Ek Duje Ke Vaste 10th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 10th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ramnath asks Shravan what he is doing here. Why are you hugging this woman? Who is she to you? You came here for this or you wanted to see if I lied to you about something? I never thought that my son, who I trust most of all, will cheat me! I have come to realise you were never mine. Ramnath walks out even when Shravan tries to explain. Shravan asks Kamini if she knew. She looks down and finally leaves without a word.

Shravan asks Sumo why she did this. You know I don’t even want to hear her name. Why did you do this? Don’t create problem for someone when you cannot do anything good. You created distance between me and papa today. Who asked you to do this? Papa is my only one in this world. He misunderstood me because of you. I have hurt him for her? For the woman who left me

in childhood? She tries to talk to him but he asks her if she thought he will forget everything. She left us once. Ask her why she left me and my papa and for whom. Why dint she think of me in these 10 years? He asks Nirmala the same question. You did today what you couldn’t do 10 years ago. He talks to her with disrespect and hurtful words. Sumo tells him to give respect to his mother but he says I don’t need to learn it from you. you give respect to people who deserve it. Sumo advises him not to say anything which he will regret in future. Sumo stops Shravan from going. I wont let you leave today without knowing the truth! Shravan angrily asks her which truth she is talking about. Who hid it? She takes Ramnath’s name. He looks angry. You want to say my father is a liar? He hid truth from me? She ends up saying yes. I am really sorry. I know how you are feeling. There are 2 sides of every coin. How can you hate your mother without knowing the truth? Why would you think of her all the time if you don’t love her anymore? You even recall the taste of the Daal she used to make for you. Your father did wrong. He warns her not to say anything against his father. you have crossed all your limits today. You have cheated me once again! I hate these memories which sway me from my path; from the place where that Dal is made. If it was up to me then I will shut down that kitchen once and for all! Right now, I hate you most of all. There is nothing between you and me anymore from today onwards. Just like Nirmala Ahuja dint mean anything to me till date, you also mean nothing to me now. I hate you! He leaves. Sumo and Nirmala ji look shattered.

Shravan comes home. He tries Ramnath’s number but it is unreachable. He thinks of Ramnath’s words. You came here for this or you wanted to see if I lied to you about something? He asks Pushkar if papa is in office. Pushkar denies. He left for some place long ago. Shravan checks at home too but no one knows anything about his whereabouts. Shravan panics. Lala ji and Pushkar ask Shravan what happened. He asks Chachi about his papa. Did he say something? Kamini says he was really upset. He dint utter a single word. He dropped me outside home and left. He is driving in such a condition. Hope he does not meet with any accident. He was crying all his way. He dint say anything. Lala ji asks them what happened. Shravan is in tears. He heads upstairs. Pushkar asks his mom who finally tells them everything.

Shravan keeps trying his father’s number but in vain. Why Sumo? Why did you do all this? Sumo keeps trying Shravan’s number but he has kept his phone aside. How do I make you understand that I dint want to hurt you? He looks at her call but then throws the phone away. She is in tears. I only wanted to see you happy, to get your love. I dint know I will only get your hatred. Shravan looks at the book of cars. He tears the pages and ends up throwing it away in anger. It breaks a cup or something. He sees Sumo’s reflection in it. He thinks of all the times she has been there for him, supported him and of what she did just now to him. Ramnath’s words haunt him. I never thought that my son, who I trust most of all, will cheat me!

Sumo says I know I have hurt you badly but how do I make you understand that I only wanted to get you out of this pain. I wanted to end the bitterness of your past. How do I make you understand this? She recalls that he came to tell her something. What could it be? Did he? She cries. Why it happens with us always?

Shravan says when I thought we will be together; you separated me from you, for forever.

Pushkar calls up every possible person who Ramnath could be with. Lala ji and Varun also return home with sad faces. We checked at every possible place but he was nowhere to be seen. Pushkar tells Shravan not to be tensed. Bade Papa will come. Everything will be fine. Vandy says Bade Papa. Shravan looks at his father. Kamini asks him where he was. Ramnath looks at Shravan. He begins to go when Shravan says papa. Ramnath stops in his tracks. Shravan tries to say something but Ramnath tells him not to. I saw it all with my own eyes today. My son is not my son anymore. I am ashamed of myself. I have become so small in my eyes. Shravan says papa but Ramnath warns him not to call him papa. You have lost the right to call me papa. You lost it for the woman who left you in childhood! For the woman who ruined everything? It is good. You are grown up now. You understand the difference between right and wrong. Do what you feel is right. Shravan requests him not to say so. I know you are hurt by what you saw but it isn’t so. I dint know Nirmala was there. I swear I wouldn’t have gone there if I knew about her presence there. I went to meet Sumo. You only say that half truth is more dangerous than full truth. What you saw was half of the truth only. It is true that I got a little emotional seeing her after all those years. I couldn’t control myself when she hugged me but then I remembered everything. I would have pushed her away even if you had not come at that time. I would have scolded Sumo in a similar manner even if it wasn’t about you being there. I am your son, Ramnath Malhotra’s son. I cannot stoop before anyone. There is only one truth for me. it is you. Ramnath asks him if he is saying truth. Shravan nods. They share a hug. All the family members look relieved. Ramnath says you left for Bangalore. How did you end up going to Tiwari Villa? Kamini says he left for Bangalore only but Sumo called him there. Ramnath gets angry. Suman, Suman, Suman! She made you meet Nirmala even when I told her against it. if she wasn’t Tiwari’s granddaughter then! He coughs badly. Everyone gets concerned.

Shravan says what happened today shall never be repeated. Forget about meeting Nirmala I wont even take her name. No one else matters to me more than you. No one can ever come between us. Kamini looks irked.

Precap: Nanu asks Sumo if she thinks what she did was right. She nods. Sumo comes to Shravan’s office. Peon tells Sumo that Sir is in meeting. He has asked no one to be allowed inside. Shravan peeks at Sumo from his cabin. Manager asks Sumo to come tomorrow instead for meeting. Sumo replies that she has to meet today itself.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. Ameesha

    Hi ireena.. Nothing special, it was just so usual as a normal day.. But one thing was special.. I found out something very special and something really close to my heart.. My parents school records and results 😛 Really special, ryt?? And its like bday comes and goes, theres no need of celebrating every year.. So i am not celebrating from last 6 years.. Now its habituated.. Maybe i will celebrate 18th bday

  2. shraman

    Sumo.. Sumo! Wrong timing babu.. And namik’s acting is so great?? Sumo understood that he came to propose.. “Hamare saath aisa har baar kyu hota hai?” Ramnath.. Yaar.. Kill him..! I swear kill him..!! That line shravan said “jab unhone mujhe gale lagaya toh mei rok nahi saka” poor shravu wants his mommy.. Nimik’s acting was superb.. Precap: shravu pls talk to sumo..

    Shravan said I hate you to sumo.. Oh noo..!
    Spoiler says that ramnath would destroy sumo’s buisness and sumo think shravan would then she would also hate him. Then kamini will try to use sumo to send shravu away.. Anyways.. Precap was amazing.. I don’t think sumo shravan se bina mile jaegi.. Love you loads nimik.. Amazing acting..!

    • shraman

      Loved that line too when sumo said “mei sirf tumhara pyar pana chahti thi.. Mei nahi janti thi ki tum mujhe nafrat doge”

      I guess now are pushkar would do something..

  3. Piyali

    |Registered Member

    the episode……………………..what to say……..it was full of the villian today………..only ramnath…………….i feel like going out and returning late was his and kamini’s plan to make shravan feel guilty…………….now everything entangled……………………………….dn’t know what to comment, can just say that everyone’s acting is really very very good……………lets wait for something good……

  4. priya

    Y this ramnath is doing this yar??? 2days no edkv… Going to miss it badly…. Waiting for Monday…

  5. Ridhima Gupta

    Thank you pooja di for fast update.. Felt very sad for nirmala ji and sumo.. And sad is very bad….
    Shravan u should understand ur mom and sumo… And hate that kamini and ramnath.. U both just go to hell…
    I felt like crying today.. Shravan was confessing his love Bt every thing happened just opposite…
    But still hoping sumo will do something… After they are made EK DUJE KE VAASTE…

  6. Lily

    Good news ..
    According to the new spoilers….. after suman hating shravan ……kamini will plan to unite
    Nirmala and shravan……so that shravan goes away from that ramnath….isn’t it a good news for us..as indirectly she is uniting shraman…….

  7. priya

    @PIYALI ya dear I m elder to u…I m studying 11std ….school started strdy only….now only I saw ur cmnt n 8th June page..ya u r ryt…

  8. Minakhi

    Nice Episode….Track ke hisaab se accha chal raha hai ….Namik ke saare expressions superb the …Suman also good….nd finally Ramu Kaka ..the villain of the Story…Usse koi Jake ek last maro ….Agey k episode Mein wo Sumo KO hurt karega uski PCT ko band karwake ir ilzam Shravan pe dega …Then Shravan ko doubt hoga nd He will support Sumo ….yehhh I don’t know this is right info or not but ….really interesting….hey na guys

  9. sss

    nothing to say in today episode…
    they just did fabolose acting that Evilnath also and another thing he did was irritatingme…nowadays i feel so annoying to see that Evilnath..unfortunately his scene will most seen in the show..a very bad news for me…don’t know how many i have to bear him….
    shraman plz get together soon for both of you I’m bearing this Evilnath so in return i should get the treat na!!!” good thing in today episode i got to see pushkar really midst him in this two days

  10. Sunitha

    Shravan of course does not want to meet Suman, because he is hurt,I think he will hurt her again,Ramanath will destroy her business, Suman thinks it is Shravan,She will break her friendship with Shravan and of course hate him

  11. Minakhi

    Hey guys can anyone tell me Tellyexpress.com ka poll 8 pm se kyun nahi khul raha hai ….hum lead kar rahe the na??Ese kese band ho Gaya ..kahin poll cancel to nahi Ho Gaya na??? I m worried now…..?

    • Ireena

      yeah…i couldnt open then ..but now opened it.dont worry but we r leading it…but…one isnt clear.the poll hasnt stopped yet ..thats why many shramanians dont know that poll is still going on…i am doubtful bcs of that anything mishaps can happen.well,lets see.

  12. sona

    As..the show..must go on..it needs some ups and downs..its good..that whatever is happening..may this hatredness,angry,misunderstandings help them to make their (shravan & suman)??love more strong in future..
    And ya..we must say ramanaths acting so cunning..and clever..after all a lawyer mind plays well then anyone..but..I’m much awaited for the moment when shravan came to know his fathers cheating and his mothers truth..
    I’m..damn sure shravan will gonna kill this ramanath..?☺
    Wt do u say guys?

    • Fatarajo

      Also jus got to know about this registration thingy wow cool if not yesterday I got a shock seeing many people id suddenly changing and I also have same question I don’t think so but I m not sure

  13. Harshitaa

    It is so amazing……one can never in their wildest dreams get a perfect man like Shravan …..world’s best son……brother…..best friend……boyfriend…grandson(nanu)…..and supremely intelligent lawyer ……also he is over the top handsome…….
    Suman tiwari Is one lucky woman❤❤❤❤

  14. Minakhi

    Please vote here only for EDKV as much as you can till 12pm this noon as they’ve extended voting time due to some issue.plz vote ……

    http:// tellyexpress.com /2016/06/04/ poll-most-popula r-show-on-india n-television/

  15. kittu

    Well epi was nice becoz there was pushu my favorite. Bhut din ho gaye the .In first part ravan be shravu ko rulaya nd shravu be sumo ko.Kamini mil ja ek baar phir dekh .When shravu said pushkar ,I feel just just just ……can’t explain. Hope u will understand. I liked each nd every thing. Well it was an expected epi .Now eagerly waiting 4 Monday’s epi.

  16. Tanya

    What’s the full form of PCT???
    Why shravan said that sumo ne mera trust toda tha 10yrs ago????
    Jabki shravan sab kuch chod ke London chala gaya tha……☺☺☺tell me I’m not understanding this…pls frnds..

  17. Kittu

    @Tanya ,listen, Shravu loved sumo in his school life. Very much bt as u know sumo ne uski insult tab ki when sabse jaade jarurat usse sumo ki thi.Actually at that time he was very possessive abt sumo.But hurt huya ek time pe apni life k do loved ppl se jinhe WO khud se jyada pyar karta tha.Vaise use jaana hi tha.And use uske London jaane se hi to shraman ki chemistry aur improve huyi,Which I think. Hope I cleared it.

  18. Kittu

    Hey ! Ye menu option me ff submit hi nahi ho raha.Showing that 4 one to two days k liye they will not submit any article .Plez check .

  19. Kuhu

    Just saw da gold awards w.lists look biased no offence 2 any actor valaiey ka to Jamana nehi raha.

  20. Bhagyashri

    Hey guys,pehle weekly episode Saturday ko 1:30 to 4:00 pm lagte the.vo abhi subah 8:30am to 11:00am lagte hai.muze laga tha ki band kar diye lekin aaj Maine dekha to abhi subah ko lagte hai sare week ke episodes. Yoo

  21. Bhagyashri

    Friends Maine kal abp news par SBS me dekha.sumo ko 4 lakh ki order milati hai.so she is very happy.Maine pura nahi dekha.anyone any idea for this order. Muze lag raha hai shayad order denevali new entry hogi may be.

  22. Bhagyashri

    Anyone from Maharashtra here.Marathi new popular film “sairat” on kapil sharma show today.

  23. Bhagyashri

    Guys hum ek kam kare kya? Kapil ke Facebook ya twitter page pe Jake kapil ko bataye kya plz we want namik and nikita on ur show. Plz unhe bulao with shahir and Erica.

  24. Bhagyashri

    Sorry Maine bahut sare comments likh diye.but yesterday episode so emotional.shravan bechara emotional atyachar ka Mara.but in black dress shravan look soooooo handsome becs black is my favorite colour.

  25. Vanessa

    Hello guys… today episode was good acting wise….namik and Nikita nailed it…. it’s very bad that ramnath wants to destroy Sumo’s business it’s very unfair…she is granddaughter of ur guru and u do this….I hope shravan prevents this… kamini is spineless she is only concerned abt her sons only… they are doing hardwork let puchkar start his own business and firm…why is she after shravan… really disgusting…. I personally feel sumo should not interfered in this matter… what will she gain by this shravan comes to know the truth and he will hate ramnath…. he would be separated from his parents … how would one feel if ur father is called a liar… shravan is justified…sumo knows he loves his father too much….nirmala should have never left them…she should settled things… how would he feel if his mother never turned back for 10 years…. what nirmala expected that ramnath won’t make shravan against her… how ridiculous ..ramnath had to tell his son a reason…. she should have cleared misunderstandings with ramnath…. I just hope that shravan and suman unite….??

    • Anshi

      Well vanessa… I know dats ur opinjon bt i a lil disagree frm it….. Sumo never wanted 2 create differences btween shravan n ramnath…. She only wantec 2 vanish gaps btween nirmala n shravan…. She wanted dem 2 b back together….

  26. Anshi

    @Priya… Its priya central tiffin
    Thanx di u rock… Thanx fr d wu…
    Today’s epi ws nic… Lved namik…
    One time more ravanath hurts my damsel… N i ll kick him through d tv screen..
    @Spoilers…. R u serious kamini ll unite dem… If yes… Den lyf mein pehli baar bandi ne dhang ka kaam kiya hoga…

    • Anshi

      Oops… Frst msg is 2 tanya nt priya…. Sry fr inconvienience…

      BTW….. Hey guys cheer up…. Humse koi top position chheen le aisa ho nhi sakta aur hum kisi ko top position dede aisa ham hone nhi denge…. 😛 😛 …. Sooo jst chill minakhi sonydev chahe jitna injustice kr le pr jeetenge toh ham hi… N dis ll b a spicy slap on sonydev’s face…. Wat say… 😉 😉

  27. roshni

    Well guys tell me pls wats d use of registering…i mean what will happen????our comment wont get moderated???I mean v can comment directly kya?????tell me guys……

  28. Kittu

    I really wanna meet Dilip jha nd Archita jha ,I think they r the producers. I wanna ask them ki kya problem h aapki ,itta badhiya show kyo stop k re ho.I m dammed sure if edkv aired on Zee or Star ,tab dekhte kitni TRP multi.Bt Sony is also a good channel bt pata ni what’s the problem. And one thing more agar ye concept Ekta Kapoor ka hoga to pata ni WO ise kahan tak le ke jaati .WO ise itni easily drop nahi karti.Well ,I m happy that it will leave a happy nd sweet smile with tears in our eye,jab iska last epi hoga.We hoped nd wished ki it should complete it’s 500 epi when it completed 50 episodes only.But y , I m thinking abt this Jo Hoga Accha Hoga. Bt in this show I liked each nd every character in fact the villains too.And this is the 1 st show 4 which I wrote ff and m here .There r two shows which r coming on Sony.May be un me se ek 10 baje aaye.Bt I don’t think ki kisi ki bhi chemistry edkv se match karegi ,I mean compete karegi.Well hope ki ye show apni 1 anniversary to complete kare.

  29. Devga

    Priya Central Tiffin full form of PCT…
    @Tanya its the cattering center wich sumo is managing on her mothers name….

  30. Kittu

    Listen , edkv has more than 4k followers on Twitter. I don’t know that tumhe pata h or not bt socha I should tell u.And one thing more Niknak were looking beautiful I mean superb in gold award

    • Anshi

      Maybe jo… I ws also surprised by seein d comments… Hope today’s epi wud bring some happiness… Bcs ab bahut sad sad ho gya…

      Hope u didnt mind me callin u jo… If yes i m sry…

  31. Anshi

    Hey guys… Where r abhi ishu lado sree di roshni khushi n all dr frnds…. Many of dem r missing…

  32. Minakhi

    No Fatarajo bcz of that Stupid poll ….Aaj Mein ussi me latak ke reh gayi …In fact India forums Pe bhi bihut kam attendance hai yaar sabke ….kahi humse hamara no.2 position na kho jaye …or ye Poll kal raat Achanak band ho Gaya fir Aaj raat 12 baje bolke 3baje hi open Ho Gaya..I mean what the hell?? …hum Dushre show se 6000 votes se ahey hain …yaar congrats …agar result fair nahi Hua to me life time kabhi vote nahi dungi in polls pe …..yaar ye poll poll khel ke Main tired Ho gayi hoon ….I hope sab ke haath bhi dukh rahe honge ……well I m happy with this track ….bcz I know Shravan can’t leave Sumo …we have to wait patiently guys don’t be soo much nervous…I trust on cvs …or wese bhi EDKV suspense dene Mein Expert hai …soo chill be always positive….Niharika gave me this Point to be Positive…..yehhh….Yaar WO yaad aagayi jisne mujhe upset kar Diya tha…??

  33. Minakhi

    Oo Anshi u r really same as me …..humare thoughts har waqt milete hain …wow …Two bodies one mind ….congrats dear….no .1 position For best popular show ….wow ..result k din party to banti hai

  34. Minakhi

    Yess Kittu Sony pe upcoming koi bhi show EDKV ko beat nahi kar sakta …mujhe lagta hai EDKV issi saal k last Mein end Ho jayega ….uske baad patta nahi Mein kis show ke liye pagal rahungi ….Sochte hi darr lagta hai ….but I m happy Ki Iss how ko Abhi Hume dekhne ko mill raha hai ….Agar is show ko star plus,Zee,colors pe telecast karte yo iski trp ko full marks milte but hay re futti kismat Sony ko hi mile ye ….ohh no or Jis Sony ne aaj tak sirf iske saath partiality hi Ki hai ….Wahhh Mein apna dard kise bataou….??? ?

    • Anshi

      Well…. Minakhi sony par toh kya kisi bhi channel par(accordin 2 me) aisa awsum show nhi aaya… Its nic

      N again i agree wid u… Agar kisi aur channel pr isse telecast krte toh iski trp aasman chhu rhi hoti….. Bt yeh baat sonydev ko kaun samjhaye… =-O =-O

    • Lily

      No minakhi if this show telecasted on star plus,zee or colors…then abhi tak off air ho gaya hota like dehleez……bcz they only consider trps…….as everyone know the major part of audience like saas bahu drama…..it will get low trp no matter whatever the channel is……

      • Nazia

        I agree. Maine toh star plus is liye dekhna choir diya kyuki sare awesum serials sirf trps ke liye off air kar diye gaye. I hate star plus. I hope ki Sony esa kuch nahi karenge

  35. Anshi

    @Minakhi…..Hahahaha…. 🙂 🙂 … Well said dr… BTW results kb milenge…???

    Dont worry…. We ll party so hard on d result day dat nik nak wud b forced (by our telepathic power) 2 join us…. 😉 😉

  36. Priya

    Oh my god…. Now only I saw previous 3 episodes…. Epi 49-51…. Awwww…..its really amazing… mei toh NAMIK ko lekhar bahut crazy hogayi????…..what an acting by him….wow no words to explain it….i loved the way he made suman nod yes while going to airport…and his acting when he heard abt his dad’s plane crash…. hare wah….thats amazing….. namik tu ne toh kamaal kardiya yar…….sach mei tu toh EXPRESSION KING ho!!!no doubt???….aur suman ladki baag jaye ya phir ladki ki ghudi bag jaaye????funny sumo…. overall shraman rocks??????love namik and nikita….

    guys have one doubt…. pls clear…actually shravan’s leg got hurt na….that’s not real ryt???? i mean namik ko hurt nahi hua ryt????bcoz that time is acting was so real…..he really acted like a hurted person….. pls say its only acting na????

    • Nazia

      I agree that shravan’s acting is so true. Even sumo’s one was also true in the last episode when she was crying for whatever happened between her and shravu and usually also she does great acting.
      Well that leg hurt scene was an acting, yeah it seemed to be real.
      I think u r really very crazy for shravan:D
      And u r ryt that shravan’s expression is awesomeeeee!!!
      Love him solo much:-)

      • Priya

        Haha…i had become crazy..i started to watch edkv from last week only… I loved it..so watched some epi n youtube…use dekhne ke bad toh mei aur bhi crazy hogayi hun….

  37. Kittu

    @Minakshi ,u can tell your dard to me.Becoz after edkv mera kya hoga WO koi baba ni bata sakta.
    ????? .pakka DEVDAS banungi.He he he heeee.Well happy to know ki edkv year k last me end hoga.And one thing more ,No other show can beat edkv ,EDKV rokkkzzzzzzz.

    • Khushi

      And @jo..@piyali and @devga….how u all got registered yr…..plz tell me what’s this registering thing and all m confused plz tell me
      And how can we get registered???

      • Devga

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        For top most menu bar in this page and u wil find register…. Just giv ur details and valid mail id . U wil get a link and thn continue….. This is it.. U can also hv private chats with persons who r registered

      • Devga

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        Go to top most menu bar…. Click on Register
        ° Enter your username, email, password and confirm your password
        °Click on the check box, which indicated you are not a robot
        °Then confirm
        After confirmation go to your mail inbox and you will hv a msg either in spam or inbox with a link saying to confirm your account in tellyupdates click on that link,
        after clicking it will redirect you to tu page.
        Wer u can set a profile pic cover pic and add details abt u and can send private msgs to othr tu registered membrs and wat ever article u write wil b undr ur profile…. Hope it was helpful…

      • Khushi

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        Thank u so much @ishu and @devga…..it was very helpful to me…..c I also got registered???
        And thanks for telling me that we can do private chats also…..I was a lil confused with dat…..and it’s a great update right????
        It’s become like a social networking site types… Isn’t it???

      • ayesha

        heyy everyone actually I am not getting register written in three top most menu corner can anyone help me plz?? I want to ask where can we find register sign I am not finding it on the top most menu plz help me waiting for ur reply

      • Khushi

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        @ayesha…at the top of the page u will c menu…click on the menu and u will get the register option …click on that option and follow the steps mentioned by devga….
        U should get the register option if u r not getting it try with some other browser

  38. Nazia

    Guys what’s happening? Shravan wanted to say I LOVE YOU but he told sumo I HATE YOU
    Patanahi kuch kya hoga kal
    Par ek bat sab 100% perfect kehrahehe that no one can compare with EDKV. Our SHRAMAM
    really rocks!

  39. Niyor

    Hello guys,my name is Niyor.I like EDKV very much.Is serial ko koyi serial takkar nahi de sakta. Please ye serial jaldi khatam nahi hona chahiye.I like Namik &Nikita very much.mein chahti hun ki sony me upcoming jo bhi romantic show aaye uspe lead Namik aur Nikita hi kare bcz i like them very much.hey guys, what is the trp of this show?tell me na.

    • Khushi

      |Registered Member

      Hey niyor welcome dear……and the trp of the show is 0.7 I suppose… Earlier it was 0.3 but this week it increased????
      Great news isn’t it??

  40. Khushi

    |Registered Member

    Hey guys…..I also got registered ????
    I think u all should login…..I think we can chat there personally also….I couldn’t get it…..if anyone has understood plz tell me also

  41. ishu

    -upcoming scene-

    Some guys are throwing out all the utensils and cooking stuffs of PCT. Sumo and her girl workers have no idea what is happening.. She goes and asks the police officer standing there along with a lawyer.. He says the land at which PCT is situated was under dispute and sumo’s landlord lost the case so they are vacating the place.. They show her some documents and shravan’s signature was on it.. Preeta comes andasks how can shravan fo this.. Suno says shravanwilk never do something like this.. Preeta says they should talk to shravan.. Suno and preeta leaves to see shravan.. At the end there is a small IV of nikita…

    Link- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9aGBKNDQMI

      • ishu

        Kamini-Mandy to useSuman (Nikita Dutta)against Shravan (Namik Paul) in Ek Duje Ke VaasteThe upcoming episode of Ek Duje Ke Vaaste will showthat Shravan’s aunt Kamini find about Suman wants to unite Shravan and Nirmla.Ramnath is angry on Shravan for meeting to Nirmla and refuses talking to him.Apart from this, Suman is upset seeing Shravan’s hate towards his mother and decides to end her relationship with him.Suman to end her relationship with ShravanSuman tries to burn Shravan’s memories but restless recalling their moments.Kamini asks Mandyto trap Suman and they will use her creating different between Shravan and Ramnath.Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

      • Khushi

        |Registered Member

        Thank u ishu…for the spoilers…..oh my god that stupid ramnath is trying to ruin PCT….how can he do it…..he says that he is a very good father but ACC to me he is not even a good person???
        How can he do such a thing…awww sumo will be very sad after all PCT is her pride it’s after her mum’s name???

  42. Minakhi

    Heyy Khushi …Bcz of the recent track…our comment box looks like empty…..warna EDKV ka record hai weekend k 1st Day Mein 120 comments ka…..I m sad ?

    • Khushi

      |Registered Member

      Me too minu….I m also sad……issi baat pe ek Sher araz hai…….irshad irshad
      Gam ke baadal hat jaayenge…..wah wah
      Gam ke baadal hat jaayenge…
      Phool phirse khil jaayenge…..
      Oh god.it’s very bad????
      But I will learn slowly slowly????
      And I hope u don’t have any problem if I will call u minu??

  43. Minakhi

    Woww Khushi ……wah wah wah wah ……Kya baat kya baat …..wese Sab kahan Gaye Abhi ,Ireena nd all ….plz yaar itna zaldi Kisi conclusion Mein Mat Pado ….Abhi to story sirf shuru hi Hua hai ……Bohot kuch baki hai Itna jaladi iss show ka haath mat chodo…..plz

    • Khushi

      |Registered Member

      Hehe thanks minu…..and yes the ongoing track is a lil depressing but koi baat nhi hum sharman fans kabhi haar nhi maanenge…….and yes we know that at the end there will be sharman only…
      And think when shravu will get to know the truth he will feel guilty for hurting sumo and his mom and maybe then we will get some intense sharman scenes… Till then just keep watching edkv???
      I think yeh lecture types ho gya????

  44. Minakhi

    Sorry pura ka pura topic Hindi mein hai …..Maine ek baat in do dino mei notice kiya hai …. Abhi Jo bhi track chal raha hai …Usko mera dekhne ka nazariya badal Gaya hai ….or kuch points hain jise Mujhe bhi samajhna chahiye…. 1.Abhi Shrman k jhagde ko 2 din bhi nahi huye or mene Unke separation track KO 1 month tak kheech liya jab Ki mujhe Samajhna chahiye Ki Cvs ko patta hai kis chiz ko kab aur kabtak Execute karenge ,phir bhi Main humesha dukhi rehne lagi hoon aur bewajah Negative batein sochne lagi Hoon…Jo Ki galat hai..I trust on CVs…. 2.Sab Ki tarah mujhe bhi Shraman ka scenes hi chahiye ..but Mein bhul gayi Ki Ek show ke liye sirf 2 log nahi chahiye hote hain ,har characters ka equally support rehna chahiye aur abhike track Mein bhi Wohi chal raha hai jiske wajah se agey Shramans Mein Bonding strong hogi …To isme negativity kahan se agayi??? 3.Mujhe bhi laga tha Ki Nirmala track Mein Bilkul maza nahi ayega but I was wrong….Cvs iss track KO bohut smoothly aur acche se handle kar rahe hain Jo acchi baat hai ,sirf 2 episode dekh ke hum kese soch sakte hain Ki story Accha nahi hai aur khud hi agey Ki story apne dimag me bitha lete hai 4.Abhi jab Separation track chal raha hai tab mujhe bhi bura laga but Baad Mein samjh aya kii iss show ka naam kya hai ….it’s EK DUJE KE VAASTE….Jo 1st day se hi full on support Mein hai apne naam ko lekar.Shravan ka London se wapas Ana ho ,yaa Khosla ka case Ho …Shravan always stood Behind Suman by directly or indirectly….Ab jab PCT ka track aa raha hai to Mein Puri sure hoon Ki ye show apna naam ko zaroor rakhega..To isme negativity kahan se agayi…..Show Mein wohi dikha rahe hain Jo EK DUJE KE VAASTE log karte hain …Full points to CVs 5.Sach baat to yeh hai Ki mujhe bhi Sirf Shraman ka love track chahiye tha but Agar esa abhi Ho Gaya to Story Mein aur bacchega kya????Separation can make a great bonding between two souls..But Agar abhi confession Ho jayega to baad Mein kuch bachega hi nahi dekhne ko ,Aur ye show the smallest finite show ka tag laga ke khatam Ho jayega ….Jo shayed kisiko accha nahi lagega 6.Lastly Mein yehi bolna chahti hoon Ki Mein samajh chuki hoon iss show ka importance kya hai,Par samajhna to sabhi ko bhi hai ….Mein sabki thoughts change nahi kar Sakti but I wish sabki Negative thoughts positive Ho jaye aur Iss show KO positive support mile audience se ….KYUN KI JO CHAL RAHA HAI BILKUL ACCHA CHAL RAHA HAI AUR ACCHE KE LIYE CHAL RAHA HAI …. We have to wait and watch patiently …. Har Show ka accha track Ata hai aur bura track Ata hai par ussi track ko Bohut bura Hu hi bana dete hai ….humare negative thoughts Ki wajah se Mera itna lamba Bhashan padhne k liye Thank u…iss comment pe plz Reply Dena…..

    • Devga

      |Registered Member

      Oh atlast some mature talks dear… Grt… Happy for u and ur thinking…. Really mindblowing chnge of thoughts… Now maintain this +ve attitude….

  45. Minakhi

    Ooo Khushi of course u can call Me Minu ….nd this is my favourite name also…..”Bohot apna apna sa lagata hai jab koi mujhe Minu bulata hai “Meri shayeri kesi thi???????? Good morning

    • Khushi

      |Registered Member

      Awesome Minu…..ur shayari is very good… I think we r strongly influenced by shravu…coz we r trying this shyari and all
      But urs is very good…..and I know it’s feels very homely when someone calls u with ur pet name ???

  46. Priya

    Guys having one doubt…i tried to register but is showing that ur username is already taken….what does it mean???

    • Khushi

      |Registered Member

      Username is the name which is displayed here…..that is Priya…
      Priya is ur username dear…..I hope that I m right…just check once

    • Piyali

      |Registered Member

      hey priya…..dear username means the name with which you are shown online……..like yours is Priya and mine is Piyali…….i guess someone else took Priya before so try to use some symbols with your name……like .Priya. , it may help……by the way , thanks for telling that you are elder to me……..

      • Piyali

        |Registered Member

        not the serial’s , i like its characters dear…….coming to the serial…………hate to see even a promo of any RASHMI SHARMA show……….i literery hate rashmi sharma………………

  47. Minakhi

    Ooo Thanx Devga dear ….I m always positive from now bcz har show Mein ese ups and downs to ate hi rehte hain ……Par jitnna zaldi khatam hoga utna accha hota hai ….I m sure EDKV Un stupid shows Mein se nahi hai Jo year by year chalane Ki target Mein hain…..It’s my request to all EDKV fans be always positive…..any ways have a good day to all ….Enjoy ur Sunday guys….

  48. Khushi

    |Registered Member

    Hey where are @abhi….@ireena….@anshi….and all the other friends????
    Missing u all guys…. Plz come and comment yr…..aapke bina yeh page suna suna lagta hai??

  49. Minakhi

    Hey guys humne kar Diya ………..

    In a recent poll conducted by Tellyexpress, where viewers were asked to vote for the most popular show of Indian Television ; it was Namik Paul and Nikita DuttastarrerEk Duje Ke Vaastewhich aired on Sony TV produced by Bindu Productions,that won the Poll with a whooping45% (63,737 ) votes. Ek Duje Ke Vaaste is a story of Suman, a young and beautiful girl, who believes in being independent and has a huge self-respect runs her own small venture (Central Tiffin Service) in Delhi. After her parents early demise, her grandparents, uncle and aunt raised her. This indebtedness turns Suman into a contrastingly submissive women each time she is found within the boundaries of her home. But in the world outside home, she is still the “in-control-of-everything” Sumo that she has been since childhood.. With 40% (57,505) votes Sony TV’s another popular show Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi grabs 2nd position. Star Plus’ Dahleez with 4 % (5,417) votes make a way for 3rd position………it’s party time guys where r u …..Anshi,Ireena,Abhi,Lado,Shree,Tara and all….plz come guys

    • Khushi

      |Registered Member

      Whoahoooo minu
      That’s a great news….it’s party time guys
      Party toh banti hai????
      It shows the power of edkv fandom??
      Jo Humse takrayega….voh Bach nhi paayega???

  50. Anshi

    Hey guys i m sorry….. I went 2 a party uesterday n returned at 2 am….. Therefore i slept till 12 noon… U know i m a sleeyhead…
    Well u r rite kittu… We ll become devdas n our paro wud b edkv…. 😛 😛 …
    Oh my god minakhi… =-O =-O … U took a resolution bt u know after readin ur comment i m also feelin dat i also became so possessive ’bout shraman….. So i m feelin like we were ridin in a same boat… Ok…. So i think i must stop being i-only-want-shraman-scenes gal…
    @Spoilers… Heavens!!!…. Wats gonna happen??…
    @abhi ireena lado sree n all missin frnds… Guys where r u???
    N sry fr suchhhh a long comment… 😉 😛

  51. Anshi

    @Khushi… Subhanallah subhanallah….. Yaar log pyaar mein painter bante h .. Singer bante h….. Bt tum toh namik k pyaar mein seedha shayar hi ban gayi…. Sahi h… 😛 😛

    • Khushi

      |Registered Member

      Haha thanks anshi dear……kya karun …..namik ka pyaar hi aisa hai…..abhi toh bas shayar Bani hui…aage aage dekho…..namik ka pyaar mujhe kya kya bna deta hai….main toh uski fan…AC…refrigerator sab banane toh tyaar hun…bas meri uss se ek baar baat toh kare

  52. Minakhi

    Ankita Maine pehle ye assume kar liya tha Ki tum ek aur Jabra fan Ho iss comment box pe …kyunki Tumne at least 7-8 baar to poll ka link Post kiya hoga mere or ireena Ki tarha ….Ooo dear hum sab ek hi Dali ke Patte hain yahan….hum sab EDKV ke baad kya karenge …..Mujhe to soch ke hi darr lag raha hai ….wese to Mein EDKV K baad Sony ko pura ban hi kar dungi ghar pe ….kyun Ki Sony jaisa partiality mood wala channel ko appreciation lene ka right nahi hai mujhse ….abhi Humne Poll jeeta hai shayed uska dimag khul jaye or EDKV Ko support kare …..

    • Ireena

      the victory is alllll ours,dear….not only u,me and ankita but to allllll shramanians from allllll ooovveeerr…and its party time????

  53. Ireena

    Yeeepppiiee!!!!we have donr it!!!mission complete SUCCESSFULLY!!!
    NOW guys,guess and think what is left!??????????????

  54. Ireena

    Nikita recently retweeted a tweep regarding this poll,guys…so hope…to have a direct badly….

  55. ankita

    hiiii minakhi aapne shi pehchana mujhe….guys hum sbhi kyu na twitter pr sony walo ki band bjaye…..hum sbhi milkr twitter pr sony ke khilaaf morcha shuru kr dete h taki wo EDKV ko bhi KRPKAB ki trah importance de….aur 500 episode tk EDKV ko Off krne ki soche bhi na……guys aap sbko yaad hi hoga “kaisi yeh yaariyan” serial….usme jb manik ( parth samthaan) ne serial beech me hi chhod diya tha tb kaise unke fans ne tweet kr kr ke production walo ko preshaan kr diya tha ki unko wapis se manik ki entry krvani padi thi…Mai bhi unn fans me se ek hi thi…..FANS kuch bhi kr skte h….shayad sony walo ki aankhein kholne ka time aa hi gya…

    • Khushi

      |Registered Member

      Ohhh m so sorry ireena…..I will try to use as minimum Hindi as possible…. But u plz tell me which thing u couldn’t understand I will translate it for u dear??

      • Ireena

        well,i manage to undersrand all but it takes time…likr it takes 20sec on english while in hindi it takes 3-4 minutes….but it doesnt happen while watching that much …i really dont know why so happens.
        btw,now tell me whats the meaning of ‘abki baar’..u guys never used it but i read it somewhere

  56. ankita

    hiiii Ireena….guys I’m a student of hindi literature and economic……agr aap sbko problem na ho to….mujhe hindi me baat krna jayda achha lgta h……to kya Mai hindi language use kr skti hu….plssss

    • Khushi

      |Registered Member

      Of course yr why not….it’s ur own wish and as far as ireena is concerned I will translate it comment to English…. Hey ireena will u be OK with ????

    • Ireena

      of course u can,ankita..?if khushi is there to translate it,i dont have any prob even if u use chinese,dr.??
      and plzz dont change ur choice only as i said.its just my request to all only if u guys dont have any prob with that” little less hindi”?☺

      • Khushi

        |Registered Member

        No no ireena it will not be monotonous for me…u just tell me what u don’t understand and I will translate for u and …..my vacations have started today only after a long session of exams and extra classes …..and I m fully free now??

  57. Minakhi

    Yess Ireena We all the heros of the poll victory….we should celebrate the Sunday for our Victory…..but I m still missing our all friends who r not here today m…..I m feeling sad dear??

    • Khushi

      |Registered Member

      Don’t feel sad minu….I m here na???
      Kiska hai yeh tumko intezaar main ho naa
      Dekh lo idhar toh ek baar main ho naa????????

  58. Minakhi

    Ankita U r right but Mein pehle bhi koshish kar chuki hoon …In fact har jagah se response aya bhi but …..kuch fayda nahi Hua …..Na Twitter na Insta na Fbor na Official page walon ne respond kiya ….abhi thoda different track chal raha hai but agar abhi Sony ne support nahi kiya to sure kalko sab iss show KO bhul jayenge Ki ye kounse channel me Ata …I m worried….fir bhi ek aur koshish hi sahi …..Abto hum poll jeet chuke hai …to ek aur baar try karte hain……

    Here is the official link of Sony ….


    u have to Select name of the show then put correct Email nd baki sab ulta phulta details de Dena or request karna EDKV k new promo ke liye ….

  59. Ireena

    hi,khushi!!were u talking abt this pic???well,its superb!!!!????
    btw,i m cant describe any thing good at alll.but let me try it for once only 4 u.
    first,look upper.u will get a column where the link is written.through that place u can refresh the page.click there without typing anything.now touch it a n option appear..paste or copy…click copy…
    now while commenting touch a free place firmly.when option appears click paste…there it comes.
    well,if u dont get it,plzz tell me ur browser name.i just hope u will able share awesome links here shortly. ??

    • Khushi

      |Registered Member

      Ya I was talking about this pic only…..and thanks for telling me the procedure… And I got it…thank u so much??

      • Ireena

        r u sure???
        i mean,i think i cant get it precisely,then how could u???then credit goes to uuuu the most…☺?

  60. ankita

    hey khushi….aap register member kaise bane ho?? mujhe bhi apni id registered krvani h….iske liye kya process h??

    • Khushi

      |Registered Member

      Hey @ankita….at the top of page u will c the menu option …click on the menu and u will find the register option….click on that..and fill the required details… And if u get any problem plz tell me I will try to solve it??

  61. Anshi

    @Ireena…. Actually yaar party toh banti h… Now jst b happy n celebrate..

    Oops sry dr…. I gt so mixed up in emotions dat i forgot about english… Bt now i ll b aware..

    • Ireena

      i m so sorry,dr.only for me u r minimizing ur emotion too….i know how mother tongue means to us…
      but u dont need to do so completely….just use english sometimes while writing dificult words…and i can manage the rest☺?

  62. sss

    hey guys ..finally i got to comment…i was not that much active on tu moreover the episode anyway minakhi,anshi,irrena,khushi,kittu and M how are you guys? what the latest news of shraman seriously idont know anything..and what about the best show .is ekdv in raking 1?..

    • Ireena

      yessss we have made it the best.and got the title of mpst popular show..???now party is going hard..
      u join too…

    • sss

      yeah even me and I’m fine now khushi….

      ih god I’m so happy you are right irrena party to banti hai….finally ekdv win it…..have to admit it that ekdv fan are crazy about their show that why we win it…actually credit goes all crazy fan of ekdv..really it is a supar dupar good news….

  63. Ireena

    btw,guys….lets start the party….let me start with music,ok?
    and heres the party dress up????????

    • Khushi

      |Registered Member

      Hey ireena….I have commented on ur previous comment… Plz read …..and i have shared a link also…plz c that also

  64. Lily

    Hey guys don’t u think there should be a new promo of ekdv…..see makers of krpkab are continuously making new promos….. why ekdv makers are not making new promos……….I think this is also affecting the popularity of the show………like till 9 June they were showing that promo ….it was good….but they should have released the new promo on 10 June ……..so that in weekends Sony can show the new promo in tkss ads…..as many people see that show…….

  65. Ireena

    hey,khushi,i didnt get any link there…may be somthing is missing in my description??…thats why u have missed it

    • Khushi

      |Registered Member

      Yes ireena….I was talking about this only…..
      And the think I was going to tell I was that Didi u c the caption of both the pictures
      The caption is so sweet like namik is always praising Nikita …..I really think that namik likes Nikita alot…….I know this is really childish thing to discuss and I created really a big issue of such a small thing…..stupid me???

      • Ireena

        course u r not stupid.stupidity is mi e…that i didnt notice u completely…thought that u r talking abt any riddle or like that….
        and the caption is alllllsssooo lovely??…..like nik nak.and like their dress up?

  66. Ireena

    hey,abhi.r u there….i saw ur comments on today on ANJCK ff.then why didnt u comemt here??i m angry with u??….u know we miss u.

    • Ireena

      Nothing special,but should be…after all edkv has won
      …so thinking to throw a party…..but where were u???
      and u left us in confusion again…another new dp,or u r someone else??

  67. Khushi

    |Registered Member

    @ ireena u asked the meaning of ‘abki baar’
    Well ireena this means ‘this time’
    For eg ..we say…
    Abki baar modi sarkar???
    And if we translate in English it will be
    This time it’s modi sarkar??
    I hope I was able to tell u…..and plz bare with me….and if u have any problem with Hindi…plz tell me I will try my best to solve it????

    • Ireena

      ohho!i used to think that its something else…ha..ha..
      btw,thank u,dr….a loooottt.from now whenever i find difficulty in hindi,i will definitely come to u??

    • Anshi

      Well no one hs slept… I mean i hv nt slept… My freakin net ws nt workin… Bt now prob is solved…. Hey!!! I ll play d guitar n d song…. Ummmmm… Song kya hona chahiye … Think guys.. :-/ :-/

  68. Minkahi

    Absolutely right Lily EDKV should release a new promo ….in fact on India Forums we were discussing about this ….I know Sony will not promote it’s Promo like KRPKEB But A promo is really necessary for this Sentimental nd separation track otherwise EDKV will loss it’s popularity again….I don’t want this….they have to show us a promo …..it will increase it’s popularity even more…okk guys good night…hv a great night ?

  69. Minkahi

    Ooo Ireena ..no one is here to celebrate with us dear ….let’s postponed this party nd have a relaxed night….We will discuss tomorrow…..good night dear?

  70. Ireena

    hey,khushi….solve me some more words…i was thinking what those words meanings would be…didnt get any1 to ask,now as u r there 4 me,let me ask to u???
    lamha,dastaan,chull,matak…now only 4.next time may be more??

      • Khushi

        |Registered Member

        Well it’s difficult to explain single word vaaste…..but I think it’s ‘made for ‘
        For eg ek duje ke vaaste….this will mean..made for each other….so here vaaste means’ made for’

    • Khushi

      |Registered Member

      Hey ireena
      Lamha means a small instance of time…
      For eg if we say…lamha tham jaaye…that will mean that hope the time at this small instance just stop
      Dastaan means story..
      For eg if we say…dastaan ireena ki?? this will mean story of ireena
      Well even I don’t know the meaning of chull???
      Matak means walking while just waving ur waist right left right??
      I hope u got all of them…..if not tell me

      • Ireena

        oops!!!quite strange…. u knw,i used to think that lamha means pain,daastan means road etc. etc.so peculiar me!!!
        and ☕☕….cold coffee for u 4 helping me soooo much.???☺?…thank uuu.

  71. Ireena

    hey,anshi,i have a loooong lists to give u….but as its a party,so everyone’s fav songs needs to played,right???so guys,everyone name ur fav songs,anshi will there be there to play it….and i may of her liiiiiilllll help in keyboard (though can’t promise??)
    and many more things u need to suggest??

    • Khushi

      |Registered Member

      I think we should also call vandy and dhurandhar for comedy purpose???
      And my fav song for now is kar gyi chull

      • Anshi

        Nic idea khushi… N dont worry i know d whole song… ‘ ladki beautifull kar gyi chull
        Tera rang saanwla hua baawla ladki h ya garam mamla….’
        (Lady beautifull got me crazy
        Ur complexion hs darkened ,o mad one
        Is it a gal or hot issue….)
        (I think chull means crazy only… :-\ :-\ )

  72. Ireena

    i m smelling something strange….whenever check namiks insta,full of nik nak selfie,pic…whereas nikita has hardly got any pic or selfie of the duo….
    my nose smelling something one sided—-(u know what i mean???)

    • Khushi

      |Registered Member

      Haha ireena…I totally agree with u ..even I smell something.. Something but only from namik’s side….he is always praising Nikita….whether in any interview or on social media……I think there is something fishy???

  73. Khushi

    |Registered Member

    Hi guys……Good Morning… How r u all??
    Well guys I have posted the first part of my ff LOVE IS BLIND….. Plz do read and give ur reviews actually it’s the first time I m writing any ff……so really need the feedback…. Plz do read and tell howzz it

  74. Tara

    |Registered Member

    hahahano ireena its again me.. ur frnd… i registered wid a diff dp so.. hehe..
    i have an idea abt the party..bt m going to school now.. so if u wish to knw i will tell u at night..

    • Khushi

      |Registered Member

      Yup @ireena it’s karan wahi only….u know m his huge fan ???
      And I searched for the meaning of chull….it means being crazy for something….. For eg we say ladki beautiful kar gyi chull..this will mean that beautiful girl has driven me crazy…..
      Hope u got it dear

  75. Piyu

    hi Ireena i also wanna join this party my fav party song s ‘Abhi to party suru hui hai’ nd love song s ‘Titli’ nd .whats your fav IRU?

    • Anshi

      Hey piyu … I also luv titli(u mean titli of chennai express.. Rite??)
      I know d lyrics of both songs…
      N abhi toh party shuru hui h is a classic party song… No??

    • Ireena

      u r most most welcome,dr…all r lovely songs!!!??
      btw,whats this IRU?any more song??sorry dont get it

  76. Anshi

    @Sss… Hey!!! How r u??? I m perfectly fine…. Y didnt u comment… 🙁 🙁 … Perhaps u were busy… Rite???

    @Ireena… Definitely yaar… U guys send me d list…. N i ll become dj n play all d songs wid ur help…. 😛 😛
    Hey ireena i ws smellin d same… I saw namik’s insta…. Full of nikki…. Bt nikki……. Hardly one or two pics of namik… So i ws smellin kinda same… Nikki is kinda nt interested (i think)

    • Ireena

      well,if u r the DJ then let me check in gaana and saavn…i knw it sounds so funny,but dont mock me.??..that i dont get most the songs meaning,but i m so hooked to hindi songs…?

  77. Minkahi

    Let’s call for a DJ nd u know who can sing for us ….yesss Ramu Kaka we should call him like this (for our party arrangement only)…..

    Ramu wale kaka zara AC chala do Ramu wale kaka zara pocha laga do

    Ramu wale zara khana tu bana le Zara ghar tu saraf kar de Zara bartan tu chamka de

    …….I hope u will understand this song …well I found this song from IF ….. ???

  78. Kittu

    @sss, Hi ,dear, missed u, where were u.well ,I also wanna join this superb party.I’ll play tabla.????loll loll.Bt u will have to play my favorite song , Jabra fan , Tukur Tukur , DJ wale,I think I gave a long list bt hope u will manage.
    @sss ,I m fine.
    Here is another shayari.
    Wah wah kya baat h
    Edkv har exam me pass h
    Wah wah kya baat h
    Edkv had exam me pass h
    Hope u all will like this
    Kyunki kyunki
    Kittu ki likhi huyi har baat kamaal h.
    Sorry bht bura tha bt taarif edkv ki hi h.
    Change your mood and let’s enjoyyyyyyy the PARTY.??????????

  79. Kittu

    Hey ,what’s the meaning of “aka”. Plez tell .@Minakshi, ganna is superbbbbb ,bt wanna to add something, just read only.
    I mean rap,
    Kya mai tera pocha laga du
    Floor kitchen ka saaf kar du
    Vaise to hoon Ramnath m
    Aaj raat tera m ghar chamka doon
    Aisa beta kaam kara du
    Jhadu pocha tere naam kara du
    Ghur k dekhe Jo koi khane ko
    Muh pe uske mirchi daal do
    Well ,I only wanna complete this
    Hope u all will like and will be happy after reading this.

    • Anshi

      Aka means wen…. Someone is called by other name suppose… Ur name is naina den we wud say ‘ naina aka kittu is a cute gal’ 😉 😉 … Hope its clear… If nt inform me i ll try 2 explain more clearly….

      Yaar kittuu nailed it yaar… Kya shayari banati ho… Awsum… Mijhe toh shayari ka ‘s’ bhi nhi aata…

      Yaar kittu toone toh gaddar dha di (Man kittu u jst nailed it)… Wat a rap man… U were rite namik ke pyaar ne tujhe ab rapper bhi bana diya… 😛 😛 😛 😛

      • Anshi

        @ireena…Well i dont know d exact meanin of ‘gaddar’… So i jst wrote d sentence which mean approx d same… I ll try 2 find d meanin… N den i ll tell u …. Sry fr inconvienience

      • Anshi

        Well i unknowingly wrote d write thing…. Gaddar means brutal… So gaddar dhana ll b nailin it only…

    • Ireena

      i m sooooo happy 4u,dr….u really made it coool sharing link….from,u r offered a role over here…”link provider job”….do u accept????????

      • Khushi

        |Registered Member

        Of course ireena if I will find anything special I will definitely share the link here??
        And I will be really proud to b the link provider and after all it’s all bcoz of u ireena……u only taught me how to share the links……so the credit goes to u dear ???

      • Ireena

        Ha..ha..dont praise me so much….i have become fatso with ur praise already…so make me more

    • Ireena

      ohhhhh!!namik is sooo friendly with all his fans.so down to earth.i really never watch any celebrity chatting wth his fans so lovely and 4 a long time

      • Khushi

        |Registered Member

        U r absolutely right yaar ……he is so humble never seen a celebrity who is so humble and always ready to interact with his fans……..I m in love with his this quality…. He is so sweet…..???

  80. Kittu

    Both of u ,I can only say thnx.
    @ Anshi ,I understood, thnx again 4 helping me.And ya I became a shayar after seeing namik and shayari aa gayi.????.What a phaatu type line.

    • Khushi

      |Registered Member

      Mention not kittu……tum tarref ke kabil ho.
      @ireena….it means u deserve to be praised??
      I think ireena in this way I will get to know may new Hindi words also…what say??

  81. Minkahi

    Omg kitty perfect……song yaar ….suits on Ramu kaka …..kamaal dhamaal bemishal kar Diya ,Ramu kaka k Negative mind ko tune Rummal kar Diya…..

  82. Ireena

    thank u soooo much,anshi and khushi…u really took to trouble to translate it and make me learnt it(dont say that i m formal)….
    infact i cant promise to anyone that i will translate my words for any1,but u guys did it ….that even without any irritation and complains….
    u r so sweet that i need to take diabetes medication shortly so that i dont catch it….??
    so let me share my hand made cookery with u????….(which i dont do usually??????

    • Khushi

      |Registered Member

      Mention not yr……how may times will u say thank u……..u will get tired so no need to say that again……I know u will b thanking me in ur heart????

      • Ireena

        not in heart,u guys r in my ventricles.??….
        well,frm now whenever needs to say thanks,i will say “sorry”….instead of thanks???

  83. Minkahi

    Hey Khushi ,Thax dear I have already pressed the Yes button…but wo koun lallu hai jinhone no press kiya …Mar kyun nahi Gaye wo ….Gussa dila Diya mujhe … ? …I hv 2 Questions nw …1.Who made this poll????

    2.Will Sony listen our Request???…..(Request chod mujhse to gali hi milegi uss Sony ko )

    • Khushi

      |Registered Member

      Mention not @minakhi…..it was my pleasure and I don’t know whether they will listen or not……but we should keep trying….at the end they will have to listen only……..otherwise u know the power of edkv fans na……so don’t worry…
      And u don’t spoil ur tongue on the stupid Sony people…. Just chill and wait…..at the end they will have to listen only…..warna hum bhookh hartal kar denge…( for @ireena otherwise we will go on a hunger strike)

  84. Ireena

    friends,heres my long list of party song….????
    nachange saari raat
    abhi toh party suru
    dj waale babu
    daddy mummy
    paniwala dance
    kar gayi chull
    saturday saturday
    besharmi ki height
    aa rat bhar
    i cant collect more?u suggest

    • Khushi

      |Registered Member

      There are so many party songs in my mind but they all are in PUNJABI language and I don’t think that all of u will be able to understand??

  85. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    @ireena di….di di di….sorry sorry for late reply..i was busy with my school… Pls hope u dont mind…and btw ya di that was me but not any more…as there is some prb in that account so tu deleted it…as there was one more priya there…from now on this is my accountaccount di…

    I m happy edkv won???party toh banti hai….

    • Khushi

      |Registered Member

      Hi Priya……ohh do they say that there can be only one person with name……plz tell me yr m confused???
      And han party toh banti hai…..we have started the preparations u also join???

      • Priya15

        |Registered Member

        Hi di…not like that di actually in tu page there is another priya…whenever i open my wall that shows hers i cant even open my private msgs…so i complained to tu they said me to open another account and they deleted my account… Thats it di…no prb of keeping same name …dont worry…

        And di ya i l join u n learn many Party songs…. As i know only 2 party songs…ladki beautiful and abi toh party shuru huyi hai then aaj ki party meri taraf se… I just know many melody songs n hindi….

    • Ireena

      why will i mind,as i m very kind…??…just kidding,dr…
      well,that pic was cutey…full of innocence?

  86. Khushi

    |Registered Member

    Hey @ireena …@anshi….@minakhi…@kittu…
    Why don’t u all get registered its an amazing update….. It’s upto u only….it’s ur choice only…..but I was just giving a suggestion… Don’t mind na

    • Ireena

      Actually i would have done it by now…but….what to hide from u guys….i am scared….of me.u know,if i open it,i will check every now and then…. shortly i will have so many studies pressure that i will get hardly time to breattrythen it may hamper studies.so i am being lil patient.so i have promised to myself that i will not be active in any social site without having a good break….after a couple of years i may try….
      finger crossed…

  87. Khushi

    |Registered Member

    And @anshi…..u asked na who will be ramu kaka……we will ramnath ramu kaka….I think all these work will suit on him only…. And I think we can have a ramu kaki also…..which will be kamini….
    What say???

    • Ireena

      were u talking abt some1 else….i was thinking that freak ramnath is called as ramu by u guys ??

  88. Minkahi

    Oo Abhi ….r u fine? …If u fine then be ready for our Anger ?…it’s really unbelievable that a jabra fan was Not here when we were going to celebrate Our success party…o nooo …why Abhi why …???Kyun iss tarah k Salut humare saath …..Ye sab hum hone nahi de sakte …?? Yaar chill btw Where were u ?????

  89. Ireena

    why will i mind, i m very kind…??….ha..ha..just kidding,dr …
    that pic was really cutey…full of innocence

    • Priya15

      |Registered Member

      Ha ….di actually u r kind only…and then u Know i felt shravan cute..even though that is emotional scene i felt that…ya he is cute always???

  90. Abhi

    First of all,…sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry…
    I was too busy with studies.. Projects n Test papers…still angry hein kya???

    • Priya15

      |Registered Member

      Abhi koun angry hai tumpar??? Mei toh bilkul bhi nahi hun….i can’t get angry with my sis…then abhi..10th mei bhi projects hoti hai kya????

  91. Kittu

    @Abhi,Hi dear,good to see u back.
    I m not angry, well ,I can understand that it is 10th ,nd studies, well hope u had completed your projects. Anyways how were your tests. I wish u may get highest marks in whole class.
    Again I m not angry and carry on your studies bt give a look on us,dear.
    We really missed u.
    Hope u r free now.
    And one thing more, don’t say that much sorry warna hum to hava me udne lagenge??????

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..