Ek duje ke vaaste season-3 (Horror flick)


Guys my ff all knew.. I am writing horror ff!! So this is apart from it.. So let us start.. It is just for few epi..

Shravan: He is husband of suman.
Suman:She is wife of shravan.
Khushi:she is daughter of shravan and suman 2yrs old.

Now let us start..

Shravan gets up from bed and asks suman what happened? Suman tells my leg is paining will u help me? He tells no I need to go to office!?She smiled at his face and leaves to kitchen.. She takes plates and tries to clean it.. Suddenly is shakes. She gets shocked and shouts shravan name. He comes there and asks what? She tells that..she sees all normal.. He asks what?

Suman tells nothing and tells him to carry on his work.. He tells her to be careful. He comes to room and sees khushi crying and takes her in his hand and pacifies her. He smiles at her.. Suman comes there and takes khushi from his hand. He tells I also have rights! She tells me too!! Suman keeps her aside and they start their knok jhok fight. ??

She again cries.. Shravan and suman both consoles her.. Suman tells all is ready and tells him to go and eat. He thnx her and comes down and sits on table and takes plate.. It starts shaking.. He gets shocked. He shouts suman.. She comes there and asks what? He sees all shaking stopped. He tells nothing.. She sits near him and tells him to buy a dress for khushi. He agrees and tells her to get ready.. In evening soon.. She smiles.suman kisses on his cheeks and thnx him.

Allah warriyan plays.. He smiles and bids bye to her and gets into car and comes to office.. A mud area in forest is shown.. One man keeps hand out of it and comes out and smiles.. He laughs and tells shravan and suman u both will die soon in my hands..

Precap: Shravan and suman comes in Car.. It breaks down near jungle.. They shouts for help.. That time they sees old man holding night lamp..

Hope u all liked it

Credit to: Narendran

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