Ek Duje Ke Vaste 11th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 11th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shravan cries his heart out and is out of control. Pushkar, Suman try to control him, but he pushes them away. Then a doctor comes and he gives him some meds and he goes to sleep. Uncle and his son go to airport to get confirmed news.

Suman’s family visits Shravan. Shravan is sleeping and getting his dad’s dreams. He remembers old time and then his dad leaving him. He is screaming. He wakes up and is surprised to see his dad in front of him. He can’t believe it’s real. Uncle tells him that his father decided to meet him before he leaves for London and hence he didn’t board the flight. Shravan hugs his dad and says he won’t leave him ever. He will always be with him. His London plan is cancelled. His dad is very happy as Shravan will stay with him. He asks

Shravan to rest and goes to drop Nanu and Suman’s family outside.

Shravan, Suman, and Pushkar are recalling events and think so much happened. Shravan and Pushkar are hungry. Suman goes and makes soup for them. Pushkar gets a call and he goes outside to talk. Shravan puts soup on side. Suman asks him if he didn’t like it. He says it’s amazing, but he’s sleepy. Suman covers him with blanket. Shravan tells her that he is not a patient. She says you’re welcome and asks him to sleep. Both smile at each other and he goes to sleep.

Pushkar comes back. He says he hopes such day doesn’t come again. Suman says only she knows how she brought Shravan back. Pushkar says he loves his dad a lot. He’s his life. He laughs and shares thought that if Shravan and his dad’s love intensity is this much, then imagine intensity of Shravan’s and his lady love. Suman is all smiling. She says she has seen that intensity in letter.

Suman returns home. She recalls childhood letter’s words that Shravan refused to study in London just because of her not knowing if that’s love.

Some guests arrive at Tiwari’s house. Preeti doesn’t recognize them. Her mother comes and welcomes her mausi, her grandson, and his parents. Preeti’s mum introduces them to her family. Mausi is all praising her grandson, Paras. Bua teases Preeti that her rishta has come. Handsome and rich guy..what more she wants. Preeti is into her phone and gets a message from someone “banda smiling as per orders”. Preeti tells Bua handsome and Paras?

Suman is thinking this is destiny. Destiny doesn’t want Shravan to leave her. And after seeing Shravan’s behavior for his dad today, one thing is for sure. If he ever loved her, then so-called move on is not possible. This means he still loves her and one day he will confess. She smiles.

Precap: Suman meets mausi. She says girls of this house are very pretty. Nanu asks how come she is in Delhi. Mausi says she likes to be direct and asks him when they are coming with proposal. Later, Suman comes to meet Shravan.

Update Credit to: Simmy


    • Abhijit

      I mean like seriously?? You are thanking these guys who are so mean.. They just dont know what they are doing.. They act like they are your leaders and you allow them to be leaders.. Not only you but everyone commenting here!!

      • ishu

        oh hello mr…. we are not leaders…if u think we are its ur mistake… plz stop this nonsense….

      • abhijit unna maadhiri oru kenaiya naan paathadhey illa 6 arivu irukanum nu sollala at least 1 arivu irukalaame adhuvum illa erkanave ellarum avlo asinga paduthiyum maaname illa ma variye.unnalaam onnum panna mudiyaadhu unaku reply pannama ellarum evlo decent a irukaanga appayum puthi illa.neeyellaam….chi!

    • Ameesha

      Who are u to say that i should thank or not?? Dont teach me whom to thank and not.. I am 16 and matured enough to know that i should thank them!! Yeah i am thanking them for a silly reason, ri8? I dont care about any reason to thank them.. I am always thankful to all my frnds, so plzzz. I mean like seriously guyz?? There are so many haters in this world.. Abhijit i guess u are lonely and not having friends.. If u choose to be friends with us ur hatred will go.. Trust us we will never ignore you.

  1. Minakhi

    Are mami ji Ki Masi to bohut fast hai …Ate hi Ristey Ki baat karne lagi ….Well really awesome episode…Namik is a fab actor I must say .one thing I really like that …Rammnath sir k death part ko zyada badhaya nhi gya…Very nice…I m waiting for tomorrow episode .?

  2. ishu

    Finally …uf happy seeing shravan’s smile…ramnath returned….i loved the way sumo take care of shravan…are namik ke height…baapre…
    first i was happy to see a caring kamini but later her expression changed…!!!! Huh
    And ramnath too praised sumo…
    Soup scene was cute…pushkar was right abt intensity of shravan’s love towards dad and his love…hehe
    New entries…!!!tht boy may cause harm to preethi and pushkar’s relation…..Hope they dont affect sumo’s happiness……episode was good….

    where is pooja di?? thankw simmy di πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. sree

    today’s epi was really gud…nd Namik is on peak today the way he was crying for his dad and all ….wt a natural acting…..One thing is gud in all this is tht shravan cancelled totally his plan to go london……ye sunkar kamini ka expression hi change ho gaya…..bt i thnk kamini is nt totally bad..she cares fr shravan bt she cares more for her children………..
    precap: mausi shagun ki baath kar rahi thi…suman ya perrthi ki??

      • sree

        Yes Ishu…now troubles will increase for shravan and sumo…But I want to see Kamini face when she’ll get to know tht shravan loves suman and pushkar loves preethi….both tiwari girls whom she don’t like

      • Kamini might trouble sumo n Preeti when they enter Malhotra mansion as bahu…i hope Shravu n pushku will support their lady love…?

    • Lily

      It’s for preeti……. I saw this in an olv… Nanaji refused it……. As sumo is elder sis… So she should marry first……… But mamiji was upset about this…….

      • Ohh..no there is no trouble for Shravan..but i think now they will start thinking about sumo’s marriage too.?

  4. lado

    thank u so much simmy dibtw what happened to pooja di???
    the episode was as usual awesome it was such a relief to see ramnath happy that he is back and so is happiness in shravan life
    and @namdi aniki i totally agree with u that they didnt drag the thing its very good

  5. Samaira

    I m sure the shagun is for sumo.it will be fun when shravan gets jealous seeing them.wow.

    • ishu

      oh…in spoilers too it was about sumo’s marriage… so shagun will be for sumo …it will be fun

  6. Im feeling something fishy abt shravan’s father. I dont knw y?? He is hiding something frm everyone. Letz c may be Im wrong

  7. ShraMan

    awsum episode nd an amazing episode…. this show is diiferent than d stereotype dragging chewing gum like serials, jo indians ko bewakoof banate hn… hooe it maintains its logical storyline nd awsumness… love shraman….

  8. Abhijit

    There is one comment i wanted to clear.. That is of one of ur friend Anshi.. She called me immature.. Okay what i did for seeking attention was wrong but i am happy at my point.. I aint regretting about saying this thing to Abhi… Everyone here is so mean.. I talked with you all but i dint got any good response from you no one paid attention and this so called #Anshi also dint pay attention to my comment.. So please before u speak something correct the part of urself before u call any1 anything.. You are immature.. That really hurted me..

    • lado

      hey Abhijit plz go and check the update of 10th may i commented there plz just for once go and see my comment…..its a request and if u have a prob i will comment the same thing here also plz tell

    • Anshi

      Sorry if u were hurt by my comment bt dat was wat i felt at dat moment nd i dont keep things in my heart i m sorry if u were hurt by my comment.
      Frankly i ws confused think of it first u come nd comment about abhi ishu nd ireena den u said dat u dont worry about comment bt at d same time u feel offended by my comment plus u want us to see u as antagonist bt u also want us 2accept u. I dontthink u any bad bt sorry to say u r confusing
      Luk abhijeet i too am nt year old to dis site nd its mt lik dat too dat on my first comment i got excessive attention lik a model. First abhi welcumed me den ishu ireena lado etc etc helped mee to catch wat i lose. As said-
      it takes years to build trust bt a sec to break it(sorry to powr10000000000 fr stealing ur dialogue lado).
      So in my opinion do a fresh start. Let me make d first step.

      Hii abhijeet welcum 2 d site. In wich class u r nd frm where u r???

      PS-i dont hv any prob of u being a man after all u r alsoo a human wid equal emotions nd rites lik us.

      PPS-sorry fr my comment

      PPPS -sorry fr such a long comment

  9. Today’s episode was a nice one,…Loved the way sumo consoled shravu.,…Namik’s acting was fabulous,..,Thank god that Ramnath didn’t go in that flight….Pushkar’s words struck in sumo’s mind which made her feel that he still loves her.,…
    I think mausi is saying about preeti’s marriage itself…but later nanu will not accept it as sumo is elder than preeti,..He will say that first sumo’s marriage will occur,…..Wow,Suman in shravans house…????
    As usual shraman rocks…

    Here is nimik pic…of latest interview..

    • ooooooo abhi thank u sooooooo sooooooooo sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much that pic was so cuteeeeee and cutie was looking awesomeeeeee

    • sree

      May be ur view is also correct…..The proposal is for preethi,nd pushkar and preethi realise their love for each other

  10. Minakhi

    The new boy Paras is really cute…I guess He is for suman ,may be The jealousy will bring Shraman soo close nd may be Shravan will express his love for sumo ….Well upcoming episodes will be soo entertaining…Eagerly waiting

  11. anj

    hey my littl sisters, gud morning………….

    abhijith, leave it nw……u r also a part f this group…….
    these girls r having their small cutie talk ovr their fav serial……..
    do join us r ignore the comment section, nobody s compeld t read t…….
    bt u r always welcome here…….

  12. sree

    guys don’t pay attention to this Abhijith….He is good for nothing…I think he is the same Harshitha troubling us with other name as her plan didn’t work there….target is Abhi,Ishu and Ireena as you guys found her commenting as two persons

    • Abhijit

      May i know who is this #Harshita.. As many of u are comparing me with her.. Plz dont!! I am someone else who used to comment but sorry i will not reveal.. Now also i comment with that name.. I hope that u all are not able to find out that.. Otherwise -_-

      • sree

        she used to comment as two persons one as positive and other as negative about ekdv in previous epi’s

  13. Abhijit

    So so so!! You gave me a hand of friendship if i take that my ego will… U know go down but since i dont have any friends i would like to b friends with lado only… For rest of ’em i will be antagonist.. I love to b that.. Guys c’mon lets spice up our comments.. All this sweetnes naa digest nahi hoti.. We enjoy the fun when villians make more tough.. So please accept me as a an antagonist.. After all serials also have so many #Antagonists.. BTW i am a boy. I know for a boy to watch serials, to be possessive, to be jealous, and to b immature isnt preferable.. But never question my this behaviour.. Tum jante hi kya ho?? Abhi toh mera ana shuru hua hai.. Baaki toh bad mein aayege.. Hehee.. I know i am really really weird.. Do you think so?? Or do u think anything else??

    • sree

      We dont say tht the qualities u have will have only for girls even boys also do possess these qualities…U r saying u will be an antagonist bt ultimately antagonist ko positive ya uska character ka end ho jotha hai….So ur wish choose ur own way…bt frnds will stand for ever

    • lado

      thanks dude for being friend with me and i dont think that boys cant watch serials or they cant be possessive and all after all they are also humans:))
      and btw why do you like to be an antagonist?????
      well i can really understand ur situation coz i was also like u once as i had not friends and i used to hate everybody but after some time i realised taht their is no good in keep hating and i changed and c now i have so many friends
      i m sure u will alos understand this
      and jahan tak tumhare behaviour ki baat hai han voh thoda agal hai but its ok for me
      dekhte hain ab yeh antagonist kya karta hai to spice up the page
      vaise where r u from and in which class ….i hope u dont mind me asking personal questions

    • lado

      well well well u know what i read ur comment thrice nd still m reading it again and agin not bcoz mujhe samjh nhi aa rha but i really like ur attitude dude its weird but different and ur way of talking and “i dont care what others think about me” attitude is quite impressive;))

  14. Ameesha

    Hi guyss!! Really shravan’s mom is returning?? Will shravan b happy or angry seeing his mom returned??

    • According to the news…shravu’s mom will be returning…Shravu’s reaction on it is not revealed yet…but sometimes Ramnath might have some grey shade in his character..It is not confirmed yet,..

    • sree

      We are nt pretty sure Ameesha…Its jst an assumption bcse we don’t know where Ramnath went in the mean time while everyone was thinking he died

    • ishu

      shravan faced a shock on hearing ramnath’s death and now mom’s entry..it will be supr…

  15. Neha

    Hey guys frm where do u gt this serial’s nws or spoilers…can u pllz tell me…:):):-/

  16. Abhijit

    Abhi and Ireena have still not accepted me.. C’mon u r the lead.. Main dushman tum hero or heroine whatever.. Anyways, got some news that abhijit(new antagonist in EKDV page) has given a dhamakedaar entry and some of them are impressed(for e.g, one person saw it thrice still not satisified seeing it again) and some ignoring it.. Well, Abhijit’s views on it are “I dont want anyone’s acceptance to enter the page. It was my equal right as the lead commenters cant do nothing about it” and added that he was going to stay for long time and has made 1 friend also..

    • Lado

      It’s not that I am not satisfied with ur comment and all its just that the way u talk is seriously different and unique and I kinda m impressed btw u didn’t tell me from where do u belong and ur age???

      • Abhijit

        That only i said that u were impressed!! Name and age will be revealed during the time i’m there!! So…

      • lado

        ya thats true that i m impressed and i find u very different but i really want that u shoud be a little polite i find that u dont like to be my friend ….sry but ur comment was a little rude and i was a lil hurt i thought that u will be polite atleast with me as u said that u r my friend
        anyway its ok i still want to be ur friend;)))

  17. anj

    may b kamini mite hv created probs n their relatnship……. i mean sravans moms nd dads relatnship………..as far s we kno ramnath wil do any compromise t keep th family together……..hw cn he do anything wrong t his wife…..!

  18. Here is a spoiler..
    Talented actress Geetanjali Tikekar who was last seen in Star Plus’ Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon… Ek Baar Phir has been roped in by Bindu Production for Sony Entertainment Television’s popular show Ek Duje Ke Vaaste. The lady will be seen essaying mother to the male lead Shravan, portrayed by Namik Paul. As per sources, “Geetanjali’s character name will be Nirmala and she will not share a cordial relationship with her son Shravan because of her past deeds. Suman will be in touch with Nirmala and she will share a good rapport with her.” Geetanjali’s entry will bring a lot of drama and twist to Shravan-Suman’s love story. When contacted Geetanjali, she confirmed the development..,

  19. Bhagyashri

    Hii guys today I watch telly top up.sumo shravan ko uski maa ki memories lautati hai through her cooking. Its upcoming. Sumo dal banati hai same like shravan mom aur vo khane ke bad shravan ko maa ki yad aati hai.and this proposal for preeti not for suman.

  20. Minakhi

    Heyy Abhijit come on yaar ,I also don’t have any Friends here but ,I commenting here everyday without any appreciation,Bcz I just love to read other’s comments nd Support them also ,Now I feel All Of we r same. the way they Talks about This show Really appreciated.Only this show unite us nd same thinking process works here ..Soo don’t feel alone nd don’t be soo rude.

  21. riffat

    wowwwwwwwww namik sir and niki mam u both r just awsomeee

    love u both epi was sooooooo nyc in last epi i was crying but this was of relief πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    but hello #edkv group

  22. Meena

    Today’s episode was nice and really heartening to note they didn’t drag on Ramnath’s reappearance fast before the viewers were bored.please keep up this pace and tempo!

    • Fatarajo

      Hi. I m fine but was super busy these two days classes from morning till evening and then entrepreneurship training and swimming classes, and also my relatives came that’s why. But tomorrow I only have morning lessons πŸ™‚

  23. lado

    @Abhijit i thought that we r friends its true that m kinda impressed wuth the way u talk and ur attitude but i really wish u were a little polite i found ur previous comment a lil rude ….i thought that u will talk politely atleast with me as u said that u consider me as ur friend πŸ™
    but i found u alil rude dont know but its my feelings and m hurt also:((

  24. Anshi

    I kept on replying nd dats why my own comment ws no where to b seen.
    Todays show proved why i luv dis show . They dont beat around d bush nd goodness they r n making edkv chewing gum.
    I wont make d comment chewing gum bcs i already hv made one.
    Plus i wnt d shagun to be for sumo. It ll be exciting to watch shravan jealous. Last time wen he ws jealous(somo nd gugol remember!!) he ws luking damn cute.
    Hope it ll repeat

    • sree

      chill yaar…ab nano sumo ki rishtey ke bare me hi soch rahe hai…precap showed sumo coming to shravan…i think sumo will tell him tht they are seeing marriage proposals for her

  25. Riffat

    @lado i,m frm pak na so their are two systems here pre engineering and pre medical so i chose pre medical πŸ™‚

  26. Arshi

    Hi everyone..
    I’m new 2 this group & just started watching this serial recently
    After IPKKND ended I stopped watching all serials
    But the storyline of EDKV is interesting & new that I can’t stop myself..

  27. Minakhi

    Ishu In that video Shravan selecting grooms for Suman. ….I m speechless now, bcz Doesn’t he feel bad doing this? Even jealousy or something like that? Let’s hope for the best…..

  28. devga

    Wen today’s episode will be updated I am eager to know watt happened …. Sumo and shravu did they speak up

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