Ek Duje ke vaaste season 1 continued (epi 2)


The episode starts with suman talking to her mom’s picture. Suman very happily tells her mom that today her both the wishes got completed…….one to get PCT on the top of the delhi and the other to get shravan forever. She happily tells her mom that she is very proud to b e her daughter and will always try her best to make her proud to …….

Mamiji hears her talking and comes in her room. She hugs her and tells her that she has always considered her daughter and she will marry her off very happily. She asks her to have breakfast, but sumo tells her that she has got one of the most big orders of now in PCT so she will leave and have something there itself. She goes to her car when shravan comes there with pushkar and preeti. Sumo hugs preeti and pushkar both and asks them how come they are here. They both tells her happily that they have a news to tell. She asks what…….shravan from behind tells her that not here….but with everyone else inside. Pushkar and preeti hurriedly rush inside leaving shravan and suman alone outside. They both smile and shravan tells her that he loves her…….sumo cries happily and shravan hugs her and asks her not to cry in front of him as he doesn’t like it. She smacks him and tells him its happy tears, he says whatever and drags her inside.
Inside pushkar and preeti tell everyone that they will be welcoming their baby soon. They are going to become parents soon. Everyone gets delighted. They smile happily and congratulates hem both. Mamiji hugs preeti cheerfully and tells her that she has given her so much happiness today t hat she cannot even describe. Nanaji tells everyone that he will become great grandfather. Sumo hugs preeti and tells her she will be masi soon. But pushkar tells her that masi or taiji? She blushes while looking at shravan.

Shravan says badi mummy while holding her hand. Everyone laughs and gives them blessings and then give preeti advises on her upcoming pregnancy and start ordering pushkar about the phases of pregnancy etc. shravan and sumo while holding hand leave. Sumo expresses her happiness and tells shravan that becoming mum is the greatest pleasure, and shravan tells her that they both will experience it soon as well. Sumo tells him that now she has to leave as she has work in PCT. Shravan tells her take care and bye. They hug and sumo leaves smilingly.

On the other hand wedding preparations are going on in Malhotra house. Nirmala is shown ordering house servants about sweets, decorations and everything. Ramnath comes while talking to a client and sees her and asks her that does she need his help? She replies yes obviously since she doesn’t know her son yet properly. Ramnath tells her that soon she will get to know everyone. They both smile and Nirmala tells him that she will get tea for him and asks him to get freshen up. He smiles and nods. Nirmala prays that her family lives peacefully and happily now.
In PCT sumo gets a call from an unknown number and she picks it up. A stranger is seen calling her and cuts her call when she repeatedly says hello hello. Prita asks her what happened, so she tells her about it. Prita asks her to forget it and tells her to concentrate on her wedding and shravan now. Sumo smiles and then shoves it off saying right now she needs to concentrate on her sabji else it will get burned. Sumo packs the tiffins and goes to meet shravan giving the excuse of delivering the tiffins to Ramnath and pushkar. Prita nods and smiles and tells her that now she has a perfect excuse to go there. Sumo blushes and goes.

There in ramnath’s firm she gives the Tiffin to pushkar and Ramnath together in the meeting room and hurriedly starts leaving for shravan’s cabin when Ramnath tells her that he is not here but meeting his friend in some café. She asks whom so pushkar tells her shreya, his batch mate and friend from London. Sumo says okay and leaves in her car a little sadly. She calls shravan and shravan tells her that he will call her later since he is busy. She says”tumhare favourite karele layi thi par ab tumko nahi milenge” he says that give him 10 mins he is coming. Sumo laughs and says shravan…….you cannot resist me or my cooking. She gets another blank call. She says hello numerous times and cuts the call irritated.

Shravan reaches there in no time and takes her hand rushes off to his cabin. He makes her sit and tells her to give Tiffin quickly as he is hungry. She smiles and gives him. He starts eating when she gets another blank call. This time she gets pissed off and starts badmouthing the caller. He speaks and tells her that he is coming.
She gets shocked reminding these words. The call gets cut and she is in shock. Shravan hold her h and asks her what happened. She looks at him blankly and tells him that nothing and leaves saying she has work. Shravan gets thinking and tensed. He calls someone and tells that he is in his cabin and will come there in a min. he leaves while the unknown caller is shown in a black mask in a stranded place.
He smiles wickedly and shouts that he is coming sumo……he is finally coming to her.

PRECAP: sumo is shown talking to someone on phone while managing few decorations at her home when she collides with someone. She starts her usual brab when she looks up and gets shocked. Later shravan calls her at night and asks her what all she did and who all did she meet today. She gets tensed and speechless.

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