Ek Duje Ke Vaaste: Love, Friendship, or Something More? Epi 17

Hi…How r u all? All fine? Sry for a late update, I forgot to post it.
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Kkk enough of emotional melodrama..now the epi:

Recap: Suman comes to Rahul (her to be hubby)’s bday party nd gets to knw he works in Malhotra Associates Company. Shravan nd PreeKar also at the party.

Epi 17

Suman *nervous*: Shr..Shravan mai woh…
Shravan *faking a smile*: Looking nice
Suman *Confused*: Umm…thanks…Waise dekho hum dono matching pahna hai. *points at his blazar pin and the cloth on his pocket, then at her dress*
Shravan *cold*: Par tum toh mere partner nahi ho, so does it matter now?
Suman: Sorry…Pls listen to me…

Shravan: It’s okay Sumo. Jabse tumhari shaadi ki baat samne ayi hai, u…u have been hiding things from me. I don’t know what’s ur problem with me. I guess u don’t trust me enough *Suman nods a no* but it’s fine. *He bends his muscles to smile* I do…
Suman *high tone*: Areh mere baat toh suno. Ek sec ke liye chup kodoge? Let me speak.
Shravan: U don’t have to prove urself. Girl….I trust u despite of however lies u tell me.
Suman’s heart was filled with guilt. She knew she should’ve shared the Ritik topic with him…wait…he was lying to her too…He said it’s fine when both knew it wasn’t…
Suman *coughed to clear her tone*: Jhut tumne bhi bola

Ritik on the stage: Ladies and gentlemen, cake toh baadme bhi cut sakti hu, no hurry. Come on everyone join me on the dance stage.
A girl walks to Shravan
Girl: Hi handsome *Shravan ignores while Suman’s eyes grew wide* Oh charming bomb, wanna dance with me
Shravan: Talking to me?
Girl: No, to the hottest guy present here. *clutches the collar of Shravan’s blazar* Let’s go. I’m dying to dance with u
Shravan: Excuse me…Ummm pls…pls move ur hand *points at his blazar collar*
Girl: Oh shy ho. It’s okay baby. I would love to
Suman finally spoke who couldn’t take it anymore: Excuse me woh

Ritik: Suman come let’s dance. *grabs Suman’s wrist and pulls her to the dance floor*
Ritik kept his one hand on her waist and the other holding her hand, while she kept her left hand on his shoulder. Her back was pointing towards Shravan. He couldn’t just see them together any more. It was enough to make his mind toxic. He couldn’t believe his simple Sumo wore backless gown. She has changed so much! Yet she looked splendid. He couldn’t remove eye from her back for a second until that girl interrupted putting her hands around his neck.

Shravan: Excuse me, pls leave me alone.
Girl: Lambu, dance!!!
Shravan *pissed off*: Look pls go. Nd for ur kind info, I’m already taken *wait…did he just say he’s taken? But…by whom? Shravan was never so confused with his words…Then, involuntarily, his eyes caught Suman*
Girl *notices Shravan staring at Suman*: Acha….So Ritik ka partner ke sang naaaa? *humming her words and giving a teasing look* Hottie, I really wish I could help u, but Ritik is my bestie!!! No way can I let his lady go off hand.
Shravan *realizing the girl isn’t “so” bad*: Nahi nahi…Tumhari bestie ka partner mera bestie hai.

Girl: Aha…So bestie wala love shove right?
Shravan looked down. He had no clue what to say. Why was all off a sudden it so hard for admit to the fact she was just his friend and nothing more? And…if it was love, then why couldn’t he stick to his love? How come he was standing near the beer stalk nd watching his lady with another guy? It wasn’t love then….

Girl: Awww…Lambu toh lal hogaya!!! Okay, itna handsome ho ki I really can’t leave u like this. Come lets dance *Grabbed his hands and pulled him to the dance floor.*
Shravan *shocked*: Hey I said I don’t wanna dance *looked at Suman who seemed very comfortable doing different steps with her to-be husband*
Girl: Look lambu, hum dono ke dance karnese donoka hi faeda hai. Agar tumhari bestie hume ek sath dekhar jealous hui toh samajhna she takes u more than a bestie. Agar jealousy se kuch zyada hi jogae toh 100% she LOVES u. And mujhe nahi lagta koibhi ladki hai joh TUMHARI hotness to resist karsakta hai. *Shravan smiled remembering how Suman reacted whenever she saw him shirtless*

Shravan *Pulling the girl enough close to dance freely*: ooookaaaayyyy….Aur tumhara kya faeda?
Girl: I can dance with a handsome hunk for a night! *Winks and surrounds her hands around his shoulder*
Both were on their ease. While the girl let herself on him completely, his eyes were mostly towards his lady who didn’t even seem to notice him. How could she? That stupid Ritik was blocking her vision with his giant body.
Girl: Jaali?
Shravan *frustrated*: She isn’t even noticing me
Girl: Bhul jao. Ladki tumko friendzone kardia. *laughs slightly*
Shravan *angry*: Friendzone nd Shravan Malhotra? Just wait and watch what I am. *smirks*

-Suman’s side-

Ritik: So, Ms. Suman say me about u
Suman *uncomfortable*: Nothing *Realized neither Shravan, nor that stupid girl was near the beer stalk*
Ritik *pulling her even closer by her waist*: Come on Suman…I’ll be ur husband. Feel free. What attracts u? What makes u feel happy? Tell me what u like and don’t like in boys
Suman *tensed + annoyed*: Thik hai…I have an obsession towards “angry young man” type guys *smiling at her words* Like u knw those boys who r hard to the world but melts to their own. I LOVE them!!!
Ritik *confused*: Okkkkaaaay…Like SRK?

Suman: Seriously? He is a flirt. I don’t like him. Like uk Fawad Khan…Ritik Roshan…Akshay Kumar…
Suddenly her eye catches an enormous muscular body with a tiny little figure. Wait…Is that…is that Shravan with that cheap girl? Her eyes grew wider and wider…She could just see his back. How come he is so comfortable with an unknown girl? His hands perfectly traced her waist and their centimeters of gap would be erased any moment. Her mind went all insecure for a while.

-Shravan’s side-

Girl: Done…She likes u
Shravan: Obv she likes me. I’m her best friend
Girl: Areh lambu tumhare brain kya ghutno pe hai?
Shravan: Oxford Graduate. Tumhara bestie ka boss.
Girl: But love ke mamle mei fail…Damn she likes u not in the sense of a Best Friend Forever but in the sense of Boy Friend Forever.
Shravan *not listening to her words carefully*: I knw….*realizing what she said* Kya!?!?!?!?!?

Girl: Areh mu toh band kado. Nd yah ladki jail. Her eyes her even wider than ur mouth. *Shravan tries to turn around when she pulls him closer* Seriously? Y r u turning around?
Shravan: To see her reaction
Girl: U seriously need some love classes. *shravan gives an uninterested look* okay fine…But if u turn around then she’ll understand. Wait lets switch spots so that u can see her. Remember, 1. Don’t look at her directly. 2. Play with ur hands coz she can see my back clearly from her angle. 3. Enjoy!!! *Shravan follows*

-Suman’s side-

Suman wouldn’t believe her eyes…Was her vision cheating with her? 1stly, she was blaming that girl, but now when Shravan turned around, it was clear. He was enjoying her company. He smiled at her. Their comfort while dancing…
Ritik *impressed by her previous words*: Wow ur choice is so unique. That makes me fall for u * he bends towards her* Like I’m melting to my own *suman went all unprepared*
Suman: Ritik plea…

She was about to pull him away when her eyes met Shravan’s…His eyes…wider than ever… maybe he never expected to see her in this state…but she had justification which he didn’t. He was also enjoying with another girl. She smiled at Ritik and lifted herself to his face. Shravan’s eyes grew wider. He just fell from the space without a rocket. He couldn’t see more. He turned his vision towards his partner

Suman relieved and whispered to Ritik’s ears: Saadi toh hone do…
Ritik: Well we r marrying for sure. I won’t let u go…
Suman *interrupted*: Bohat kuch samne ana baki hai. Uske baad dekna…
She knew the moment he’ll find her walk into Shravan’s cabin the next morning; he would step back from this marriage voluntarily. So now all she needs to do is…ensure for the last time what Shravan feels for her…

-Shravan’s side-

Shravan was lost..Did he really see that right? Or was that an imagination? Worst imagination ever!!! Or worst R-E-A-L-I-T-Y ever!!! His Sumo. She was his property…but Ritik didn’t force himself on her…she intentionally took that step…

Girl: Shakal ka tera kyu bajgae?
Shravan *angry*: To hell with Suman Tiwari. Look I don’t wanna dance anymore. Pls I’m done.
Girl: Areh hua kya?
Shravan: Khud hi dekhlo *he let his hands off her waist and to her hands. Then pushed her around so that she could take a glace then pulled her back. What made him go pale was the way she grabbed his shirt collar making sure her body lean on his*
Shravan: Excuse me?
Girl: Shut up. Tumhari dost tera hai. Sidha toh kuch samajta nahi. She is completely lost with Ritik. Aab tum kuch bhi nahi kadoge. It’s all up to me. And if now also she doesn’t get jealous or react, give up.
Shravan *nervous*: Tu..tum kya..kya ka..karna chahte ho?
Girl: The game begins now….

Precap: Probably the last epi
Sry guys didn’t put any pushkar’s part here. Just ShraMan conflicts. Hopefully I’ll end the ff with another epi. Pls ignore all sorts of spelling and grammatical mistakes and do share ur opinions.
All the best to those who have exams and tests coming up
Eid is on the way!!! What’s ur plan? Advanced Eid Mubarak.
Stay blessed and keep enjoying
Love u all
Hugs and kisses
-Ariana (Aru)

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  1. pretty preeti

    Hey aruuu yaar u made me too emotional u r right less ff r coming
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    Theek hai my cupcakes
    Yaar epi sachi me superb tha ladhai this aur mast this it was too nice I loved shraman conflict
    What what what next epi lasttttttt whyyyy
    Don’t lose heart
    Why its toooooo gooood
    Aru merit jaan ek baar aur soch lena
    Tic toc
    Love uuuuuuuuuuuu
    Take care

    1. Ariana

      My cupcake!!! Ik there r soo less ffs now I feel like crying. Nd hi5 I’m also in class 9. I just want a pre-graduate mathematics course so really need to give this diploma exam. Nd call me Aru forever…apna lagta hai.
      As for the ending of my ff then yah I’ve been planning to end it for a long time coz I don’t wanna drag. Don’t worry I won’t disappear. I’ll be here and try coming up with some other shots/ffs soon. But fine as u requested, I’ll try thinking over my dicision again. Tension not cupcake. Stay sweet
      Take care
      Love u too

  2. WeirdSister

    Hey Ariana…..
    Whatttt…u said u r going to end ur ff…..!!!
    It’s such a big shock…but I won’t tell u to drag it….coz I know…u wouldn’t like to make it look stretched….
    Now wat to say..
    Ur epi was on ‘ FIRE’….
    I just loved it totally….
    Thanx for ur wishes…
    Love you lots nd lots…
    Take care..
    Post soon..

    1. Ariana

      Awww sweetie don’t worry I’ll come up with something else soon. I’m glad u enjoyed the boring ‘awi’ type epi. Love u toooooooooo alllllllllllooooooooooooooootttttt. Take care nd enjoy!!! Gonna post next part soon.
      Love u

  3. Aleeeeee mera aruuuu baby…senti kr dia……hahaahah but its ok seee i,m here hiiiiiiiii (ok jokes apart )

    abt epi…
    One word mind blowingggggggggggggg
    u r damn amazing loved it post soon

    lots of love 🙂

    p.s same pari just log in nh kiya

    1. Ariana

      Awww finally kisine hi bola. Hiiii my sweet fairy. How r u dear? Thanks sooooooo much for liking the epi. I’ll post soon.
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  4. Seriously..very less..ffs I agree..and
    This part of ff was awesome…full on jealousy…????
    But..I am also in shock and don’t want this to b end..at least make it two more parts..OK..go as u r comfortable..but make it long..dear..longest one of..all ffs..like..fati ff??????haha..??????????????

    1. Ariana

      Lol sona di k I’ll make it looooooooooonnnnnnnggggggg. Khush? Nd don’t worry i’ll comenack someday with another stupid ff tp annoy u all.
      Wait for the last epi. Promise loooooooooongggggggggg hi hoga.
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  5. LogaMegan

    Hey aru wow as usual amazing ep dr loved it love ur writing style
    Why r u ending ur ff soon pls don’t do that we will miss it badly
    Post soon
    Bye Tc

    1. Ariana

      Awww thanks guys. I really don’t wish to drag tht’s y I would prefer ending it but don’t worry I’ll come up with something else. Gonna post soon.
      Love u both
      tace care

  6. Ruchi

    Hey Aru !!
    How r u dear…?? All well??
    Amazing epi…
    possesive Shraman…
    Ye dono to frndship frndship khel rhe h pr inka dil hai ki maanta nhi… 😉
    what is this yr u r ending this?
    Umm chlo koi n but u have to come back with other ff or OS or few shots…whatever u like…
    and if u continue this one also than also we r happy…
    take care…
    post next epi soon…
    Love you!!
    Ruchi… 🙂

    1. Ariana

      My sweeto don’t worry. Main aisa nahi jane wala hoon. I’ll annoy u guys more with some shots nd other ffs but sorry yaar don’t wanna drag it so I’ll stop. But promise….I’ll comeback.
      Gonna post soon but when idk.
      Love u too
      take tighter nd warm huggies from me. Some sweet kissies too

  7. What an episode girl. ? ?
    Loved it to the core ?
    It was amazing, awesome, fabulous, fantastic and much more. ?
    Can’t wait for the next episode.
    Much love. Take care ?

    1. Ariana

      Awww dear soooo much sweet words at once. I’ll have diabetics!!! Thanks a ton sweetheart. Don’t worry, I won’t keep u waiting for long. Gonna post next part soon. Love u
      Take care

  8. Nikita

    Wow di… It was amazingg..
    I loved kitna saraa.. Dono jealous.. Wow
    Di.. It was fantastic.. Now that’s one ‘BOMB’ episode, a usual for Ariana di..
    You know what? You made me emotional with the start speech.. I do miss so many ff’s .. Like Sumo di’s n stuff..
    Don’t wory, mera kal post ho jaega..so you read that, afterall, second lead actress toh aap hi ho..
    Loved the episode..

    And precap..
    Di nahi.. Do not end this.. I know you don’t wanna drag, but I gotta tell you..
    This I my favourite ff.. I look forward to it everyday.. Love you loads, and this ff, and no matter if it ends, you gotta be back again.. And I’m gonna start reading this one all overr again..

    Love you bohot saraa.. Posibly till infinite


    1. Ariana

      Awwww my sweet Niki is back again. Girl….wht’s ur secret? U make me smile always…like hell always… Even if u were a ghost I would’ve hugged u tight. U r soooo cute!!! My teady… Don’t worry I’ll get into some shots nd start another ff soon. I won’t leave u all. U guys r like my small family nd I will stay here even after EDKV ends nd this EDKV section is removed from the TU Home Page. I’m super glue nd will always stick to u guys.
      Love u a looooooooooooooooootttttttttt beyond the line of infinity
      Eagerly waiting for tmrw. 2nd lead nd me!!! My life is all jhinga lala…
      Take care

  9. sorry ariana 4 d late comment. i could not catch it up yesterday as it was raining badly wid thunderstorms d whole day in kolkata. epi was flawless. u r indeed talented. but precap was annoying !!! how can u end it sooo sooon . i want more epis plsssssss. shraman romance is left …… plssss

    1. Ariana

      it’s okay sweetie u don’t have to apologize. I’m glad u enjoyed the epi. Now i should b the one to say sorry coz i’m ending it. Don’t worry I’ll come back with something new. Promise. Nd the last epi will be romance.
      Take care
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