Ek Duje ke vaaste season 1 continued (epi 6)

Episode starts with sumo struggling to get free but aditya says relax sumo, you won’t go anywhere. He laughs and calls someone and says we are coming. Sumo sees shravan going towards her place, she cries and tries to shout but in vain. They reach a dark go down. Its the same place which aditya wanted for sumo’s PCT. Sumo shouts why did he bring her here? What does he wants now? To molest her here? She yells that she loves only shravan and will only be his. He angrily shouts enough!! He says he isn’t here to molest her but to make her understand that he loves her more than shravan and she too loves him. He the claps and suddenly the whole place lights up. Its romantically decorated with all of sumo’s pictures hanged over the walls. He shows her a trunk where he has made many collages of sumo and himself. He shows it to her and acts crazily. He says reminds her of their moments together in pushkar and preeti’s marriage. She is crying silently. He then says that he will marry her today itself and will take her to their first honeymoon. He calls someone and ask them to come inside. Its aditi with some pandit. Sumo says aditi? She says yes sumo, i helped bhai get you so that i can get shravan for myself. Sumo says how could you do this aditi? If you can’t think about me then atleast think about nirmala aunty. How will she react when she gets to know that you both are forcefully trying to destroy my life?
Aditi says maa won’t say anything cos till the time she gets to know this, you guys will be celebrating your honeymoon and i will console shravan for leaving you. She says sorry sumo……but everything is fair in love and war. She smiles and asks pandit to start the marriage rituals. She pushes her in the mandap.

Here at tiwari villa, shravan and everyone are trying to find sumo but in vain. Shravan gets really worried and thinks where she can be at this moment. Ramnath and nirmala come there and try to console nanu. Ramnath asks shravan to call aditi saying she is sumo’s friend too, ask her if she knows where sumo is or not. Sharan says he doesn’t have her number. Nirmala says i will call her when ramnath says nirmala let shravan call her. She silently gives him his number. He calls her.
There in the go down, sumo is shouting to let her go when aditya tells pandit ji not to listen to sumo and continue the rituals. Suddenly aditi’s phone rings, sumo sees the number she recognizes it to be shravan’s. She sees aditi picking the call at some distance. The moment aditi picks up she shouts ‘’ahhhhhhh please esa mat karo, mujhe injections se bohot darr lagta hai” and starts crying saying please esa mat karo aditya, mujhe tumse shadi ni karni. She keeps on shouting and crying. Aditi can’t listen to what the person on the other side is saying and shouts on sumo. she cuts the call and hold sumo’s face saying if she doesn’t keep quite then she might poison her family members. She then goes to call back the caller. Sumo cries and requests god to help shravan find her before this disaster happens.
On the other hand shravan has heard everything and he clenches his phone and breaks it. He shouts to ramnath and nirmala, everyone including nanu comes down. He says to both of them that aditi and aditya have kidnapped sumo and aditya is forcefully trying to marry sumo. he shouts this time he will kill aditya. He leaves with pushkar and preeti. Nirmala is in shock and cries. Ramnath shouts at her and says “dekha, tumhare un pale hue bahcho ki vajah se tumhara khud ka beta aur bahu pareshani mein hain. Ab bhi unko bachana hai tumhe? He warns her ki he will not let her destroy his son’s and daughter in law’s life because of her adopted children.
He leaves and follows shravan.
In the go down, its the time to take phere, sumo is crying hysterically and pleading to leave her hand, while aditya is forcefully taking the phere with her. The scene splits to shravan driving hurriedly and blaming himself. Pushkar says bhaiya its not your fault, aditya is mad. Preeti says when she meets aditi, she will punch her. Shravan pray that he reaches on time. Pandit ji says that phere are complete, sit down for sindur and magalsutra ritual. He sits and tells her to sit when aditi comes and pushes her to ground. Aditya is about to fill her maang when preeti stops aditya’s hand and says that sindur is pure and is symbol of love, not to be touched by shameless people. He is about to push her when pushkar stops him and says “don’t even think about it”. Sumo smiles when shravan comes and takes the red dupatta off her head and says aditya its time to pay for your sins. He is about to punch him when aditi comes and stops him. She says that let them explain when nirmala comes there and slaps her hard. She shouts at aditi and aditya that you both have shamed her. She calls the police officers inside and ask them to arrest aditya and aditi for what they have done. Ramnath comes there too and says finally you did something good nirmala. She looks at him and says it was time for me to understand that real blood is the only relation we can trust. She tells police to take these two. Police takes them two when they both shout they will repent this and will pay for it.
Sumo hugs shravan and cries. Ramnath ask pushkar and preeti to take them to tiwari villa, he will come in a while with nirmala. They both nod and leave.

PRECAP: Nirmala promises ramnath not to contact aditya and aditi ever in her life for shravan. On the other hand someone comes to meet aditya and aditi in jail. They both hug her and its shown that its nirmala. They both say that they knew that she will come to free them both. Nirmala sighs and says last time. She bails them both and tells them to leave delhi and never come back. They both look at each other and smile.

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  1. Fenil

    Fabulous episode.
    Nirmala did good job but Ramnaath should not blames her for Adi and Aditi how can she know they can be do like this.

    Preeti’s dialogue fabulous.

    Any way ant bhala so sab bhala.

  2. Nice episode. Really dramatic one.
    And full of action. Superb one.
    Keep it up.

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