Ek Duje ke vaaste season 1 continued (epi 3)

Episode starts with suman going home tensed but reaches there to find nanu coughing. She rushes to him with a glass of water when everybody else too comes there. Nanu tells them that he is fine when sumo tells him that no he should rest, she will take care of her marriage when masi tells her that she is not alone….everyone is with her. Nanu tells sumo that he can work, afterall its her marriage preparations. But she denies saying that she will work and he will just give her blessings and will rest if he loves her. He laughs and agrees. Sumo makes him lie in his bed and comes down holding a list of items. She gives it to mausaji.

On the other hand malhotras inform tiwaris that shadi muhurat is after 10 days. So they will come tomorrow and will perform the ring ceremony there with tiwaris. Mamiji reluctantly agrees saying that how will they manage everything on such a short notice. Sumo says that she will handle the arrangements and decorations. Mamiji tells her about the dress , ring and shagun gifts. Sumo says that she has a ring for shravan. She recalls her childhood days with shravan.
She used to tell shravan how much she loved emeralds when he used to say that he wants a simple and plain love band.
She says to Mamiji that she is there to handle everything. Masi and Mamiji then start preparing for shagun items and guests and everything. Sumo gets a call from shravan asking her to meet him when she says that she can’t as she is very busy…..he says then okay he wont tell her something very important.
She says that you come here na, shravan says he wanted to take her shopping, when she says that she already has clothes for tomorrow. Shravan tells her that she is his already cum would be wife so he has that much right. “itna haq toh hai na mera tumpe?” she smiles hearing this and says “han hai haq tumhara mujhpe” he too smiles and says he has selected very special dress for his special sumo and will come and give it to her. She says okay she will be waiting.

In the mean time Nirmala is talking to Ramnath about her returning back to Mumbai for few days after shravan’s marriage since she has business there too and she can’t leave it like that. When Ramnath gets up and says that leave that business and start something here in delhi to stay near you family. She tries giving an explanation that she too wants to stay here in Delhi but she has a family in Mumbai too. Ramnath gets shocked and says what. When she says aditya and aditi, her children. He looks shocked and says what about shravan? She says that she will return to delhi but she has marry off them too, make them setteled too. They are her responsibility after mr. ahuja’s death. He is stunned and says that previously he made a mistake of sending her away from her family but now she is doing it on her own. He says in a threatening tone that due to her decisions, shravan should not suffer. He leaves and Nirmala gets disappointed, when she gets a call from an unknown number and she receives it. She then gets surprised realizing that its aditi ahuja. She starts her usual motherly talks when aditi tells her that she is coming to Delhi with aditya. Nirmala gets stunned and asks her to postpone her plan of Delhi for atleast 10 days, when she stubbornly tells her that she is already in Delhi now and is coming to meet her. She cuts the call and Nirmala gets tensed and gets thinking as to how will she handle the situation when aditi and aditya will meet shravan (recalling shravans last meet with adi and their fight and everything).
Shravan reaches tiwari qila and greets Mamiji when sumo comes holding some papers and collides with a pillar. She gets hurt on forehead and shravan rushes to her. He holds her and starts caring for her ad shouts that how can she be so careless. They start their cute fights and shravan gets a call from pushkar. He hurriedly gives her the dress he selected for her. He asks for a kiss from sumo and she starts blushing. Shravan says on cheek this time and says that next time somewhere else. Sumo starts to deny….so he kisses her on cheek, and goes. Sumo says “pagal ladka…..mujhe kisi din marwayega”. She leaves taking the clothes with her.

She is about to see the clothes when masi calls her and asks her about the food arrangements. She comes out with some bills and food menu list when she collides with someone and everything from her hands falls. she starts collecting and gets up saying that walk properly when she finds aditya looking at her evilly. He says hi suman tiwari!. She gets shocked. He says surprised to see me? She is stunned and says you? How dare you come here after so much? He says easy lady, he Is not here to molest her…..he is here cos he was missing his mom. And he has a surprise for her. She says that take that stupid surprise of him and get lost from here, when he brings a photo of sumo and aditi infront of her and says that he has come here with his sister and her school friend aditi. She recalls calling aditi personally for her wedding saying that after shravan it was her who she shared a great bonding with. She is stunned hearing that aditi is aditya’s sister. He leaves saying that he told her……he is coming, and here he is. He leaves. Mamaji and Mamiji have heard everything and they are clueless about everything. Sumo hastily goes to her room and gets thinking when she gets shravan call. Shravan asks her about the dress when she cuts him off saying that she couldn’t see it. He says that he knew and ignores it and asks her how was her day instead. He also asks he who all she met today apart from him? She gets tensed thinking what to reply.

RECAP: shravan is going somewhere in the car when he almost collides with another car. A girl is shown coming down from the car and shravan looks at her. girl sees shravan and comments that Delhi people don’t know how to drive. Shravan looks irritated and he tells her to get her car aside, he is in hurry. She looks at him interestingly.

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