Ek Duje Ke Vaaste: Love, Friendship, or Something More? Epi 18 (Part 1) Last Episode

Hi sweetos, cupcakes, chocobirds, nd everything else. So I did plan to end my ff with this coming epi but while typing out the draft I realized it was sooooooooooooooooo long tht it’ll take u forever finish reading it so I thought of dividing the epi into two parts as many of u requested. So here is my 1st part:

Recap: Shravan jealous seeing Suman nd Ritik dancing. Ritik’s friend decides to help Shr to make Sumo realize her feelings.

-Shravan’s side-
She was all over his body. Her arms comfortably stretched around his neck pulling him closer. Shravan was confused. He had never even thought of being with someone else than his only lady. Today, his lady was just few meters away and he was dancing with another stranger girl who would nearly melt into his skin any moment. (Yah tht “she” is Ritik’s friend not Suman)

Shravan *Uncomfortable*: Can u pls step back. Our fronts r almost rubbing
Girl: OMG!!! Itna innocent kyu? Lambu, just smile nd enjoy. If Ritik’s fiancé loves U, she can’t see me with u, if she doesn’t….
Shravan *bold*: Suman loves me. I knw she does. I saw that in her eyes ever since I returned from London.
Girl: Toh confess kyu nahi kiya abtak? Anyways if she loves u, she won’t be able to see me or any other living creature soooo close to u. Trust me.
Shravan: R…u sure?
Girl: 100%
Shravan smiled and forced himself to concentrate on his steps than turning around for a glance of his lady.

-Suman’s side-
She was dancing with him at an ease. Both were moving comfortably without any problems. She had been smiling for the last 30 mins forcefully but didn’t enjoy a bit. Somehow, she convinced Ritik to maintain a distance and made fake promises of dancing freely after their marriage. While Ritik was lost in her beauty, her eyes were stealing glances of the man she admires the most. Her love…her prince had been dancing with another girl now. What kind of fairy tale was that? Were they not meant to be together?
Suddenly she captured Pushkar and Preeti standing next to the drinks stalk. Her savoir!!! As tears rolled out of her eyes after seeing her simple Shravan with another girl, now finally, after long she gave a satisfactory smile and freed herself from her to-be husband rushing towards PreeKar.

Suman: Preeti tum Pushkar ke sang
Pushkar: Areh Sumo tu yaha? Bhaiya ne toh bolatha u r busy
Suman *hesitates*:Woh Ritik
Pushkar: U knw Ritik?
Suman: My…..Fiance *Pushkar shocked* But u guys…together?
Pushkar: Preeti tum saab sach boldo. No need to hide any longer. I’ll come in a min. *leaves*

Preeti *blushing*: Di woh….mai aur Pushkar…hum dono…woh baat yeh hai ki…*takes a deep breath* We both love each other…A looooootttttt….Like u love Shravan *Suman shocked* And we have been dating each other for the last 3 months.
Suman: Bataya kyu nahi?
Preeti: Agar boldeti toh ma mujhe Pushkar se milne nahi deti. And I can’t even think of marrying him before u get married. Waise di Ritik kaisa ladka hai?
Suman: Good

Preeti: But I don’t really get it u love Shravan and Pushkar said he loves u too. Y r u not both not admitting? Nanu bohat khush honge. Ramnath uncle adores u sooooo much. And Nirmala aunty already considers u as her daughter. So no problems with in-laws. Malhotras r like our family
Suman: Shut up Preeti. I can understand u r in love nd gone all crazy. Yah malhotras being in-law type family for u makes sense but no, I don’t share feelings for Shravan. *Thinks of the way he was dancing with that girl*
Preeti: So r u sure u will go with Ritik?
Suman: I have no problems with him…he doesn’t..either…
Her words were interrupted as Pushkar returned with Ritik.

Ritik *all sweaty*: Mam I’m so sorry *Suman and Preeti confused, Pushkar smiling*
Suman: Ritik all fine? *holds his hand*
Ritik *pulling her hands away making her even more confused*: mam pls forgive me. Mera job…It has been my life time goal to work under Malhotra Associates
Suman: Okay…u work there, so it’s fine. And y r u behaving so strangely?

Ritik: Mam I’m so sorry. Pls don’t complain to Ramnath sir. I worked really hard for work under The Malhotras
Suman *louder tone*: Ritik kya hua? U r making no sense out of wht u r saying. Aur tum mujhe Mam kyu bularahi ho?
Ritik *cleaning his face with his handkerchief*: Mam u r Shravan sir’s that bestfriend right? The one whom sir loves soooo much and who is future Mrs. Shravan Malhotra?
Suman *shocked*: Kya? What r u saying? Okay fine yah I agree I’m Shravan’s bestfriend, but not the rest of what u said
Pushkar *smiling teasingly*: Yaar FUTURE- Mrs. Shravan Malhotra bola. How do u know it’s not true?

Suman: Tu chup kadega? I’m not future Mrs. Shravan Malhotra *her heart shrank. What was wrong with that? She desperately wanted to be that. Putting a stone on her heart, she tried sounding usual and cold* Ritik I’m ur fiancé

Ritik: Sorry mam our marriage was fixed just yesterday….but u have been with Shravan sir since childhood. Ur marriage wasn’t fixed and isn’t even supposed to be. Malhotras already accepted u as their family.
Suman: No..no it’s not like that
Pushkar: bhai maine toh tujhe bhabi usidin banaliya jisdin bhaiya ne tere aur Raj ka date me kabab me haddi ke tarha jhusgaya tha. *Suman recalled how he called her bhabi on those phone calls*
Suman: Bhabi baad mei pehle Sali hungi *looks at Preeti*

Ritik: See mam I just can’t come between u lovers like this
Suman: Kon lovers?
Ritik: U and Shravan sir
Suman *angry/jealous*: For ur kind info ur dear Shravan sir is busy almost drunk lost with another girl.
Pushkar: Jali. Bhabi jail!!!
Suman *loud nd bold*:Pushkar band kar.
Ritik: Mam what sir does and wht u both share is none of my business. I just came here to say u have a wonderful life ahead. It has been an honour to dance with The Malhotra’s lady.
Suman *confused*: Wait y r u sounding soooo formal. We r marrying, aren’t we?
Ritik: NOOOO MAM. I can never imagine myself, me the simple, almost nothing Ritik Singh with a lady who is to be a part of MALHOTRA family. I’m sorry…I have and must step back from this marriage coz we…u and me…r not meant to be…It’s u and Shravan sir…*he walks away before Suman could correct him*

Pushkar: So 3Rs na?
Suman: What? Reduce, reuse, recycle?
Pushkar: Nahi…Raj, Rahul, Ritik. Hat trick hai!!
Preeti: Waise di aap R se kab niklenge?
Suman: hu?
Pushkar: yah seriously get off R. Nd just to inform u after R, it’s….. S….nd S se toh….
Preeti and Pushkar together: SHRAVAN!!!

Suman: No…By the way yeh kya tha?
Pushkar: Oh nahi samjhi? Ritik broke his marriage with u and also supported us *pointing himself and preeti* in ur and bhaiya’s marriage.
Suman: Mai puch rahahu Ritik ko yeh saab kisne batayi?

Pushkar standing with Preeti and Suman on the same spot-
Suman: U guys…together?
Pushkar: Preeti tum saab sach boldo. No need to hide any longer. I’ll come in a min. (scrawl up. The moment Pushkar left preeti nd sumo while preeti explained her feelings for pushkar to her)
Pushkar walks to Ritik
Ritik: Pushkar sir how r u enjoying the party? Everything well?
Pushkar: Aab toh sir bolna chodde

Ritik *confused*: Sorry sir I didn’t get u
Pushkar: Abeh hum Malhotra’s ki future bahu ko tu shaadi karne wali hai, so aab mai tera sir kaisa?
Ritik: what? Sir I’m still not clear
Pushkar: Tu Sumo se shaadi karne wali hai na?
Ritik: Kon Sumo?
Pushkar: Areh Sumo, Suman Tiwari. Bhaiya ka best friend
Ritik: What!! Suman is Shravan sir’s best friend?
Pushkar: Not just bestfriend, but that special one. Areh humtoh socha Sumo aur bhaiya ki shadi karadungi, even all Malhotras love Sumo. She is soooooo like family to us already. Per beta tu jo tapak padi.
Ritik: Sir pls forgive me. I never knew…I can fix everything..trust me I can…Pls don’t take away my job

Pushkar: Tera toh aab promotion hi hoga. Suman ki to-be husband
Ritik *scared and all sweaty*: No no no sir…It’ll be Shravan sir and Suman…I mean mam…I am an outsider..I’ll fix everything.. now… come with me
Flashback ends****

Preeti: Truth is revealed at the end
Suman: This is NOT the end.
Preeti: It is the end of ur and Ritik’s story
Pushkar: Aur bhaiya aur teri kahani ka shurwaat
Suman *frustrated*: Kaise kahani? U think me and Shravan r to meant to be together? We r friends
Pushkar: That’s the best thing abt u both. U guys r already friends. Shadi ke baad sabse important baat yeh hai ki tum apne partner to apna friend banalo. Like partner of crime. U both don’t have to work hard

Preeti: Di…it’s not just friendship…it’s love…U love him…Kabhi dekha apneap ko jab woh apne kareeb hota hai? U smile. U stay happy even if the world gives u a 1000 reasons to cry. He fills u up. I guess it isn’t friendship or love….it’s something more…something which is beyond all relationships in existence…

Precap: Part 2 (last part)
So 1st sry I didn’t upload the whole epi. Trust me, the whole epi took 17 pgs of Microsoft word. Like 17 pages!!! My general epis take up 4-6 pgs so I thought I should divide the epi into parts. To all who requested for a llllllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggg ending epi yah the very last one will be that long (x10) part. It will b more of ShraMan together. I’ll do some modifications on the final part nd upload it by Sunday. Is that okay? (If u guys want earlier I might post by Fri/Sun depending on majority’s opinion)

As always ignore spelling/grammatical mistakes. Chappals,tomatoes,rotten egg, cheese, of whtever u have in front of u r allowed to be thrown at me (imagine a crazy mad girl) I’ll warmly welcome them. Pls share ur thoughts.
Love u
Take care
-Ariana (Aru)

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  1. WeirdSister

    Helllllloooooo Ariana….
    Myyyy goodddd what an epi this was…..
    I just can’t control my excitement for the last part…plz post it asap….!!!
    The way u portrayed emotions in this part…oh girl…I love you so much…!!!
    It was just a bang on epi…
    Just too good…
    Wat else..
    Not finding words…that would be enough to describe my mixed emotions..of happiness..excitement…nd everything else…
    I just want to say..
    Ok now…if I don’t stop…I will keep on writing..nd then I will publish a comment longer than your epi…
    U r a year younger to me…but u seriously write better than me…I mean..I just adore u…admire u…nd of course envy you…
    Luv ya..
    Take care….
    Post very very soon…

    1. Ariana

      Oh god u should really stop. I’ll go all brown after reading so sweet comment. Itna sada butter!!!! I seriously gained a lot of invisible pounds. Butter+sweet words. Uhhh!!! Y r u so sweet. Nd don’t u dare compare me, an almost nothing girl with U. U are awesome. Actually beyond the words of awesomeness. Nothing to be compared to u. Thanks so much for at least counting my boring work in the category of ‘fun’. It means a lot.
      Love u too a lot and I surely can’t express it through words. Promise to post soon. I guess by Sat.
      Take care and study hard for ur coming exams.

  2. Nikita

    It was such an epic episode..
    ‘Suman loves me.. I saw in her eyes when I returned from london’
    Di your dialouges are so love !!
    I’m laughing like crazy..
    Man PreeKar.. Di.. Maar daaloge aap mujhe..
    ‘R ke baad S aata hai’ those dialouges.. Kaise sochhte ho yaar??
    Even that, ‘three Rs.. Raj, rahul, ritik’
    Di.. I’m laughing like a madman here..
    Meri family is like’ Kaunsa joke sun la?’
    Di.. Take a gun and kill me seriously..
    Cause if you don’t I’ll die reading the next part.. Loved it loads.. And love you!
    It was amazingg
    Loads of love, Nikita

    1. Ariana

      Awww Niki…Itna sweet sweet comment kyu karte ho? Nd if i shoot u with a gun then what will happen to my nd Namku’s love story? Nahi nahi yaar aise nahi marne de sakti tumhe. Just kidding. But seriously, if u die I can’t enjoy reading wonderful shots nd ffs. Nd i need to keep u alive in sake of my benefits. :p
      Btw if u die on my next post, then I better never post it. K I’m kidding again. Uhh I better stop. Actually the way u said u were laughing hard cracked my head badly. Stupid me.
      Anyways Love u sweetheart.
      Take care

  3. Yaar…Ariana…
    You really made it so long…????
    Means..next episode will be of 10 pages part…that’s really…shocking..
    Means u did a lot..to satisfy us…
    Thanks a lot..dear…
    Love u…
    And about posting next part???
    I’m confused hu..yaar…
    I want to read the ff asap…
    But..at the same time…I’m thinking…if it get posted..early..it means..it will b end..early..which I don’t want??????
    So…do…wtever..as ur comfort..its OK…
    I will wait..even it Sunday…
    Aakir…intzaar..may bhi tho maja hotha hai..na..??????????

    1. Ariana

      Lol Sona di. Yah intezaar mei bohat maza hota hai…until u turn into a broken skeleton.
      The next long part will be up by Saturday hopefully. Sunday might be too long for some to wait so I’ll consider. Oh yah, thanks sooooooooooo much. Everything has an end. I’ll end this ff but won’t leave u all. I’m a superglue. I’ll stick on to this site nd hopefully come back with some more writings. So it’s okay if i end it na?
      Love u toooooooo allllllllloooooootttttt
      Take care

  4. Wowwwww …do not end it ……..

    1. Ariana

      thanks dear. Sry I have to end this ff soon coz I don’t wanna drag. But I’ll continue writing some more shots/ff so don’t worry.
      Take care

  5. ki boli ?? kichu bujhte parchina…. i am happy as shraman is finally coming together but sad as ur ff is ending . today in school i was sharing ur ff and all were mesmerized . one of my friend said that it is even better than d serial story line….
    post asap dear …..

    1. Ariana

      Omg!!! Seriously no way. The actual story line is so mature nd honestly a jalebi. All complicated. Mine is boring, simple, random. Comparing these two is like sky to ground difference!! But thanks sooooooo much to u for sharing my ff nd to ur frnds for listening to it and enjoying it. I guess thanks would b less for wht u did. U r such a sweetheart. Like my roshogollas. Love u
      Take care. And yah I’ll post hopefully on Saturday…

  6. pretty preeti

    Hey sweet pie aru cupcakes ws for me
    Ok the epi ws cupcakes really
    It was awesome as usual
    I loved pushkar when he said tumhari aur bhaiya ki kahani ki shuruvat
    I loved the epi dearrr
    Omgosh 17 pages seriously u had written so much
    My god
    Hatho ka kya haal hai
    Loved it
    Yaar padhai hai so not long comment sorry
    Loved it
    Love u cupcakes
    Post whenever u want
    If u don’t see my comment on second part then u have to provide me links okayyy
    Love uuuuuuuuuhu

    1. Ariana

      My cupcake u took out of ur studies just to read this long epi nd comment? It means so much to me!! I really can’t express it how honoured I’m feeling. Thanks soooooooo much cuppie. Pls focus on ur studies. I knw u love me nd I love u too. I’ll post on Saturday nd don’t worry I’ll send u the link. Take time nd read tht later when u r free. Study 1st.
      Take care nd best of luck for ur tests nd exams

  7. LogaMegan

    Hey aru amazing ep dr
    We enjoyed it thoroughly
    3R’s Haha?
    Eagerly waiting for the next part pls post it by friday
    Love u
    Bye Tc

    1. Ariana

      Thanks so much Loga and Megan. I’m glad u both enjoyed the epi. Going to post the next part on Saturday. Love u both too
      Take care
      bye bye

  8. Girl you rock… Seriously!!! How more amazingly can you write?
    Tbh this is one of the best ffs I’ve read so far. Beautifully written. Awesome storyline. Wonderfully explained *standing ovation* ?
    Really loved it.
    You write so beautifully ?
    Every line, every dialogue, every scene in this episode was so amazing, more than amazing.
    I’m going to miss your ff so badly.
    Do come up with another one after this.
    Post soon ?
    Loads of love ? Take care ?

    1. Ariana

      OMG sweeto u should really take some lemon or any sour food. U talk to sweet. U’ll make not only me but everyone else suffer from diabetics. Itna sara tareef!!! Seriously I should show it to mom to prove someone likes my work!!! Jk. Thanks soooooooooo much dear. But don’t even praise soooo much that I’ll turn literally pale due to such surprises.
      For sure I won’t leave u guys like this. I will come with some shots hopefully. IDK. But I’ll be here. Gonna post on Saturday.
      Take care
      Love u

      1. Haha. I said the truth ?
        You really are an amazing writer.
        Your replies are so adorable ?
        Can’t wait till Saturday. ??

      2. Ariana

        Aww thanks so much. U seriously make me smile hard. Love u

  9. Angel_pari


    What a dailogues!!!! 3Rs and after R S loved it……wohhhh soooo long epi…i,m excited post soon lov u

    1. Ariana

      Awww thanks so much dear. The next part will b long but not soooooo long coz I already divided it. Gonna post on Saturday
      Love u too alllllllllllooooooooooooootttttttttt
      take care

  10. hey ariana …m anjali…was reading ur ff n thought to comment today finally ..
    my God shraman drama, jealousy…n pushkie k dialogs. .hilarious…suman to mam …Mrs shravan malhotra 😉 😀 how formal…God …laughed like hell. .
    please update next part soon…it’s gona be ur last 🙁 part… but I must say i really loved ur ff .. its amazing dear…thanks for such an awsm ff .. :*

    1. Ariana

      Awww thanks so much dear. I’m glad u enjoyed the epi. My pleasure. Going to post the next part on Saturday.
      take care

  11. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey Ariana!!!!
    Ahhhhhh today u nailed it dear ..
    Like seriously u r amazing ..
    Nd this whole was something beautiful?????
    Desperately waiting for second part nd u hv done a great job

    Keep it up ..
    Take care ??

    1. Fatimagulesarfraz

      Nd S.O.R.R.Y for being very late ???

    2. Ariana

      Thanks dear. It’s okay don’t b sorry for being late. I’m happy at least u read it. It means a lot to me. Don’t worry It’ll b up by tmrw. Actually tonight i guess. U can read it soon. Love u too aloooooooootttttttttt. Take care

  12. Rukhsar

    No yarr aru plz dont do this dont end this ff i really enjoy reading it

    1. Ariana

      I’m so sorry I already submitted the last epi. It’ll b up soon by tonight. This ff is ending

  13. Rukhsar

    And if u do so then i will be upset with u bcz i will miss u

    1. Ariana

      Sry didn’t notice this comment too while replying to the prev on. Don’t worry sweetheart I’m not leaving. I’ll b here nd will come up with something new soon.

      1. Rukhsar

        Ok I’ll be waiting for u to come up with another dhanso ff

      2. Ariana

        sure i’ll try my best to come up with something new soon

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