Ek duje ke vaaste,are we really meant for each other? Episode 1


The episode starts with shravan waiting for suman with dev and Sona.suman comes.
Shravan:you’re 1 min late.
Suman:sir..I’m not reporting to work,be grateful I came..alright..*snap her fingers*
Dev:suman,keep your finger down and talk to my Brother with respect..
Till now suman’s back is facing Dev-Sona
Suman:don’t teach me how to treat my boss bhaisab.
She turns.

EKDV plays……..(tune only)
Suman:dev jiju(mummers)
Sona:dev,let’s go..
Suman:sona Di..*holds her hand*
Sona:don’t call me Di,u have lost the right..
Suman:Di please forgive me…
Sona:If u hadn’t hurt Ma-baba that day,I would have forgiven u,but,the night you left,they died suman..they died..

Suman:Ma-baba…not anymore..hum..Di..Di..how is elena..
Sona:Elena is married..happy enough that she dosent have to divorce..at least she didn’t run away like you suman..
Shravan is shocked…
Suman:please forgive me Sona..*joins her hands*
Sona:promise u won’t run away again..
Sona and suman hug…

To clear confusion:(relationship shared amongst the characters)
Sona is dev’s fiancè.dev is shravan’s younger brother.suman is shravan’s employee.sona is suman’s Sister.
Continuing the story…
Shravan and dev go home,Sona and suman go home.
Baby comes:saachi:maashi!!
Sona:ohhh meri chweetu*carried him up*
Suman:who is this?
Sona:elena’s kid.
Suman:elena is a Mother!!oh my!!!!can I meet her..
Elena comes out(she is pregnant again)and sees suman.she runs and hugs suman and the sisters are reunited!
Suman:etaki???ur a Mother and u didn’t even think of informing me???
Elena:suman..now u are here!!my sweetheart wil get 3 mother’s worth of love..dosent have a Father…

Elena:khush died in plane crash last year..
Suman consoles elena..the three sisters hug!

Precap:dev marries Sona..suman and shravan fights..

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  1. nice epi. post asap

  2. Nikita

    nice start erica..
    it was cute..
    post soon 🙂

    1. Erica

      My name is nishi?Acha baba I’m joking its ok people do get confused thanks for the encouragement!!?

  3. pretty preeti

    Erica or nishi kya kaho
    Gud start dear
    Loved it
    Post soon
    Love u

  4. Erica

    Sorry guys this is supposed to be epi2

  5. Wt a complicated story Erica??????intersting..
    Nice one???

    1. Erica

      My name is Nishi?thank u anyways?MUACKS!Pretty much love

  6. Ariana

    Hi Erica (Is that ur name?)
    It was a such a nice epi. Complications everywhere!!! Sounds interesting. Like a puzzle. Eagerly waiting for the next update. Precap seems interesting too. Post soon dear. Take care. Love u

    1. Erica

      I’m nishi?It’s ok confusions do happen!thank u!!!lots of love MUACKS!

  7. Quite an interesting episode. ?
    So many secrets to know ? ?
    Really liked it. ?
    Post soon. Take care ?

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