Ek duje ke vaaste (Luv never ends) Episode 2


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The episode begins:
A super angry sumo asks Pushkar ” U keep quiet Shravan’s chamcha” . U know Shravan has not talked with me 4 last 10 yrs….He always talks to you both Nanu and u . Tell him as he has not talked with me so I won’t talk to him….
I haven’t seen his face yet & I won’t see….
Pushkar: Are ! Control the sumo inside u. Please don’t be so angry… Otherwise my day will go bad and he shows a sad face.
Suman controls her anger & says “tujhe kabhi mana kiya hai” and they laugh. Next day in plane Shravan seeing Suman’s present photo says I don’t know what u would have reacted after reading the letter.
In fb it is shown Shravan has kept a letter inside Suman’s books.
In present he talks to himself I don’t know whether I hv done it right or wrong. He is afraid that if he has lost his friendship with sumo .
Suman reaches her central tiffin device where all the ladies r chit chatting , Sumo angrily tells them to cook fast either she would fire them . All of them starts cooking fast. One women comes & says sumo di please taste this Apple curry. After listening Apple curry she thinks that it is Shravan’s fav and a smile comes on her face. She tastes it and says cook it lil more so that the flavour goes inside.
Nanu calls to Suman and says wherever she is she has to come fast as they hv to pickup Shravan from airport. Pushkar is with me.
Suman thinks if Nanu and Pushkar weren’t forcing her then she wouldn’t have gone.She leaves 4 home to pick up them and then heads to airport. After parking the car they goes inside airport. They were waiting since half an hour .
Pushkar: Sumo please go nd check please I’m here with Nanu.
Nanu says gud idea .
Sumo goes inside the airport. She was about to fall a blue jacket man’s back is shown who holds her. In BG the song plays … Tu hi toh jannat meri…tu hi mera sukoon…
Suman stands up and thanks the guy. The guy is none other than Shravan he is super upset as her sweetheart didn’t recognised her.Suman says thank u very much. Pushkar and Nanu comes in thinking why it is taking so much time. Pushkar says bhai , and Shravan turns towards him and wave his hand. Suman gets abgryvbut don’t say anything. Shravan
Touches nanu’s feet and says I missed u so much.Nanu says we too. Suman is… And suman interrupts in between and says Nanu I hv a urgent meeting u all can talk at home. Nanu says sure. Shravan takes a look at suman and passes a sweet smile which suman ignores. They all sit in the car . the arrangements are like this @ front sit Shraman sit and at back Nanu and Pushkar.

Precap : Shravan tries to talk to Suman but she ignores . Suman at room looking at Shravan’s childhood photo says I won’t talk to you .
Shravan gets relief after hearing the reason from Pushkar why her sweetheart is not talking to her. He gets to convince her a funny tune in BG..

Hope u all liked it 😉

Credit to: Bhabya

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    Please update soon

  2. superb !keep it up

  3. Hi Bhabya I really like your story But dont use hindi cause i dont know….

  4. OK! Yami I will try to translate those words 4 u and thanx guys as u all liked it a lot

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Me too yaar I don’t know Hindi?????

  5. Wow so cute pls update next story its so lovely….:*:*:*:*:*

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