ek duje ke vaaste reloaded( part 3)


hey guyz,i am lily thank you all for your comments….i am very happy..i hope you all will like this part also.
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recap:shraman coffee date …They meet at an orphanage event..

sumo is surprised to see shravu.

shravu:tum yaha kaise?

sumo;voh actually iss event pe mai yahan ke catering service ki incharge hoo..

shravu:ohh!you are doing a great job for these children…


shravu:kuch socha!


shravu:arrey about our marriage!…our conversation was incomplete there…

sumo:really!you still remember it….(laughs)

shravu(in mind):i remember each and every thing about you…i don’t know why?

shravu:of course..you only said ,you will think about it..(naughty smile)

sumo:shaadi aur tujse?(laughs)

shravu(angry):what!whats wrong in me?

sumo (laughs):nothing,par iss baat ko sochte hi mujhe hassi aatti hai…sumo still laughs..

sumo:on a serious note.i am totally confused what i want from my life..

sometimes i want to marry a person who loves me ,after watching anything romantic.sometimes i dont want to marry …

and sometimes i think i have to do arrange marriage only as there is no love in my life ……
so the conclusion is i dont know what to do!

shravu is lost in her …..
sumo:hey chalo i am going ..bye..
sumo leaves and shravu follows her into a room..

shravu:yaar i want to ask someting…
sumo:yaar later on ..i am busy.

shravu:i want to ask it right now!
sumo:no yaar..
shravu pulls her and pins her to the wall..

shravu:what do you think about me?


shravu:matlab,tum mere baare mein kya sochti ho.tell me ..

sumo:i consider you as a good frnd…i like you ..you are a nice person……………
shravu leaves after saying bye..and sumo is confused…

shravu(in mind):bahot jaldi hi mai yeh like love mein change kardunga…

at malhotra mansion,
nirmala:aaj ka khaana kitna tasty tha!

shravu (smiles) and remembers sumo…

shravu:haan maa

nirmala: really,suman is a great cook..

nirmala:haan suman .she was the incharge of catering service …tumhe pata nahi tha?
maine tumhe usse baat karte hue dekha tha..

shravan is shocked and not able to react..
he realises that the girl he loves is none other than sumo….

shravu’s conversation with himself..

shravu:sumo,how can i love that selfish girl.

shravu:no,but she has changed…she knew i am shravan..still she behaved well with me and also helped me….

shravu:no,she was behaving well with me just bcz i am smart now and successful lawyer..and it’s good for her
so called image….
shravu:yes ,you are right….i will not let her play with my emotions..i will not meet her….

(my take:
shravu has decided not to give importance to sumo..on the other side sumo is very happy to get his friend back..
let’s see what happens now…)
precap :shravan’s visit to tiwari house…..

sorry for the error..
thank you for reading this………….
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Credit to: lily

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  1. Khushi

    Awesome I loved it to the core…plz post the next part soon yr….can’t wait for it…superb job keep it up dear??

    1. Thanx Khushi…

  2. LovelyLady

    vry nyc story……
    eagerly waitng fr d nxt one…..

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  3. superb epi waiting to read whay will happen next post soon

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  4. Sharmansangel

    Awesome episode loved it waiting for what will happen next

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  5. Fabulous ep yr .. ??

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    It was amazingly awwwwesome ep ????

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  7. Nikita

    shit..!! ye kya hua?? oh no! post soon…

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  8. Evrythng..went well till nw..hope..so..even in next episodes..they may b like this..☺☺??
    Post the next ff ASAP..☺☺

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  9. Sumo

    I see.. u explain it so well .. really it was amazing??

    1. Thanx yaar…

  10. Shalini Naicker

    I am just like Suman I really don’t know what I want with my life. Once I decided that I will never marry but when I see a romantic movie I think that I should marry. But if I ever marry I will choose my groom on my own.Hey you might be thinking that I will be a big girl but no I am just 15 years old. Anyways coming towards your ff I really loved it Lily. Keep it up. I loved it.

    1. Shalini, I just wrote my thoughts….. So we are alike….

    2. Thanx shalini….

      1. Shalini Naicker

        Yes we are alike.

  11. RANdomfANCreationz

    Nice lily I loved it

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  12. Fab ep!! 🙂 🙂

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  13. I’m waiting badly fr next episode,plz plz plz plzzzzzzzzzz jaldi post karona.

    1. Thanx Sanjyoti.. I will post soon………

  14. superb lily…………..I totally loved it……..pls post next asap………

    1. thanx roshni

  15. Superrbbbbbbbb episodee …♥♥♥
    Plss bring shraman 2gether
    Lovveddd it♥♥♥♥

    1. Thanx yaar… I will bring them soon….. As they are ek duje ke vaaste

  16. WeirdSister

    Awesome lily…post soon…<3

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  18. Nice story…. Keep writing …. ?

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