Ek duje ke vaaste,hum ek duje ke vaaste such mein hai kya?episode 1

Hi guys I’m Nishi!!actually my registered name is erica cuz they didn’t accept Nishi but wtv HAHA so I’m gonna write an ff for EKDV too?too?yep ok I write ffs for KRPKAB too(I’m in my 81 st episode now)so I Guess I’ll become friends with all the shramanians???im 8,I live in Singapore and i go to Paya Lebar Methodist girl school primary(hahah ok enough of my bio data)haha ok let’s start!!geez I say haha a lotπŸ˜‰

The episode starts with suman’s room shown.the alarm rings.(in my ff nia Sharma is playing suman not nikita Dutta.)
Suman’s Mom(alive in my story):sume!
Suman’s blanket flies up and we see her feet slide into her fluffy piggy bedtime slippers.she makes her hair into a shape of bun and he find for a clip.a lock of her hair comes onto the side of her face.she comes out in a orange salwar kameez with her black palaazo with birds and flowers on it.she braids her Long hair(a hair lock is still there)and she grabs her bag.
Suman’s Mom(Priya):beta..you’re already late for work!you know shravan sir will be really mad.
Suman:(her face is finally shown)mumma,that obodro guy can wait..after all I’m his best employee..
Priya:no overconfidence beta!

Suman:ok Mom.sorry*pulls her ears*ok bye.(grabs bread)
Priya:arae sume listen!yeh ladkhi bhi na.
Suman enters the office(she works for malhotra industries,a lawyer in training).
Suman sits on her chair and her Friend comes to her table.
Suman:hi saachi.
Saachi:suman,this is not a joke.sir will fire u like this.this is the 4 th time you’re late this month.
Suman:saachi*putting her down on the chair*do u think I care?ok I care about my work..not obodro..
Saachi:suman..u keep your Bengali at home..even I’m doing so..
Suman:saachi Bose,can I do my work..I will catch up with u later..
Shravan comes:Miss Bose,go back to your cubicle.angry enough:Ms tiwari,one more time you’re late,you’re fired.

Suman:obodro..tumi ekta boka..
Shravan:kya boka boka?look,I can find out what you’re saying in Bengali because my brother’s Wife is a Bengali.
Suman:oh rlly?whats your Brother’s name?he must also be grumpy..like dev..
Shravan:how do U know dev bhai?
Suman:dev bhai?is he a goon?
Shravan:how dare you…he is my elder Brother
Suman:what?!!!how is that possible?
suman:that means your Sister in law is my Sister..sonakshi Bose..
Shravan:sonakshi dixit..
Suman:she was Bose before marrige..
Shravan:How is that even?are u sure?
Shravan shows a pic of Sona and suman too.

Suman:you’re my…
Shravan:you become my Sister in law???
Shravan:can u not swear?
Suman:bhaiya not that u have not sworn before.
Suman:ya..I mean my Sister is married to your Brother so u auto become my Brother?
Shravan:in office..*angrily*i am sir..and meet me at the oberoi at 5 pm.im bringing Sona bhabhi and dev bhaiya along..
Suman:ok..sir..*with that angry emphasis*

Precap:dev-Sona meet Suman-Shravan and get to know about this relationship of theirs.sona says that she has another Sister called Suman Bose..and she is not even Bose…


  1. Ariana


    |Registered Member

    That was a cute epi…ShraMan fight from the 1st day! It will go awesome. Eagerly waiting for the next epi. Post soon dear.
    Loads of love nd blessings
    Take care

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