mujor lok ke the he after sorrow happiness follows. Let there be shine in the life of Shravans and suman and in the faces of fans. Now instead fighting in the forum let us pray god gives good sense to writers so that the understand what fans like.
    edkv twitter filled with tears and pain. Writers Pl nite.

  8. Anjali

    couldn’t watch today’s episode …my God after reading only m crying …my shravu is in so much pain…can’t see him like that…he hurt himself …God he misunderstood the situation n going to break all ties from sumo…
    sumo my poor girl ..how happy u r thinking shravu did it for u n expecting that he will confess…my dear ur going to breakdown like shravu breakdown today…
    feeling really bad for my shraman…so heartbreaking …
    🙁 🙁
    bye guys …tc all…gonna miss u all badly …love u all…
    hope to see shraman together soon…till then don’t be negative n keep spreading positivity about edkv …

  9. Lily

    Guys be positive… Yaar next week will be a roller coaster ride as per namik…plz trust him…..and guys just Mon epi dekhlo,uske baad Sab kuch jaldi jaldi hoga…no more dragging…..namik also posted a snapchat pic where he wrote that he has just shot a new promo….so guys be patient…… I think something unexpected will happen……so just trust them….

  10. Anjali

    I hate this adi …wat the blo*dy hell he thinks of himself…how dare he call himself more special than shravu for sumo…he’s really getting on my nerves..he really is freaking out of his mind…
    ramu kam tha Jo ab ye…God really wish to kill them…
    again a spoiler failed here…we thought shravu would hurt his band by breaking glass but no he did it by boxing…
    I can imagine how heartbroken he must be…I really wish the truth to be revealed soon…
    my sumo is happy that shravu did this…her shravu did this…little did you know his intention was different…ur going to be heartbroken in next episode …
    n watching you two like this is breaking my heart….:( 🙁
    cv’s bring them together soon …can’t see my shraman distraught, heartbroken like this….
    I know you cv’s wont stop giving us twists…so I’ll be positive as usual supporting this show …as it’s a part of me now … feel very connected to this…
    c u soon my edkvians…spread positivity …:)

  11. Anjali

    @areeba…last friendship shayari was awesome yaar. ..
    good night all my edkvian buddies…sweet dreams about shraman 😉

  12. Lily


    Acha guys,I saw namik and pushkar’s pic…..namik was wearing sherwani …(point to be noted)…….
    I saw adi pic as well.he was wearing normal clothes ,usually what a guest wear…..
    I saw preeti s pic as well…
    But till now I didn’t see sumo’s pic…..

    Any guesses why?

    Just being full on positive…. That sumo got married and she must have applied sindur or she must have been wearing a bridal dress…that’s why they are not posting her
    pic .her look will be hidden from others…
    shravan is wearing a sherwani…
    So may be shraman are going to marry that day due to circumstances.yipeeeeee
    Kuch vhi aivayi vala thought…

    ☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝look above …..

    Something which will make you happy……

    • 44444

      Wish yr imagination come true. Twitter is full of shock. But no hind what is next. Other spoilers so many confusing statements. But in edkv twitter thereally was so much agony.
      hope preeta and team do something. Or Kamini, somebody do something to save this childhood relationship. Pl if it happens fast it is good.

    • Alina

      I also hope dis to happen…but I think it is impossible now because shravan has broken his relation so he will not go to suman and on the other hand suman will not do anything because of self respect , ramnath uncle’s promise..

  13. Lily

    Acha yaar mere iss ache vaale thought par
    Reply karna mat bhoolna……

  14. Anjali

    @areeba …I think sumo will say yes to marriage proposal for preeti, nanu …especially for nanu …he’ll tell her to fulfill his last wish by marrying that intolerable chipku adi …its somewhat like emotional blackmail …she won’t be able to deny for his shake …
    but I can’t surely about this…as cv’s always surprise with new dramas…
    I agree with u in the matter of shravu…he should trust his sumo.
    .can’t he see love in her eyes which is for him only…any relation is based on trust n understanding …but he doesnt understand her completely… though its not his fault…his past has made him like this…n how can he go against with his father when he was the only one with him during his toughest times…n its really impossible to trust anyone more than his dad…n sumo on the other hand again for the sake of family would not go against them…I pity her…why can’t they consider her as their daughter like they consider preeti …
    n yeah preekar are too busy in themselves that they can’t even see the sadness of their sis/friend …
    come out of ur little bubble guys n help them bringing together like shraman did for you…
    n this chipku adi. .I really think he’s out of his freaking mind…can’t you see man the love birds…the way they look at each other, care for each other, it can be seen even by a blind person…but ur more than blind…intolerable, chipku, annoying, always intruding in others lives n happiness like my shraman’s…
    I really wish I could slap him hard across his face for butting in between shraman…
    omg …sorry guys its just m frustrated with adi n ramu ..n heartbroken for my shraman…can’t see them like that…
    shraman lovely dream guys… 🙂

  15. Anjali

    @lily…love u sooo much yar …I really wish ur ainvayi kuch v imagination to be true 😉
    thanku sooo much …u made my mood …n yeah I will always be positive about this show no matter what coz “mil jate hai Jo bane ek duje ke vaaste”..
    can you please send the links of pics here dear??

  16. Anjali

    @lily …hamari Sherlock Holmes…I really wish ki tmhari guess right ho…
    yep m prepared for roller coaster ride…
    thanks sooooo much Sherlock 😉 for the news…. :*
    keep spreading positivity guys….
    adi will be flopped n shraman will rock 🙂

  17. Shiny

    such a heart breaking epi 🙁 ….naamik acting was just aswm….hope dey get together soon…but can’t wait for two more days to c next epi…next epi is even more heartbreaking 🙁 🙁

  18. stopwatchingtv

    Hate shravan. He doesn’t even know the meaning of self respect and sees no one in his ego. The way he behaved like kaminI chachi all the time without understanding that Tiwari’s are not as rich they are. Still he always show them down and says that nanaji is very important for him. Hypocrite idiot.

  19. 44444

    Now why Kamini is not uniting these 2. Why the meeting between Nirmala & Malhotras still dragged. Why break the hearts of fans. Producers Pl Pl don’t do injustice to Sumo & Shravan.

  20. kittu

    Ye kya huya…
    Kaise huya…
    Kyu huya…
    Jab huya…
    Tab huya…
    Isse sochoooo…

    What u did monkey man(adi)…I really had a lil crush on you but now only anger is there. Owl,chameleon…. I hate uuuu…but love u tooo..
    Hey everyone… First the in the Indian Television history….. Shravan (hero)will b seen as “dakoo”but I love this dakooo….
    Yaar what’s the problem of niru kaki…nd his cheap boy….ramu….your blood..hmmn,okay okay…RAM’s blood..but m sorry to say that ,yr son is opposite to u..he is soooo adorable, nd u..😷,he is so humble, nd u😲,he is so cute ,nd u🙀,he is so tall ,nd uuuu
    .same same,only in this attribute… Nd how loving guy he is nd uuu👹..devil just stop yr nonsense… I hate u my ramu kaka..nd shravan i too cried …ohooo..no one is here who can wipe his tears….today oh no…
    Hey everyone… I think …this Malhotra’s son r like ” HUM SAATH SAATH HAIN” ..
    Varun:like bade Bhaiya of HSSH movie..every time business… God
    Our Lambu :salman Khan ,calm nd studious…not calm but hey he is calm…soo nicee…
    Pushu baba: saif Ali khan,chulbula nd naughty..who fall in luv easily like saif Ali in movie HSSH…
    @Minu Di…hi Di…love uuuuuu…nd sorry I couldn’t cmmt yesterday for u..
    Lots of love Di..nd I missed u tooooo💑
    @Roshni Di…hey Di…r u going to college ,may b yr college has started.. Enjoy yr college lyf Di…
    @Sona Di…hi..
    @Anu…guys,where is our DJ Anshi..m missing her…
    @Arbi…wow nice to see u back…
    @Nazia…great dear…so caring u r..
    @Beas..dear, congratulations for being first..
    @SSS,hi…ya xms were superb nd thnx for yr wish…I’ll surely get good marks as yr blessings r with me…
    @Ireena Di..r u not well…hey Di…come soon…today is Saturday… May b u will come today..missing u…
    @Bhagya Di..hi Di…I m here…come Di..we r waiting for u..
    @lily..yesterday yr prediction was beyond this world.. I m eagerly waiting for villain role of shravan.. Just kidding.. But I’ll love this track if this happen..
    Sorry I didn’t read yr today’s cmmt…so I’ll cmmt on it later.
    @Minu Di…hey Di u r really so positive.. Nd so much of positivity do u have…okay Di..u need not to describe yrself here,we know how humble u r..nd ya those disgusting ppl, shit man,they can’t understand what they want ,nd what they like…they just only blow with the rumour.. They never understood this script nd won’t be ever…so don’t burst yr anger on them…keep it..it will help us…for killing..
    1.Ramu kaka:most wanted budda..
    2.Niur kaki: kaki 420
    3Adi: khiladi Bhaiya..
    4.uncle: modu uncle
    So Di…just chillax..nothing will happen wrong…nd yr brigade is behind u…nd ya..in yr words..EDKV Is OUR JAAN..😘,jaani…ha ha…sorry Di if I hurt u..but I only wanna make to happy nd relax…bag full of love ,m going to courier u…sooooon.
    @GUYS…just imagine…. Adi’s sis entry on RAKHI FUNCTION…. Amazing.. Yipeeee.,but I like Maggie… Yummme..🙌🙌🙌
    Vandy nd kammu r so hilarious… God,yesterday omg…ha ha..
    @Guys…wait some links r ,I m gonna share.
    @Guys…goooood morning🙋

  21. kittu

    Plezzzz seeeee
    Pushu baba nd shravan is new look means outfit of wedding.. Looking killer ..the man in black…wow…just hug him pushu baba..nd u r looking like a price …m super excited.. Hey marriage me dhoom dhaam…shraman won’t talk to each other…lovely plus ADI’s harkate…they will give shravan ,a high voltage attacks…keep yrself under control sir..nd I loveeeeeee uuuu…u look handsome I mean more handsome, more adorable, more loving.. Nd more cutiee in black…wow..just see..

  22. kittu

    Samajh samajh k..
    Samajh ko samjho…
    Samajh samajhna bhi ek samajh Hai..
    Samajh samajh k Jo na samjha..
    WO Meri samajh me nasamajh Hai…
    Sorry…but guys..shravan is doing same..
    I understand him nd sumo’s perspective.. But y this” Vijay dinanath chauhan” look…I really afraid of Amit Ji..in this Agneepath movie.. Because of his black eyes…god..nd in promo..he proved himself.. That is the man who can play the role of Angry young man in telly world…no one can beat him in his god gifted attribute…u just rocked it sirrr
    @Guys…for sumo…hey adi said that yr destiny is knocking at yr door…but m saying that yr friend is knocking at yr door…lolol…😝😝😝😝

  23. kittu

    Dosti mili nibhane k liye..
    Pyar mila paane k liye..
    Saath mila choot Jane k liye..
    Toot gaye bikhar Jane k liye..
    Lamhe mile kho Jane k liye..
    Zindagi mili lootane k liye..
    Jhakham mile bhar jaane k liye..
    Raah mili chalte jaane k liye..
    Dil toota phir tumse takraane k liye..
    Dil jaga feelings jagaane k liye..
    Him mile phir ek ho Jane k liye..
    Ehsaas huya,ek ho Jane k liye..
    Par kuch na bola,ek duje ko tadpane k liye,
    Fir koi aaya,Hume alag ho Jane k liye..
    Zindagi me pyar diya..
    Pyar k saath ehsaas diya..
    Ehsaas k saath zazbaat diya..
    Zazbaat k saath fikr Di..
    Fikr k saath umeed Di..
    Aur umeed k saath phir pyar diya..
    Par ek ae pyaar…
    Is baar tujhe jaane na dunga..
    Tujhe to apna bana k rahunga…
    Jo ho sake WO karunga..
    Tujhe tadpake,tujhe rulake…
    Par tujhe to apna bana k rahunga..
    Aur Teri zindagi main ban k rahunga..

    Hey everyone.. Wrote my shayari after a week…hope u will like this..plez everyone.. Give feedback..nd sorry for long cmmts..nd love u all..nd of course,edkv, shraman, vishlak…

  24. roshni

    So much pain for my dear shravu… While watching those Adi sayings I was so ferocious I couldn’t withstand his words really feeling very bad for shravan csnt that Adi be in his sense hamesha zarrorat se zyada bat god cant bear him any more… Shravu got hurt himself…. So bad….. He was so angry…..

    Hi all gm… Bye bye …. Going to clg now….

  25. Minakhi

    Episode k bare Mein Mein kya kahun …yah to expected tha…….Namik ka woh 10 sec wala Silent expression ne mujhe rula Diya ….aur agr Kisi performance se Koi ro padta hai to bossss …Woh Banda koi mamuli insaan nahi hai ….I would love to say tha Namik is the true Expression king 👑…….Truly amazing he is ……..Without Dialogues he can do everything….kudos To him……👏👏….ok ….Here is my question….Kya Shravan ne Thik kiya…???Kya Sumo yeh behaviour deserve karti hai…..CVs ne fir se humein sochne pe mazboor kar hi Diya …..Give ur reasons guys……………..

    • 44444

      Minakhi not only you, may be 7545 of fans must have wept. Twitter may itna mesages. God I could not sleep throught the night thingking the pre cap and Sumans tearfilled face. Oh god oh god dont punsh fans.

    • 44444

      Whether Sumo deserves it or not, she stretched the patience of Shravan too much. It is wrong on her part accepting the offer of Adi in her quest to establish her business after knowing the property is Shravans and onely few hours before she refused it.

  26. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    omg i think shravan got way too jealous 😛 shocking precap :O shocking promo :O i wonder how much shock they will give us I just hope at the end of the day shraman gets united I hope kamini aunty gets successful in uniting shraman 😛 and this aditya uff dont even wanna see his face because of him so much MU between shraman, bechara doesnt even know what he just did 😛

  27. Lily

    Thanx 444,its not imagination ,its observation… I hope ,I am thinking right……really don’t you think it is odd that there’s no pic of Niki in marriage ceremony….. So I think this observation makes sense and moreover it uplifts my mood….😎😎😎😎😎

    • 44444

      Lily I dont want to imagine. I just want to beg the producers with folded hands not to break the hearts of fans

  28. Lily

    Thanx kittu for liking my yesterday’s prediction.. I am very much sure that there
    Will be a hate marriage… But I don’t know
    How ?let’s see and hope for the best….and plz see my comment posted in this page…I have observed a very positive thing …and plz share your view on it…

  29. Smile

    Omg… Full misunderstanding…. Shr got hurt ………. Adi is a devil ………

    1 . now I think all of us must a make a murder case of adi after ramu kaka

    If u agree plzzz commet friends to join this murder case

  30. nikipaul

    Please tell me friends what moral did the producers want us to learn with so much freedom type lady.

  31. pretty preeti

    Hlo guys how u all r sorry for not commenting on yesterdays epi sorry.but today when.I open site I was so happy because my Kittu I mean my elder sis and my areeba di’s shyari was already there
    Welcome back sweeties
    Lily how can u think such gud
    Roshu di college she jldi aao
    Mino di sahi kaha namik can be gud in any role without speaking also
    I hope in this weekend there will be more positive comments

    • kittu

      @Prettypreeti…hey my Di I mean younger Di…how r u ,I missed u like mad…but thnk god u r here..nd thnx my younger Didi a lotttt..nd how r uuu???…nd Di plez put yr pink pic…I mean pppp(Prettypreeti pink pic..😘),…yr dp was so sweet ,butterfly ,wow,this green is okay but yr last one was superb.. Omg kahan se kahan chali gayi

  32. sona

    Have u seen the latest tweet of namik Paul..😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
    He tweeted that they are shooting another PROMO..😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😙😙😋😋😝😝😝😝😝😝😝
    Im not getting how to handle this happiness….😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😂😂😂😂😂😂
    And CVS are going beyond our predictions..😂😂😉😉😉😇😇😛😛😜😜😜😜😘😘😘
    Love edkv

  33. sona

    @pretty preeti…
    Yaar..pls post the next part of ur ff soon..
    U left it at major suspense..
    We r waiting..☺☺☺😊😊😊

  34. SONAI

    Jo aage hone ko he wo TV par zaroor aayenga SO DON’T PANIC………THE SERIAL WILL HAVE NO WATCHERS IF ADI ND SUMO GET MARRIED !!!

    EPISODE WAS AWESOME !!! LOVED SHRAVAN’S Sixth pack body yaar………Loved it !!!!

    Kittu di nd Areeba
    Nice shayri !!!!!

  35. ranu gupta

    Gyes i enjoy this serial i cannot miss this serial
    Shravan you looking so.. handsome and sumo you are so..cute ..
    Gyes you are made to each others

  36. 44444

    Good news friends : please check face book Tarunima Varma her interview with Gyanendra Singh Baghel Production head of EDKV there is is still some shraman moments. They say it is EK DUJE KE VASTE HE HI.

  37. roshni

    Hello friends…. How RU all????? Saw promo… Oh god shravan was dam angry… But I liked that yaar… N regarding spoilers yeah @sonai us 100% right till now none spoiler is true so its better watching edkv directly without believing in spoilers….

    So how is ur all weekend going????

    • kittu

      @Roshu Di…m absolutely fine…nd enjoying my weekends as independence day is coming so it’s preps r going on…nd as I m a delhities …so I’ll go to red fort.. With my parents… Nd yesterday I went to an art gallery…wow Di a new experience …I really enjoyed my Saturday like heaven ,actually I have craze of such things…well m waiting for Monday…nd what abt u Di????

    • kittu

      @Roshu Di…m fine..nd how r u??…nd Di..sorry if I hurt u..well have u made any frnd in CLG,not so personal but just wanna ask,so asked…well r u enjoining there,nd how is yr studies going… M happy for u..but we r missing u..as u r not regular.. Well may b m wrong because I too was absent here for 1 week…well Di…I hope u r fine.

  38. Diya

    wow really happy now ….at least CVS knows that we want only Shraman not Adiman …..But I think it will take time to Cover all the mess …..Hi I guys I m new her though I was always a silent reader but really love ur Positivity… truly impressed that u all r still soo positive ……I love EDKV to the core of My heart but can’t see Shravan ‘s Sad face Suman is really hurting him now Shravan will break all His relationships with suman. ….Really feeling sad for Shraman…….But I hope Happy days will come soon

    • kittu

      @Diya…hey may b we r talking for the first time…but first time should b the best experience… So hey diya..don’t b a silent reader… Nd tell yr feelings here…nd we need such things…nd one thing..we both r ek thaali k chatte batte..
      Means, I too was once a silent reader… Bit two months ago I broke my silence nd came here…u will get best bonding here…nd enjoy… Nd b positive towards edkv

  39. sona

    @44444ya…promo already displayed but I thought namik talked about another ..one..isn’t it??!😉😐😐😜😛😛 and I saw that video of tarunima..so happy after watching it.☺☺

  40. AREEBA

    sonai, preeti preeti, sona,shiny,an jaldi, kitti thanx yaar luv u all 😍😍😍😘😘
    missed u all so much…….
    kitti really happy to see u back
    anshi mina di ireena di where r u all yaar missing u

    • kittu

      @Arbi….hey dear I m fine…how r u…
      a song 4u…
      Suno arbi Maine dekha ek sapnaa…
      Phoolo k sahar me ho edkv apna…
      Kya sama Hai…
      Tu kahan Hai????

      Mai aayi aayi aayi…
      Love u tooo dear….

  41. Minakhi

    @Hiii Guys Finally I have got some time to Comment here …well …Yes The Creative director Has Gave a Calm down message……but I think we should Trust in Namik’s words also …..Soo Guys really happy that All r Good now…..@Diya Welcome here Don’t be Silent reader….😊😊

  42. Anjali

    hiiiiiii all guys missed u all so much…
    saw the episode today…kya bolu the way shravu was crying my heart ached a lot…but will have to say my namik ur damn good actor ..
    love u lot …
    adi …Mr chipku …shut ur mouth n go to hell…how dare u compare urself from shravu …find someone of ur level to compare urself…
    my sumo…how happy ur thinking ur shravu did this…precap was heartbreaking like the episode …sumo was crying n again my heart ached…
    cried a lot for shraman…shravu injured his hand no 🙁
    @kittu hiii…n yeah tmhari shayari to mashallah thi yaar ….:) n thanks for the pics yar …keep sharing pics with us…namik was looking damn hot …oh I love him :* n pushku so cute 🙂
    n I think hssh wali story sahi hai tmhari 😉
    @areeba…its okay I know its typing mistake 😉 we all do this so chill
    @minakhi …I don’t think sumo deserves this behaviour…shravu should think from the pov of sumo…any relation is based on trust, love…he should first try to find out the reason behind sumo’s changed behavior …apne andar ka lawyer jaga yaar … thanku for the positivity news 🙂
    @lily …wah hamari Sherlock Holmes tere kya kehne 😉 I really hope tmhari guess to be right… 🙂
    @smile m joining u in killing these two pathetic creatures…
    @sona …hiii …
    @beas, sonai. ,roshni, sss, jo hii all…
    be positive about this show always like this 🙂
    n yeah I know there will be no adiman marriage…either in the beginning or during marriage shraman will do something and as we all know the results eventually shraman will be married…
    @diya …welcome yar …:) don’t be a silent reader …share ur opinion with us n keep spreading positivity about edkv 🙂

    • kittu

      @Anjali..thnx dear.. Ya NAMIK was looking dammm hot nd pushu baba too…well okay I will surely post links of pic… Okay.. Well dear..one thing …I mean one THANKS as I didn’t give u reply on my b’d when u wished me..as I was very confuse that day…well now THANKS dear a lottt…nd yeah HSSH…ha ha

  43. Anjali

    @sona thanku so much for the tweet news:)
    @preetypreeti hi dear ….which ff ùr writing pls tell me …I also wanna read 😀
    love u all my edkvians …so happy to see such positivity for shraman …yeah we are the die hard fans of edkv …don’t trust spoilers coz most of their news are fake…so I trust cv’s as they always give us surprise …
    n happy to know there will be some shraman moments…omg I can’t wait for next episode 🙂
    n guys tighten ur seat belt for riding on roller coaster next week…we all will be positive till the end…
    #spreadpositivity love u all my buddies….

  44. kittu

    @Lily..thnx..nd yr predictions r awesome.. Plez tell mW me where r u??I really wanna hug uuu…soo cute..yipeee,means Maggie(I love Maggie than any other noodles)
    😝well ,lots of love…I also posted the links of their outfit but I didn’t find any sumo’s pic..don’t know y…may b nanu will have a severe heart attack..nd sumo’s marriage.. Haiiii…mar java gud khakee..m blessing..😘..god plez do the same…nd thnxxxx..keep doing this prediction work…u will go very far…m serious dear.

  45. roshni

    @anjali hey dear don’t worry we all will never ever think negative about edkv…. Positivity is the only slogan of all true edkv fans….. Yup very much exited for Monday’s epi….

  46. roshni

    @4444 about wat ur talking I didn’t get u wat I forgot to say???? Pls clear ne… I didn’t understand ur reply….

    • 44444


      Nothing yar. I was first person to inform u all in this forum about the interview of Tarunima Varma with the production team of EDKV and . That is it. No harm.
      wishe’s for Monday onwards episodes.

      Whatever it is

  47. Lily

    No kittu ,my prediction was wrong..I saw sumos pic..and she was looking normal in that lehenga..and watched SBS segment also..it seems like there will be no such marriage drama..I am a bit disappointed…
    Like we have only two months..Agar ladai mein hi saare time waste karenge tab romance kab dikhaayenge…..yaar but as per namik ,this week everything will be be super fast…so let’s see what happens….

    • kittu

      @alily…awwwww…well no problem.. Whatttt only two monthsss ooofff…what will we do after that,well leave this sadu topic…so what u was saying, super fast drama ,nxt week…okay now I took a breathe of relief… No problem.. But yr prediction was superb ,I must say my LSQ(link sharing Queen)… Well m going to check on Twitter… Hope i’ll get good news there….FINGER CROSSED…

    • 44444

      @Lily u r gray. In twiter and other forums fans doing a signature campaign against This Adi track an u want narrate drama. Og god u r really grazy

  48. Lightsabre


    |Registered Member

    Lota contradictory ideas n pitfalls in current track:
    1) y does sumo wana make shravan jealous? Shes the 1 runnin away frm his proposal ( presumably till preekar weddin is over) n nw suddenly she wants to push him to propose. Shes had enof clue 2 his feelings. Poor fella.

    2) sumos been warned of adis feelings. So y is she exploiting adi’s feelings for her 2 make shravan jealous

    3) pushkar told adi tht sumo didnt accept the pct plot frm shravan coz of “self respect “. Pushkar supportd sumo bak then ( had told shravan “how can u do this 2 ur fren”)… then how cum nw hes attributing the refusal to feminism/ ego. He knws too tht sumo hs feelings2 shravan n probably thts y she got hurtin knwin tht shravan ws the advocate 4 the case.
    4) pushkar had confronted sumo n shravan regarding their feelings 4 eachother…. n he was hoping tht they get 2gethr…. yet he dosnt warn his fren Adi wen he sees his unnatural interest in sumos lyf (keeps askin abt her ….. hangs arnd her houz al the tym… buy her PCT plot etc). Isnt it obvious tht adi lyks sumo
    5) shravan is sumos childhd fren yet adi knws better as 2 how hw sumos brain works . The way he handed over the plot… the dress discount bluff etc.. either hes really smart or has understud sumo very will in such a short tym!
    6) sumo knws tht pct plot is now ownd by shravan n his dad. So wen she got the papers frm adi… shudnt she hav calld shravan 1st as thres no way tht deal wud hv bin made without his knowledge.
    7)nirmala n her son talk 2 eachother so often (evry day infact) n yet none of them knw y the other is in town ( for pushkars weddin)
    8) adi n nirmala hav sucha gr8 bond. Yet names lyk shravan ramnath pushkar tiwari etc… none of them rings a bell?!
    9) adi dosnt tell nirmala sumos name.y? Wats the suspense in a name.he dosnt even say hes in delhi 4 the tiwari weddin.
    10) either adi is doin this on purpose or the plot lacks credibility . I mean hw can nirmala n adi hv no clue tht they r here 4 the same event.
    Dont they watsapp or fb pics 2 eachothr? Wudnt nirmala tel adi tht shes here for a weddin too … the tiwari’s?! They cal eachtohr evryday…so wudnt they notiz tht both the weddin function dates( the 1 adi is here 4 n nirmalas frens) coincide ? Wudnt nirmala want adi 2 meet tiwaris atleast onz?

    Basically a lota loopholes in current track!
    Nywys… shravans actin was gud… but i wish i cud see sum happiness in him. N hopefully dosnt try to worsen the sumo-adi misundrstandin tht shravan has.
    Hi to all. Tc

    • 44444

      Very very logical questions which I too thought about.

      Better they wind up this Adi track fast otherwise every day the hv to give announcement no no it is only Shravan and not otherwise.

      Hw Sumo played with Shravan the production team to have played very very badly with the feelings of Viewers. Fans had accepted all fights Kamini plots, Shravan difficult behaviour, Manju Mamis Selfishness, Ramnaths villainous, but not this Adi track.
      So far fans had a sympathy for Nirmala, but after seeing head over heal love for Aditya the sympathy vanished.
      Even sweets eaten more than limit not good for health. Likewise this painful lengthy Adi track is a thorn in every ones heart.
      now how they going to clear up this mess god only.

      Twitter is filled with strong messages against this track. Better if they realise and change track for better fast.

  49. kittu

    Pushu baba after wedding left preeti… Ha ha just kidding.. See this pichttps://pbs.twimg.com/media/CpvG7txUkAAmH78.jpg:small

  50. kittu

    @Sona Di…u were ryt…another promo…I too read on Twitter NAMIK was saying……
    What’s new???any Guesses….. We r shooting another promo….
    Okay….I wanna to post that link…but couldn’t… So guys…sit before yr TV…nd switch to Sony dev…nd watch new promo…
    Now a song in this power pack situation…..

    Rabba mai to Mar gaya oooye..
    Promo mujhe de gaya de gaya..oooyee

  51. kittu

    @Modu uncle… Where r my links….😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👹👹👹👹👹👹👹I’ll kill uuuuuuuu

  52. kittu

    @Guys…m eagerly waiting when nanu will die(so negative) I mean when nanu will die nd adi will handle sumo…nd hug shug of adimanav😝(adiman)…well adimanav is suitable as adi is not manav nd sumo too is not manav as she is a fairy..what’s say..so leave this adimanav…
    Well when shravan will see her broken ,he will try to consoles her but ,relationship is broken, I mean for that time as per the promo…so..adi will handle her as he will b her would b hubby….this will fill our AYN (angry young man)with fire..nd in his mad way (as he is lil bit for sumo only😝)…he will put SINDUR from mata rani’s mandir to her head…haiiii…joote pade Kittu,kahani ka kabada kar diya…ooyee(kkkkk)I mean…read this Kittu line to kar diya…u will find yr answer😝….
    Well hope for the best ….

    For shravan…
    Toota toota ek parinda ..
    Aise Tooota…
    Ki phir Jud na paya..
    Loota loota kisne usko ..
    Aise loota ki phir ud na paya..
    Answer is ,,,,Adiiiii…

      • kittu(missing Dj ANu,ireena di..khushi dii,missing Arbi😖😖)AKA member.

        @4444…hey what do u mean???were u scolding me??to aisa bolo na ki u don’t like my cmmts… Teda meda kyu bolte ho…tumhe to burai karni bhi nahi aati..

  53. kittu

    Next song… For shravan..
    Jag suna suna laage..
    Jag suna suna laage..
    Koi rahe na jab apna…

    Change this…
    When shravan turns nd sees sumo…

    Palat Meri Jaan..
    Kuch Meri sun..
    Kuch apni suna…

    For sudi(sumo nd adi)…
    Q aage peeche dol te ho bhavro ki tarah..
    Q dekhte ho mujhko yu besabro ki tarah..

    Next..for sudi..
    Ladke oo re ladke …
    Kahan se aaya Hai re tuuu
    Pyara Hai sakal se…
    Akal ka maara Hai re tuu…

    For shravan.. As these mid songs were only for a refreshment….

    Ooye shravan…
    Pyar na kariyoo kariyoo..
    Dil toot bata Hai…😭

    For sudi..
    Adi: Ramiyaa vastavaiyaa..Ramaiya vastavaiyaa…
    Maine dil tujhko diya..
    Oo Maine dil tujhko diya..

    Now for our beloved shraman…
    YE KYA JANA…😖😖😖…

    FOR SUDI..
    MERE DIL KO ….
    AB KAR DE..
    well we must have to say that…adi monkey has really a great trait…. How he did what shravan can’t do…amazing adi sir…m happy for u…
    Nd if sumo marries to adi…then something like happen as per my prediction…
    Remember.. Once I wrote my two prediction.. In which I said…adi will die after their marriage nd shravu will marry sumo… Remember???????……
    Just imagine….. Super blast…😝😝😝..
    I again proved myself Jhalli…nd WO bhi badi wali..😋😋

    Next song….
    For our newly married couple.. Not yet married.. But likhne me kya bata Hai…😓
    Answer is…thoda aa time nd thoda aa words.. Hehehe..again weird…but I like thisss..
    Mai sehra baandh k aaungaa..
    Mera vaada Hai..
    Mai Teri maang sajaunga..
    Mera vada Hai..


    FOR SUTI(sumo nd preeti)
    SAGUN ME..

    For sumooooooo
    Hey everyone I hope u will like this nd my prediction with my links nd with my cmmts.. U will like my weird thinking.. Nd plus me…don’t forget in this crowd of words…that m Kittu the jhalli🙆🙆🙆
    Plez give feedback… Seems I wrote again long…hehe
    Well again good morning .nd where r my Didi nd sisi…come m here…nd let’s enjoy eve of our independence day…
    Jai hind…
    A song for our motherland…
    Maa tujhe saalaam..
    Now national anthem…
    Plez pay attention…

    Hey everyone I wish we will live free like this for till the end…m really excited for tomorrow… Nd Delhi just looks new..wow

  54. sona

    Oh..gud..ye tumhari prediction hai…ya..
    Aisa such mey honeywala hai…😱😱😱😱

  55. sona

    U always rocks…kitti..
    Nice songs…
    Jai hind..😊

  56. kittu(missing Dj ANu,ireena di..khushi dii😖😖)AKA member.

    @LIGHTSABRE….really true question… Yaar him Ghar se bahar jaaye to mummy bazaar savaal puche…nd he …wow man
    Yaar ma chintagrasht ho jaati Hai..nd she niru kaki..don’t even ask y is he here..nd this mumma’s boy.. Don’t even asked ,y r u here ..for which purpose, could I help u…???lots of question… Hope CVS will give us all the answers soon..
    Well sumo didn’t accepted shravan ‘s proposal of pct,because he was saying in ego… Nd with the power of money… But this monkey man is so humble that he broke a mountain.. As convincing a girl like sumo is the same as to broke mountain… Nd what pushu baba is doing…show yr loyality towards yr Bhaiya nd would b saali…nd towards yr sir nd friend… Any relationship.. It doesn’t matter…nd adi,he is a good guy…may b he has a secret plan..as this is an Indian TV show…so remember???? Anyone could b villain…but m not saying this..just think…..nd he got to know everything abt sumo in such a fraction of time…nd what sumo madam feeling is doing..well I understand her …this all because of Ramu.. Now our only hope is KAAMINi…hope she will not turn to KAmini..well logically if we see we will find everyone in dilemma…well specially shraman…. Hope next two months will give us a memorable time with each other nd with edkv cast nd storyline…

  57. roshni

    @kittu hey its not personal dear…. I got many friends all r new…. First day I was like how will I manage coz I don’t know anyone there but after that I got plenty of friends so no prob…. N yeah I am irregular coz my clg starts at 9 so I should leave home at 7 only then I reach home at 6 so its not possible to comment all time ….. I tried my level best to comment…. Hehe…. N regarding studies its just 4 days na so nothing much is there but plenty of assignments…. Should complete all now….. I am fine dear.. I am happy that u enjoyed ur Saturday….. Lets see wat will happen on Monday…. 😉😉

    N ur songs were awesome I just loved it……..

    • kittu(missing Dj ANu,ireena di..khushi dii😖😖)AKA member.

      @Roshu Di…oh no problem Di…it’s OK..I understand.. Nd ya I enjoyed my weekend nd will enjoy my Monday too…nd complete yr assignments asap nd come here…love u diiiiii

  58. Prettypreeti


    |Registered Member

    Hlo guys gud morning
    Happy independence day to all my Pakistani sisters and brothers love u all
    My elder di see ppppnow u r happy
    Ur prediction superb
    Love u all

    • kittu(missing Dj ANu,ireena di..khushi dii😖😖)AKA member.

      @Prettypreeti…thnx 4 putting yr dp…seems that I found diamond in search of gold…as u put yr dp…so lovely… Nd ya pppp ha ha…love u my younger sis..

  59. sona

    Oh..god yaar..😨😨😧😧😧😧😨😨😥😥😥😥😥
    Mujhey tho pehli pata tha..ki sumo ko adi ka proposal aayega..jaisey aap sab ko pata this..😟😟😟😟😟😐😐😐😯😯😯😯😕😕😕😕
    For bhi pata nahi…yaar…article padkey..aasu kyo Andy lagetbhai ankon mey..
    Jab kaan sey suni hi baathey..article take pahunchi..tho mera ye haal hai..😓😓😓😓😔😔😖😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    Pata nahi..jab on screen sab much ankon key saamney hoga tho..mera dil kaisey sambhalegi..khud ko..😩😩😩😩😩😩😣😣😧😧😨😨😨😦😦😥😥😥😭😭😭😭
    Yaha..tho shravan k liye dho shocks..ek adhk sey sumo ki shaadi proposal upper sey vo adhi koi aur nahi..uski..nirmala ahuja ka beta..😓😓😓😓😏😏😫😫😫😫😫😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    I can’t stop my self…ghar valley..Jo bhi sochey ..my tho..rholungi..😳😳😩😩😩😩😟😟😟

  60. kittu(missing Dj ANu,ireena di..khushi dii,missing Arbi😖😖)AKA member.

    @Guys…will ISHWARI die in KRPKAB.. As I saw promo…nd read somewhere.. Acc.to tellyupdates…the characters who will die…I read there abt nanu nd saw ishwari’s pic too…m I write???or just …well..plez reply asap…otherwise KRPKAB fans will kill me..

  61. Lightsabre


    |Registered Member

    Hey kittu , 4444 n others.
    Saw ur reply.😊
    Actually i like adi.. coz from his perspective .. hes this happy-go- lucky jovial guy hu has a crush on sumo n is tryin to win her trust . BUT… adi bein “an old fren”… whom nobdy remmbrs/ realises is an ahuja… n manages 2 stay wid pushkar yet spends whole day in sumos houz… and nobdy suspects he has a crush on her …. etc etc JUST DOSNT ADD UP. If he was not nimalas step son it wud ha stil been easier to execute .
    Plus… the plots document…its a legal paper… if the invester isnt aditya…then shravan wud know tht thats how adi managed to give sumo the papers coz the buyers NAME has to b on document . And 4 al sumo knws .. shravan cud hav sold it for RS 1 to help her….so she shud hav calld him ryt😉. Al in all…writers got themselves stuck with adi plot .

  62. Lily

    Heya guys…how are you all??????
    Can we change topic and talk about something else..
    Chalo you all share your fav Bollywood actress
    Mine is deepika…

  63. kittu(missing Dj ANu,ireena di..khushi dii,missing Arbi😖😖)AKA member.

    @Lily…okay let’s change topic…
    Mine too is deepika

  64. Minakhi

    Heyy guys ……how r u all ….My data card expired that’s why couldn’t comment well…..I hope u r enjoying ur Sunday….😊😊

      • kittu(missing Dj ANu,ireena di..khushi dii,missing Arbi😖😖)AKA member.

        @Ireena di..wowww omggg u r here
        Thnk God..nd yeah she was kicked out by nurses nd doctors😝..just kidding…. Yes she is at home nd in her way to join her bones again

      • Ireena

        oh…thank hod she was kicked out..otherwise u would have done so to get her back home,i think..😛😜…
        and ur legs r solid…she would be on her way to get admitted again..😀😂😛

    • Ireena

      hey,get this sad face out of ur name. …i don’t like ur sad look,dr..i m here.
      actually,anshi is busy due to unavoidable reason.areeba was here,and khushi…will be here shortly….so don’t be sad,okay???now get it out

      • kittu

        @Ireena di….absolutely.. My legs r solid…😋..I’ll sent her hospital again…nice idea….because of her only I won’t ride scooter anymore ..so nice I mean nice evil idea for revenge👿

      • Ireena

        ha..ha..of course they r…
        and no big issues for scooter..u legs r fast enough to reach anywhere…like bolt,aint i right,dr??

  65. Ireena

    @kittu kumar,u r extreme,man…what wondrous link u provide…superb!whence got them collected,dr???
    guys,seems like u all r stressed out due to this track..plz,don’t be so. ..
    look,here i m…with full positivity!!!
    no matter how much adi tries ,our shraman wont get separated…and thats it!
    this track is likely to continue till d last moment…like it might happen so that suman gotta agree…but but but…love is love after all…
    who knows if adi steps back at the deadline??he might gotta know abt shraman relationship…and then….u know what i mean…

    • kittu(missing Dj ANu,ireena di..khushi dii,missing Arbi😖😖)AKA member.

      @Ireena di…don’t know what will happen.. Well it all up to CVS..nd I m enjoying my weekend.. Nd yesterday I went to an art gallery..nd excited for tomorrow.. Wow will go to Red fort…ND ya kk..nd thnx 4 info abt our frnds..

      • Ireena

        hmm…seems like someone is on an outing spree…😉☺
        hey,could u plz tell me whats in red fort??i have heard abt it

    • 44444

      @ Ireena u want this to continue till last episode. My God every day agony for 60 days. Noooooooooooo. Better if they kick the Adimanus and Nirmal ASAP. I dislike both more than Ramanth, Kamini And Manju Mami.

      • Ireena

        of course,i don’t devil dr..but what to do??being a true fan,i can at least wait,right???it didnt disappoint us till now,now only 4 1 track…i wont leave it of course…and may be next week this track will discontinue…

  66. sona

    No..kittu..ishwari is not going to die..she makes suicide attempt due to which she was hospitalised..and then dev understands that her mother is not happy about his relation with sons..so they break up..after break up dev starts day dreaming sona..lives lifeless life..makes small small excises to meet sona..
    By all these..ishwari try to find groom for sona..listening this sona burst out at dev..😊😊
    This is the news of krpkab with the spoilers..😉😉
    I’m not watching serial krpkab..it’s just wt o got from spoilers..so..if any mistakes sori.☺

    • kittu

      @Ireena di..hey di..on 15th of Aug…every year our honourable prime minister hoist flag on the red fort…a parade ceremony happens… Huge crowd can b seen there…our PM give speech nd glimpses of India would b seen there….people go to join nd b a part of their national festival… This is the second time…m going with my parents…last time ,two years ago…nd now today ..we’ll go…I hope I made u clear…nd I know yr detective mind will ask one another question… Y red fort?????

      So ,di,red fort is a symbol of revolution… As it was the centre in the revolt of 1857…it secures a huge respect in the heart of Indian…as in another word…it is a symbol of independence as red fort is the witness of the first war of independence.. Okay di…r u facing any other doubt??? So contact mee..

      • Ireena

        ha..ha..kittu kumar u really caught my mind…i was abt to ask it…😘
        well,one more questions…
        is its color red??that’s why named as red fort,right??
        look,i m here to irritate u with these ques…

    • kittu(missing Dj ANu,ireena di..khushi dii,missing Arbi😖😖)AKA member.

      @Prettypreeti…younger di…itni jaldi so jate ho..r u OK??well I don’t sleep so early…
      I heard Mr.president ‘s speech nd m taking my dress out of my closet for tomorrow.. Nd was recently watching a funny video on fb of my dad…nd happy independence day eve..

  67. Bhagyashri

    Hii,everyone how r u? First of All very sorry for m not able to comment from one week due to functions in my home. @ kittu, hii how r u? And thank u for missing me.ur shayari and links r awesome. @ a very happy independence day to my all friends. Enjoy.bye.

    • kittu(missing Dj ANu,ireena di..khushi dii,missing Arbi😖😖)AKA member.

      @Bhagya di…thnx di
      ..nd no problem… I understand family problem…

  68. rashi

    @Double battery single power…plez tell which profession will u chose..lyricist, shayar,professor, comedian, joker,singer,or a frnd guru or what….superb… I m glad to see u back here..lovely.. Nd m too excited for 2morrow…see u …nd my dear frnds…a very very happy independence day…enjoy…nd here is Kittu for me

    • 44444

      @kitty iam just asking u “have u gone mad” Are hw can u even think of Adi hugging Sumo.U and ur wild imagination. The whole Twiter etiquette is absent with this Adi track and u r image nine some wild dreams.

      • kittu

        @4444…hey dear..how many fours..I think there r four fours in yr name…now okkkkkay..so gaali in Gujarati..nice,but sad I don’t know Gujarati, well ya I gone mad nd after seeing NAMIK sir,all senses just faded away…😋…nd no problem…. I m a mad nd a great maaad…du u know, meaning of mad…
        I’ll tell u……
        MAD=MUSIC ART DANCE😋…just kidding..
        Well I too don’t want this to happen.. But sochne me kya bata Hai???
        Answer is…..thoda sa time…just kidding again.. Well u should tale a breathe of relief ,ki mai sirf hug pe gayi…otherwise…… Ha ha ha…..I proved my self mad..in yr language…
        Phagali hoyi gayi mai..tame hassi rahi chu…agar nahi ,to hassi…because I m kittu..,well dear,sry if I made any mistake.. My intention was not to hurt anyone.. But u should read last 5&4th line…the sindur one…well hope ,only good will happen… Nd one thing for u..
        I am phagali bhayi gayi,it is proven by 4444….
        Nd u r gusssayi gaye…this is proven by me🙌🙌🙌🙌…sorry for my weirdness… Nd hope I won’t hurt u again…

  69. Ireena

    friends,rnt u on an Olympic spree????i m..hey,let me ask an off topic ques…which event is ur fav in Olympic??

  70. Minakhi

    Hey guys ….A very happy independence day to all ….Well aaj se Ek week tak humare liye Heart breaking hoga …apne dil aur dimmaag ko prepare kar lo …..Nahi to Bohot dukh hoga Shraman ko Emotional dekh k …..Be prepared…nd yes Enjoy Independence day 😊😊

  71. kittu

    @lily….hey m coming after reading 5 th Aug cmmt pg…nd yeah….
    # Spreadpositivity….m with u…
    Nd what ,okay my imagination on romance…ammm…
    See m a frnd loving gal…but this is the first time when I’ll open my mouth..on romance..sooooo romance b likeee….

    Both r sleeping…. Just imagine…
    Botttthhh r sleeping…..
    One on bed…
    Nd other on sofaaaaa💑💑💑
    Now seriously.. Okay…
    Bathroom one was best but do u think…that this guni jodi will do something… I don’t…I agree with minu di..that CVS can show ramini doing romance buttt shramannnn…😶😶😶…
    Well one my prediction on romance..
    Let’s take bathroom as base…
    Sumo is coming out of bathroom nd shravu sees her…this is the very first morning after their marriage… Shravu on bed…they share an eyelock…nddd he comes closer to her…juuussst imagine..
    Bathroom ‘s door…sumo’s feet r going backward…he put a hand on door…(hey shravu ka bathroom kitna chota Hai…nd usme bhi phone rakha rahta Hai..😵😵,again kahan se kahan chali gayi)…well now…one hand on door nd sumo is stunn…nd shravu comes closer ,closer nd closer…nd wait he has another hand too..his second hand is now slowly going to touch her hairs…
    Nd nd..
    A sound came…
    Don’t u know???..
    Hey they r at door..nd sumo just came out from bathroom nd when I said that bathroom is looked… It means that ..after he put his second hand on sumo’s hairs…
    Door opens nd both of them fallllll..
    Nd remember I said that…bathroom is small…
    Pakka sar phuta hoga😋😋😋😋😋😋..nd haath ,hey bhagwaan…shravu ko sadbuddhi de…don’t romance at doorway.. Kyunki accident kahin bhi ho Santa Hai reee……😘😘😘😘😘😘..
    Nice na..nd just one Time imagine all..u will have a laugh.. Nd romance kahan Hai..so answer is…shravu be pehle do minute ..sumo k saath kya fugdi kheli…baat karte Hai…it is the way to understand romance..nd after this accident romance jage na jage…dard bahut jagega…nd Ab mai jagungi nahi..soone ja rahi hoon..guys..3 baje se uthi hoo..nd ya DON’T MISS TO SEE ME AT RED FORT…ON TELEVISION ,PARADE WILL BE TELECASTED …SO DON’T MISS THIS GOLDEN CHANCE…ND HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY..
    Nd do cmmt on my romance😋

    • Ireena

      kittu kumar,really u seem like a early riser…most of ur comments r seen at 5-6.00 am…that’s good… ☺

  72. 44444

    @ Kittu u say u dont know Gujarati, but you write farely well. No harm about your imagination. It is around 60 hr now from the last friday. Not single hour gone without thinking of Shravan atlest 5 times in an hour. That is the agony.

    Bye the way in the vedio Tarunima Varma posted in her tweeter acount the production team has agreed that they brought this track purposely. Now they are phass gayi. Now they are trying to find out how to escape from the wrath of Shraman fans. Oh god see tweeter Kitan tweets against Adi.

  73. 44444

    @Kitu it is ok to divert the attention from the painful event. Best wishes continue your good work.

    • kittu

      @Ireena di…sleep…nd ya red fort is made of red sandstone…see u nxt week….ND enjoy edkv nd hope u will miss us…

      • Ireena

        i see…
        well,c u next week..and then u must give me info abt whole week,ok??
        undoubtedly i will miss u and my edkv family…so remember me too…😙😚☺👋

  74. 44444

    @KITTU u know KITTU their relationship is a”Pavitra Bandan” Remember their conversation in Sumo car after Shravan repairs it. She asks what we’re u doing at London all these 10 years. Any girlfriend she asks him he replies no. So he never even thought of any girl leave alone touching any girl with live. She too maintained the same waiting for him 10 long years. I am unable to even imagine Sumo ka mahend usme adi ka nam our engagement and ring. Or even adi s nail touching a shravan ka Sumo. No fan wants all these rubbish. All the want is an undefiled Sumo for an equally undefiled Shravan. Ek duje ke vaste is an EK PAVITRA BANDAN OF 2 PAVITRA SOULS Dear. Please please don’t even dream of Adi touching Sumo with love

  75. 44444

    @KITTU u know KITTU their relationship is a “PAVITRA BANDAN” from childhood. Do u remember their conversation in Sumo car after Shravan repairs it. She what we’re u doing all these 10 years in London?. Any girl friend. She asks him. He replies ni. So he neve had girl friend and the same way she had no Bf. Then how can u think Adi Exchane ring with Sumo uski mehendi and axis name on Sumo palm. Shravan deserve to get an undefiled Sumo and Sumo a undefiled Shravan. They r EK DUJE KE VASTE EK PAVITRA BANDAN HE BHAI.Not even sums nail should not hv axis name

    • kittu

      @4444…OK…well I don’t know Gujarati..but only copied u😝…okay…I’ll continue my work…nd PAVITRA RISHTA…very TRUE…
      BOTH SOULS R VERY HOLY…PAVITRA RISHTA 2 SHOULD B MADE NOW😋…well okay…I agree..even I too can’t see sumo with adi..I mean adimanav…bhagvaan..neverrrrr…..nd wow ,yr cmmts were 4 me….I think this is the first time when we r talking…well hi dear…this is Kittu..could u tell me anything abt u..

      • 44444

        @KITTU regarding me. Frm combatore TN. Now in Gujarat. Name DMDavid. Twiter same. Male. Engaged to be married soon. Cricket tennis. Leandeer Sania saina nehwal, marykom, Doni Virat muralist vijay Ashwin jadeja Steffi graff Boris beck ke my favourites.

  76. Lily

    Hiiiiiiijijjj guys…

    I have seen a tweet on twitter that krpkab makers are changing the storyline bcz of the downfalling trps …….I wish edkv makers also change the storyline a bit ..make it a bit romantic.. I want some romance…just 2 months left show us some

  77. Prettypreeti


    |Registered Member

    Happy independence day guys
    I m so tired just cane back home and really tired
    @kittu yesterday I haven’t slept so early but I have to do practice so I wrote sweet dreams earlier and now I m watching tv oh I wrote kittu I mean to say my elder di and I read ur prediction it was awesome
    @rashi yaar I tried but namik didn’t came into my dreams very bad namik
    @ireena di welcome di how r u
    @bagya welcome back sweety
    @priya aap kabhi aate ho kabhi mate ho just stay with us we love u
    @lily ty for informing us
    Guys love u

  78. pretty preeti

    @beas same to u dear papers are over
    @sona di same to u
    @smile same to u
    @4444 yaar kya kaho kuch hai hi nhi baat krne ko just saying happy independence day

  79. pretty preeti

    @modu uncle aap itna time kyun laga rhe hoon comments ko post krne me
    Kya aap hmse gussa ho becoz we don’t talk to u sorrrry
    Now asking u how r u
    Now I had asked about ur health so post our comments fast
    Byeeeee modu uncle
    Guys now I think modu uncle will post our comments fast

  80. Anjali

    hiiii guys….missed u all a lot….:)
    so first of all Happy Independence Day to all of u my edkvians….
    @ kittu …ur wlcm my dear n it’s okay I was new at the time of ur bdy ….
    @preetypreeti thanks pri …I will definitely read that….
    @roshni di …thanku so much di …I know we’ll always support edkv …
    @sona, sonai. ,minakhi,diya, ireena di, beas, sss, priya15, areeba, khushi,dj anshi , sumo,n all hiii. ..sorry if I forgot to write anyone’s name 🙁
    thanku so much guys for accepting me here… m so glad to have friends like u all…:) a big hug to all ..
    @ireena di ..how r u now??
    @,lily n kittu …guys tm dono ki predictions to 😉 😉
    couldn’t control my laugh …love u Sherlock Holmes n Kitty 🙂 u guys are really funny.
    .n kittu tmhare songs to a/c to situation hotel hai ….awsm dear …
    acha guys I have a doubt…kya edkv khtm hone wala hai after 2 months??
    as I saw some of u were talking about this…please tell me m getting impatient …
    love u all guys a lot….miss u all.
    . 🙂

  81. sona

    I too agree with u😊😊
    Hey..this PIC so…superb loved it..😍😍
    @priya 15
    No.yaar how r u?

  82. pretty preeti

    Modu uncle had hai I have posted my comments on 3 o clock u haven’t posted
    R u angry
    My patience is over now
    Please post my comments

  83. Anjali

    @priya15 ..no dear everyone remembers u …
    @bhagya di, jo hiii…
    @44444 nice thinking of pavitra bandhan…
    @kittu all pics were Fab..

    guys please tell me is edkv going to be over after 2 months??
    @sona, preetypreeti. …pls tell me na guys??
    n guys sorry to all forgot to ask how r u all??? 😉

    • kittu

      @Anjali…yes edkv is a the show nd may b 2 more months as soon as it will complete 170-180 episodes… Sanajhlena khatam hone k kagaar per aa gaya…but till we have no info abt this…okay ..it is our imagination

  84. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    @KITTU.. IREENA di.. how r u both?? R u both angry at me??? If so then cool hojavo.. I l be regular here.. Pls maaf kardo.. I hold my ears.. Plsss..

  85. Anjali

    @priya15 ..hi dear…how r u? ? yep dear anjali is my real name…thanku so much 🙂 :* n sorry saw ur comment now…it wasn’t posted previously …
    @kittu thanku for the info dear…I too think the same …

  86. Anjali

    hey guys….I have a small favor to ask.. please update today’s written update asap as I wont be able to watch it. ..
    pooja di please update before 12 ….
    good night guys…wish to see u all soon…till then tc. ..miss u …love u all. .n a big tight good night hug to all 🙂

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.