Ek Duje Ke Vaaste: Love, Friendship, or Something More? Epi 5


I’m back! Thanks for a huge responds on last epi. I’m glad u all liked my surprise. So here is my new epi….

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Episode 4

Recap: ShraMan 1st meeting. Shravan mesmerized by Suman’s beauty and simplicity

Malhotra House:

Shravan in front of the mirror: Finally free today. Jau kya uske paas? Nahi kaal hi toh dekha. *Imagines her eyes* uski akoonme kuch hai. Alag sa. Woh ladki khud hi pure alag hai lakin uske aken. Kuch baat hai usmai. Maine woh pehle dekha hai. Par kaha?
Deep inside his heart a voice squeaked out “Sumo” but his obsession towards this unknown girl had covered his head completely and didn’t allow that voice to enter his brain.
Shravan was abt to leave for PCT when Nirmala called him.
Nirmala: Shravan rukho beta. Mujhe aj ek anat ashram Jana hai. Tum kyu na mere sath chalo. Yaad hai yeh wohi anat ashram hai jaha tum aur Suman bachpan me jahtethe mere sang. Tum chaho toh mujhe waha drop karke nikal sakte ho.
It was the 1st time in these 10 years he wasn’t disappointed hearing her name. Maybe because he moved over her completely. What made him sad was his plan to meet his dream girl isn’t possible now. He nodded obediently.

Orphanage home:

Shravan was about to get into his car after dropping Nirmala when he heard a known voice. It was piercing his heart and getting in directly. He couldn’t avoid it so he started looking around. After walking for a while, when he reached the playground of the orphanage home, his eyes got widen. It was hers. She was laughing opening up her heart. Her hairs were flying as she ran blindfolded chasing small kids.
Shravan to himself: yeh kismaat hai yah takdir? Jaha jatehoon ise hi dekhtahoon? Kya yeh mera vaham hai?
Sumo was unaware of his present and was lost in her childishness; stepped closer and closer towards him not seeing (she was blindfolded).
Shravan couldn’t stop looking at her. She was getting close and close. His heart beat increased with every step she took. Soon her soft hands gently touched his shoulder. It was searching for a head ?
Sumo: haaa! ? Itna lamba kon hai? Koi lamppost hai kya? *moving her hand up and down his arms* nahi lamppost ki do hath to nahi hoti. Areh tum bache jaan bujhkar mazak toh nahi karraheho? *children laughed trying not to make noise*
Child: di apne kisi galat uncle ko pakda hai. Yeh bacha nahi lambaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hai
All these time Shravan was lost in her confused face and tried smelling her presence
Suman: lamba uncle? *her voice soaked under pressure. No it cannot be him. She untied the cloth and removed it from her eyes. The 1st vision was him. Standing in front of her………. And he was smiling…
Child: ab is uncle hume pakde ge.
Sumo: *trying to find words* nahi nahi. Woh toh galtise Maine………by the way Sh…..rav…..an I’m…..sor….maine dekha nahi….
She knew his name!!!! How lucky he is she knew him. But how? Oh yah she is at the party. She was a client’s daughter or something? Wow!!!! Shravan was on the seventh heaven and now he had to celebrate.
Shravan: koi baat nahi mai yeh kala patti se akh dhakar aplogoko pakarteho.
He bends down on his knees facing Sumo like a man surrendering to his love and he did admit it. Sumo not enjoying his presence forced her hands to tie the black cloth around his eyes.
They play……laughing…….yelling at each other…….Suman gets flashbacks when they were small and Shravan tired chasing her but never won…..she was finally lost in the game…..

As Shravan was chasing everyone, the cloth which covered his eyes was getting loose. Soon he could see everything beneath him especially her. She was running away from him which he couldn’t swallow. Deep under his heart’s chambers, he knew she was his……only his…..and she just can’t run away from him. Soon he started chasing her….Sumo unconscious about his glance, started running far away from him but no…he didn’t give up.
Sumo started running in a circular pattern so that Shravan cannot catch her, but he was smart. After 5 laps he stopped and waited till she finishes her 6th lap and end up in front of him, which did happen, but in an unpredicted way. Sumo couldn’t stop herself from bumping onto him and neither did Shravan expect that. Both lost control over their feet and rolled off the ground…….
The cloth was off his eyes…..She was over him……her innocent eyes were staring at him confusingly…. All he wished was the time to pause. On the other hand, Sumo’s eyes were locked. She could see nothing but those brown lenses. But she could feel his breath, his warmth. Soon she realised her hands were on his torso and it made her feel really uncomfortable. She tried moving her hands but it was all numb….

Shravan could feel her struggle so he unwantedly, took the initiative and helped her get up. She couldn’t feel anything but guilty.
Sumo: Sorry, maine dekha nahi
Shravan *lost in her face* sarcastically: Kabhi toh dekh lia karo yaar *smile*
Sumo was surprised with his friendly attitude. Did he forget everything that happened 10 years back? Or did he move on? Wait…..Does he know its Sumo?

She managed to bend her cheek muscles and smile deadly. She knew it was time to leave. She must leave. She can’t stay long with him until those words come out of her mouth…..(I’m sorry)….but she can’t take chance to break his precious smile. What if he doesn’t wish to bring the topic up and is trying to run away from it? No…she should wait….
Suman: Toh fir……thik hai….mai chalta hoon… *Smile and walks away*
Shravan to himself: bolde…nahi abhi nahi wait kar…nahi nahi bolde…agar bura manjae toh? Nahi yeh ladki bura bhi nahi maanti…par ladki toh hai na, aur sanskari bhi hai, Agar love shove pe believe nahi karti toh?…Tuh chup rah….*flashback of Pushkar’s words: Aici ladki barbar nahi aati* Nahi puchlo kya? Ummmm….
Shravan loudly: Areh suno….(Suman heard Sumo) *runs to her* woh mai yeh kah rahatha ki……ki..
Suman: Ki?
Shravan: U don’t have to be sorry about everything, tumhari galti nahi thi
*Shravan to himself: Wow….kya baat ki..Uhhh!*
Suman couldn’t believe his words. He understood that all she did years back was because of her immaturity! Her eyes were about to pour out water as she finally smiled with her heart opened wide.
Shravan found himself lost in her smile. What was there in her? She found happiness in every silly matter. Now that she is happy, she won’t deny his proposal.
Shravan: Toh fir coffee? (guys proposal isn’t only “marry me”)
Sumo nodded without any hesitation.

Malhotra House:

Pushkar: Bhaiya date!!!! Itni jaldi? Abhi toh aye hai…Kon? Kaha? Kaab? Kaise?
Shravan blushing: Relax chote. Bolana wohi ladki. Simple wali. Aur date nahi, just ek friendly coffee. Aisa kuch nahi hai *trying hard not to turn red*
Pushkar: Toh fir ap gusa ho kya? Shakaal dekho tomato se kaam nahi hai
Shravan: Nahi nahi chote, trust me, aisa kuch hoga toh saabse pahle tujhsei bolunga
Pushkar: Waise woh hai kon?
The smile in Shravan’s face started fading away as Pushkar ended his words.
Shravan: Naam? Woh toh maine pucha hi nahi
Pushkar: Seriously? Aap ek unjaan ladki ko date par lekar gaye?
Shravan: Chote mai uska naam puchna bhul gaya, par woh unjaan nahi hai. Woh mujhe jaante hai. Bohat achese. Shayad papa ka koi client ka beti hai.
Pushkar: He bhagwaan!!! Acha mai bade papa ke sare client ko aur uski betio ko jaanta hu. Bolo kaisa hai mai milaneke koshish kartahon.
Shravan: Kaale straight baal uski kamar tak…….Hazel eyes…..Bright tan skin tone…..
Pushkar: Make-up hai
Shravan: Nahi…woh alag hai. Make up dena nahi aati, aur zarurat bhi nahi hai. She is flawless the way she is. Sajna savarna bhi nahi aati. Ekdam simple. Dusro ke sang ekdam mil jate hai. Sapko upna banalete hai. Khana zarur acha banaegi *thinks of her standing out of PCT* Gareeb logoko khana dena, shelter dena, help karna, aur anat ashram pe bacho ke sang khelna, ekdam bacho ki jaisa bangana……She is so perfect….Aur uska smile…kinta innocent….
Pushkar: Yeh toh humari Sumo hai!

Precap: Shravan going to Tiwari house
Done! It was a huge epi. Sry didn’t put the café part. Tht was boring. Shravan just stares at Sumo as she keeps on talking abt the last 10 years. Anyways how was the epi? Sry for mistakes…. Pls comment nd share ur opinions. Nxt epi will be up soon but when idk. It’s progressing. Till then wait nd enjoy this part.

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  1. Marie

    Hello Ariana di!
    This part is amazinggggggggggggg
    I can’t tell u how much I loved it n shraman scenes were awesome..!!
    U r a wonderful writer di…!!
    Thank u so much fr posting such a beautiful ep…!
    Take care..
    Love u so much…!!!

    1. Ariana

      Thanks Maria….Love u too

  2. WeirdSister

    Hey Ariana…. Plz understand my prblm…if u keep writing so well..I will hve no idea owhat to comment….
    Its was flaweless

    1. Ariana

      I feel as if butter is cheap now a days…Everyone applying it over me…Itna bhi acha nahi tha but still thanks…

  3. Ariana

    Just got done with the next epi so hopefully it’ll be up within two days…wait till then

  4. Sumo

    are it was sooooo good.. how would he react after finding out d truth? m just scared for sumo.. anyway great build up.. loved it.. ???

    1. Ariana

      thanks!!! Don’t keep much high expectations from next epi, I might end up disappointing​ u.

      1. Sumo

        m sure dat won’t happen coz ur great wid dis.. n m sure u will not disappoint.. ??

      2. Ariana

        thanks for trusting me
        feeling blessed…Love u

  5. Heyyy..its so..nice..I really enjoyed this a lot..☺☺☺☺
    Shravan in tiwari house..abh kya hoga??

    1. Ariana

      Wait for nxt epi…. I’m done with that so it’ll b up in two days

  6. Sharmansangel

    Di it was awesome I loved please post asap

    1. Ariana

      thanks….the nxt epi will b up by two days

  7. I loved it…..nice keep writing….

  8. just loved it. awesome. cant find words to describe it.

    1. Ariana

      thanks dear

  9. Nandini aka Nandu

    Hey ariana di! Well totally loved the episode. I was so engrossed in reading it ki pataa hee nahi chala ki it was do lenghty. Keep writing. And yes excitedly waiting for the next part! Lots of love.

    1. Ariana

      Tnx Nandu (I’m calling u tht)!!! Love u too

  10. Amazing epi but I have a small doubt if he dosent know the girl’s name who was in ashram how did he call her suman and tell her he forgave him for what she did ten years back

    1. Ariana

      Shravan meant he forgave her for her bump offs on him

  11. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey !!! This ep was fab ..
    Really very sorry for being late ..
    Post next part sooooooon ..
    Will b waitin’ ..
    Take care ..

    1. Ariana

      thanks….the next epi will b up soon

  12. Brilliant

  13. it was lovely. ur descriptions are amazing. cant wait 4 shravans reaction. suspense is driving me crazy and i keep thinking what may happen next. loved it

    1. Ariana

      thanks!!!! Don’t be crazy or else u might not b able to read the nxt part :p

  14. Prettypreeti

    Hey Ariana a tons of love and it was amazing
    Sorry for late comment as u know my papers were going on please pray for my good marks
    Keep posting
    Love u

    1. Ariana

      No problem dear. I’m glad u spend time from ur hectic schedule to read my ff. Thanks soooo much. And don’t worry! U’ll rock. U r awesome. Lots of love and blessings ?❤

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