Ek Duje ke vaaste season 1 continued (epi 5)

Episode starts with sumo about to make shravan wear the ring when a girl shouts “ruko sumo”. Everyone looks at the door. There stands aditi, aditya’s sister. Nirmala, shravan and sumo get shocked. She smiles seeing sumo and rushes to hug her. Sumo also leaves the living room and hugs her. Nirmala looks shocked and looks at ramnath while he angrily looks at nirmala. Shravan gets shocked and recalls their previous meet. Sumo breaks the hug and sees aditya standing in front of her. Everyone gets shocked. Shravan angrily moves towards him when aditya stops him saying “easy bro, sagai hai tumhari, relax karo”. Shravan looks at sumo, when aditi notices him. She gets mesmerized seeing shravan and says “ohh sumo, you are marrying this guy? He doesn’t know how to drive and talk”sumo says have you both met already? Shravan says unfortunately yes. He then says to her lets go back inside, its our engagement.

He eyes aditya and leaves while holding sumo’s hand. There inside ramnath says to nirmala “i won’t let my child’s life get spoiled now”she gets tensed. Then 4 of them enter. Nirmala hugs aditi and aditya and introduces aditi to the family members. Mamiji says “sumo, jaldi se shravan ko ring pehna de, muhurat nikla jar a hai” she nods and finally makes shravan wear the ring.
Aditi eyes shravan while aditya eyes sumo during the whole time. Shravan smiles seeing sumo and they both take aashirvaad from everyone. Pushkar teases shravan saying “bhaiya ab toh puri life aapko apna closet sumo ke saath share karna padega” shravan says he is already sharing so many things with sumo, he is ready. Sumo asks kya share karre ho tum mere saath? He lovingly says his heart….his mind…..his life….his everything. Preeti says awwwww so romantic. Mausaji coughs and says chalo chalo ab sab mata rani ka aashirvaad lete hain. Shravan and sumo come forward. Aditi stands next to shravan and aditya stands next to sumo. they both eye matarani and then shravan and sumo respectively.

Later in the evening, shravan talks to nirmala saying that he doesn’t want aditya near sumo, thus she should ask him to leave today itself. She says “shravan voh tera bhai hai, ek galti ki h usne….maaf karde use”. Ramnath comes and says, shravan bilkul sahi keh ra hai, aditya yaha nahi reh sakta, aur v oh shravan ka kuchh ni lagta. Nirmala tries to say something when shravan asks her to chose among them and leaves hastily. Ramnath too leaves behind him.
At tiwari house, aditi is talking to sumo. she asks her why is she marrying shravan?. Sumo says because he is her life, she loves him.

Aditi gets up and dreamily says that she agrees shravan is quite hot and handsome, but is he sure about love? Sumo says absolutely and she should be happy for them. Aditi tries to smile and says that she is happy for them. Someone knocks at her door. Sumo opens it and gets shocked seeing aditya. He says don’t worry he is here to pick aditi up. She says okay. Aditi leaves saying bye while aditya eyes her. He too leaves then. Whle getting in the car aditya says to aditi that nirmala has asked them to leave tomorrow and go back to Mumbai. She says her best friend is getting married, she wont leave before it. Aditya says that nirmala has requested them too. Aditi looks outside and says She wants to stay here for sometime, she needs to get someone at any cost. Aditya looks at her and says that even he wants someone. They both nod and smile evilly.

Scene splits to sometime before in Mumbai where aditya is crying in front of aditi saying he loves sumo and wants her at any cost. He then gives aditi his phone with shravan’s pic and says sumo can’t marry him. I have to finish him off so that sumo marries me. Aditi says that wont be necessary because she will snatch shravan from sumo. They both smile at each other.
Back to present. Sumo calls shravan and asks him to meet her. Shravan says what happened? She says just meet me. Both say john uncle at once! And smile. Shravan says he is picking her up. Sumo says its okay she’ll reach. He says papa is a little worried since aditya came so he doesn’t want to cause her any problem. She says but there won’t be any problem. He says please………please sumo. She says fine pick me up.

She changes her night suit and gets ready. She at first thinks of informing preeti but then she sees her sleeping so she goes without telling her. Someone knocks in the style of shravan, she smilingly goes and opens the door when she sees aditya there instead of shravan. He says hi and kidnaps her. She struggles throughout, but he forcefully takes her in the car. He starts driving and there car crosses shravan’s car who was coming to pick her up. She sees him and cries.

Precap: Shravan shouts sumo! nanu calls him and asks him to bring back sumo at any cost. He then gets call from pushkar saying that he has seen aditya taking sumo in a temple. Shravan gets angry and calls ramnath and nirmala. He tells them this time he won’t leave aditya and rushes out. Ramnath yells at nirmala saying because of her step children shravan and sumo are suffering. Nirmala cries.

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  1. Fenil

    So good chapter.
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  2. Fenil

    I read all 4 chappies in one go now only.
    Amazing writer u r dear.
    Please don’t stop writing.
    I know may be old friends gone and not visiting this page.

    Would love to friends with u dear ?

    1. Trips

      thank you so much fenil……..i wrote this episode nearly after an year. i was a little disappointed by myself…i could make time for this but now onwards i am gonna write regularly. thank you so much for appreciating the work. of course i would love to be friends with you all 🙂

  3. Hey..
    It’s fabulous and very nice episode.
    Keep continue.

    1. Trips

      thank you so much reema 🙂 🙂

  4. Prettypreeti

    superb dear..really a great piece of work..readall 4 chapters right now..awesome..keep ur work up

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