Ek Duje Ke Vaaste: Love, Friendship, or Something More? Epi 11


Sry for a late update. Actually my house’s wifi ditched me so I couldn’t post it on given date. Right now I’m seating in Starbucks, stealing their free wifi nd typing this epi. So It might be short. Pls consider.

Story so far
Shravan comes back from London after 10 years and Suman gets very excited unknown of the fact Shravan hates her. He falls for a girl whom he thought to be a client’s daughter. Later he figures out that girl was non other than Sumo, his childhood friend, and draining away all his anger, he made a new friendship with Sumo.

Epi 11

Malhotra house – 4 am –

They were seating on floor bending against the couch and watching an episode of Game of Thorns. Shravan was deep inside the episode chewing popcorn unconsciously, while Suman was bored af giving him weird looks which he wasn’t even noticing
Suman: Yaar yeh kya hai?
Shravan *not removing his eyes from the screen*: Game of Thorn of course, my fav. I read the book too.
Suman *pulling his left hand*: Mujhe nahi dekhna
Shravan *taking a quick look at her* : Par mujhe to dekhna hai. I can’t miss a single episode. No way!
Suman *making a puppy face*: Shravan pls. I don’t like it
Shravan *looking at the tv*: Then y r u watching it?
Suman *blushing*: Bc u like it. And I love u…

Shravan opened his eyes wide. There was no couch, no tv, no game of thorns, no popcorn, and no Sumo…..He was simply lying on his bed under the soft comfortable blanket. “Another stupid dream” he convinced himself. Ever since they became friends again, he had been having uncountable dreams like this. One some he confess to her, and on others, she does. 1st he took these lightly, but then Pushkar alerted him saying “Dil ki joh baatein dimag tak nahi pochti, woh sapno me dekhai deta hai” and Suman confirmed “Yeh duniya mai dimag raj karta hai par sapno mei dil.” Both said these words unaware of his dreams but it stroke him seriously. It had been 4 years he have been seeing these. He tried convincing himself that he liked Sumo 10 years back, even after coming back unknowingly and also after they turned friends again. When his brain admitted he was in love, strangely his heart opposed with stronger justification. His heart reminds him of time he left her nowhere and how their story is always so incomplete.
He was in the maze again when he realized his phone beeping constantly. He grabbed it to open the screen and the only visible words were “42 missed calls from Sumo.” It was around 4:25. He smiled thinking she had to share her stupid stories again but also felt weird on the number of missed calls. He was abt to call back when she called again.
Suman *yelling in a scared tone*: Shravan….
Shravan *shocked*: Sumo kya hua? Tum itna dari c kyu ho? Saab thik haina?
Suman: Kuch thik nahi hai
Shravan: Kya hua?
Suman: Shravan pls help…
Shravan *perplexed*: Sumo..par tum…gharwale…saab..
Suman *crying*: Shravan gharwale Delhi ke bade mandir….*screams* Ahhh
Shravan: Sumo…Sumo?? *The line got disconnected*

Without even waiting a min Shravan jumped off his bed, grabbed the keys of his car and ran out of the house. He drove breaking all speed limits like a drunken guy. The only words which buzzed around his ears were Sumo’s scream and ‘Shravan help” What happened? Is she sick? Someone entered the house? Was she safe? Obv not, she was yelling. His mind was frozen was he drove. He was never so worried.
Lavishly he stopped the car in front of Tiwari house, breaking himself through the main gate. He was the light of Suman’s room turned on. He went to the entrance door and was about the knock when he heard Suman scream again. He wanted to yell out his presence but if someone is inside, he would keep her life in danger. Slowly he tip toed to the ladder connected to the terrace and climbed into through the secret passage.
The house was all dark. He turned on the flashlight of his phone and slowly walked to the only visible light, Suman’s room. Consciously, he peeped through the side of the door. All he could see was Suman standing over the bed in her t-shirt and pajamas. He moved his head the check the room and found it all empty-safe. He placed the phone on his pocket and rushed to Suman.

Shravan *standing in front of the bed*: Sumo tum thik t…
Before he could finish his worlds, Suman hugged him tight. For the 1st time, her head was over his.
Suman: Shravan…. *making a sound of relief and moving back looking at him*
Shravan: Don’t worry, I’m here. Kya hua?
Suman: Shravan woh.. woh…
Shravan *confused*: Woh kya Sumo? Daro mat mai hu na?
Suman: Chuha!
Shravan: Kya? Chuha? Kon chuha? Be serious
Suman: Shravan mere closet pe ek chuha hai. Pls pls use yaha se nikalo.
Shravan: R u out of ur mind? Raat ke 4 baje tum mujhe call dekar chikteho, mera jaan nikalkar bahar ajatha hai, mai pagol o ki tada gari drive karke yaha atehoon aur chodi ki tada purani secret door se andar ati hu. Aur kahteko chuha!
Suman: Shravan yeh chuha ko nikalooooooooo. Mai marna nahi chati. Abhi toh maine shaadi bhi nahi kiya. Aur mujhe tumhare shaadi pe dance bhi to karna hai.
Shravan *little sad bc of her words*: Yaar kya?
Suman *making a puppy face*: Chuna…pls…..
Shravan couldn’t stop but smile at her cute face. He walked to the closet and opened it.
Suman: Kuch dekhna mat
Shravan: Toh chuha kaise marungi?
Suman: Marna mat!!! Baas ghaar se nikalkar kisi bhi road per dekar ao.
Shravan *turning back to see her face*: Tumhe pagalpan ki daura roz ati hai ya fir kabhi chutti bhi leti ho?
Suman: Sh………Shravan *yelling* Chuha!!!!!!!!!!! *the mouse jumped of the closet and was running on the bare floor. Shravan was chasing it while Suman was squeaking every minute and cheering Shravan up. Finally Shravan managed to catch it by its tail and took it out of the house letting out in the road.*

After returning back he was Sumo standing near the dining table stirring the spoon on a cup. Looking at him, she smiled and offered him a cup.
Suman: Coffee? Tumhara wala without sugar
Shravan: Raat me coffee? *walking towards the table*
Suman: Raat? For ur kind info, u were so slow at catching the mouse that it took u more than an hour. Now it’s 5:45. SO aab coffee? Breakfast bhi hai. *pointing at the mung daal ka halwa and parathas*
Shravan smiles and nodded to her offer. Both enjoyed their early morning breakfast together, like a married couple. Suman offered him newspaper but he preferred talking to her.
Shravan: Seriously? THE SUMO ajbhi ek chuhe se darti hai?
Suman: Kuch cheese kabhi nahi badalte. And thanks for giving me a life again?

Suman was jumping over the school’s bench and yelling when Shravan chased a rat. Finally he held it up and let it out on the school’s ground. Suman didn’t say him anything as her ‘cool friends’ were around her but she gave a cute wink to him. Later Shravan opened his notebook and found a small note written at the corner of the 1st page “thanks for giving me a life. I thought I would die bc of that stupid chuha”
Flashback ends****

Both smiled and shared a small eye contact.
Suman: Y am I even thanking u? Tumhara shaadi pe dance karne se pahle mai nahi maru..
Shravan puts his hands on soft lips as she looked up his wide eyes. He gave a look of disagreement.
Shravan: Aise kabhi mat kahna. *Suman was taken by his words so was he himself but then he remembered his own words and smiled* Marot oh obv. But mera shaadi me dance maat karna pls. Tum bohaaaaaat budi dancer ho.
Suman: Haan haan. Mai khukdi shaadi me meri prince charming ke sang hi dance kadungi.

The words “meri prince charming” hit him hard.
Shravan *serious one*: Tumhe tumhari prince charming nahi mili?
Suman *sarcastic*: Tumhe tumhara fairy-tale wala princess mila?

Realizing her words, she stopped. Just hoping he would say yes. But what if he said yes, but it wasn’t her? Better it be a no. Shravan nodded a yes taken by a no. He was confused himself. Involuntarily Shravan said “Sumo” like a sweet groan. Both had a long eye contact. She looked at his guilty dark chocolate brown eyes. Did he mean her? Shravan wanted to miss this contact. What if she understood her words? What if she leaves him?
A noise at the open door broke through their contact. Both turned around and saw nanu standing upstairs,

Suman: Nanu?
Nanu: Areh Shravan tum yaha kaise? Saab thik to haina?
Shravan: Nanu…woh… Sumo ne..woh mai yaha..
Suman: Nanu apko sardi lagi haina, isi liye Shravan apko dekhe aya hai, lakin up toh so rahe the. Maine upko uthane gaya par Shravan mujhe bola ki woh upke sajne tak wait kadenga. So nashta laga diya.
Nanu *smiling*: Acha kiya.
Suman: Mai upki nashta lagadeti hu. *walks to the kitchen. Shravan follows*
Shravan; Mai kuch samjha nahi. Nanu yaha par. Tumte toh bola gharwale Delhi ke mandir gaya hai
Suman: Haan. Par nanu ko sardi lagi hai so I stopped with him. *take a break* Tum kuch kahrahi thi na? Bolo.
Shravan: Mujhe chalna chaiye.

Both knew it wasn’t what he intended to say. Suman knew he had feelings for her which was more than friendship 10 years back and even after coming like a stranger, but now he felt for her or not, she didn’t know. All she knew was she felt a ‘peaceful and cool air’ whenever he was near. It was a non-existing wind but was present in her heart, which made her feel sae around him. She felt home where ever he was. She didn’t know what to name this feeling. Maybe love, maybe not.

Shravan was well aware of the fire which burnt him in her presence. He wanted to admit his love the fear of rejection overpowered his thoughts so he better accepted her as a friend. He knew time will change everything and he can do anything to be her prince charming. Maybe he was in love, but for now, it was better to fool his mind.

Precap: Nanu thinks of Sumo’s marriage. (not gonna be related to the current EDKV track so chill)

So how was it? Ik it will be all wedding type the current track on EDKV but trust me, I won’t make it draggy nd emotional blackmail type like the serial. I planned this wayyyy b4 EDKV started showing Nanu’s ill health. Sry for the mistakes. Don’t forget to comment nd let me know u ropinion. (like always tomatoes r allowed)

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  1. Haha…thanks for intimating that its not like current track???
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    Nice one??

    1. Ariana

      Yup aditya ko include kar sakti hu. U never know. But Shravan won’t attempt to suicide on my ff.

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    1. Ariana

      Awww thanks soooooooo much ruchi. Love u too

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    Ahh.. Another eyelock!
    Excited for the precap though !!
    You write really well !
    Post soon
    I will pray that your wifi gets well!
    Lots of love

    1. Ariana

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      Love u dear

  4. Siddhi

    Do read my ff The Love We Have For Eachother Will Never Change-Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Ek Duje Ke Vaaste and pls comment and it was nice epsiode

    1. Ariana

      Sure dear. I’ll read ur ff tonight. Idky I missed tht out anyhow, anyways thanks for letting me know nd reading my ff.

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    Amazing…I loved d ending…u portrayed d emotions so well…!!!
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    Post soon?????

    1. Ariana

      Thanks sooooooo much sweetie. I thought romance would be wayyyy common so a bit of stupidity won’t impact. idky i was also smiling the whole time typing tht scene. Anyways love u sooooo much.

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  7. well well ariana i had a good laugh. hanste hanste pete batha hoe geche. a wonderful epi. love u post asap

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  9. Really funny…………. I loved reading it………… especially the chuha part ………..it was awesome……………and precap seems interesting……………………… waiting eagerly for the next update…….. please……please…please……….please…….please….. please….. post soon…….

    1. Ariana

      Thanks sweetie,. The epi will be up sooon. Lemme fix my home’s wifi connection 1st. Love u.

  10. This was epic.. I laughed so hard on that chuha part and i was like awww cute on their convo and eye lock scenes.
    Loved this episode a lot.
    Post soon. ??

    1. Ariana

      Thanks…….I’m glad I made u laugh. Wow…So much of work I did! Jk. Keep laughing like this. That would b super cute on u. Love u

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    Aru it was a very nice epi
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    1. Ariana

      Call aru without any hesitation. My family, frnd everyone calls me tht nd no way i can mind. We all r like family here. Love u

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