Ek Duje Ke Vaaste: Love, Friendship, or Something More? Epi 8


Helllooooooo…. 1st a huge thank u!!!!! All of ur responds on my last epi was so unexpected. Thanks sooooooooooooo much! Love u all.
This epi might be quick shot coz I finished in an hr or two lately, after u all requested for posting asap. So I kept my promise nd here it goes……

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Recap: Shravan notifies Suman that there is nth between them. Pushkar makes Shravan feel guilty for his harsh words.

Epi 8

Malhotra house

Shravan was walking out of the house at a heroic speed when Ramnath stops him
Ramnath: Areh Shravan tum itne subha kaha ja rahiho? Woh bhi itne jaldbazi me?
Shravan: Kisise milne….dost hai….kuch baat adhuri rahgayi thi

Tiwari house

*Someone knocks the door*
Mamiji: Suman dekho toh kon ayahai…Shayad dood wala
Suman opened the door and faced the most unexpected guy. He was standing there, motionless, smiling at her… Forever, or yet so far, she died on that smile, but today, she wished her eyes somehow, how she doesn’t know that, but somehow, just missed out that smile. She didn’t intent to intercom this. She knew however angry she might be on him, that smile would drive all into water. And those eyes… had something… a power to catch her eyes….she was on his web again… no she should not…she should escape…
A feet away was him, staring at her perplexed face…He knew his weakness well…indeed very well… His weakness was simplicity, natural beauty, confidence, politeness, or in one word……Sumo
Mamiji: Suman kon hai?
Suman walked into the kitchen without uttering a single word, leaving Shravan confused.
Shravan to himself: Uhhh!!! Iska attitude jisdin khatam hoga mai pure London me prashad batunga. *rolling his eyes*
Mamiji: Areh ShARvan beta. Itna subha subha. Babuji toh…

Shravan: I’ll wait….but shatranj ki bazi aj jeetkar hi jaungi. *smiles mischievously and seats in the single couch which was just opp to the wall with all family pictures. His eyes scaned through every single photo of Suman. The 1st one, of course his most favourite, which he use to tease Sumo with in childhood, was the one where Suman’s face was all covered with bday cake nd cream. It was her 5th birthday if he hasn’t mistaken. Then his vision scrolled across all those known Sumo(s) of the years they were together. The most precious pictures probably. Finally, slowly he spent quite a few seconds for the photos which were added after he left. The pics of last 10 years. As he went through them, he left like he lived there, beside her, in every happy moment of her life. He saw her grow. Grow from a cute tomboy girl to a young beautiful lady. Suddenly his heart shrank, as a deep voice started speaking inside him “u lived all those happy moments with her through these photos, but what about those moments when she wished for your presence? Her sad days when she wished so hug you and cry on your lap?” He knew he had no answer for these questions of his heart. 1st time ever, he failed to answer a question. The voice spoke again, “You left her to become a successful lawyer, how successful are you when you can’t defend yourself?” His mind was rushing; the blood was shivering through his veins, he was never so ashamed of himself before. He knew he wasn’t a true friend of hers. He left her, between nowhere. And when he returned, he couldn’t even identify her. And this is wht he called true love so far. Was it true love?*

Shravan’s thoughts were interrupted by Suman’s entrance in the living room with a tray. She offered him a cup of tea which he denied this time too, unconsciously. Unwantedly, he released all his anger which was on himself, on Suman. To cover up, he found an excuse.
Shravan: Maine na……breakfast nahi kiya toh…
Mamiji: Areh toh ShARvan ke liye naashta lagao… paratha aur sabzee ke sang woh gajar ka halwa bhi dena…
Suman *annoyed*: Mamiji bread-jam du? 10 saal London pet ha, Kanpoor me nahi. Aur mujhe PCT jana hai.
Shravan: Nahi yaaaaaarrrrrr… Mai toh aj gajar ka halwa khakar hi jaunga. And I can drop u if u want. *smiling teasingly*
Suman: No thanks… waise bhi aap nanu ke sang khelne aehai mere driver banneke liye nahi
Shravan on his mind: Aap? Kon aap? Wait is she treating me like a stranger? *fixes his voice* (loud) I won’t mind….multi-talented hu
Suman rolled her eyes leaving the cup on the table, and walked back to the kitchen making an unsatisfied face to bring his breakfast.
Suman brought his feast and serves him avoiding any sort of eye contact while Shravan couldn’t remove his eyes from her face. Once again he found himself in the maze of her beauty and simplicity. It took him a minute or two to calm down the fire which is generally formed within him in her presence.

Suman: Mamiji mai nikal ta hu
*Mamiji walks into her room*
Shravan had to stop her. He came here to talk to her, not to play chess with Nanu ji. Without even thinking for a moment, he moved his hand and clutched Suman’s ones, pulling her close to him. Suman lost control over her body and hit her abdomen at the edge of the table, giving out a small squeak, while her sudden movement caused the water jar to lean off and trip water over Shravan’s shirt.

“Sumo…..” For sure he didn’t care about his partly-soaked-in-water shirt. He jumped up and grabbed her by her shoulder giving her support. “tum thik toh hona?” She tried to nod but it was too late. Involuntarily, a large drop of water flowed out of her half opened eyes. His heart shrank, as the voice spoke again, “one doesn’t hurt his love.” (His inner voice) He knew he did. Not just once, but almost always….ever since he left.

Suman could feel him. His strong hands all around her shoulder. His warmth. His breaths; which were slow and rhythmic to hers. He cared. Deep inside, she knew he still cared, in the same way he did years back, or even more. But then again he won’t admit it, nor would she want to live a life with a fake hope having no evidences. She can’t let her hope hurt her again, so she stopped her heart’s words from reaching her brain. Coldly, she shook her body signalling him to move his hands. Submissively, he followed.
Shravan: Are you okay?
Suman: U think I care? I’ll be fine. Don’t worry. *gives a fake smile and steps backwards as his closeness weakened her even more. The ache….her abdomen roared in pain. It hurts. She held her waist herself and tried to walk away acting bold, but he knew she required support. He tried to give a friendly move, when she spoke trying to hide her pain*

Suman: Tumhara shirt. It’s wet. I’m sorry, mere wajase…..
Shravan: Galti tumhari nahi thi, *hesitated* I pulled u. *Steps close to her looking straight at her eyes* Sumo dekho I….
Suman: *trying to look away* I should leave. Tum shirt change karlo, thand lagjaegi. *almost waked to the door*
Shravan: U think I care? *giving a teasing look recalling her words*
Suman stops for a while then carries on walking to the door
Shravan: Areh tum thikse calbhi nahi sakte, aur PCT jana chahteho, tumhe aram ki zarurat hai. *Sneeze*

Suman *stops and turns around*: Aur tumhe shirt badalne ki. Shirt change karlo, pls. *flips off regretting on her “please” He deserves no attention, she reminded her mind stepped out of the door when she heard him sneeze 3 more time. No, she knew she cared and whatever wrong deeds he did to her, she always took him as a friend, and a night won’t make a different in her thoughts. She didn’t know what their relation was now, but she walked back and looked straight into his eyes, boldly, though insecure from heart as she knew she had no rights over him.*

Suman: Shravan akhri bar kahrahihu, shirt change karlo, tumhe thand lagjaegi
Shravan: Bola na I don’t care. Kuch nahi ho *sneeze*
Suman *in a loud voice*: God dammit, I CARE!
. …
Just joking I’m not sooooo bad

Shravan was in the ease to fight. He wanted to talk more to her, at least to drown her anger down; he wanted to win, but……now…..whatever she said…. He didn’t expect to win….. He can’t hide his feelings despites whatever happened today…yesterday…and every single day when they fought…. She won over him again… she won him indeed…he was now all hers. She cared, maybe she always did, and he was the one to never realize. His heart was filled with guilt so he didn’t have the courage to look at her but when he took the initiative and stared at her with half open eyes, all he saw was enough to make him ‘happily blind’ for rest of his life. She was staring at him, not with anger, not with confusing, not with guilt, but this time, with……love. Those eyes spoke a hundred words at once. But then she spoke

Suman: *husky voice* Shravan shirt utaro
Unconsciously, he started unbuttoning his shirt not breaking their eye contact (don’t think naughty)
Suman *coming back into state*: Yaha nahi!!! Gharwale kya sochenge? Room me ao

-Suman’s room- Suman locks the door (Don’t mess up ur thoughts)

Suman *ordering voice*: Haaaan…ab shirt utaro
Shravan *got an idea*: Kya!!!! Kyu? *sneeze*
Suman: No questions. Already hazar bar chiq chuke ho. Shirt utaro.
Shravan *mockingly*: Yaar I know I’m hot and ladkia mujhpe marti hai lakin, I didn’t expect it from u.
Suman *pissed off*: Kuch kaha hai, pls woh kadoge?
Shravan: I can be shirtless, but can u control urself? Ajtak koibhi ladki mere body dekhkar upne hosh pe nahi rahi.
Suman: toh fir mai us record ko break karna chahungi.
Shravan: *smirk* soch lo *sumo gives a narrow look* okay okay baba doing as u said. But shirtless hone ke baad baba se baby math hojana.
Shravan unbuttoned his shirt but, unconsciously, Suman’s heart started beating fast. His words (Ajtak koibhi ladki mere body dekhkar upne hosh pe nahi rahi) were buzzing around her ears. What if she also….. No! She turned around avoiding him.
Shravan: Aab kya hua? Can’t bare me?
Suman: Sh…Shut up. Mai ladko ko shirtless dekhtahi nahi. Mai baki ladkio ki tada nahi hu, I can control myself.
Shravan: I know u r different, that’s y I like u. (uhhhh! Should have controlled myself. But….it’s the truth. And she must know. No. 1st a friendly move) I mean… Tum mera Sumo ho yaar. *he felt so soothing saying “mere Sumo”* Sumo, not Suman.
Suman: Shravan mai ajbhi Sumo hu par…. *coldly* tumhari Sumo NAHI…

Precap: As she opened her eyes, all she could see was his bare torso. His muscular hands blocked both sides and she was forced to lean aginst the wall. Now there is no escape…

Done! Didn’t cover as much as I wanted to coz I rushed up. I seriously have no clue when I’ll post the next epi as I didn’t even open a page to write it. I have a hectic schedule ahead so it might not be up on regular 2 days interval. But I’ll try. Rough posting date: Thursday
Anyways, how was the epi? Was I able to reach ur expectations? Or I failed?  Sorry for the whole set of mistakes, but I tried. Hope u guys enjoyed. (Fingers crossed) Don’t forget to comment and share ur opinions.

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  1. Sharmansangel

    Awesome episode yaar keep it up

    1. Ariana

      thanks sweetie

  2. Mujhe to laga Tha Ki unke bich main misunderstanding paida hogi but you are my Ariana di after all, u just not met our expectations you crossed them…
    hahahaha shravu Ki body dekh ke sach main koi control nahi kr sakta,jaise Sumo Ki natural beauty dekh kar Shravan control nahi kar paya…
    wohi shirt utar ne laga hahahahaha???? really love you….
    May you get lots of friends – Neeti

    1. Ariana

      Awwww Neeti thanks sooo much for ur wishes. Happy Friendship Day yaaarrr. Stay happy and blessed like this. Love u

  3. Oh my my… I don’t have words to say anything about this truly amazing episode. This is best ff I’ve read so far. I mean the way you portray their feelings and all the scenes….. It’s like FANTASTIC, FABULOUS, AMAZING, AWESOME and much more.. And them precaps ?? You’re an amazing writer tbh ??
    Already curious to read more ?

    1. Ariana

      Ohhhh thanks dear… excess of praisings I guess! But thanks soooo much I’m happy tht u “loved” it. btw itna bhi acha nahi hai. don’t expect much from precap. They r not even frnds -_- nd as for me as a writer, I suck at literature. Not my thing tbh.

      1. I’m not expecting a lot from the precap tbh. ? I just love your explanations ?

  4. Nikita

    It was damn amazing.. I loved it to the core..post soon…. I just love you writing…!

    1. Ariana

      rhank you soooooooooooooo much! I’m glad u liked it. I’ll try posting nxt epi asap but gotta finish it 1st

  5. pls write in English di
    I’m from tn so its really hard to understand Hindi word
    so pls write in English or translated that line in english n
    ur story awesome

    1. Ariana

      Sure dear i’ll translate it from next epi.

  6. Sumo

    all at one tym… it was emotional, cute, realistic n hot.. ( p.s u kno wat i mean) kidding though!! ???

    1. Ariana

      hot!!! lol… they had a cold convo not a hot one. But it was hard keeping my thoughts cool… And thanks.. Seems like now I’m multi-talented writer…expressing all emotions at once… just joking I suck at writing…

  7. Well…episode was good..I enjoyed it…
    Mostly the whole convo…of shramans in their hearts..lovely????

    1. Ariana


  8. Nandini aka Nandu

    Hey ariana di! How can u write so well that too just being 14!! I am shocked! U r too good. Lots of love and pls try to post soon if u r able to write the episode. Excited for the next part, lots of love di.

    1. Ariana

      Wow!!! Someone praised my writing skills!!! Thanks soooooo much. But lemme inform u too, tht literature isn’t my thing so tbh, I suck at writing!!! Nd I was busy so didn’t get a chance to write the next epi. Hopefully, it’ll b up soon

  9. You write so well…. I am in LOVE with your writing……….. I will be eagerly waiting for the next update….. post soon…. please……

    1. Ariana

      Thanks dear. I’ll try posting soon but I’m very busy for this week so I’m not sure it’ll b a quick update for not. Still I’ll try

  10. Y.balamirra

    Nice epi

    1. Ariana

      thanks sweetie

  11. Marie

    Chalo ji mujhe bolte hain jaanleva ep post karti hoon apne baare mai kya khayaal hai janab?????
    Tumne maardala ariana!! Omg omg omg i have no worda yrrrrr haha plzzzzz itna acha likhe gi toh i will be dead soon 😀
    N yeah i want to give u standing ovationnnnnnnnnnnnn fr dis 🙂 🙂 🙂 u ri8 so so amazingilyyyyyyyy god bless u my darling….!!!!! Muahhhhhhhhhhh
    n hayyyyyyyeeee thursday plzz jaldi se aaja plzzzzzzzzzzz ariana all d best fr studies n try to poat asap asap 🙂
    Love u more than u….
    Take care
    frm ur twin sis 😉 maria

    1. Ariana

      Thanks yaar….. But pata nahi kaab post kadungi. I’m so busy nd not even done with the next epi. I’ll try to post on Thursday but not sure…

    2. Ariana

      Yaar mere twin nd frnd idk y my reply isn’t being post on ur ff. Yes Ariana is my real name nd I’m from Bangladesh.

  12. Prettypreeti

    Aru it was super duper
    Happy for u
    And loved ur ff
    Keep posting
    Loved it
    Love u my aru

    1. Ariana

      Awww thanks preeti. Love u too

    agr chain se sona hai to jaag jaiye duniya walo….aur gour se padh lijiye iss naam ko…ARIANA
    iss naam ki ladki ne apni amazing story se sbhi ko ghayal, pagal, deewana bna diya hai…..iss naam ki ladki ne sbhi ko apni story ka deewana bnane ka contract le rkha hai….
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    1. Ariana

      Awwwwww…..Thanks a ton!!!! btw wht should I call u? Heena di? Heena? I’m 14 so decide the di part urself. nd pls don’t praise me sooooooo much. I’m blushing now! God!!! thanks thanks thanks.

  14. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hello dear!!! This was awwwwdorable ep ..
    Nd thank God shravan’s misunderstandings got cleared .. nd now he wanted sumo again as a frnd ..
    Yr u write sooo gud even ur Hindi is not that gud .. u r just superb ..
    Post sooooooon ..
    Will b waitin’ ..

    1. Ariana

      thanks dear! I’m glad u liked it. Hoping to post next epi soon but I’m busy so idk. I’ll try matching up the given date

  15. WeirdSister

    There’s only…
    1 thing
    2 do…
    3 words for u…
    I love u…!! 🙂
    P.S- I don’t know y they didn’t post my comment…but sorry..!

    1. Ariana

      Awwwww…. I love u too…. more than u do.

  16. ariana what can i say ?????????? it was beyond my expectations. amazing!!!!!!!!!

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