Ek Duje Ke Vaste 10th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 10th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ramnath asks Shravan about him declining to change the wedding venue. Shravan says you only taught me that family’s happiness is above everything. I love Nanu too but I did what I felt what was right. Ramnath says I am not unhappy but very proud of you for that. I share a different relation with Tiwari ji. It was important for me to do that.

Next morning, Mama ji and Sumo come to give Prasad to Malhotra family. we have come to thank you all, especially Kamini ji. we understand you had dreams and hopes for your son’s wedding but we are really thankful to you for agreeing to our wish. Lala ji says venue doesn’t matter. It is important that people are happy. Hotel weddings aren’t as much fun as weddings that happen from home. Mama ji says you are being generous. We assure you we

wont leave any stone unturned. Take this Prasad and assure us you are with us. Lala ji notices her blank / unhappy expression. He tells Mama ji not to worry. Make preps without any worries. They all take Prasad. Sumo goes to give Prasad to Pushkar.

Sumo walks inside Pushkar’s room. Aditya comes there looking for Pushkar. He turns to go seeing Sumo but she stops him. thanks a lot. Shravan stops outside hearing her words. Sumo tells Aditya she is indebted to him. He is surprised. Aren’t you upset with me for interfering? Sumo denies. Nanu’s biggest wish is going to come true after what you did. How can I be upset? In fact, stranger can at times do what your loved ones cannot! Shravan hears it and feels bad. Aditya turns to go surprising her. he points out that he felt like someone close but she made him realise I am stranger. She says I dint mean it. He agrees to accept it but only if she takes another help from him. It wont hurt your self-respect. She agrees. He takes Prasad happily. A smile appears on his face.

Shravan asks Sumo if she wont give him Prasad or if it is finished. She says sorry. I dint see you. Sumo offers laddoo to Shravan who only takes a small bite. You see a little less these days. it is women’s intentions these days. Loved ones become strangers in no time. She tries to explain she dint mean it on him. He retorts for which she warns him not to argue. He says I wanted to only congratulate you. I said no but papa said yes. Now it will happen the way you want it to. she points out that not her but Aditya did it. He says it was actually papa who did it. But you and Aditya are best friends now. You are very smart, open minded and independent, modern girl. You get what you want always. She gets upset. I thought I wont fight with you but these days it automatically happens when we see each other.

Mami ji gives medicines to Nanu but he says I am not so weak. I will take them myself. She understands he is still upset with her. nirmala ji comes. Mami excuses herself. Nirmala ji asks Nanu about his health. I don’t know why. You looked tensed that day too when you called. There is something you want to say. Nanu shares that he wanted to talk about it after Preeti’s wedding but maybe he doesn’t have much time left. My kids will leave India once I am gone. Sumo will be left alone. She will have to spend her life with loans and loneliness. I have raised an orphan girl with lots of love. I don’t want her to be an orphan again. This is what’s eating me up. Nirmala ji asks him what he wants. Nanu wants Sumo to get married. If she gets such a support, such a family, such parents who stand by her then I will be at peace. It is only possible once she gets married. I don’t know when. Nirmala ji says any family would be really proud to have her. nanu nods. someone will have to look up for her. She agrees. Your worry will be over soon. You will find a good match for Sumo soon. he blesses her.

Lala ji gives his guest list to Kamini ji. he has cut down to 7 from 100. I meet everyone in parties. If we wont cut the list then not everyone will adjust in Tiwari House. Varun and Pushkar give their lists. Aditya jokes with Pushkar. Did you cut off my name? Shravan remarks that it cannot happen as he is the special guest after all. He notices his Chachi sitting all tensed. Kamini says I only hope we find AC, mineral water and clean toilets there. It will save our respect. Lala ji seconds her (acting). Everyone smiles. Shravan agrees to check the preps.

Aditya offers to go with Shravan but Lala ji asks him to take Aditya with him. Shravan gives in. He leaves with Aditya.

Sumo and the family members plan the setup. Everyone is happy as Sumo has all the ideas already in her mind. Preeti asks Sumo to check her dress. Sumo tries to postpone it but everyone insists. Sumo goes to change.

Aditya tells Shravan to go in. I will park the car and come. Shravan greets everyone in Tiwari House. Mama ji and mausa ji say we will check the plan of Mata’s temple. Shravan nods. I will wait for you. He stops in his tracks seeing Sumo wearing the lehenga. Preeti asks him how Di is looking. Shravan looks at Sumo from top to toe. He walks up to her and holds her chin making her look at him. Beautiful! He leans closer and she closes her eyes. Sumo opens her eyes when Preeti asks Shravan again. It was her dream. Aditya replies before anyone can say anything. He keeps on complimenting Sumo. Shravan shakes his head upset. Aditya calls the colour combo awesome. Shravan says it isn’t suiting her at all. The colour doesn’t suit her. Aditya is confused. I don’t understand your choice. He asks Sumo about the dress. She says I will change and come.

Sumo comes to her room. Shravan was so jealous. His eyes said he liked the dress. He got jealous from Aditya so he dint compliment me at all. Thanks Shravan for giving me the idea of bringing you close to me! She smiles.

Shravan asks Mama ji and Mausa ji to look at the list. It is Chachi’s list. She has called very limited friends. She dint want anything to be missing. Mama ji says everything will be done. He asks Sumo if they can have ACs in their entire house. Shravan says how can it be that you will say something to Sumo and it wont happen. She can do anything. Right, Sumo? Aditya answers in her place. It is impossible that what she wants wont happen. I will give her the number of contractor. You can get it done. Mama ji thanks him. Mami ji is thankful to Kamini ji for allowing them to wed the kids from their house. We will do it, right? Sumo agrees. It is a little challenging but we will do it if we have been asked to. We will do it today only. She asks Aditya to come help her. Shravan looks upset. Sumo smiles seeing his discomfort. Sumo and Aditya leave.

Precap: Sumo is fixing something when she drops the hammer. Shravan comes in but Sumo seeks help from Aditya instead. He gives hammer to her. Shravan and Sumo look at each other. Aditya and Shravan talk about some place. Aditya insists that he wants to buy that place anyhow. Shravan asks him why.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. Beas

    What an episode! Seeing Sumo’s imagination my imagination crossed the limits . Are yaar this Sumo intentionally making Shravan superb duper jealous. Cute jealous Shravan.😈😘

  2. sona

    Its just amazing …fabulous…fantastic…lovely…😂😂😘😘
    Love u ..my edkv ..😝😝
    Hope so…David aur harshita..ki safe…shikaayatey katam huge ho..aaj..
    And im prettty sure…aaj…sumo..ireena..lilly..be as..anjali..DJ anshi…shraman San k San khushi sey pagal hogayi hongey merit tarah..episode dekhney k baadh..hahahahahaha…

  3. Harshita

    Well I don’t want to disclose my educational or proffesional position, but let me clear that wherever I am right now, I am happy,satisfied and stable. Thanks for your ‘unwanted’ concern.

    Ireena- You know what, you can forge with everyone but not me. You are not from USA or Canada. You are a bengali, thats it. Now stop it !

    Ask me what is the problem with the show. It is simply that the whole show is screwed up. Everyone thinks that the other one is messed up but you know who is actually a moron? The director and story writer.

    In short, this show is a pain in ass. Want prove? Check your surroundings only. First your lovey dovey leader abhi. Then her sidekick sister ishu. Then this pathetic kittu. And that stupid chick anshi.

    Just look it all yourself.
    Reality is in front of you.
    Deny it or merrily accept it.

  4. Sss


    |Registered Member

    thnx pooja Di for fadtly update..
    aaahhh loved today episode totally amazing shraman jealousy omg sumo finally you are in right trake make shravu more jelouse now he has to confess his feeling go girl I am with you sumo shravan keep jelouse so excited now

  5. EDKV - Fan

    I don’t like this track.

    What this is showing is Sumo taking advantage of Shravan’s emotion which is completely unfair. He wanted to confess she pushed and pushed him away. So making him jealous what does that get her?

    And asking Adi for help…that guy is kebab mein haddi and all they are showing is life long love and friendship is taken for granted. Sumo’s behavior towards Shravan is proving Ramnath right. Maybe send Shravan back to London and marry Sumo to Adi….they deserve each other. Sumo has taken advantage of Sharvan’s vulnerability all the time as children and adults. Now Adi is swooping in and again taking advantage….so they should be together. Obviously at that point series will end…Adi is no Shravan.

    They can call the series Ek Duje ka mutlab or something to that effect.

  6. Fatimagulesarfraz


    |Registered Member

    Now I hv some hope that the writers will not marry suman to aditiya .. I think suman’s plan to jealouse Shravan will surely succeed .. nd waiting for Shravan confession .. yr dono pyaar krty hn ek dusry se then y all this crap .. jaldi se confess kro r saara syapa khatam kro .. chalo suman ki to majboori hy wo nae confess kr skti lekin ye pagl Shravan .. huhhhhh 😑😑 .. bt #positivity boht important hy .. so #StayPositive

  7. Fatimagulesarfraz


    |Registered Member

    Now I hv some hope that the writers will not marry suman to aditiya .. I think suman’s plan to jealouse Shravan will surely succeed .. nd waiting for ShraMan confession .. yr dono pyaar krty hn ek dusry se then y all this crap .. jaldi se confess kro r saara syapa khatam kro .. chalo suman ki to majboori hy wo nae confess kr skti lekin ye pagl Shravan .. huhhhhh 😑😑 .. bt #positivity boht important hy .. so #StayPositive

  8. Sim

    I hope shravan n sumo get 2gthr again bt sumo… please dont give false hopes to ur brother in law while tryint to make shravan jealous!!!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏

  9. Anjali

    @sona …yeah dear m very happy again after watching todays epi…ur guess is right 😉 loved my shraman today especially the imagination was to wow 😉
    now sumo will do anything to make shravu jealous 😀
    my God …another awesome episode …was laughing like hell while watching…
    episode was full of sarcasm …my God shravus sarcasm on sumo…
    n this Guy adi again…sumo only said thanks n see he is back again with his chipku irritating behavior ..he is intolerable for me…
    the way shravu looked at sumo when she wore the lehenga was wow…
    n sumo yar ur imagination was wow…I knew that it must be any of shraman imagination coz they’ll take time to show such romantic scenes 😉
    the way shravu said not good n sumo understood that he’s jealous…n very good reply sumo “Mai change krk ati hu” .
    the bg music played when sumo entered in the room thinking shravu was jealous…oh after hearing that bg music felt like old chulbuli sumo is back…and at last again a sarcasm by shravu n sumo making him jealous said chipku to lets go …omg girl very good keep it up…
    precap was wow …shravu ignored …chipku helped n sumo was smiling looking at shravu’s expression ..
    omg finally my shraman are back in their avataar 🙂
    guys saw few videos in which it was showing that chipku gives back sumo her pct …she gets angry first but then as usual chipku uses his tactics to influence sumo…she gets happy n emotional n thanks chipku…
    n on the other side my poor shravu gets angry n breaks mirror in anger n gets hurt 🙁
    I think they’ll show it either on Friday or Monday….
    @harshita …listen dear …behave urself ..n better mind ur language n behaviour…ur the one who commented here first.
    .no one asked for ur opinion…if u don’t like edkv then don’t watch it..no one’s compelling u to watch …n make a page n comment there against edkv..I know you’ll find many friends there who’ll support u but not here dear…
    n u have no right to accuse anyone okay …n its none of ur concern where ireena di belongs ..where’s she from or weather she’s Bengali or not…
    we don’t need to ask anyone about edkv …here we’ve many positive viewers n we’re happy with it…
    whether the cv or writers are giving shit or nonsense its none of ur business…if u hate this serial then go n watch other serials of colors, see, star n blah…no one’s stopping u 🙂
    @pooja di thanku so much for the fast update 🙂
    love u all my positive edkvians <3

  10. roshni

    Wow the episode was amazing will describe episode at evening if possible now gonna go to college
    …..n guys don’t pay attention for the bark’s of such ppl we all know wat is edkv they r just impossible ppl…. @ireena don’t mind her words dear chillax we all know u…..

  11. Minakhi

    Hay re That Kiss wala imagination..I didn’t expected from Sumo ….how shamelessly She was imagining that infrot of her
    sister …….But why the Hell our Lambu is soo much Sanskari man …..Sharfat ko chod do Bhai …….Jaldi se dono mil jao m……Sumo is taking Adi to jealous Shravan and in this process She is putting herself in Trouble nd She is unaware With Adi’s Intensions Nd That means When Nimmu will bring marriage proposal she can’t say no Directly but She will do something for sure……1st thing I really want This Preekar Marriage To Finnish ASAP …….@Harshita ,[email protected] I know u both have Problems with the writers Nd Story we all can feel that …..we r all mature to understand but Problem is In ur writing skills….haven’t u realise That We bunch of loyal viewers R hooked to this Show properly soo why U r bashing our Loyalty with ur comments……Look People r not Compulsory to write here If Peopler not commenting then That doesn’t mean All r quitting this show ….This is A Comment box Not a frustration Box where u can Bash ur Thoughts to others ……U r trying to Manipulate Us to not to watch That means U r still watching this show ……nd look dear If Show is not progressing Then Tum Jitna v yahan Chilla lo Story Mein Koi fark nahi padega EDKV walon ko patta v nahi hoga Ki yaha pe v ek Forum hai soo just tweet ur Problem To them wahan har din koi na koi Story change karne Ki demand Karta hai Aap log karo agar woh sun le to ……..But plz in a Good way Bcz In social networking People r more affected By Anything……Honestly I also want Some strong progress in the story But Look at my Comments U can’t find something Really Negative in that ……Mark my words “Frustration is really not A Good thing “nd @Harshita u r from KRPKEB right????Then go to their comment box U will find Many Members r missing,Soo u can’t expect That People will be Same as before…….nd with the shows it happens ……..I really don’t want to spoil my mood Today, Bcz I have My assignment to Present………..Good morning to all. Have a great day 😃😊

  12. mun

    Gd episode
    Only wish ki e a jealousy part jaldi khatam ho jaye aur hame shraman k romantic part dekhne ko mile

  13. mun

    Anjali di u are ryt I was also laughing like a mad……
    Trust me I only see one serial and it is EK DUJE VAASTE………

  14. 44444

    Bye friends. I am happy all u people of positivity live only in dreams. Young Sumon did the same in school prom. Shravan ran away from India. Now if Sumo doesn’t change her may be she may be forced to live with a person for the sake of Nanu with a heavy burden in her heart as this time Shravan may not forgive her. All her waiting for 10 long years is a waste. I can’t take it any more.

  15. Roshni☆

    Damn. This plot is becomin a senseless . First u see sumo acknowledging the fact tht shravan loves her n wants to propose inthe cafe .. so shes runnin away. N now she wantz to make him jealous so tht he gets closer?!! Thtz screwin up with som1s head on a serious level!😨😨 worst part… shravn warnd sumo tht adi may hv feelings 4 her…. so nw shes usin adi??!😨😨 wat abt his feelings?!wat juz hapnd 2 the script

    • 44444

      At lest there are few people with brain who have seen the serial from the beggining and remember each and every event. U r absolutely correct. Intially fearing Ramnath she was avoiding Shravan, and acknowledge that she understands the meaning of each and every word shravan spoke. Now she wants that he should scream over her shoulders.

      Totally Bull sh–

  16. nikipaul

    To all
    really now this show is dragging towards some unrealistic end. Ek duje ke vaste ek doosara(Adi) ke vate hogaya.
    Some 25 episodes so painful por dharshaks. Playwriters can’t play with the emotions of fans. I think many fans switched to other early evening shows Bade bhiaya ka dulhaniya and ek rishta .

  17. Sumo


    |Registered Member

    I love.. actually I love Nikita’s smile.. she has got prettiest smile..
    n to all of the fans .. its the last tym I m making an effort.. plz don’t entertain dese haters let dem be.. let dem comment.. n I kno many of u won’t listen anyway, I hope you understand wat m trying to say.. ✌ #peaceout

  18. nikipaul

    It seems few of this r psychopants. The really know that the r taken for a ride by producers still they don’t want accept the fact they r folishly following the dream

  19. Lily

    Acha guys,

    To all the optimists……

    I just saw an olv…
    Nirmala talks to sumo
    She tells that she is happy to get her as her dil…..and tells that adi is her son.adi loves
    her..sumo is shocked…… I think she and nanu fixed her wedding……

    A big request to others…..plz don’t spoil others mood…..if you don’t want to watch this show…plz don’t watch …but at least let others watch with a fresh and positive mind,…#spreadpositivity

  20. Minakhi

    One thing I have noticed in This show …….That It’s Title Track Totally Defining Shraman’s Situation……..”HOTON PE TERE SHIKWON KA SHOR HAI PAR YEH NIGAHEIN KEHTI KUCH AUR HAI”Shravan is Totally deserving This line now (May be both) ……..JO HAIN MILEIN LAMHEIN KAHIN CHUUTH NA JAYE HAATH SE”Really If they r not going to confess Soon then It will become late for their Relationship……..”KYUN HAI DABI SI KHWAHISHEIN DIL MEIN TERE BEWAJAH ………”they deserve this line now”JAAKE ZARA USSE BOL DE CHAHTA JISE TU RAHA “Really they should do this ASAP…..now I really want One line to come ASAP……..That is This”MIL JANE DE DIL JO BANE EK DUJE KE VAASTE”……..😊😊😊😊

  21. Minakhi

    Jitne v Frustrated Nd Bashers hain Unke liye Dhamakedaar news ……Nimmo aunty is going To ask Sumo ‘s Hand For His Adi Champu ……..Kripaya Aap logon se Nivedan hai Aap Iss show KO aur naa dekhen ……Aap log jhel nahi payenge ……Apke Sehad k liye Bishesh Suchna …..Dhanyabaad😉😜😝

  22. Anjali

    @mun …thanks dear 😉 it was hilarious…
    n yeah guys that day when shravu called sumo to meet him in coffee shop she thought he wants to forget everything n wanna start afresh friendship …n she even said that if I will come I wont be able to stop myself from saying that I love you…
    the way shravu said he has moved on, on the day of returning to London before ramu kaka’s accident …I hope u remember…that confidence from which he said he has moved on it can force anyone to think that yeah he really is …n after that he was helping in finding a Guy for her…
    n when he realised he still loves her he started ignoring her…n when he thought he’ll confess nirmu incident, pct. ,n accident ….n during accident he took care of her so much…n when sumo clarified that she’s no problem with him now in coffee shop…she knows he loves her but she wants him to confess that to her as she can’t do this coz of ramu …
    n the way shravu reacts on adi whenever shravu sees adi with sumo its crystal clear that he loves her…
    n yesterday it was clear that shravu is damn jealous that’s y sumo is using these tricks to make him confess…as she had said that if you’ll confess that you love me then I’ll break all boundaries n will bcm urs …
    that’s y she’s doing this…n yeah she’ll show that in front of shravu to make him jealous but when he wont be around sumo will maintain distance from adi …as she only loves shravu…
    so chill guys its just a serial somewhat realistic….
    n we all know at last there’s going to be shraman not adiman (no way)…
    so who’re fed up just take a break n chill guys… 😀
    @minakhi seriously sumo’s imagination was to …..I was laughing like hell …see this girl standing beside her younger sis who’s to be married n in front of her is her one n only love since childhood …n she’s imagining that he’s going to kiss her 😀 😉
    God I wish some scenes like this to happen during their romance….
    stay positive n calm true n positive edkvians….
    have a great day …:)

  23. 44444

    For all positive frineds:

    As per latest Youtube video Suman is going to be married off to Aditya by Nirmala.

    @irena,Minakhi, and all have peaceful sleeps.

  24. Minakhi

    @Devid Bhaiya ….Uss Video Mein Nirmala Sumo k liye marriage proposal Layi hai …..Shaadi nahi hui hai ….EDKV Mein Spoiler kuch hota hai aur Episode kuch aur hota hai ….For ur kind Information Sab ko patta tha Ki Nimu Kabhi na khbhi Adi k liye Sumo KO chunegi bcz She don’t know About Shrman’s Love relationship……..True EDKV Ko patta hai Ki ADIMAN Ki shaadi nahi hone wali …..wese bi CVs Itna bada Risk kabhi nahi lenge…..Nd yes Congrats to u also …..Kal se Break le rahe Ho Iss comment box se But abhi v chipke hue Ho …..wah wah Really I like ur Spirit ….ha ha ha ……Keep Shining in this Forum ….EDKV got a most Negative Fan here ……..keep shining 😜😜😜 Mein nahi darti Iss video se ….IF members Ko 1 month pehle se hi patta tha Ki Nimu aunty Sumo k liye Alliance dhoondegi ……Isme nayi baat kya hai ……😎😎

    • 44444

      Minakihi Bahen

      I accept I am not so brave to see all those scenes. You know when I geussed that Shravan’ going to vengence on sumo (because he was talking to Urvashi simultaneously) I dropped seeing that episode. I saw it after 2 days after following the next 2 episodes. My hear is tender I cant take shocks. I fully agree with you for First promo son line by especially that line ‘Kahin tere Kamoshiyan jeet na jaye pyar se” Hope the liast line fulffills in the life of Shraman. Se how much the fans whether negative or positive has made Shravan and Suman their own family members.

      Best wishes friend for happy ending. But this they are dragging too much. So many contradicting statements.

  25. pretty preeti

    Why are u people like harshita g talking negative about this awesome show
    U r blind I think that u can’t see its speciality
    @harshita hate u
    Thank u

  26. Ireena

    bonjour1!!!@ harshita😝
    cher u bon marché et terrifiant, s’avéra plus fluage et pas cher ce que je pensais… je souhaite je pourrais frapper u dur et abus u

  27. Ireena

    Bonjour david… en fait aucune bonne étiquette n’attendait d’u…i souhait je pourrais débuter u… une personne désespérée comme u devrait être évincé de partout… beurk!!!!

  28. Ireena

    n’importe quel Français ici ??? s’il vous plaît venir bientôt… je veux montrer certaines compétences français trop… sa sur mon estime de soi😟😑😐😐

  29. Harshita

    Anjali- Welcome to 21st century miss. Oops you are not even out from 19th century.
    Look the words I am using are very common now. And still if you find them offensive, its your problem not mine.
    And you seem to be new. So dont interrupt when you dont know the whole matter.
    I was a die hard fan of edkv. And wanted everyone to watch it, but now when my eyes are open I want everyone’s to be too.

    Nosugarcoating- Hey miss. Loved to meet you. But I would love even more when you shut up. I dont watch this crap any more. Got that?

    44444- Well at last found someone with mind. You know what, I right now checked some previous episode’s written update. And got that you still call yourself ‘edkv fan’.
    I have never seen a fan with so much frustration and hatred and negativity towards show.

    • 44444

      Sure I am frustrated but I am giving them a chance and want to see how they go ahead. I am giving them benefit of doubt. I am frustrated and not negative. I want the lead pair unite in a fairy tale end.

    • Harshita

      Want me to be frank?
      Everything regarding me is wrong.

      Only by your eyes.
      My helpfullnes, my honesty, my genourisity, my tolerance.
      Everything seems yellow to a jaundiced eye.

  30. Ireena

    why???aint i a French???cause im using it??
    hoekom ?? Is ek werklik nie ‘n Franse nou ?? behulp Franse ???
    now i m gonna get french passport ,aint i???HARSHITA???

  31. Harshita

    Prettypreeti- You think I m blind? And I think you are a b*t*h. Are you actually? No right. Neither I am blind.
    The extent you hate me, I double hate this serial.

    Ireena- Looks like our miss. Moron Linguist doesn’t want me to know what she is saying ? Because she knows I would answer her properly.
    Either you give me a valid reason for speaking these languages or speak in english.
    Wait I have another option. f**k off.

    • pretty preeti

      Harshita ty for saying me pretty and these honourable words
      Aap toh kamaal hai
      Miss blind
      Spread positivity

  32. Ireena

    ek gaan om te kom vir ‘n paar day.sorry om te sê, ek kan soveel belediging nie duld … terwyl dit oor my selfrespek
    get it translated…frm wherever u want…..I DONT CARE.cause gotta use those as i m gonna get a french citizenship from HARSHITA???RIGHT???

  33. Harshita

    Ireena- What do you think of yourself? I know india well, there are many school which teach french as an optional subject. Don’t be oversmart, because someone can be even smarter than you.

  34. Ireena

    u know,harshita,i didn’t use such word in french even though its completely unknown to u.
    wanna know why???

  35. 44444

    Now Now Harshita stop using abusvie language. It seems you are a perverted male who wants vent out his perversion. Dont rot this forum. You have no right to call names any of the contributors of this forum. Iam wondering how the moderator allowed your comment. I feel sick of yu. Pl pl dont ope your gutter mind and mouth.

  36. Ireena

    ok,bye,harshita…show ur color and ur slang knowledge as much as u can…and whatever u want…i cant compete with u…as i dont have so much knowledge like u…u r always a winner here…in abusing others through using suchhhhhhh cheap words
    i m feeling like vomiting,bye champion…

  37. Harshita

    Ireena- Oh my god. Seems like you are pumped up.
    Wait you want to tell me that I am from an uncivilized family?
    Excuse me miss. My family couldn’t have been better and better not drag them.
    I appreciate your mom. I have problem with your choice not your mom. And I guess you neither have any against mine.
    We need to figure our shit out. Not our family’s. Bt still if you love to drag families, sweety you touched my nerves. And when someone touches it, mark it, its not good for him or her.

    So quarrel. Bt quarrel with me. Dare to drag families and you have to gather pieces of yours.

    One thing more, I respect your mom. She has raised a kickass chick. (Its a compliment)

  38. Harshita

    Would you mind telling me your ages. Becease you guys dont seem teens. You all are like people from 90s. Cope up with the generation man.

    44444- Ok so now I am a pervert male. Anymore nicknames? Because this one me showed me the height of stupidity.
    Oh sorry! You supported me I should be indebt right? Oh please, I didnt pleaded to support me . I,was right so you supported me. So please.

    • pretty preeti

      U r such an idiot I will not say as u already know
      Please read my last comment I written for u in that comment in which u abused me read it
      Get lost

    • Beas

      We don’t feel like telling u about our ages . U are asking us to cope up with u. I think u r only a backdated person becoz of which u r not able to adjust with us . For heaven’s sake plz leave this site and stop disturbing us.

  39. Minakhi

    WTH Man??????What’s wrong with this forum. ..It becoming soo negative with soo bad words ….Daamm…..Our soo Good Forum Has became Soo Bad comment box…..Feeling sad that Some people r really Frustrated I can understand but why the hell They r using such disgusting words man ……😠😠 Look people who r frustrated….be calm down …..Nd those who r Using bad words for God Shake Stop …….just stop ….U r Spoiling other’s mood ……@Chipkali U r not new here Why the hell u r soo Much jealous with EDKV nd All EDKVians Humne tera kya bigada hai ……Tujhe har Kisi se problem hai …..Kuch din pehle Abhi ko tana Mara tha tune ,Fir Kittu,Then Annshi ….now Ireena nd all ….I mean seriously which kind of Person u r ……tu uss waqt v iss show k against thi jab Yeh show Dhammaka kar raha tha aur abhi bhi …….Abe tujse saha nahii jata to mat dekh na iss show KO ….koi tujhe Ghsit raha hai kya Iss show KO dekhne k liye …..mere Acche bhale mood Ki waqt lag gayi college se lout k ek khush khabri Deni thi but poora mood spoil Ho Gaya ……..Feeling Dam sad Today ……….😓😓😓 It’s my request to All EDKV supporters plz plz don’t Give a single attention to this @Chipkali plz……..I thought This forum as my family but Today I m even hurt ……..Kya thodi si Positivity Ki ummeed rakhna galat hai …..😓😓

    • pretty preeti

      Mino di don’t be upset yaar
      This form is still ur family
      I too sorry
      These people r like this only
      Don’t be disheartened
      Be happy
      #spreaad positivity
      Love u

    • 44444

      Hi sisy what is the good news Pl share. Ye ladai jaghda our Adi ka interference dek dek kar mail to phagali wo jawunga. Pl share

  40. Minakhi

    Ab to Shaman ki tarah hum Sab iss Comment box Pe jhagad k mar jayenge….Soo @David Bro …Now U have realized that what kind of this @Chipkali is …she is not new here….Hum fans bohot acche se jante hain usse ……Nd u r the biggest supporter of her …Congrats Bro Good going……Apni dosti nibhao aur Khush raho ……..Wese v Frustrated log humesha apne jaiso ko hi dhundhte hain …I m happy U have found This @Chipkali ……..Let’s party 🎉 💃 🎉 🎊 🎈 🎊 🎊 🎉

    • 44444

      Are Minaki I did support His views but not his language. I am the first person to rebuke him for his filthy laguage. Pl Pl do not equate me with worms of gutter.

      Hope to have some peace between 10 00 to 10.00 pm for next 2 days and for peaceful pree cap for 15th August

  41. SONAI

    Irrena di
    Bengali kya kam tha jo aapne French bolna suru kar diya ?? Aamra aamader raag o EDKV r proti bhalobasha bangla tei janale bhalo hoy !!!!

    @4444 & HARSHITA

    I don’t care whether u 2 like or hate EDKV but what I know is……………..u two don’t need to prescribe us about EDKV !!!! WE KNOW WHAT ITS TRACK IS ABOUT nd we don’t want ur faltu advice !!! We LOVE EDKV ND NOTHING CAN CHANGE OUR MIND !!!


    • Ireena

      what could i do,dr…she made me double faced…quite funny.how could make her realize that bengali na holeo bengali bola jai…why i wont accept the fact if i would be really a bengali??well,i m not denying the fact my origin is bengali…so i have been taught it since childhood…
      and so i don’t have any hesitation to say i can be called the same by origin…
      only by speaking in french,i wish i could be regarded as French…but our harshita told me that i learned it as an optional subject…dunno what next accusation is waiting for me…..

  42. Minakhi

    @Ireena ,@Preeti ……@Anjali ….my dears…..Don’t get Ur Mood off my sweet little sis plz plz Don’t Pay attention That @Chipkali ……😠😠

  43. 44444

    Abusing anybody in unparlimentry words in any forum of net is punishable cypher crime in India. So please courteous to everyone

  44. Anjali

    @harshita …listen dear m a 21st century girl ..okay n I don’t think I need to tell you that…yeah well m new here but a die hard edkvian…watching it from the very first episode ..n ur no one to tell me to stay out of it…u wr an edkvian.
    .u don’t like it anymore then leave it stop watching it…
    m an edkvian from the very beginning n m going to be so…
    seems like ur from 19th century dear…
    u don’t like edkv fine…don’t watch n comment here …
    n yeah don’t use abusive words here…
    no one needs you here… 🙂

  45. pretty preeti

    Hlo everyone
    Gud evening
    Guys let harshita comment we will not reply to her ok no need to talk to a person who just know fighting
    We all know edkv was best is best and always be best
    Love u all accept the bashers of my edkv

  46. Anjali

    .yes di I wont give any attention to her …won’t spoil my mood 🙂
    love u all my positive edkvians…
    @preetypreeti ur ryt dear…we should not give any attention to ppl like them…
    well we all know we’re not gonna stop watching edkv. 😉
    so keep it up guys …stay positive n love shraman 🙂

  47. Ireena

    i think i have had enough…need a break badly…so saying bye,but not for good,guys,its not for that mean harshita.i m lil sick and having headache…so..✋

  48. Anjali

    @preetypreeti yeah dear u can call me anjo …np 🙂 yeah I understood ur idea…as one shramanian can understand another shramanian 😉
    can I call u pri? ?

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.