Ek Duje ke vaaste season 1 continued (epi 7)

Episode starts with nirmala coming to police station at night. She sees aditya and aditi sitting in jail and signs some papers. Constable then tells them both that they have been bailed out by nirmala malhotra. She comes and they both hug her smilingly. She too reverts back. They both say that they knew she would come back to release her kids from jail, she is their mother. She tells them i couldn’t do it to you both. Yes I am your mother but what you both have done wasn’t correct. She tells them to leave Delhi forever and never come back. They look at each other and smile. They both leave after taking her blessings. She leaves from the station thinking that its best for all of us. Kamini is seen keeping an eye on her. She sees her leaving from police station. She smirks and says nirmala parjhayiji……..ab kya karoge aap? She too leaves then.

At tiwari villa,
Sumo is sitting with preeti, she is crying silently. Preeti is trying to talk to her but sumo isn’t answering. Shravan comes with dinner plate and signs preeti, she nods and leaves. He sits infront of sumo and tells her to look at him. She is lost when he holds her cheeks and makes her see him. She is still crying. Shravan stands and hugs her tightly and says i won’t ever let anything bad happen to you sumo. She says she got so scared today. He says i know but right now its time for her to eat and he will make her eat with his hands. He says first my sumo has to smile. she tries when shravan says i love you sumo. She smiles finally. He feeds her and then makes her sleep. He leaves from tiwari villa.

He reaches malhotra house when ramnath calls him in his room. He goes to him and asks him what happened papa? Ramnath says that whatever happened today should not affect your relationship with sumo, no matter what happens never leave her side okay?

Promise me. Shravan smiles and says haan papa, pyar karta hu sumo se…..kabhi uska saath ni chhodunga. He then turns to leave when he sees nirmala entering the room quietly. He tells her that aditya aur aditi ne jo kuchh kiya usmein aapki koi galti ni thi, don’t worry okay. She nods and he leaves. She tries talking to ramnath about it when he shoes this topic off and says ki ab shravan aur sumo ki khushiyon par dhyan do, kal pandit ko bula lo, sahi muhurat nikalwate hain. She smiles and says haan.

In the morning, Sumo gets ready for pct when pushkar comes to her and says tu kahin ni jaa sakti. She says why? He says kyunki aaj mein tujhse gatte ki sabz banana sikhunga, teri behen ke food cravings mujhe pagal kar denge. She laughs and says haan tu ruk tujhe pct mein hi sikhati hu. He says mein bahar car mein wait karra hu aaja jaldi se aur isle pehle tu mana kare mere pass bhaiya ke strict instructions hain ki tujhe akele na jaane du. She says fine okay mein aa ri hu. She goes inside her room takes the keys to pct and leaves with pushkar. They both reach pct. Sumo starts with her ususal routine, giving instructions to her lady workers and then teaching pushkar how to make sabzi. She receives a call after sometime and its mamaji. He says that her sasural wale has come with a muhurat of shadi. She asks kab ka muhurat hai mamaji? He says after 21 days. She says acha theek hai.

He says ki beta itti jaldi sab ho jaayega when she assures him ki haan mein sab handle kar lungi. He says thik hai beta.

Pushkar after learning leaves saying ki teri behen mujhe pagal kar degi. She hits him playfully and says that teri biwi hai ab voh. They both laugh.

At night, sumo calls shravan and says 21 din k baad ka muhurat nikla hai, he says meine try kiya tha ki hoda jaldi ka nikle par meri kisine suni hi nahi. He says i hope you remember our deal. She says yes i will handle food and venue…..you take care of decorations and apparel. He smiles and says ofcourse. Btw hamari date reh gayi hai. She says shravan bohot kaam hai……no more dates and all. He is about to say something when she says ki achha ab mein kal baat karti hu Mamiji bula rahi hai. He says okay bye.

She gets thinking about the recent events and decides not to think about anything more. She sleeps while someone is seen keeping tabs on her. In the morning, nirmala comes to tiwari villa with tilak ceremony invitation and says ki sham ko tilak ki rasam hogi malhotra house mein, suman k liye ye lehenga shravan khud leke aaya hai aur saath mein yeh jewellery bhi. Mamiji and mausiji sees them and calls out suman. Sumo comes out and greets nirmala. Nirmala says thank you for coming in my shravan’s life. Sumo smiles and sees the lehenga. She smiles and says bohot achha hai nirmala aunty when nirmala says now call me maa. Sumo gets happy and hugs her. She takes the lehenga and jewellery inside.

In the evening, tiwari family reaches malhotra house, they all great each other and get seated. Sumo asks where is pushkar and preeti? Kamini says ki they have gone for preeti’s routine checkup. Lalaji says ki suman ab tu chheddi cheddi ghar aaja aur hame ek aur khushkhabari suna. She blushes. Shravan comes their and looks at sumo. she smiles. They both are seated tgether and pandit ji performs the havan. After the havan shravan’s tilak ceremony is done, Kamini says now lets decide how many guests will be coming and where they will be staying. Sumo names a 3star guest house when shravan names a 4star hotel. They both look at each other when sumo says that she has already booked a 3star guest house and its very good. Shravan is about to say something when Kamini says that last time too her wishes weren’t completed now this time too she will have to face the insult of her guests? Shravan looks at sumo with a concerned look where sumo looks shocked.

PRECAP: Kamini tells nirmala that in her pushkar’s marriage, she had to bear insults of her high class guests, this time too her family has to be part of that insult? Nirmala says its her family too, she won’t let it happen, i promise….. when Kamini says yes just like you kept your promise of not meeting aditya and aditi ever right? Nirmala is stunned.

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  1. Fenil

    Awesome Chappy.
    The way Sharvan feeds food to Suman loved it.
    Nirmala was doing good but hope Kamini stay in her limits.
    Wow pushkar and sumo pct moment very cute Gatte ki sabzi is my fav as i m marwadi.
    Phone convo of SharMan sweet one.
    Can’t wait for next..

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