Ek Duje Ke Vaaste: Love, Friendship, or Something More? Epi 9


Hey! I’m back with another boring epi. (to me it is -_-) Sorry if I didn’t replay to any comment on the previous epi, I was busy. K so it’s my 9th epi nd I’m very excited for the next one. For now, enjoy this one.

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Epi 9

Recap: Shravan comes to Tiwari house very early in the morning to meet Suman. Suman tries to avoid him though she hits the edge of the table and drops water on Shravan’s shirt. Shravan gets happy seeing her concerned but she reminds him she isn’t “his” Sumo.

She was standing still, facing her back to him. She knew her responds was unforeseen but it was the bitter truth. He owed nothing to her. Their friendship sank with his words yesterday. Though she started having a sort of affection towards him ever since he returned but she must overcome it
There was a cold silence. What she said didn’t keep much word on him. But she was right; he had no rights on her any longer. It was him, who stepped back from their friendship. Now, all he can do is trying fixing it up. It will be hard, but not as hard as it was to ignore her. Finally, he spoke breaking the peace
Shravan: Sumo shirt kaha rakhu?

Suman *still not facing him*: Table paar *Shravan follows*… Aab dusra shirt pahenlo
Shravan: Dusra shirt? Mai kya shirt ka dukan lekar baitha hu?
Suman: Don’t u having any extra shirt… Mai itni jaldi shirt kaise dry karungi?*tensed* Aur tum ghaar me shirtless to bilkul nahi rahoge, pata nahi ghaar wale kya sochenga. Tum na…*confused* mera scarf se khudko dhaklo. *makes a ball out of the scarf she was wearing nd throws it back at him*
Shravan: Daas saal hogaya lakin ajbhi tumhara dimag khali hai. No.1) Ladke shirtless hote hai toh koi bade baat nahi hai. No.2) Ghaar wale kya sochenge? They have a brain*keeps the scarf on the bed*

Suman : Ab kya karu….*smiles*
Suman walks to her closet and takes out a hair dryer.
Shravan: Seriously! U nd beauty!!!
She dries the shirt smiling at her smartness while she muttered, “well done Sumo is lambu ki mu toh ab band diya” * loud* Yeh lo tumhara shirt ab dry hai. Pahenlo. *holding the shirt on her hand*
She looks up at the mirror which was just in front of her with a smirk at her face as she was proud to defeat that lambu but soon the smirk was stolen by the 6”4 tall guy who was now walking towards her. His reflection…..on the mirror… The body…Those abs and biceps… The muscels… (k my words rn’t enough to describe Namik’s body…just imagine it)
Suman closed her eyes…what did she just saw? Was that real? Her heart beat increased. Slowly, she opened her eyes again. Yes!!! It’s real. The figure….it’s still being reflected on the mirror…everything same… but only he is now CLOSER!
Not even thinking for a while, she ran and faced the wall (not realising she was holding the shirt)
Suman: *loud* Shravan shirt pahenlo!!!!
Shravan: Sumo…

Suman: Pehle shirt pado aur niklo!
Shravan *his voice was now closer and more audible to Sumo*: Lakin Sumo…
Out of the blue some warm air sneaked into her thick hair. Then again the same thing…The warmth was rhythmic… After a moment a voice, very audible and close, yet unclear and husky spoke, “Sumo shirt toh dedo”

She turned around involuntarily and saw nothing but a tan chest just a meter away from hers. As she increased her level of vision, it was his face. Those eyes were looking at her from a top angle. She wanted to remove her eyes from his eyes, but those were poisonously affective. Her heart was beating fast. She gulped slowly as she felt warmth on her hands. Breaking the eye contact, she looked down and saw his long fingers over hers.
Shravan*soft*: Sumo shirt *Trying to take the shirt away from her hand*
Suman’s heart ran so quick out of its position as his voice crossed her ear drums. She dropped the shirt unconsciously and tried fleeing.
Suman: Mai PCT jaungi. I don’t care what u have to say. *tries to slide away*
At the drop of the hat Shravan pushed her shoulder against the wall making her groan in pain. She closed her eyes with her eyebrows deep curved as the wall hit her abdomen which was already hurt by the table before. While her eyes were still closed, a rough voice warned in a high tone
Shravan: Kahi nahi jaoge

Slowly she opened her eyes visualizing his bare torso. His face was half bent close to maintain the level. As she scanned around herself, it was him, and the wall. The sides were blocked his strong muscular hands. Now there is no escape. She was weak already. Her waist roared in pain. Wasn’t that enough that now he is blocking her? Still she made her eyes wide boldly, though insecure from heart, and defended herself.
Suman: Kis haq se rokrahi ho?
And she bemoaned on her words…..

Precap: it’s 10 epi so obv something special. A surprise!!!

Tada!!! Or whtever was u say the surprise thing. So I already surprised u with a stupid episode. I know u r disappointed with the epi nd it’s ending. Sorry coz the epi was all boring nd had almost nothing special. It was also small compared to other epis coz I had a very very busy week. Nd the ending is also a fall at pick point. I did write a bit more but thought it should b for 10th epi. So sry! Nd also avoid all spelling nd grammatical mistakes. I promise the next epi will be up to expectation. Pls consider me this time.

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  1. It was short..????
    Waiting for the surprise …???
    Nice one..thank you Ariana..☺

    1. Ariana

      K I have not progressed with the next epi yet so i don’t have any clue abt the surprise either. My body keeps on surprising me with laziness. Anyways I’ll try posting soon. Nd I’m glad u liked it

  2. Sumo

    it was not at all boring.. n u kno its not at all necessary that evry ep will have something special.. smoothness is also required.. I loved it..??

    1. Ariana

      thats soooooooo much. Atleast someone found it NOT boring. Woho!
      Love u

  3. Sharmansangel

    Awesome episode Ariana di loved it

    1. Ariana

      thanks dear. Love u

  4. Nandini aka Nandu

    Hey ariana! Well, u seriously dont know how much i have struggled to comment here! Phew…this site sucks,.!!! Well, yup the epidode was a bit short but post soon. And we are not all disappointed with u…atleast me!! Lors of love. Keep writing dear.

    1. Ariana

      Yah trying to write but too lazy nd tired of this week’s busy life. But I’ll write nd post soon. Next epi will b big for sure. Thanks for ur wishes. Love u

  5. Nikita

    Hi arian dii
    It was damn amazing..
    But you’re saying the truth,
    you dropped the episode at the pick point..
    Why ?? Ab post soon..
    Overall, The episode was totally SHRAMANTIC…. (Combo of ShraMan and Fantastic.. Cause shraman scenes filled with episode were fantastic)
    I love how you describe anything..
    I love you!
    Now post soon, lamba..plss
    Just can’t wait ..!!
    Lots of love,

    1. Ariana

      Awwwww… Thanks soooooooooo much. Ik i cursed myself after reading this epi here, but it was already posted so couldn’t make it longer. Next epi will b long….nd…Love u too.

  6. pretty preeti

    Aru first thing it was amazing
    Loved ur shraman chemistry
    It was awesomd
    Loved it
    Write little long
    My busy girl
    Love u

    1. Ariana

      Wow it sounds so loving nd family type when u call me “Aru” Love u too. And yep next epi will b longer.

  7. WeirdSister

    Words r less…to tell u how amazing it was…m eagerly waiting for d next epi…plz plz post soon…!

    1. Ariana

      thanks!!! Gonna post next epi really soon. nd that’ll b a big one

  8. Wow,……it was awesome…… you are really a wonderful writer……… I am eagerly waiting for your next update…..

    1. Ariana

      Me? A wonderful writer? U must b joking! My writing level is below 0. And thanks!!! The nxt part will b updated soon. Love

  9. Hy ariana todays epi was really amazing i loved it but the bad part is that k ap ne bilkul end moment pe stop kar diya plz aisa mat kiya karo ma bht restless ho jati ho ye soch k k agay kya hoga

    1. Ariana

      lol..ik ki maine pick point per end kiya. Won’t do it again. Hopefully not. And thanks for liking it.

  10. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Woahhhhh dear !! Fabbbbbbbbbb ep .. nd soo sorry for being late ..
    Lotzzzz of luv ..

    1. Ariana

      its okay dear. Love u too

  11. Nice
    Love from Pakistan 🙂

    1. Ariana

      Awww… how sweet. Lots of love for u too

  12. AslamuAlikum …
    Can I ask from where u belong? 🙂
    Well about Epi
    U r indeed a very good writer.:)
    Lovee from Pakistan

    1. Ariana

      WalaikumAsalam. I’m from Bangladesh nd thanks. I’m glad u love my writings

      1. Muslim??
        And Bangladesh to hamaraa apee country jaisaa hair <3

      2. Neeti

        api apni amakeo bolenni apne Bangladeshi bt apni kotha theke ami bogra te thaki

      3. Ariana

        Aww so sweet Muntaha. Yes I’m muslim. I loved the way u made me feel more like family. Love u

      4. Ariana

        Wait Neeti tumi (sry would u mind if I say u tumi?) bangali? Cool never knew. Ami Comilla theke.

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