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Sumo collides with Shravan. The carton drops from her hands. He picks it up for her. What’s in it? She looks at him. She takes it back from him saying it does not concern him. She goes inside. He is in thoughts.

Sumo brings the carton to her room. Your foolish act should be published! I did so much for this carton. I found it in the scrap. Maybe I lost my head. She finds Dabbu standing there. He tells her to end her anger first. I will come later. She stops him. do I get angry a lot? He says at times. She asks him if she acts mad at times. He asks for a chocolate in return. He says yes. she already had a doubt on herself. Do you know when someone does something like that? He cutely replies that kids do it when teacher gives extra homework. He happily leaves from the room after taking

chocolate from her. She warns herself not to do it again. Let him stay a part of your memories, not life. How did he turn into a gentleman today? Why am I thinking about him again? Don’t! Her phone rings. It is in the carton. She takes it out to speak to Pushkar. He tells her about the grand reunion party. My brother is organizing it with the school. I know you will come. You should invite all your friends. Bhaiya wants everything to be just the way it was in school. It is our duty to do so. He is back after so many years. She replies (while looking at her photo with Shravan) that his brother did not do any favour on her. I am very busy that day. Nana ji calls out for Sumo. Make tea for Shravan. Sumo is irked that she will have to make tea for him now. She ends the call.

Shravan has brought gifts for everyone. He says sorry to nana ji who is extra angry with him. Papa called for some urgent work. I can even do sit ups for you. Nana ji asks him to do it then. Sumo looks on from far. Shravan does one when Nana ji stops him. I was only kidding. When people realise their mistake then it means they repent it already. It takes guts to accept your mistake. Sumo thinks all the fun is over. She goes inside the kitchen. Shravan gives him a gift that he brought for him from London. Mausa ji asks them if it is someone’s birthday today. Shravan tells him to think that only. He gifts him an idol of mata Rani that he loved. Shrava apologizes to him for yesterday. Mausa ji dismisses it. Dabbu also gets a gift from Shravan. Sumo brings tea for them. He is bribing everyone. Mami ji sends Sumo to cook food. Shravan is in thoughts.

Sumo mutters to himself about Shravan. He is trying to fool everyone. She eats dhokla. Shravan comes there. Shravan gives a gift to Sumo. She refuses to take it. You can melt my family members this way, not me. I understand your true colours. He wants to know what she means by it. She knows he will run away again. He shakes his head. She asks him what’s in the box. He suggests her to open it herself. I want to see the happiness on your face when you open it. She knows her secretary would have packed it. You would not know anything about it. You insulted my family before everyone yesterday. I don’t need it. He asks if she is coming in the reunion party. She says no. I have work. He points out that it is Sunday. She replies that only government offices are closed on Sunday. He asks her to come. She says the same thing. He leaves the gift on the slab saying I will still wait for you.

Varun comes home. He calls out for the servant who mistakenly spills water on him. The day started on a bad note. Varun speaks against it. no day is bad. Pray that such day comes daily. He gives him Rs. 100. The garderner is surprised. Lala ji is doing pottery. He drops it when he hears Varun loudly calling out for him. Varun has got a very big order. He needs 2 crores to start production. Chachi ji says Lala ji will ask his brother for it. It is no big deal. Lala ji says your success should not come between both the brothers. His wife is sure their son will return money. Lala ji has never spoken to his brother about money and neither will he do it now. I am sure you will find a way. I know you will do it. He goes to wash his hands. Varun gets upset.

Vandy tells Varun that Bade Papa booked a car worth 3.5 crores. He is irked. Don’t remind me that I cannot ask him for money. She says I said it just for the sake of it. Freshen up. We will go out for dinner. He denies. I am not in a mood. She tries again but in vain.

Pushkar speaks to someone on phone. The girl is settled in Singapore after marriage. Your complete gang and its leader (Sumo) will come. Come for her sake, if not for us. Shravan takes the phone from Pushkar. I want to make this party a grand one. I am sending you flight tickets. Give your details to Pushkar. You have to come. Pushkar is surprised. Why are you doing so much for a reunion party? Shravan says she is Sumo’s best friend. Sumo will be happy if Poorna will come. Pushkar shares what Sumo said. Shravan is confident that Sumo will come. Pushkar is impressed with his brother’s confidence.

Sumo is talking to Pushkar. He tells her about Shravan booking tickets for Poorna. He said you will like it. Everything should be like it was in school time. Sumo advises him to get his brother checked. He is mad since childhood. If Poorna is coming then it doesn’t mean that I too have to come. I have work. Everyone is leaving for London that day. He requests her to come for 2 hours atleast.
Sumo is impressed with the changes in Shravan. She thinks to see the gift. Sumo smiles shyly as she looks at the gift. It is a beautiful gown.

Precap: Sumo finds a note with the dress. Come in the party thinking that all the old things will be finished, but do come. She later calls Pushkar. I was thinking that I…. He knows it already that she is coming, that too as Shravan bhaiya’s partner.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    Nice epi but why he want take revenge j think he have a place for her so he dies not cheat her…

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