Ek Duje Ke Vaste 11th July 2016 Written Episode Update

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Ramnath sits down next to Shravan. I could understand you back in childhood also. I knew what you wanted and when. I know you that well. Nothing matters to me more than your happiness. It never was and will never be! 12 years have passed since Nirmala Ahuja left this home. Could I not marry again? I could. I was young, rich and successful. I could marry and get second mom for you. I dint do it as I dint want to take a risk which could hamper your happiness. Don’t think it to be my sacrifice. Think that I took a decision which was right. I am trying to make you understand like I did earlier too. One should think through before making decisions, especially those which directly affect your life. Wish someone had explained it to me when I was an adult. I too used to feel I love Nirmala immensely

but then it went away. Problem is not in love. it is in the ideals in which is disappears. You want to see only the things that look good to the eye. It gets too late by the time you understand it. Too late! I have handled too many divorce cases till date. Problems or issues might be different but one thing was same – love marriage. Problem is girl and boy takes decision together. man should take that decision and woman should only say to it. you wanted permission. I gave it to you. I ask something from you today. I know it is your life, your decision. I respect that. I only ask for some time. Understand that the one you want to marry will be with you in pain, problems or not or if she will leave you like your mother. The decision you will take will be respected by me. I will be proud of it, just like I am proud of you. Shravan looks confused (lost). Ramnath says it is too late now. Take rest. He heads to his room.

Sumo is looking at Shravan’s pic in her phone. She thinks of Ramnath’s request. How to go away from his life? He is my life. How to forget the one who’s thought makes me happy? How to leave the one for whom I can leave everything! (wo khud meri zindagi hai. Usey kaise bhula de jiska khayal aate hi main khush ho jati hu. Jiske liye main sab kuch chorh sakti hu, usey kaise chorun?) She thinks of how Shravan took care of her when she was ill. She smiles for a second. No Ramnath Uncle. I cannot do what you want me to do! She walks back when she collides with the chair. She notices the family pictures on the wall. She thinks of how she came home to Rachna saying her parents left her. Rachna Massi, Mami took her in lovingly. Little Preeti used to play with her. entire family used to worry for her when she used to get ill. Sumo is in tears. I only had 2 dreams – to get Shravan and to repay Mama ji, Mami ji’s loan. If I choose one of them, the other will be broken.

Preeti and Pushkar speak on phone. They sweetly tease one another asking if they had some boyfriend or girlfriend in the past. He speaks of a girl named Neha who used to like him a lot. I even invited her on the bachelor party. She gets upset. I thought you are a decent, simple man but Neha and bachelor party? Enjoy it all. I don’t want to talk to you. She disconnects the phone. He keeps smiling to himself.

Receptionist tells Ramnath Sumo is here. I told her you have a meeting but he postpones the meeting instead. Sumo comes to his cabin. He tells her she took a good decision. Tell me in case you need something else too. She replies that she came here to ask for something only. He tells her to say it. She looks at the cheque. I thought about what you said. I have come to a conclusion. Pushkar and Preeti’s marriage is really important for me but it cannot happen with this cheque. It can happen with your permission so they stay happy. I want you to take it back. He looks at the cheque in shock. She adds that she works. I don’t need it. it isn’t about money. I know I will arrange it somehow. Don’t come in between Pushkar and Preeti’s happiness fearing something might happen between Shravan and me. I wont come between you and Shravan. He says I dint understand. She replies that there is nothing to understand. You proved it today that you are a very good lawyer. Since I have grown up I only had two dreams – to repay my mom’s loan and to tell Shravan how much I have loved him, waited for him. you have brought me at such a point today that I lose whatever I do. If I try to get Shravan then you will stop Pushkar and Preeti’s marriage. I will have to forget the favours of my family which I cannot do. So I have no option but to try to forget Shravan. I accept your proposal but I cannot cheat my love and self-respect by accepting money from you.

She gets up to go when he says I know you can manage everything. Ok, I will not come between Pushkar and Preeti but you too should remember what you said. She nods. I don’t take side of anything but I will say one thing to you, not every relation is same. if your life had some problem then it doesn’t mean it will happen with everyone else too. He reasons that people who are scared of fire don’t try to go near it. I have seen you growing up before me. I still say, I will be the first person to help you if you get stuck in some problem tomorrow. I am only trying to make you understand that neither Shravan is made for you nor are you made for him. You have proved it by returning the cheque. You did it as your self-respect is more than anything else. You forgot that you could take care of Pushkar’s Mom’s demands with it. But your self-respect shouldn’t be hurt. Such people who cannot sacrifice other people’s happiness cannot love anyone. She corrects him. Self-respect means respecting your thoughts. Those who don’t respect their thoughts cannot respect anyone else.

Ramnath calls it rubbish. It is youngsters talking. Such things have no value in real world. I have experience which says only one person can work to run a house properly. If both people try to do it then! Let it be! Final thing is Shravan is like me and you are like Nirmala. She says you might have experience of life but not of love. you will realise one day how wrong you were. You proved yourself a good lawyer today by winning over me. But you have proved yourself as a loser father by separating me from Shravan. You stopped me but I know, Shravan, who thinks of me as a good friend will realise my love one day. How will you stop him then? It will be proved that day that we are made for one another (hum dono ek duje ke liye bane hain).

Precap: Shravan thinks I am sure Sumo will come and ask me what is it that I want to tell her. Tiwari Family comes to Malhotra House to discuss the mahurat for wedding.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. Beas

    Ram is continuously brainwashing Shravan . Sumo’s dialogues were superb especially the last one . Hope Ram will learn something ?

  2. Prettypreeti


    |Registered Member

    Omg sumo answer to ramnath was awesome and when she said hum dono ek duje me liye bane hai my heart really skipped a beat and felt so emotional when she was deciding whom to choose yar kamaal kr dia and shravan say to sumo u love her say fast

  3. roshni

    The whole epi was of ramnath only….In the staring when that creep ramnath was telling against sumo to shravan…. The look shravan was giving ….wah wat a killer look it was…. I loved that….. N coming to sumo n ramnath…. Kya todu javab di tune sumo Kamal kardi…. Very good job…ab meri man shanth Hua. …what did u say ramnath tum dono ek duje ke liye nahi bane Ho….ha ha… O guess ur dreaming…. Well no worries u soon will get the answer… N sumo phir se kya javab di ….. That is sumo….yes sumo shravu will soon realise ur love for him…dekh na….. N preekar scene were also awesome n cute…. I am waiting when the same happens with our ShraMan….. N my god precap…. Ohh shravan no yaar she wont ask u anything…. Y??? U go n ask ur so called papa….. But sumo was looking pretty in that earrings big one…nice…..

    Congratulations preeti…. U did finally…..

  4. Bhagyashri

    Preety preeti finally we r in top two. Fri ko miss hua tha.today we got top 2 position. Let see who is no 3.hehe

  5. roshni

    @preeti ha preeti I will take u all in my dads car after my learning….. But one condition dear u should all come to bangalore…. Okay?????? Agar sab aagayi toh long ride kya pura Bangalore Mein apni car pe hi dekha dungi…. What’s say????

  6. Lily

    Dhoka I was expecting a rain sequence.. As per namiks snapchat video…… Usne mujhe Dhoka Diya……

    Coming to the epi.. Epi was good dialogues were good….. Sumo did right…

    But as expectations always lead to disappointment….. Hmmmm
    No shraman scene……. Epi was OK

  7. Marie


    |Registered Member

    Ye ramu kaka kabhi nai sudhre ga yr is bande ko chahiay kya aakhir…?? Apne bete se itna pyaar jitata hai usy uska pyaar door kar raha hai…..sico.
    Confession do baar hote hote reh gaya ek bar by chance nir aunty n ab ye creepo ram…..!!
    Plzzzz edkv 100 ep pr plzzz kuch romance dikha dena……plzzzz

  8. Marie


    |Registered Member

    N when sumo ne ramu kaka ko moh todh javaaab dia…..wahhh ramu kaka ki shakal dekhne wali thi…!!
    “sumo rocked ramu shocked” 😀
    m waiting fr d day when shr cms to knw d truth abt dis ramu…..

  9. Prettypreeti


    |Registered Member

    Thank u itni khushi mujhe km hoti hai and I can’t believe I m first koi mujhe chooti kato and rosh I m coming to Bangalore next month please come to airport to rechieve me
    Guys comment ha all should come and comment
    Kittu my elder di where r u

  10. SONAI

    Congratulations my dear Beas !!! Itne mahenat ke baad tu at least 3rd position me aa pai he ! Don’t worry I’m sure that u will be 1st some day ! Kya tu aaj ka episode dekh pai hain ??

    Today’s episode !!!! So emotional . Feeling really bad for Sumo !! Bechri parivar aaur pyaar ke beech fas chuki hain ! Sab uss nalayak Ravannath ke wajase hua he !! Battameez ! Besharam ! Idiot !!!!!! Pata nahi aaur kya kya bolu me usko !!!

    Good Night Guys !!

    • Beas

      Thanks Sonai . Ha Mein kaal ka episode dekh pai only because of my mother as she was also eager to see yesterday’s episode.

  11. Bhagyashri

    Are meri third comment post nahi hui.lagta hai uncle come in real avatar.ok.gn friends, horror dreams,take care.

  12. mahi

    Kitni mohabbate hai vali story lag rhi h usme bhi ye ramu apni wife se nafrat karta Tha or bete se bbhut pyar lekin usme love ko usse hamesa alag karna chahta Tha last tak yhi kiya Tha usme.

  13. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    ramnath se nah ho payega he won’t be able to break shraman’s bond I just can’t wait for shravan to propose sumo and I hope sumo accepts it and if she rejects it I just hope that shrvan gets to know its all thanks to ramnath I dont wanna see arrogant shravan again sweet shravan is fine

  14. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    Urrghh this nalayaknath… Firstly tell me who kept his name as ramnath…. He do planning and plotting like a ravan…he is such a bad person…
    I didn’t liked today’s episode… M sorry if I hurt someone but it’s true…I found it boring but didn’t shut it up just bcoz of trp….uff yr when will this jerk nalayaknath understand….
    I only loved preekar scene and the answers sumo gave to that nalayaknath in the end….m really disappointed by today’s episode.???

    Hope the next one will keep up with the expectations….
    Mera toh mood kharab ho gya…

  15. simran

    ram nath should be exposed soon . suman should tell everything to shravn but I know essa kuchh nhii hoga .

  16. Minakhi

    O love u @Poooja Di ……….

    @Thx Roshni for the Link ..o they r soo perfect couple yaar …..Episode was good…1st part Mein Buddha Apne bete KO kya keh raha tha na to mujhe samjh aya aur na hi Sharavan ko …..bas itna laga Ki last Mein Shravan Confused Ho Gaya …..Uake baad Sasur -Bahu Ki ladai …..omg…..The way Sumo answered back that Devil ….That’s treat to watch….Nd Sumo declared that How Ramu can stop Shravan to love with her……..on her this Dialogue I have a strong feeling that ….Agar Sumo ne mana bhi kar Diya Shravu ko ..phir bhi Shravan to uske piche hi bhagega ……wowo ……Ab dekhte hain Sumo kese Avoid kar pati hai usse…..She can’t do now…..Eagerly waiting for today’s episode……good morning guys……opppssss clg time…I will come back soon…❤

  17. Sanjay kumar Bhattachary

    Why sharava couldn’t see his father’s truth. Ram nath is not a good person, nor good husband neither good father. He is just a selfish man .

  18. Nazia

    Awesum! Sumo ne kya jawab di ramu ko! And specially the line- HUM DONO EK DUJE KE LIYE BANE HAIN-it was soooo……… And mujhe to aj ramu par itna gussa aya,how cud he talk to sumo in such a way and also how cud he try to brainwash shravu?? Well jab ramu uska useless lectures de rahatha tab shravan k expressions…..!!!!! And usne ramu ki baat par dhyan nahi diya cuz it has been shown ki next epi mein wo sumo k bareme hi sochrahatha…
    And thnx khushi and roshni for the link.. Um so excited for it. Oh yei honese pehle shravu jab sumo ko propose karega tab sumo usse reject karne wali hain becuz of ramnath. I heard about it!
    I think jab yei hoga aur sumo shravu ko ignore karegi tab shayed wo iska reason dhunte dhunte yei baat jaan jayega ki uska bap hi uski love story ka villian hai! What do u think guys?

  19. Lily

    Hey thanx
    Roshni and Khushi for the most
    Awaited news……..

    But I am afraid that this news is true or not…..

  20. Lily

    Hey guys I just read that there will
    Be a mahasangam epi of ek duje ke vaaste and bade Bhaiya ki dulhaniya…. Where the main hero of the other serial will come with his family to see sumo
    For marriage… All will like sumo……. Sumo
    Doesn’t know about the fact that they have come to see her……….

    • roshni

      Woo seriously….dont know if it will be nice or what….. N lily don’t keep any expectations if they didn’t reach we will be in sad…. I too think if that happens or not …lets see……

  21. Minakhi

    Hlo guys I was soo busy for my assignment…..I m free now….Where r u EDKVians…….ok just look at Thais………..



    Ab Iss Pyaar ko kya naam doon…….???Apne Apne Vichar Apne Comment dwara Dein ……..Jaldi karo Behno ……Kuch esi Shipping karo Ki maza aajaye…….. Well my Gutter mind is Activated………?

    • roshni

      I was shock n happy at the same time seeing his hand on her……. Its sooooo cute…. Best selfie….. Tysm.for the link…..

  22. Prettypreeti


    |Registered Member

    @rosh yaar it is very easy airport me sabse sundar ladki ko doondh Lena mai mill chaugi just joking I can’t come sorry tu car lekar aaja Punjab and the photos which u provide to us very really so cute ty
    @khush ah!itni jor se kyu kati mujhe dard ho RHA hai aaram se katne ko kaha tha chilll yaar mai thora marham LGA loongi and thanks for the link
    @mino koi baat nhi aap ass kr lo and very nice link
    @baghya tuje bi congrats for second
    @lily yaar ty for the news the track seem to be interesting waiting
    @sonai and Beas he school Kaise chaal rhe hai
    @anko hey sabhi yahi hai don’t worry
    @ireena where r u
    @sona where r u also
    [email protected] kaha hai I m waiting it is not done come and comment

  23. Minakhi

    Yes @Roshub……….@Guys….kitno ko lagta hai Ki Namik k dil me Kuch kuch hota hai Niki k liye?????I mean…….Har Iv Mein wo Niki ko praise karna nahi bhulta ….Har Pic Mein Niki se chipakta rehta hai “Chipku”….aur iss pic Mein to …………….?? Omg ……They should be a real life couple na …..What’s say?????

    • Lily

      Mujhe bhi yahi Lagta hai…. He really likes her. .. .. But I think Niki just only regards him as a good companion…..

  24. mahima

    hii guys and didi after a very long time i am here with a very happy news that edkv is on no.1..happy ….yipeeee

  25. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    @minu …..Me me me me me me???????? mujhe lagta hai ki namik ki taraf se kuch kuch hai……I have this doubt from beginning since their first IV together…. And I this pic namik has kept his hand on her waist….I mean this really shows that they share a good bond and even Niki is comfortable with it….but mujhe lagta hai ki namik niki ko bahut like karta hai but miki bhao nhi deti….just take him as a good friend… Poor namik???

  26. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    @mahima hi yr…good to c u back dear…how r u??

    @preeto oops sorry zayada zor se lag gyi….yes do apply medicine dear??
    And here take this???????
    And ring these bells near uncle ji’s ears..then maybe he will get up??

    @lily thanks for sharing the news about bbkd and edkv..

    @preeto thanks to u too for sharing that link…

  27. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    @kittu where r u dear??
    Waiting since yesterday… Come soon

    @guys good evening everyone how r u all???

  28. SONAI

    Hello good evening !!! Kaise ho sab ??

    Mai school gai thi isiliye comment nahi kar pai !

    I’m really shocked to hear the news of this mahasangam !! Ye RAMNATH kam tha kya ki ye Abhimanyu bhi aa gaya ! I’m sure that Sumo will never accept this as She truly loves Shravan !!

  29. Minakhi

    Hii ..good evening everyone….@Sonai ….yes yaar …why they r coming to our show…Really crap …I don’t like those Actors in Our show ….Our show is a very unique and Realistic show ..soo why they r Prompting their show to Make EDKV Unrealistic….really Hate u Sony….??

  30. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    Hi guys how r u??
    Why comments are so slow…where r u all???
    Plz come fast guys…
    @ireena did u came back from ur classes???

  31. Beas

    Hey guys ! How are u all? I went to school so couldn’t comment earlier.
    @Preetypreeti di thanks for your advice. Yes I an Sonai are studying not enough but studying as our exams are drawing in.
    @Sonai I am too shocked after reading the mahadangam news . Pehle Nirmala , uske baad Ram ab kya yeh Avimanyu baki tha Jo yeh bhi aa Gaya . Pata nahi aur kitne deeware aayegi ShraMan ke pyaar ke beech?

  32. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Khushi tumne toh aaj din Bana diya.. Shravan l know abt ravannath intentions.. Hey I m. N cloud nine.. But it l happen na??

  33. Anjali

    hello guys….awsm reply by sumo …very good sumo be strong dear …bht ache s bola aap ek haare hue father ho…hm ek duje k lie hi bne h …love u yar …
    hope u will ask shravu today n will say yes to him 🙂

  34. Nazia

    Guys i have also heard the news about mahasangrm. I hope this incident brings shraman more closer. And through this hope shravu gets to know about sumo’s love. I think so….
    Let’s see what happens!!!

  35. Anjali

    wow….shraman are looking awsm in both pics… <3
    I wish ramus real face will be revealed soon…
    n oh no suman will say no to that bade bhaia ki dulhania Guy 🙂
    coz she loves only shravu. 🙂

  36. roshni

    @khushi wow the video is soo nice…. N yaar y r u thanking me???? No more thanks between us got it…..

    @Beas arre meri Beas same here no thanks from now got it??????

    @khushi well I have posted my next part its my last part…. Do read dear… N what about ur ff?????

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