Ek duje ke vaaste (Luv never ends) Episode 3


Thank u guys 4 ur support. So presenting the 3rd Episode. But before that I want to say that I would keep the update small 2day 🙁 as my exams are gng on but I will try to update if possible I will regular updates from Saturday.

Here begins the episode:
Now Shravan tries to know whether she has read the letter or not. Pushkar comes and ask someone ‘s eye is searching someone. Shravan says nothing like that but Pushkar interrupts n says but I hvn’t taken ur name he says in a teasing voice and says actually I thought Nanu is searching for tea but I think someone else is also…
Just then sumo enters Nanu your tea Pushkar here take yours n tells him tell others who want to take can take them self. Shravan feels bad.
After sometime he talks to Pushkar n asks whether he knew why sumo is angry on him. To this Pushkar for pulling his leg says u don’t know that why suman is sleeping n sumo is wake up?? U say you r his bf. Shravan gets more confuse n makes a sad face n says don’t worry actually he is angry because in so many years u didn’t talk to her. To this Shravan geyd glad that she hasn’t read letter but gets sad that her sweet heart is angry. He decides to apologize her. Now Sumo is sad and is talking to Shravan’s childhood photo n says why u r not talking to me now. Now till u don’t say sorry I won’t forgive u. After dinner after compiling everything she heads to her just then a song plays kya hua tera vaada…. Woh kasam wo irrada ( what happened to your promise n to ur intention of not breaking it)
She is amused n looks back where Pushkar in girly attire (actually wearing a pallu on his head n acts like sumo) He gives his hand I. Shravan’s hand n says I will never be angry on u … Shravan ask promise … Pushkar says promise n now Pushkar wears the pallu on his shoulder n depicts present sumo who is super angry on Shravan . it is shown Shravan is holding ears n telling sorry to sumo but she ignores instantly Pushkarv acts like that. All the three laugh n sumo tells shavu it’s OK but nxt time if u don’t talk I will not forgive. Then they 3 share a grp Hugh. Now a parcel comes to 3 of them. Shravan recieves the parcel n says it’s ’bout reu ion party after 3 days the rest gets happy listening about it but sumo tells how we will leave Nanu alone? Just then nanu enters n says guys after 3 days I m gng for a 3 day satsangh yatra. All there’s face light up. Nanu ask if all 3 r happy as he is gng far from them just then Pushkar that we r Happy 4 u . b coz u r gng in frnds gang. Nanu gets satisfy by answer.

Shravan is talking to Pushkar that sumo is angry on him so what to do. Pushkar gives an idea 4 it. Now suman is talking to Shravan’s childhood photo n says I never thought u would do this to me. After dinner suman compiles everything n is about to live whena son is played kya hua tera vaada… (What happened to your promise) Pushkar n Shravan creates a scene like Pushkar is promising that he won’t be angry on him and Shravan ask promise he says yes(actually Pushkar is depicting sumos role) now it is shown he is angry on him n Shravan ask her sorry but she ignores which Pushkar copies but present in a funny way n all 3 brust out laughing. Just then sumo forgives shravu n tells nxt time no sorry nautanki(over actor). Just then comes on their name, Shravan recievs it n says it’s bout reunion after 3 days other 2 get Happy but then she says bu t Nanu we can’t live him alone . Just then Nanu enters n says guys I m gng 4 satsang after 3days.all get happy Nanu noticed n says u don’t like my company I guess u all r getting listeng I m gng out. Pushkar says we r happy bcoz gng with ur frnd s thus ans is satisfying 4 Nanu n he doesn’t do enquiry anymore.

Precap: Pushkar propose the idea is getting suman marry to Shravan . both Shraman blush on the idea.

Credit to: Bhabya

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  1. Nice Episode. Thanx 4 the update 😉

  2. Love the episode.i read two of the ff on ek duje ke vaaste.both are amazing.

    1. Thanx Dhara . Ur most welcome. I also read narendran bhaiya’s ff. He writes quite well then me.

  3. Very nice

    1. Thanx Aayushi 4 ur support.

  4. Both of you are amazing writter.i am very happy that you two are writting very very nice ff on ek duje ke vaaste.i will be waiting for next episode of both ff.

  5. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Superb yaar but in precap shravan alone blushes or suman also? Pls tell me and epi was good pls continue yours also both should make our show interesting on others page also

    1. Thanx narendran bhaiya. And here both Shravan and suman blush. So I collectively called them Shraman.

      1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

        Ohhh thnx yaar

  6. Hey Bhabya your ff is quite interesting

    1. Thanx 4 it encouragment.

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