Ek Duje Ke Vaste 11th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 11th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In the car, Sumo thanks Aditya for his help. Everything went smoothly. You must be happy now that I took your help. He says I dint help till now. I am only doing what Pushkar asked me to do. Sumo stops the car suddenly upon noticing old PCT’s office. He asks her about it. Did you leave something? She nods. He tries to probe her but she dismisses it. He wonders why she got emotional seeing this building.

Aditya gets to know the story behind that building from Pushkar. Ramnath Sir has that property with him. Shravan Bhaiya tried to give it back to her but her self-respect, independence dint allow her to. They in fact had a huge argument. Why you ask? Aditya says nothing. Pushkar warns him not to try to help Sumo. She wont spare her childhood friendship for help. You became her friend very

recently. Aditya nods.

Shravan is in Tiwari House. Preeti gives him water. He asks about Sumo. Did she say when she will come? Preeti denies. She must be in market. Shall I call her? He says I will call her myself then. Shravan is eagerly waiting for Sumo who walks in just then. she is surprised to see him still here. He says I was waiting. She looks at him. he lies that he was waiting for AC. I thought to check. What took you so long? Sumo says it will come tomorrow. you can come to check that tomorrow. I got busy with Aditya. Shravan gets upset and walks out.

Aditya comes to Ramnath’s room. I want to buy your property in Uttam Nagar. Ramnath says what will you with it. It isn’t good for business purpose too. It is really small. Why do you want it? Aditya does not disclose the reason. I need it. Ramnath agrees. All the papers are with Shravan though. He will deal with you on my behalf. Talk to him. Aditya says sure. I will talk to him just now.

Sumo caresses her dress. She thinks of Shravan’s hurtful words and the incident in the morning when she had tried that dress. She smiles at the memory. Preeti comes in just then. I am very nervous. I will get married in 2 days time. I will be in a new, strange house amidst strangers. I don’t know if I will be able to handle it all or not. Sumo says your Pushkar stays there. You will join relations with everyone very soon. He will help you. Fights are bound to happen where there is love. there will be weird demands at times where there is adjustment. Give importance to little things and it will make your life beautiful. Mami ji calls out for Preeti. Sumo asks Preeti to ask the tailor to tighten the lehenga a bit tomorrow. Shravan was right. Preeti gets confused but her mother calls out for her once again. I will get it done. Sumo thinks I will do as you like Shravan.

Aditya and Shravan talk about some place. Aditya insists that he wants to buy that place anyhow. Shravan asks him why. Aditya says I only want that property. Tell me the price. Shravan says you will not be able to pay it. Aditya insists. Liking is important for me over money. Tell me the price. Shravan replies that some things cannot be paid with money. I wont sell that property. Finalise some other place. Aditya tries to say something but Shravan curtly tells him off. Aditya walks out. Shravan thinks that place is of Sumo’s dreams. She has a right over it. only I have the right to return it to you one day.

Sumo is doing preps. Aditya stands lost next to her. She asks him what the problem is. He says your best friend is the best reason of my every problem. I was asking something from him but he gets rude on everything. He acts as if I have snatched something from him. he has some problem with him. She tries to find out what he asked from Shravan. Aditya says I cannot disclose. You are his best friend. Can you please ask him to give me what I want? She wants to know what the matter is but he does not tell her. He goes to pick some garlands.

Sumo begins to fix a nail. Shravan watches her do so. She drops the hammer while doing so. She notices Shravan looking at her. Shravan comes up to her. He even reaches out for the hammer but stops. If I give this to you then it will be like helping you. you don’t take anyone’s help. You are Sumo the fighter. You will feel really bad. Come down and pick it up yourself. Sumo calms herself down. I wont fight today. Aditya notices Sumo coming down. He gives hammer to her. Shravan and Sumo look at each other. He goes upstairs.

Vandy shows off her Maang-tika to Kamini but she is all sitting sad. Kamini tells her not to lower her standard if they are bringing a DIL from middle class family. did you steal it from Driver? Vandy asks her why she is so supset. Kamini says Ramnath Bhaisahab has ruined my happiness. I have had enough. I will break all his dreams just like that. Vandy asks her how she will know what he is seeing in his dreams. Kamini advises her to use her brains sometimes. He will be thinking about his son’s marriage. I will push Sumo in his life like anything. Vandy points out that the current situation between Sumo and Shravan. They wish to kill each other all the time with words. Kamini nods. Vandy says I will be there to help you. Tell me your plan whenever you get an idea. Kamini calls her her real DIL. I will have to bear the other one for no reason. now return this to driver.

Pushkar calls Aditya. You spoke to Sir about PCT’s property? What’s going on in your mind? What are you planning? Aditya shares that he wants to return it to Sumo. Pushkar says you will ruin your friendship this way. She wont take your help. Bhaiya tried it in the past too but she refused to take his help. Aditya laments that before anyone else it is his brother Shravan who isn’t ready to give him that property. I want to return it to Sumo but your brother isn’t agreeing. She will be so happy. How can I give it to Sumo then? Pushkar says Bhaiya tried earlier but failed. Now he wants to give it back to her. Aditya has made up his mind to do this. Shravan wonders how Aditya came to know that that property belonged to PCT earlier. Did Sumo ask him? No, she wont do it ever!

Sumo is speaking to someone about property for her work. Shravan is standing there. She asks him if he wants something. He says I came to meet Nanu but he is sleeping. She tells him to wait a little. He will wake up for his medicine soon. Shravan speaks about PCT. I came to know about your problem. You are looking for a place for PCT, right? She says you know about it. I am fighter Sumo. I can do anything. I will figure things out. He is still concerned. Did you have a word with anyone about place? Can I help? She says don’t you think you can confuse me. You just refused to give me hammer and now you want to help me. Thanks but no thanks! I don’t need your or anyone else’s help. I have told you this time and again. don’t ask me every time. She walks away.

Precap: Shravan gives the property papers to Aditya. I will wait for the moment when you will give these papers to Sumo. You will then know what place you have in Sumo’s life. Aditya brings Sumo to PCT’s old office. Sumo asks him about it. How did you get it? He gives her the papers. Sumo reads them.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. Smile

    Haha haha …. Only last scene …. Nowenough so called self respect ………. Hi guys check out new promo of edkv on you tube in e 24 …. Where shr hurts himself seeing sumo and adi together

    • AmandaS

      I’m so sick & tired oc Sumo’s self respect. I want this plan to backfire on her when Aditya comes with the marriage proposal.

  2. SONAI

    Nice episode with Sumantastic dialogues !!!!
    Nirmala will tell Sumo about Adi’s feelings nd very IMPORTANT………………….
    ……………………NANU IS GOING TO HAVE A HEART ATTACK !!! Sumo shocked nd EDKV rocked !!!!

  3. sona

    Nice episode..😉
    Acha…Matlab abh PCT ka damaka..podney wali hai..
    Well..dosthon..@ireena..minakshi..beas..anjali..sumo..pretty preeti and all the positive readers…
    I have a doubt..
    Aap sab mey kitney logon ko lagta hai..ki spoilers ki baath is baar such niklegi..😐😐😐
    Matlab aap San ney spoilers dekha hai na..adi PCT k maamley mey sumo ki madad karega air sumo uski help legi ye dekh kar shravu apna haath sey glass thodega…😯😯😯😯
    Air yadhi aap aab ko lagta hai ki yahi honey wali..hai..tho kya koi guessings hai..ki yes a kya wajah rahi hogi…Jo baath sumo ney shravu k kehney pey pct nahi li…par adi sey PCT le..le..😯😯😯😄😄😄😄
    By god…mujhey tho bahut sarey dhamakey dhikh rahey hai yaar..aisa lag raha hai..tiwari parivaar..preeti ki shaadi mey…tapakey..sumo k sir par podney ki taan li…😂😂😂
    Varna dekh lo…yadhj ye baath huyi air is key baath vo nirmala aakey adi aur sumo ki shaadi ki baath karegi tho..shraman ki beech ki duriyaan..aur bad jaayengey..shraman dono…ek hi kinarey ki dho sides ban jaayengey..😵😵😨😨😧😧😦😦😦
    Yes a nahi hona chahiye…spread positivity..love edkv…
    Mil jaabey dhey dho dil Jo bandy ek dujey k vaste…😍😍😍☺☺☺

  4. sona

    Sori..lagta..hai…my ney muhaavra wrong kahi😉😉😉😜😜😜😜😜😜
    I think..its..
    Ek hi nadhi ki dho kinarey…😛😛😛😛😂😂😂

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    Actually my xms r over now..soooo…m back…I know I said ki pata nahi kab aaungi…I don’t think anyone had read that cmmt
    .well after a long timeeeee,hi hi….
    Nice wu…I don’t know what’s going and what will happen tonight but nice wu…
    @GUYS…..hiiiiiiii….good morning..
    Something for u…
    Khuda be pucha kya chahiye
    Humne kaha khushiyaa,saath,pyar,zindagi,knowledge Aur dhair Sara edkv episodes…
    Khuda ne pucha …kiske liye..
    Humne kaha…Jo ye msg padh rahe hain unke liye…luv u nd missed uu😘😘😘

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      hey kittu yar after a long time..
      how are you? exam accha tha all the best for result..so happy to see you back now be here

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  9. kittu

    @Guys…hey everyone.. Plez plez plez tell..
    What shravan said…khud se hi shaadi karegi nd bachee bhi…ha ha..I read on twitter..is this true…
    Hey I didn’t watch edkv since last one week… Only watched two episodes now..early morning.. And don’t get this scene..plez make this scene clear…I m eagerly waiting.. Going to skol…hope u will reply nd will tell in detail…hehe…big demand…plez do this favour😧😧😧😧…plezzzzzzzzz

  10. kittu

    @Sona Di…not wrong proverb.. But it happens… Well what r u saying…..
    Tab to shravan glass nahi,sumo ka dil bhi todega,because he is AYM(angry young man)…nd ye niru kaki nanu ki Jaan le k jayegi…nd kammu to ramu ki naiyaa duboyegi…nd Tiwari,behti gangae haath dhone k chakkar me sumo ko adi ki khutti se bandh denge…nd shravan will surely kill adi because he is AYM… Nd phir in his Ghazini style,he will marry sumo..😛😜..ha ha..BA’s isi baat ki kasar rah gayi Hai..otherwise CVS be kuch nahi choda hamare dil ko todne me…Ab shravan ki had diya uski maa todegi…ha ha…I mean when he will kill adi…nd sumo plaster lagayegi…ha ha…ramu dhol bajayega nd will sing…
    Him lut gaye aake tere mauhalle…
    Seems I lost my brain..😜

  11. Minakhi

    Epi was nice. …..the way Shravn Was waiting for Sumo ..that was really awesome…Adi monkey again try to Impress Sumo ….This time Shravan will Get Baba Ji ka Thullu ….bcz Sumo will Take those PCT paper to make him jealous in the process Shravan will break Mirror ….(Hay mera Lambu kitna dukhi hai)😔 Yes @Lily Kal se Aur v hard Episodes Ayenge …I m well prepared for those scenes…..😊😊 Hey My lil Sis Kittu how r My Love…..I was missing u like Hell…..Glad that U r here . ….Good morning Guys😊😊 🌅

  12. nikipaul

    When this serial going end. Had ho gaya. Pl kill shravan and leave sumac to live with Adi with a heavy heart.

  13. nikipaul

    Bass itna hi hehna. They stretched & twisted too much. Now to the writers to satisfy yr ichha Pl Mary off suman and make shravan a broken hearted person. Or kill all three. SADIST writers.

  14. nikipaul

    Shravan come in the middle of the night to tiwai kill tells Sumo not hire vara. Next day he show up in the court and slaps varma.when Sumo talks at her mom’s reputation he fights the case again. Against the will of his father he goes to court to win the case for Tiwariji. Again when again during her accident he says I will be with u forever. Stages a drama and heals her.all these are not sufficient for her she already read his letter. She goes in the middle of the night and gets a promise that he will not do that again. Now the writers hv they forgotten all the said and staged in the past. The only want to make money by twisting and dragging it.

  15. roshni

    The epi was awesome…. God now sumo first will scold Adi but she will accept his proposal so I guess shravan will be again angry on her…. Poor shraman….. Well now should see wat happens today …. Hi all gm….

  16. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    Haha I enjoy the way shravan get jealous lol. Sumo is also too much. And uff shraman at least one of u please confess love before that annoying aditya spoils anything

  17. Lily

    New promo is awesome……namiks acting is mind blowing…no words…I got afraid when he was shouting at sumo…omg i am waiting for the scene..heart wrenching scene….. But I loved it…..

  18. Minakhi

    @Jo ….I m happy that u R free now Glad After soo many days U retured here ……………….But Plz It’s my request To all EDKVians Plz don’t get Sad with negative Comments just Comment Ur Thoughts In this Box Nd Plz If U ever come With Frustration Then Plz Don’t Use Such bad words Like @Harshita …..Those words r giving soo much Pain To others. ….plz Plz A humble request from Minu …..🙏🙏

  19. nikipaul

    It seems the forum went into silent mode. No Irena, No Anjali and specially the vociforus 44444 aka david. It seems all are pained at thetrack payed now and they realised the playwrites r unpredictable. So all aare in silet mode especially 444. He might have pained very very much. That is why this silenced. Now it seems this track will runn for 100 episodes.

  20. Sss


    |Registered Member

    :-/ :-/ :-/

    yar yeh shravan banda itna confused kiu hein..madat karo madar na karo all he want to just help sumo to open pct par yeh bandi selfrespect pe vandhi rahegi..
    but what a move shravan fist confromed whether sumo will take help or not then gave adi the paper abto adi infront of sumo now it will be interesting always try to woo her but now waiting shayed thora to dat khayegi..shravu you became jelouse boy love it haha

  21. nikipaul

    New ttrailer from twitter. Shravan throws all tiffins from sumans PCT and anounces that he cut all relationship Suman. Suman in tears.

  22. Lily

    Who all are excited for next weeks epi???? Full of emotions,drama,action………I am
    Very much excited after seeing the promo.
    I am sad for sumo….but iss jyaada bura kya hoga..isss liye ab Sab acha hi hoga….be positive…….

  23. Minakhi

    Ok Finaly we have a promo …where Shravan is Going to Break every relationship with Sumo …nd Some r taking this Dialogue soo much …..Plz guys don’t take this Soo much …Seriouseley…..Nd Just calm down Can we Clap for Namik’s performance in this Very short Promo ……😊😊😊this Was much needed for him to Shout Like this ……..akhir uske Gusse ka baanndh toota ….kab tak jhelta woh Sumo Ki self respect,Ego aur Ehsano k lectures ko ……I m with Shravan’s every emotions In this Promo ….Bang on …… 👏👏👏 For Namik’s Acting…..Indian Television just got a great Actor In this Season…..Truly Impressed By Him

  24. Beas

    Hey guys can anybody plz plz plz post the link of the new promo. I want to see it badly.😞😞😞😞 ✉

  25. Anjali

    hiiii everyone …a very good morning to all of you my positive edkvians… :*
    @Sona …yes its true this time coz I have watched that video on YouTube…
    the thing is chipku aka adi brings sumo to pct …she gets angry n scolds him but he influences her that he is a businessman n doing business…he tries hard to convince sumo that he is doing business nothing else …only then sumo accepts this n after knowing that shravu gets much angry n breaks the mirror in anger distraught n hurting himself…
    I wish sumo to apply the ointment n care but seems like shravu wont let her do this…
    @kittu …hey yeah u read right…actually pushkar asks shravu to help sumo …then he said “help to insaan lete hai…par vo to Superwoman hai…dekhna chote vo shadi v akele kregi n bacche v akele paida kregi ” …this is the most hilarious dialogue of edkv …
    @nikipaul ..don’t worry dear …m here only …n I know watevr they are showing its right according to situation…they can’t show romance all the time..n m ready for upcoming episodes …their fights, rage, anger, sadness…so I have no prblm with this show at all 🙂
    @ireena …di get well soon…
    @minakhi yes we will always be positive don’t worry …
    now about the episode …the way shravu was waiting for sumo was like wow…how concerned he is…n sumo to yar jalate reh …but pls don’t hurt him …I know u r at the point where its like one side valley n other side well…but be with him I just want that…
    I have heard about the marriage proposal…nanu will emotionally tell sumo ki ye meri akhri khwahish puri kar de …adi acha ladka hai (blo*dy chipku don’t take it to ur heart…I hate you man)…n sumo would be in dilemma obviously anyone would be if there would be a situation like this…
    but I know ramu kaka n nirmu kaki ki sacchai baki hai so atlast there will be my shraman together… <3
    guys I wont be active from tomorrow coz of my studies but whenever I will get time I'll definitely join u my edkvians…
    love u all. 🙂 ..will miss u all 🙁

  26. Anjali

    @priya15… adi is not nirmu’s own son…he is her boss’s son…so you can call him adopted son of nirmu …no one knows that adi is nirmu’s son..that’s y adi calls ramu sir…coz adi doesn’t even know that ramu kaka ki nirmu kaki’s hubby….

  27. Lily

    My Prediction, plz reply to it…..

    Now after nanus second heart attack..everyone or nanu will come to that adi is nirmala’s son….nirmala will also get to know about sumo being ADI’s love…..sumo will get to know about the marriage proposal from adi …..she will be shocked and will ask for some time to decide…..on the other side,kamini will get to know about this either from raamu or pushkar..she will try to manipulate
    shravan..shravan will ask for permission from raamu…ramu will be helpless..shravan will go and ask for suman’s hand…nanu will agree happily as
    he knows shraman are best friends…sumo
    will be surprised by this sudden action of sumo…..but sumo will readily agree for this..adi will be heart broken but he will still
    be sumo’s friend….shraman will get married… After marriage shravan will show his true colours to sumo…he will tell her that he is taking revenge from her …as she
    Destroyed his life..so she will also start hating him…now the hate marriage will
    Start…….for romance dhire dhire start hoga…….now I think raamu truth will
    Not be exposed so soon. My wild guess

    Let’s see what happens..share your prediction s as well…

    • Sss


      |Registered Member

      awesome one
      no matter in what way I just want see them get married after that if their love story I won’t mind and I think we only can see their romance after I think

  28. Kuhu

    Goosebumps promo wat an actin namikkkkk superbbbb sumo ko shadi hogi lekin kiske sath koi mujhe batayegi bohot tension ho raha hain.

  29. Minakhi

    I really Believe in Namik’s Words…..Telly Chakkar Just gave a spoiler that Sumo will choose Adi Over Shravan If this will happen then…I m really Curious to know What will happen then…@Lily How can I Predict something about EDKV…..This is the most Suspence wala Show I have Experienced….Totally My mind is blank to predict anything…..CVs ne humesh hi Sare Spoilers Ki band bajayi hai……………………. https://twitter.com/namik_paul/status/763977495024504832

  30. Nazia

    Hello everyone!!!!!!! 😀 Itne dino bad aj meine edkv ke kuch scenes dekhe… Sleeping scene and the dress scene… Loved it! Kya dimaag paya hamari sumo ne… Jhat se samaj gayi ki shravu jealous tha;). I hope ki shravu bohot jyada jealous hoke apne ap ko control na karpake sumo ko propose karde jaldhi se. Mera reactions to dekhne layek thay jab mein wo scenes dekhrahithi.. Specially jab shravan sumo ko dekhrahatha book ke zariyese chupke.. I loved both childhood and present scene.. Itna funny tha na jab sumo thodi si hili aur shravu ne book se apne chehre ko chipaliya.. And also the scene- dream of sumo- shravu was about to kiss her! Well, ab to pakki ki jald hi shraman ki love confession hogi.. Mein toh bhai boooohot khush hu..
    And of course, itnii dino ke bad yaha pe comment karke bohoot accha lagrahahe..
    So bye then… Love u all!!!!!!!!!

  31. sona

    Lilly…crazy prediction yaar😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    San much teen that..end pey hero ko angry young man kyo bana diya..vo romantic hi to.teek hai..😉😉☺☺😂😂
    Vaisey acha hai..great prediction☺☺☺

  32. sona

    Welcome back yaar…miss u a lot…tumey nahi pata…yaar..rumhari kitni jaroorat mehssoos huge..him sab ko…
    Ye pura NAFTA..baari that him par terey bina…😐😐😐
    Hahaha….sahi kaha…u lost it…😉😉😉😜😜😜😜😜
    Tumhari prediction loll..😂😂😂😂😂
    Aur kya..song likha..yaar..superb…Anu khush hogayi hogi☺☺☺
    Aur…tumney kya 9 th august..ka episodeddekhi…nahi tho pakka dekhna…week ka high light wala episode tha…😍😍😍😍😍😍😍shravan stares sumo when she sleeps…
    Aur ha…shravu glass thodega..jaroor..aur ye Sab tho keh rahey hai..promo bhi release ho chuki..hai jaldi check karle..t.k..
    @guys..minakshi..beas..lilly….ya…i m with u all…my ney apney dil ko Rhoda air strong bana liya hai…😜😜😜😜😜😜😉😉😉😉
    Edkv ki tpgh times k liye..
    @anjali…abh the..jaa rahi..hai..😯😯😧😧😧
    T.k..jaldi aa..jaana..☺☺☺☺ww all will miss u..too dear☺☺☺😘😘😘

  33. kittu

    @SSS..ya m back..
    @Anjali…thnx a lot dear… How he said..I mean superb shravan… Hehehe…
    @Lily Di…I watched promo…amazing

  34. Minakhi

    @Good Sona ….Be Strong …..Agar ye Show Koi aur Show hota to Mein Khud ko doubt karti …but EDKV K Liye Mein Humesha tayaar rehti hoon …..Yoo man …CVs zitna chahe humare liye Hardness Bhar de But CVs ka popat to Hum banayenge …..Show Dekh Dekh k….ha ha 😉😉😉

    • 44444

      Hi Minakhi as mentioned by Nikipaul something sinister is there . This should not happen to Shravan that too by Suman’s ego. Sorry for Shravan the Golden heart.

      Bye friends Cant take it any more.

  35. Sss


    |Registered Member

    @anjali will miss you Dr come back soon

    @nazia after a long time welcome back what about study ?

    @kittu awesome pic yar specially golmal loved it also the promo pic right he is looking like AB but good news dint understand that kiski shadi shraman or adiman don’t give heartattak saying adiman

  36. nikipaul

    At the end of the day, with 3 vedios, 1) Nirmala proposal, 2) Shravns ourburst, 3) Sumo alone in the park and final your Kittus Adi ka Bride Groom ka photo. All are declaring gloom in the life of both Shravan and Sumo. Minakhi , lility, Anjali , roshni and all your positive teams proved wrong.

  37. sona

    @niki Paul..
    Picture abhi baaki hai mere dosth..
    Ye sabh tho surf trail or hai…😝😝😝😝😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  38. roshni

    New promo????? Seriously guys then pls pls pls share the link I haven’t watched Sony from yesterday only I just saw edkv that’s it…. I was in clg na so I couldn’t see pls friends pls koi link dedo or batado Ki promo Mein kya gain plsssssss……

  39. Minakhi

    Bye Bye @David ….Spend Quality time with Family nd Friends u will be happy 😊 This show is not for u at all ….nd those who r depressed by those Spoiler nd Promo ..They really can’t take this In a good way……But remember one thing That when Shravan was going to engage with Urvashi what happened that time???………..good night all😊😊😊

  40. Anjali

    @sona will miss u too dear …u tc too.
    @sss yes I will try to be back soon…miss u too yar …
    don’t know how m I going to survive without showing up here 🙁 it has been like a daily routine to chat with u all…
    @kittu ur wlcm dear…:)
    @ priya15 ur wlcm dear 🙂
    @lily thanks for the promo yaar …n ha I hope tmhari prediction sahi ho …kya idea hai 😉
    @minakhi..seriously sumo us chipku ko ha Bolegi…well I guess aisi situation m kya kregi hi my poor shraman…both are dying becz of ramu …
    gonna miss u all badly guys…tc u all…love u all a lot…will try my best to show up here frequently …
    n 1 request guys pls aj ka written episode koi jaldi update krna ..I think I wont be able to watch it today 🙁 so pls update it by 11 at least as my net pack will expire at 12 n won’t be able to sleep without reading wat happened today…
    tc all my edkvian buddies….

  41. Minakhi

    @Sona good answer……😚😚 love u …Sumo se rishta todke humara hero. Bachega kaise ….yeh to sochna chahiye bashers ko ………love u @Sona yes picture abhi baki hai

  42. Anjali

    @sumo…I agree dear …ye to sirf trailor hai picture abhi baki hai mere dost …
    @nikipaul we are not going to be proved wrong…
    edkv is the show in which u can’t guess anything coz u will always get opposite from ur imagination …
    m going to be a positive edkvian till end…this show has become a part of me n my shraman are to my jaan :*

  43. Anjali

    @kittu yar sare pics were awesome…
    I especially liked the friendship Wallace edited pic n the one in which shravu was staring at sumo over his book 😉

  44. Devga


    |Registered Member

    Uffff felt really bad for shravu…
    Today is the first epi i hate adhi a lot…
    His convo with shravu…. And shravu expression knwing sumo accepted… 🙁

    Adhi : mein bahuth khush hoon jo papers usne na thumse na ramnath uncle se liya mujse liya mein bahuth khush hoon… Thank u shravan thank u shravan…. 🙁 🙁

    Shravu bichara bahuth shocking expression detha hein….(( Maine toh rona shuru kiya aur chanel chnge kar dhiya))

    Adhi (lookin at shravu’s expression) :
    “thum bhi special ho but mujse thoda cum…”

    Sumo shravu had less misunderstanding by ravan nath tht again with adhi’s track it is increasing….

    RReally hating these MANY MISUNDERSTANDINGS….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.