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Recap:suman’s blind date with lakshay………….shravan jealous ..
Lakshay left the dinner in the middle due to an emergency call from the hospital…

After dinner,Radhika and karan leaves ..
And puskar also leaves (bcz of an important work ….shravan reminded him that work….)
(smart move shravu , lol)
shravu:should I drop you home?
Sumo(attitude):no,I can go home by myself….
Shravu( in equal tashan):kitna bhao khaati ho! I am asking you to drop you home!and you are giving me attitude..
Sumo:really ,tujhe pakka multiple personality disorder hai…
Sumo:ya,you are so unpredictable….kabhi rude.. toh kabhi polite…I can never understand you! ..
Sumo starts to leave and shravan holds her hand..
Shravu:so,you tried to understand me..
Sumo:yaar tum kitni complicated baat karte ho…….
Sumo:hass kya rahe ho…baat ek dum simple hai..when you returned from london ,I thought that you must be angry from me for my past deeds..but you were so good..we became friends… I thought you forgot everything…..then I decided to apologize ,as I thought you will understand me…but you started ignoring me and being rude with me……..after the party, we decided to behave like strangers…I was behaving so normal……but you were like sometimes polite,sometimes rude or sometimes poking me……..i am confused man !what do you want ?
Shravu :I want you..means I want you as a friend………
Sumo:we became friends then also na……….and there was no fight between us….so why you started behaving so different?
Shravu:actually mai tumse gussa tha..
Sumo:kis vajah se?
Shravu:past ke vajah se…I thought you are a selfish girl..but now I realized that I was wrong..
Shravu comes and holds her hand…
Shravu:I don’t want to loose a friend like you..
Sumo makes him leave her hand…..
Sumo(anger):if you were angry on me ,then why did you act as a friend infront of me….?
You wanted to take revenge……..
Sumo starts to leave…
Shravan: sumo, plz listen to me once..
Sumo stops..
Shravan: actually I misunderstood you as a client’s daughter kiran…she was also coming

That day…remember, I didn’t let you introduce yourself….
I thought you are kiran….sorry..i am really sorry..
And then on the event day,I got to know you are suman from mom…so from there on I decided to not meet you…but now I realized my mistake…. And trust me, I didnt want to take any revenge…
Sumo :ok, fine…I also did some mistakes in past and you also did…
Shravu: so, will you be my friend?(he forwards his hand)
Sumo:on one condition…
Shravu : oook
Sumo:whenever you are angry on me ,you have to tell me the reason of it….(sumo smiles)
Shravu smiles :ok
Sumo shakes hand with him…
Shravu:as we are friends ,can I drop you now..
Shravan:vaise radhika kya keh rahi thi about date.
Sumo:ohh!she was talking about double date…
Shravan:double date!matlab?doosri kaunsi date thi………….
Sumo:meri aur lakshay ki…
Shravan:what! You are dating lakshay.
Sumo:no,it was just a dinner..voh toh for fun she planned a blind date ..i didn’t even know Lakshay
iS my date….
Shravan:ohh ,matlab you are single….
Sumo:ya..ab chalo you have to drop me right…..
Shravu smiles………….

Precap-shraman ka paani waala romance………………..

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Credit to: lily

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  1. WeirdSister

    Nice epi…lily..!

  2. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Very nice ep dear lily ? … nd thank God k dono me frndship ho gyi … r misunderstanding wala syapa to khatam huaa … BTW plzzzz try to update next part ASAP ??

  3. Prettypreeti

    Wow lily so nice and interesting tareke se misunderstanding door ki love it and precap is really very lovely

    1. Thanx preeti

  4. Marie

    Awesome ep lily waiting fr nxt prt desptetlyyyyyy 🙂

  5. Prettypreeti

    Wow lily so nice and interesting tarike se misunderstanding door ki love it and precap is really very lovely

  6. Wowwwwwwlily ♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♥♥♥♥♥ damn excited for da next epi plsss post soooonnn and a request to all the ff writers pls post everyday or atleast alternate days I know its not possible for all but u know wat I feel very bad wen I dont read an ff a day I feel very baddd□□□
    Actually I myself wanna write ffictions but I cant coz of sm personal probs but yet I luv to read♡♡♡
    Anywzz da above part wz fabulous♥♥♥♥♥★★★★★★

  7. Thodi si..short lagi..par cute hai..story..actually..kuch ffs itni lambhi..hai na..shayadh isiliye a is a lava hoga mujhey..
    But..its..nice..I lkd it lilly..
    And precap so..interesting☺☺☺

    1. Thanx sona..

  8. Nice and cute epi Lily….. excited for the rain romance…..?

  9. amazing… amazing…amazing???
    aapki story k sbhi parts hi superb h..nd I’m eagerly waiting for the sharman ka paani wala romance ???☔ n sorry for d late comment

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  10. Too good lily dear. Keep writing and post the next part soon please.

  11. Khushi

    Woah woah…awesome episode loved it dear…and so sorry for the late comment
    P.S this is from sumo di also

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