Ek Duje Ke Vaaste: Love, Friendship, or Something More? Epi 13


Hi everyone!!! How’s life? All fine? So here I’m with another epi of my ff. Today’s epi will be……….fine read it.

Recap: Suman tells Shravan that Nanu wants her to get married. Shravan is broken but hide his feelings

(After a week- Family was back from Delhi)

Tiwari House:

Nanu: Suman beta yeh dekho yeh mera dost ka natin Raj hai. Tum un saab se mili thi jaab Priya zinda the. Mai mere dost se baat ki, aur uske parivaar ko tum bohat pasad aye. *Suman was shocked* Mai chahtihu tum use millo, akela. Din badal gayahai, ab tum aur Raj raji ho gae toh baat pakki sahungi.
Suman: Nanu par….
Nanu: Agar lakha pasad nahi aaye toh koi baat nahi. Ami bas chahtihu tum use ekbar dekhlo. Agar tumhe ladka me kuch bhi kami dekhi, toh eh rishta nahi hoga. Thik hai beta?
Suman nodded. Her eyes were filled with tears. Of course that Raj won’t be Shravan, despite of however well educated, good looking, organized and loving he would be. She kept her fingers crossed so that she would find a tiny little reason to reject this proposal.
Nanu: Yeh woh restaurant ta pata hai jaha woh tumhe milne aayegi. Aj raat 9 baje.
Suman: Nanu mai use pachanungi kaise?
Nanu: Raj tumhari photo dekha hai, woh tumhe pahchaanege.

Malhotra house

Shravan was playing with his rubrics cube. It wasn’t a friendly game this time; he moved each small cube very aggressively yet was unable to solve the puzzle. It stated his mind. He had no answers to his own questions. What is his feeling for Sumo? Why did he never speak to her about their real relationship? It wasn’t just friendship. If it was then he wouldn’t have been so affected with the news of Sumo’s marriage. What if she finds a good guy and gets married? No. He can’t even imagine a day without seeing her. Oh! It reminded him, he didn’t see her since last week. Actually her words abt the marriage left him so speechless that he didn’t dare facing her.
Unconsciously, Shravan took his phone and dialled Suman’s no.

On the phone-

Suman: Hello Shravan?
Shravan was still on the ocean of his questions.
Suman: Shravan?
Shravan didn’t even realize he called Sumo
Suman: Shravan? Shravan? SHRAVAAAAN?
Finally coming back to sense Shravan realized he called Suman.
Shravan: Oh Sumo
Suman: Kya Sumo? Kaha the?
Shravan: Aj office nahi tha, so ghar par
Suman: Budhu maine puchi tum mujhe call karke kaha gum hogaya?
Shravan: Woh…woh…ummm
Suman: Kya woh? Waise call kyu kiya?
Shravan: Dost hu, haq hai. (took a pause and started thinking of the word “dost”)
Suman: Okayyyy. But kuch kahna hai?
Shravan: Ummm nahi…
Suman: Yaar toh baad mei baad karu. Thoda busy hu. Nanu ne bola koi Raj ko milne janeke liye.
Shravan *shocked*: Kya?? Kon Raj?
Suman: Nanu ka koi dost hai. Uska nati.
Shravan: Toh tum kyu use dekhne jaogi?
Suman: To fir ladke ko na milkar hi shaadi ke liye haa kahdu?
Shravan *raising his tone*: Shaaaaaadi!!!! Sumo tum woh Raj se shadi karne wali ho? U don’t even know him or his family!!! Aise kaise?
Suman: Ab dekhne jaungi tabhi toh janpaungi. Anyways mujhe der horahi hai. Taiyaar bhi hona hai so…
Shravan: Wait? U will get ready? He ISN’T so special that u need so much makeup. Aur normal ek hi-hello hai. Koi party sharty nahi
Suman: Hi-Hello NAHI. It’s like a DATE with my FIANCE.
Shravan was completely shocked. “Fiancé” What was it? Is she really marrying that Raj?
SHravan *soft and disappointed*: Fiance? Shadi pakki? Aur tumne bataya bhi nahi
Suman: Nanu ko pasand hai so I guess I’ll say yes.
Shravan: NOOOOOOOOOO way! U will live with tht guy nanu won’t. Look Sumo if u don’t like him, mujhe kahna, mai nanu se baat kadungi. Aur pasand aye toh…….*takes a deep breath* mujhe batana.
Suman: Okay aab phone rakhu? Bye…
Shravan: Bye…

Shravan was completely shocked. What if Sumo likes him? That guy can no way reject her. Even no one can reject her. She is diamond and everyone wants one. That means Sumo will marry Raj? And will Raj accept their friendship? Will Raj allow her to talk and meet him every day? He can’t stay without talking or fighting with her. Wait…She is Sumo. She won’t care abt a stranger called R A J ‘s permission to talk to her best friend. But wht if she also turns into a traditional wife nd do all those crazy things like a wedded woman? *Crack* Shravan got out of his thoughts and realized, he ws being so harsh with the rubrics cube that he broke the large 3×3 cube into 27 small cubes.

-Indian Accent (Restaurant) 9 p.m.-

Suman was standing outside near the main entrance. Her hair was done into a tight bun. Some baby hairs crawled down from the back of ear which were perfectly curled like 90s models. She narrowed her eyes with thick eye liner and little touch of mascara. Her lips, stain-free as usual, still the unspoiled shade of natural red. Her cheeks, little red…..she wasn’t blushing…she applied a lot of make up to cover her pale ones. Her dress…(Imagine her wearing the same anarkani she was wearing in preetibhoj)
Suman to herself: Sumo tu ek idiot hai. Aab us Raj ko kaise dhundegi? Shravan toh uth jaisa lamba tha, so it was easy. Ub is Raj koh na mai khabi dekha hai, nahi uske bademe kuch jantehun. Aab kya karu?
Suddenly she felt a tap on her shoulder and involuntarily, she turned around just to see the short guy. He was tall. Like 5”11 but after spending so many years with a lambu, anyone less than 6”4 sounded short to her. His eyes were covered thick glasses, yet those dark lenses were visible. The hairs were perfectly organized with the help of gel. He wore a simple coal grey shirt.
The boy: Ms. Suman Tiwari?
Suman nodded
The boy (obv uk who he is): Hello. I’m Raj Mehta
Suman: Suman….Suman Tiwari
Raj: Or pre-Mrs. Mehta? *Winks*
Suman *pissed* on her mind: Oh god!!! Sooo flirty. Chappal feku kya? Nahi nahi Sumo control urself. K so nanu ko kya bolu? Ladka bohat flirt kadta hai. Nanu ko toh flirt ka matlab bhai nahi pata hoga. Aur upne hone wale biwi se flirt karna jayas hai. Sumo….look for flaws…
Raj: Kaha kho gaye? Chaiye andar chalet hai.

They seat on the special ‘love-birds’ corner right next to the big indoor fountain. On the back was a clean glass displaying the outside street.
Raj: So pahle food order karte hai uske baad baat karte hai?
Suman nods. Suddenly she felt she saw him standing outside through the glass. She turned her head around but Raj interrupted by asking her for her fav dish.
Suman: Kuchbhi. I’m okay with everything.
Raj: Prawn Spaghetti? Extra Spicy Thai soup with thick mushrooms? That’s for appetizer. Dinner baad me order karungi okay?
Suman nodded. She was clueless abt this dishes. She wanted to have Panir Tikka, chicken tandoori, or in one word-desi food. But now she had to look out. She made a clear glace outside and so no one. She couldn’t believe it. She was sure it was him. Maybe it was her heart which wanted him.

Suman *mumbles*: Shravan….
Raj: Kuch kaha?
Suman: Nahi
Raj: So Suman ji, up upne bademe bataiye
Suman: Mere bareme kya?
Raj: Like ur passion, hobbies, life-style, anything u want me to know.
Suman: (on her mind: Better u know nth abt me) *bends a smile* I….I am an simple girl. Mujhe mahengi, branded, designer cheezo ki adaat nahi hai. Mera life style bhi bohat simple nd normal hai. I am…ordinary
Raj: That’s wht I like abt u. *Suman gives a horrifying look* Tumhe pata hai ajkal ki ladki saab bohat advance hai. Job kadti hai. Boyfriends hai. Ekdin mai break-up, ekdin mai patch up. Simple ladki to impossible hai, aur single….sanpome bhi nahi. So tumhara koi bf hai? Or tha?
Suman: No..no. I’m single. FOREVER. I believe in one prince charming *thinks of Shravan and smiles*
Raj: Nice….kuch fairy-tale type ki ho. Waise tumhari dost o ke bademe batao. Who ladkia toh zaroor fashion queen hogi. Tum unsaab se kaise deal kadte to?
Suman: Actually mera sirf do dost hai. Aur yoh dono…childhood friends…ek best friend *gulps* (uk who he is) aur dustra partner in crime (Pushkar) Woh dono mujhe fairy-tale type toh bilkul nahi kahte. To them I’m Su…
Suddenly a warm rough voice, yet very known to her said “Sumo…”

Precap: Fire….Burning….
Done!! So how was it? Sorry for all kinds of mistakes. I hope u managed to read through the epi though it was waste of time. SORRY for wasting the precious moments of ur life, but promise, the next epi will be BOMB. Don’t forget to comment below and share ur thaughts. Next epi will be up by Wed/Thu. Keep waiting. Lots of love.

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  1. Nikita

    I’m speechless……
    The episde was BOMB..
    How I loved it di !!
    Suman was epic today..”Nanu ko to flirt ka maatlab bhi nahi pata hoga”..
    Di , I have infinite emotins inside me right now.. I just loved it !
    Excited fr the next part bhooott zyaada !!
    Loads of love,
    Post soon..<333

    1. Ariana

      The epi wasn’t BOMB, but I’m glad u liked it. Thanks a ton. I’ll post the next epi soon. Nd yah tht will b gd. Love u…Take care

  2. pretty preeti

    Hi aru
    My life is gud
    The epi was bomb
    I will beat u how dare it WS a damaka epi
    Loved it
    So nice
    Sumo was really so that I have no words
    Love u
    Post soon

    1. Ariana

      Thanks soooo much sweetie. If my stupid epis keeps on words on u, imagine how ur dhamakedar ff epis does to me. Love u sooooo much.
      Take care

  3. Marie

    Hey aru….!!
    Yo….!!!! This ep was a total bomb….hahah next wala kaisa hoga….!! 😀 imagining n imaging…!! Ye raj adi ka bhai hai chipmunk kahin ka…!! Yo burning fire….means jealously…?? Chalo khair hai I can read anything….!! Cause it’s always special fr me to read ur ep….moo hello how dare u call this ep waste of tym……ek toh acha khaas ep likh kar pata nai log kyun waste of tym keh dete hain….??? 😀 dobara himmat mat Karna…!! Warna I will beat u….(acha acha don’t mind’)
    Hahaha it’s was a dhamake daaaar ep in short…!!
    Oook a request…!!

    Next ep plz Wednesday ko hi post Kardena…..Thursday ya uske baad nai only Wednesday wajah mat poochna it’s a very special day fr me…..hope ye request Mano gi…. 🙂
    Post on Wednesday…..not so soon not so late …….. 🙂
    Love u my dear…..!! Or wo Bhi bht ziada..!!
    Take care…!
    By by

    1. Neeti

      ha apka bd jo he special to hagai na

      1. Ariana

        Wait whose bday is tht?

    2. Ariana

      Awww u r like my cupcake. Making small requests, scolding me. I love it. I’ll call u cupcake from now. Nd u made a wish, so obv I gotta fulfil it. K done gonna post on Wednesday. Nd sorry, agli bar ‘waste of time’ nahi likhunga. Maf kar do is nalak ko.
      Btw butter acha tha. Pura melt hogayi, like ice cream.
      Lots of love….nd kisses….muuuuuuaaaahhh

  4. WeirdSister

    Hey Ariana….
    How r u sweety??
    Anyway…d epi was as usual fab…..!!!???
    Loved it to d core…
    Nd luv u loads nd loads…!!

    1. Ariana

      Thank u soooooooo much dear. I’m glad u loved my epi. Love u too from the core of my heart. Take care

  5. What an epsiode ? ?
    I have no words to express how amazing it was. Loved it a lotttttt..
    Precap ?
    Waiting anxiously for the next episode ?

    1. Ariana

      Thanks alot sweetie. I’ll post the next epi on Wednesday hopefully, nd will try my best to pay off ur patience. Lots of love. Take care

  6. Sharmansangel

    Imtehaan hogai intezaar ki bina suspense ke toh koi ff nai aya aaj kal but bahot bahot bahot acha tha

    1. Ariana

      Lol!!! U changed the song for my ff. How cute. K ur ‘intezaar’ will come to an end this wednesday. I’ll post soon. Lots of love

  7. Yaar…
    Felt evry seen hapng..in daily life.. Are just gng to happen in next days…that much natural…lines..talks…?☺☺????
    Loved it.

    1. Ariana

      thanks sooo much sona di. Love u alooootttttt

  8. sorry 4 not commenting in d previous epi. actually i was not well even now i am not fully cured. i was soo desperate 2 read ur epi i hide my phone inside d book while i was in tution classes and somehow escaped frm being caught as i began laughing hilariously when i read d part where sumo saw that raj and her reaction !!!! lols just loved d epi post asap

    1. Ariana

      Aww dear its sooooo sweet of u. I hope u get well really quick and do focus on ur studies too. I hope my ff can sometimes bring recreation out of ur boring studies. Lots of love nd sweet wishes. Stay blessed too.
      Love u

  9. Ruchi

    Hey Ariana
    How r u dear?
    Wow.. superb epi ..
    u nailed it yr..
    very much excited for next epi..
    try to post next epi asap..
    take care..
    Lots of Love..
    Ruchi.. 🙂

    1. Ariana

      Hi Ruchi. How r u? All good? I’m abselutely awesome specially after reading all these cute comments. I’ll post the next part really quick. By wednesday. promise. Take care. And love u

  10. Neeti

    Ariana di, Leeti (late+Neeti) is here…
    woww kittooo accha epi tha bt why did u say it’s a waste of time….me apse rooth gayi hu…
    baise apne Ami likh diya (sry agar apko bura laga), mera to thik he bt sab to bengli nai samjhenge, by the way I guess ap bhi Bangladesh se ho hena..???
    luv u di – Neeti

    1. Neeti

      sabse bst precap he hahahaha fire burning hehehehe….

      1. Ariana

        Sry forgot to talk abt it. Uk burning…jealousy…I hope u understand nd yah next epi will be better than this promise.

      2. Neeti

        maybe aj porjonto to dekhlam na

    2. Ariana

      Thanks soooo much Neeti. Hai ami bengali, khati bangali nd bangladesh theke. I can understand bangla so u can feel free to comment nd talk to me in bangla. Don’t worry. And as u r bengali too so instead of love u……..lots of bhalobasha :p

      1. Neeti

        thank u apu, ye prothom Bengali pelam tao Bangladesh er…..?

      2. Ariana

        Wait ei site e r kono bangladeshi nai? U mean just both of us?

  11. Rukhsar

    It was a mind blowing epi aru and next one seems more interesting i m waiting eagerly for the next part post soon

    1. Ariana

      Thanks soooo much dear. I’ll post next part on wednesday. Till then…wait…
      lots of love…take care

  12. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey Ariana !!!! This ep was not less than a bomb .. just awwwwesome ..
    Awwww poor Shravan baby feeling jealous ?? .. nd the precap .. OMG !!!! Wondering what’s gonna happen next .. can’t wait .. can’t wait ..
    Post soon ..
    Take care .

    1. Ariana

      Awwwww thanks a ton dear. I’m glad u liked this epi. Feels so gd when ppl butter around. JK. Gonna post next epi really quick. Like this wednesday. Nd the next epi will b something better than this atleast. Love u. Take care

  13. ......Kaya......

    Wow………. the episode just amazing………loved it…………. awesome
    Wonderful………. you are a wonderful writer…….. loving your updates………. please post the next part soon………
    Eagerly waiting

    1. Ariana

      Tnxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a loottttttt sweetie. Gonna post the next epi tmrw.

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