ek duje ke vaaste reloaded (part 2)

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Recap:shraman first meet at his office.shravan misunderstands sumo as client’s daughter Kiran.shravu’s new feeling for
Kiran.sumo decides not to talk about past.
the epi begins,
at coffee house,

shravu:coffee is nice.
sumo:it is best!i always come here with my bestie..
shravu:ohh!aur batao apne baare mein..tum kya karti ho ?
sumo takes a sip of coffee.then
sumo:meri toh life bahot simple hai..mera ek chota sa tiffin sevice business hai ….uss hi mein busy rehti hoon….
shravu is lost in her talks.he is enjoying her company..
shravu:and socializing?
sumo:amm meri bestie ke saath hii mai jyaada time spend karti hoon.aur yehi baat socializing ki voh toh karne ki

jaroorat hi nahi hai meri bestie ke har bf se milte milte meri socializing khud hi ho jaati hai..sumo (laughs)
on a serious note,i don’t have much frnds.
shravu(politely):will you be my friend?
sumo(happy):ya ,ofcourse.i am very happy to get you as a friend..
shravu(happy):as now you are my friend.can i ask you a personal question?
sumo:ya,ye bhi koi puchne ki baat hai..
shravu:do you have a bf?
sumo gives him an angry look .
shravu(nervous):oh. im sorry..
sumo starts laughing and pats his shoulder ..shravu feels her touch..
sumo:yaar,abhi tumhaara expression dekhne waala tha…… (laughs).
shravan is totally lost in her…..
sumo:not at all.mera koi bf nahi hai aur nahi tha…….i am single and ready to mingle..(laughs)
shravu(smiles): yeah! all the best then…….
sumo(naughty smile):aur batao tumhari koi gf hai?
shravu:nahi hai…par soch raha tha ki gf bana loon..
sumo:oh,toh tumhe bhi all the best…..
shravu:yaar i was kidding…
sumo:ok baba,now tell me your thoughts about marriage ?
shravu:shadi aur mai!kabhi nahi..

sumo:really!tumhe shaadi nahi karni….mujhe bhi nahi karni hai.. i want to live being independent
.parr. you know na this can’t happen!mai India mein rehti hoon..toh shaadi karni toh padegi…
shravu:acha tumhe bhi shaadi nahi karni aur mujhe bhi nahi..kyuki hum dono ko hi independent rehna hai so
hum dono hi shaadi kar lete hai!( he speaks this in haste)
sumo starts laughing:you are very funny.
shravu also laughs on his thought..
shravu(in mind):yeh maine kya boldiya.mai bhi pagal hoon…
sumo:vaise idea acha hai…sochungi iske baare mein..
sumo laughs….shravu is lost in her..
then sumo ‘s phone rings ……….

sumo:lo tumhaare mechanic aa gaya…chalo ab !(shravu is lost)kya abhi se shaadi ka plan kar rahe ho!
shravu and sumo laughs….
sumo:bye mai jaati hoon…
sumo slips and shravu holds her…both have an eyelock
sumo:byee and thanx
shravu:byee…see you soon…both smile..

next day
nirmala calls sumo…
nirmala:beta ,
tumhe yaad hai na ,kal ka event..
sumo:yes aunty,ache se yaad hai .i have done all the preparations…
nirmala:ok beta..

(nirmala and sumo are talking about the orphanage event where sumo is incharge of catering service.)
shravu in his room .
shravu:mai bilkul pagal hoon.mujhe kiran se uska phone number le lena chahiye tha.

( my take
shravu has fallen for sumo.)
next day
shravu :maa ,are you going somewhere?
nirmala:yes,beta .will you come with me?i am going to orphanage.you will feel good there.
shravu:ok,i will come with you…….

at the event

shravu sees a girl playing with kids..after observing her closely ..he finds that she is none other than
our sumo or his kiran…..he is happy..
shravu (in mind)-i think it is our fate that we always meet without any planning….we are destined to meet each other..

precap-shravan realises that kiran is suman………

sorry for any errors….
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  1. Awwwwesome ep ??? …. nice story ???? … superb ?

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  6. Awesome..lilly..I wana see shravu reaction when he find Kiran is suman..☺☺☺
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    U r writing very well..keep it gng on..

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  7. Khushi

    Awesome lily……I loved it….can’t wait to c what will happen when shravu will come to know that kiran is sumo…..??
    Post the next part soon dear??

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  8. Shalini Naicker

    Want to see Shravan’s reaction when he will find out that she is Sumo.

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    Awesome episode eagerly waiting for shravan ‘s reaction when he will come to know that she is sumo not kiran

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    wat will happen .. cute shravan turns into angry young man.. !! noooooo.. but lily it was awesome I loved it..??

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  11. it was really nyc lily…….. Excited to know that what will happen when sharvan will know abt truth…..post soon 🙂

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