Ek duje ke vaaste,hum ek duje ke vaaste such mein hai kya?episode 1


Hi guys I’m Nishi!!actually my registered name is erica cuz they didn’t accept Nishi but wtv HAHA so I’m gonna write an ff for EKDV too?too?yep ok I write ffs for KRPKAB too(I’m in my 81 st episode now)so I Guess I’ll become friends with all the shramanians???im 8,I live in Singapore and i go to Paya Lebar Methodist girl school primary(hahah ok enough of my bio data)haha ok let’s start!!geez I say haha a lot?

The episode starts with suman’s room shown.the alarm rings.(in my ff nia Sharma is playing suman not nikita Dutta.)
Suman’s Mom(alive in my story):sume!
Suman’s blanket flies up and we see her feet slide into her fluffy piggy bedtime slippers.she makes her hair into a shape of bun and he find for a clip.a lock of her hair comes onto the side of her face.she comes out in a orange salwar kameez with her black palaazo with birds and flowers on it.she braids her Long hair(a hair lock is still there)and she grabs her bag.
Suman’s Mom(Priya):beta..you’re already late for work!you know shravan sir will be really mad.
Suman:(her face is finally shown)mumma,that obodro guy can wait..after all I’m his best employee..
Priya:no overconfidence beta!

Suman:ok Mom.sorry*pulls her ears*ok bye.(grabs bread)
Priya:arae sume listen!yeh ladkhi bhi na.
Suman enters the office(she works for malhotra industries,a lawyer in training).
Suman sits on her chair and her Friend comes to her table.
Suman:hi saachi.
Saachi:suman,this is not a joke.sir will fire u like this.this is the 4 th time you’re late this month.
Suman:saachi*putting her down on the chair*do u think I care?ok I care about my work..not obodro..
Saachi:suman..u keep your Bengali at home..even I’m doing so..
Suman:saachi Bose,can I do my work..I will catch up with u later..
Shravan comes:Miss Bose,go back to your cubicle.angry enough:Ms tiwari,one more time you’re late,you’re fired.

Suman:obodro..tumi ekta boka..
Shravan:kya boka boka?look,I can find out what you’re saying in Bengali because my brother’s Wife is a Bengali.
Suman:oh rlly?whats your Brother’s name?he must also be grumpy..like dev..
Shravan:how do U know dev bhai?
Suman:dev bhai?is he a goon?
Shravan:how dare you…he is my elder Brother
Suman:what?!!!how is that possible?
suman:that means your Sister in law is my Sister..sonakshi Bose..
Shravan:sonakshi dixit..
Suman:she was Bose before marrige..
Shravan:How is that even?are u sure?
Shravan shows a pic of Sona and suman too.

Suman:you’re my…
Shravan:you become my Sister in law???
Shravan:can u not swear?
Suman:bhaiya not that u have not sworn before.
Suman:ya..I mean my Sister is married to your Brother so u auto become my Brother?
Shravan:in office..*angrily*i am sir..and meet me at the oberoi at 5 pm.im bringing Sona bhabhi and dev bhaiya along..
Suman:ok..sir..*with that angry emphasis*

Precap:dev-Sona meet Suman-Shravan and get to know about this relationship of theirs.sona says that she has another Sister called Suman Bose..and she is not even Bose…

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  1. I like it very much

    1. Erica


  2. Ariana

    That was a cute epi…ShraMan fight from the 1st day! It will go awesome. Eagerly waiting for the next epi. Post soon dear.
    Loads of love nd blessings
    Take care

    1. Erica

      Thank you so much Ariana di

  3. Such a cute episode ?
    Loved it. Post soon ?

    1. Erica

      Thank u!!guys I will try to post today by tnight!?Same for KRPKAB

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