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Prita realises that Sumo has not said thank you to Shravan till now. You can thank you anytime when you meet him next time. Give him a bouquet and add a thank you note. Sumo refuses to give a bouquet. It will be too much. She dismisses Prita. Sumo is in thoughts though.

Sumo is at a flower shop. The shopkeeper finds her confused. She asks him if he has no other flower than rose. He laughs. My name is Gulabchand so I will sell rose (Gulab) only. She asks him if Heerachand will sell diamonds then. He gives her white rose (for peace), yellow (to apologize to someone or befriend someone). He shows her red rose too (thinking it is a matter related to heart). She refuses for it. He says you don’t know the status of your own relationship. She makes him make a bouquet

Preeti is trying

to learn Chinese. Sumo asks her what a mad person is called, Preeti? Preeti asks her about the bouquet. Sumo says I bought it myself. Preeti teases her. You bought them to give to someone special. There is some romance. Sumo declines. Preeti tells her to do something. It is a fashion to have boyfriend. Sumo says you are more fashionable than me. Do you have a boyfriend? Preeti shakes her head. Sumo says I too don’t have one. She looks at the flowers.

Bablu cannot sleep thinking of the court hearing. Shravan did a fab job. I cannot sleep. Mama ji says it will all go well. Mami hopes they win the case somehow. Mama ji is sure they will win. Rachna says we are lucky to have Shravan by our side. Lawyers charge too much fees nowadays. Everyone nods. Bablu gets a call from Khosla. He lures Bablu for 1 Chowki and 2 Jagratas that his friend wants to organize. Bablu lies that he is busy. Khosla suggests postponing the program. Bablu replies that he has no time. Rachna asks Bablu why he said no. Bablu signals her to be quiet. Khosla tells Bablu to think. I can make you singing sensation overnight. Bablu refuses to do so. You are wrong to think I will fall for you because of greed. Khosla tries to tell him about the power of money but Bablu ji does not care. Bablu talks about Mata Rani’s blessing and a lawyer like Shravan. We only will win. Jai Mata Di! He stands in his house temple. Mama and Mami look at him proudly.

Sumo thinks Preeti found this idea romantic. What will Shravan think? Prita gives me wrong ideas all the time. Cancel! Dabbu comes there. He checks her temperature for she has been talking to herself. She lies that she was doing mental maths. He asks her if maths troubles her too. she realises that he is up to something. He shows her his report card. I was waiting for everyone to sleep. I wanted to take your sign. She refuses to sign it. He promises to get good marks next time. She signs it. He says thank you. She asks him how to say thank you. He says thank you to her. She asks him about the special way to thank someone. He kisses on her cheek. There can be no better thank you than this. This is the most special way to thank someone. They both bid each other good night. He heads outside. Sumo thinks it is best to give money to Shravan and say thank you. I am thinking too much for no reason. She calls Shravan right away. he gets tensed seeing her call at this hour. What happened? She says people say hi when they pick up the call. I want to meet you. He speaks of the time. She realises that it is past midnight. He asks her to come to office tomorrow sharp at 11. We do professional work in office only. She thinks he is too khadus. He always talks professionally. I anyways don’t have to gossip with him. I will do my work and leave.

Sumo comes to Shravan’s office. She is late but thinks it wont be too much. A peon brings Shravan’s cut out in the cabin. Sumo looks at the cut out when the peon leaves. Full show off! Hello Mr. Shravan Malhotra. You are way too tall. Anyone can have cervical if they talk to you for 5 minutes. You could have atleast made a small cut out. Are you a villain or a hero of south Indian films? Sorry you only talk professionally. I only want to return money and thank you. She practises saying thank you to him. Why is it so difficult to talk to you? Shravan asks her what she is doing. She covers up saying that this cut out looks pretty real. He agrees. She says I had no idea you are so obsessed with yourself. Shravan shares that Khosla left it here. Don’t worry I am not his friend like Satya. You had some work? She thinks he dint even ask for coffee or said hi. She gives him 3 lacs. It is full amount. Count it. he actually beins to count it. 50k are missing. The fee of my one hearing is 1lacs. I gave you 50% discount because of Lala ji. That’s missing. She agrees to pay it. She thinks I had to say thank you but your behaviour is such that. He again asks her if she wants to say something else. She gets up to go and looks at the cut out. Shravan looks at her.

Outside, Sumo is irked. He dint even ask for water. She sits in the car. Nanu says you cannot be bad with bad people. However he may be he is helping me. Say thank you. She thinks to write it. She sends him a message. I couldn’t say what I had come here to say. Thank you for helping us in the case. She adds a heart emoji in the message by mistake and it gets sent. She hopes it isn’t sent but it already is.

Sumo rushes inside. He might not have read it by now. I have to delete it before he sees it. The cabin is empty. An employee tells her that Shravan just left. She leaves. Sumo collides with Kamini in Malhotra House and profusely says sorry. Kamini asks herr who she is looking for. Vandy comes there wearing saree wrongly. Kamini laughs at her. vandy calls the online saree teaching courses rubbish. Kamini suggests her to wear something else but Vandy wants to wear it for the function. Vandy requests her to make her wear the saree. Kamini diverts it on Sumo. Shravan stayed back to help Sumo after all. She can atleast do this much.

Precap: Sumo holds her phone while tying Vandy’s saree. Kamini says you have some really important work with Shravan maybe. Should I call him? Later, Sumo goes to Shravan’s room as she finds out he is at home only.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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