ek duje ke vaaste reloaded( part 6 )

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hey guyz,thank you all for your comments…i hope you all will like this part also.
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recap:shraman dance….and their nok jhok………….
the epi begins,
at malhotra mansion,
only niramala and shravan are there….

nirmala is sitting and seeing pics of shravan’s childhood in her room….

sumo:hello aunty

nirmala(smiles):oh ,suman

sumo:yes aunty,aap kaisi hai?

nirmala:mai achi hoon,tum yaha, koi kaam?

sumo(smiles):koi kaam hoga tabhi aaungi kya,aise nahi mil sakti kya!

nirmala:arrey nahi beta tum kabhi bhi aa sakti ho…

sumo:ok aunty!actually i came for giving your watch…you left this at that event…
nirmala:thank you for giving me this….

n:aao ,mere saath baitho thodi der…


n:see. these are pics of shravan’s childhood…

sumo sees it and smiles remenising old days…

shravan enters the room…he smiles looking at sumo..

n:sumo,see this pic is so funny (a bathroom pic of little shravan)

sumo and nirmala laughs…….

shravan notices that they are seeing his pic…

shravu(screams):mom,how can you do this …..how can you show my pics…..

shravu tries to snatch photo album…but sumo manages and runs taking that album….

sumo is continously laughing ..

shravu:sumo no!give that album…

sumo:no mr khadoos,i will not give this to you….

shravu:see sumo give that album to me…

sumo shows that album and dances(like a child does):main toh nahi dungi…..

shravu smiles looking at her..again he say:sumo ,give that to me!

nirmala:tum dono aise hi ladte raho mai toh jaa rahi hoon market…
byee sumo beta and all the best!
shravu:maa aap bhi…

nirmala laughs and leaves …
(only shravu and sumo are there)

shravu:see sumo,i am giving you last warning..nahi toh!

sumo:nahi toh kya!

shravu:nahi toh!dekhlena…

sumo takes out all the funny pics and throws the album….

sumo:lo de diya..


sumo runs upstairs in shravu’s room …

sumo(screams):ab toh yeh pics fb pe upload karungi..

shravu runs in his room ..

shravu :sumo dede!

sumo:nahi dungi …

shravu locks his room from inside …

sumo(nervous):tum yeh kya kar rahe ho!

shravu doesn’t say anything and starts coming close to sumo..

sumo:dekho,tum mujhe aise dara nahi sakte..

she keeps those pics behind her..

shravu doesn’t react and comes closer and closer to her….

shravu pins her to the wall..sumo is nervous …

shravu acts to kiss her on lips but finally kises her on cheeks..sumo is shocked..in the mean time
he takes the photos……and runs…

shravu(laughs):dekha mujse panga nahi lena chahiye…

sumo:you cheated!you kis…..

shravu:this is not a competition dear…………

sumo runs towards him and falls down..

shravu cares for her and ask:kya hua?bahot zor se lagi hai..

sumo takes the pics and laughs….

sumo:hey ,mai bhi kuch kam nahi..

shravu :sumo!you liar!

sumo:as you said this is not a competition my dear shravan..

shravu runs and catches sumo..in order to free herself ,sumo slips ..shravu also looses balance.
both fall on bed…

sumo is on top of shravu..both have an eyelock…sumo gets up and feels uncomfortable…
to make the moment light

..shravu snatches pic….ans says dekha!finally mai hi jeeta…
sumo smiles and leaves..

shravu smiles recalling their kiss and the bed scene…

shravu:yeh tumhe kya ho gaya hai….i think i should focus on my work…

Precap-their meeting at family get together…..

sorry for any errors..
thanks for reading this…

Credit to: lily


  1. Nazia

    I just now read all ur epi…s. And really lily, I loved it.. Ur thoughts were amazing! Specially the bed and kiss scene! I will try to continue reading ur ff whenever I get time…

  2. sona

    Unexpected part..enjoyed it..keep writing like thus..post the next one soon☺☺☺

  3. ankita

    amazing episode… amazing story…i loved it…u described vry well…hamesha aise hi likhti rhna or agla part jaldi se upload krna because i can’t wait….thank u lily… 🙂

  4. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    Woah lily…and thank for the links yr they were really helpful I read all the parts I missed u are amazing yr…no words the episode was bang on…..really mast…waiting for the next one….
    And the kiss????
    Yeh serial mein kab hoga….

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