ek duje ke vaaste reloaded (part 1)

hey guyz,thank you all for your comments….i am very happy..i hope you all will like this part also.
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recap:sumo nd shravu’s past,shravan arrival ater 10 years..
the epi begins
Ramnath calls at Tiwari place.
preeti picks the call.

Ramnath:hello,tiwariji hai ghar pe?
preeti:no uncle,he is not there actually we all are going to a wedding for a week….
he ends the call and thinks Tiwariji and fAMILY will not be able to come for party..(Ramnath doesn’t know that
sumo is not going with them.)
At party
Shravu is all ready to face sumo..He is waiting for that moment….
after waiting for some time .
Shravu:papa ,nanaji kaha hai?
Ram:ohh i forgot to tell u.he and his family has gone to some wedding for a week..
Shravu leaves from the party after listening this…
(shravu ki chopsy ho gayi lol….)
next morning
sumo at malhotra mansion.
(sumo doesn’t know about shrav’s presence.)
r:arrey beta tum yaha?
s:uncle,voh file deni thi.nanu..
r:ohh ok..i am sorry beta..i didn’t know that you are still in delhi….otherwise i would have invited
you for the party..
s is confused
s:uncle ..
ram tells about shravu’s arrival.sumo is stunned..
ram:shravu is upstairs.go meet him.
s:uncle i will meet him next time.i have to go for an urgent work.
r:ok,beta can you give this file to pushkar in the office as he is working on this case.
s:ok uncle.
she greets him and leaves.
(sumo denied to meet shravu bcz she was not ready to meet him..)

in evening
sumo decides to meet shravu and apologize to him……..
sumo gets ready in a baby pink patyala suit..(looking beautiful and smart)
first she goes to meet pushkar
p:ohh sumo wrestler.
s:chal chal paka mat.yeh file le uncle ne boli thi dene ko..acha tere bade bhaiya kaha hai…
p:ohh badi bechaan ho rahi hai bhaiya se milne ke liye….
s:aisi koi baat nahi hai .tu apna dimmag mat laga ..itne dino baad aaya hai toh milna toh padega…
p:ok fine,he is in the next cabin.

next scene
ramnath tells shravu that may be his client’s daughter kiran will come to meet …..
sumo knocks the door
shravu:come in
sumo:hii i am…..
shravu(interupts):i know ..papa told me about you …
sumo(confused):oh shravan voh….
shravu(interupts):oh voh chodo ,i didn’t even ask you anything.would you like to have anything?
shravu:no you have come to meet me.so you have to take something.i think orange juice would be good..
shravu orders and sumo is delighted to see him and his hospitality.
sumo thinks that shravu has forgotten the past.and she should not bring the past .
As it can spoil the new budding relationship between them.
shravu and sumo are drinking juice .
sumo is smiling and reminising their past and frndship.
shravu smiles seeing sumo lost in herself..she is looking very cute…
sumo :ohh ,i am sorry …i was thinking about something..
shravu:no problem.acha tell me about your life.
at that moment shravu’s phone rings…
sumo:ohh i think i should leave..bye
at night
shravu thinks of sumo’s face…..
shravu:i am mad ..why am i thinking about kiran..she is not even my friend..
suddenly from the word friend, he thinks of sumo.
shravu:why am i thinking of that stupid girl….oh i will go mad ….. i should sleep only………..

next morning
Shravu’s car breaks down.Sumo finds him on the road.
sumo:hii shravan
shravu(surprised and happy):hii
sumo:kya hua?why are you standing in the middle of the road.
shravu:meri car kharab ho gayi………………
sumo:ohh …
shravu:pushkar ko call kar raha tha..But he is busy somewhere.aur mujhe toh yaha ka koi idea hi nahi hai…
sumo:no problem,mai hoona.sab jugaad kar sakti hoon..
sumo:matlab,mai mechanic ko call kar deti hoon..
sumo calls mechanic..
sumo:he will reach here in 1 hour
shravu:ohh.so can we drink coffee till then?
sumo(smiles):ok,fine …
(my take
sumo is very happy to see shravu’s behaviour towards her..she is thinking that she can get his friend back.
On the other side,Shravu is developing feeling towards Kiran,who is none other than sumo.
Let’s see what happens..)

Precap-their chit chat at coffee date and their third meet at an event…….

sorry for any errors..
thanks for reading this…

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  1. WeirdSister

    Its good…different..want to c shravan:’s reaction when he gets to know that kiran is none other than sumo….!!

    1. Thanks yaar ..love you

    2. Thanks…so sweet of you….
      I replied you earlier..but that comment has not been posted….

    3. Shalini Naicker

      Yes I am super excited for that episode when Shravan will got o know that she is not kiran she is Sumo.

      1. Thanks shalini…..

  2. hi lily is that the same who comment on edkv tu page??????just read this part……awesome superb……

    1. Yes roshini…I am that lily from ekdv page….I am glad that you liked it….

  3. Nikita

    I am not able to understand about kiran.. Can you please tell me?? Shravan has not met kiran.. So how can he develop feeling for her?? As he does not know that kiran is sumo..

    1. Hey Nikita ,he is developing feeling for sumo……..but for him she is Kiran…just to write in his perspective I wrote Kiran…. shravan will only love suman……
      As they are ek Duje ke vaaste….made for each other..????

    2. Thanks for commenting…..

  4. Angel_pari

    heyyyyy u built the story so well i,m really excited when sharvan will come to know that she is sumo keep gng lyk this all the best

    1. Thank you so look much angel for your sweet words….

  5. Sumo

    it was awesome lily.. I wish he never gets to kno dat she is sumo!!!

    1. Ohh !really you don’t want him to know she is sumo….lol…
      Thanks for commenting….and your ff is going fab ..I must say..and I am.very much excited for the romantic day out…..


  6. It was wonderful dear!! Bechaare ko jb pata chale ga ke kiran hi Sumo hai!!
    Hahhahaha tab hogi asal chopsy 😀
    well i hope jab tak hamare hero ko us se pyaar ho jai…..
    Vryyy nice yr keep it up!!!
    N post nxt 1 soon egrly waiting fr it 🙂

    1. Thanks yaar Maria…so sweet of you


  7. LovelyLady

    nyc one yar..

    1. Thanks for commenting yaar……..

  8. Hey..lilly..its so..cool..in this way…he may forget his bitterness towards sumo..due to his confusion..
    Actually I didn’t expect this angle lilly..seriously..keep it on..???

    1. Thanks ?????

  9. awesome…. eagerly waiting for next epi

    1. thanx aarohi…………..

  10. ?? loved it ??

  11. so sweet of you.love you….

  12. Sharmansangel

    U r awesome lily it’s so hard to think but because of u people who think so hard for the story line and then type it it’s super I don’t know about other’s but I love ur ff from the depth of my heart n please others don’t mind haan

    1. Thanx yaar… Love you

      1. Sharmansangel

        I should write this

      2. Omg…. Yaar.. So sweet of you….

  13. nice episode…
    now what will happen when shravo get to know about her poor sumo here she thinking he forgot the past…waiting for next part

    1. Thanks ss

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