Ek Duje Ke Vaaste: Love, Friendship, or Something More? Epi 10

Surprise!!! I just managed to finish my 10th epi so posting it without any notifications. I’m so excited. I have a msg for everyone at the end so pls read tht too. So here goes my epi….

Epi 10

Recap: Suman dries Shravan’s shirt. Suman is about the leave for PCT when he offers her a day of as she also hurt her abdomen. Suman warns him saying he had no rights over her.

He pushed himself to a distance of hardly 20 cms from her. His hands narrowed down towards her waist still pressed against the wall and his head just above her forehead. His eyes… there was no presence of love, sympathy or care…..it was filled with passion of anger. It was the Shravan she never faced before.
Sumo *confused*: Shra…Shravan tum yeh k..kya kar rahi ho?
Shravan *bending his head even closer to hers and taking a deep breath*: Upna haq jatarai hu.

Blood never circulated quicker on Sumo’s body before. She was so close to him; being so weak. Captive. And he had never been so erotic before. It wasn’t comfortable. She was melting on his heat. The confidence she always showed-off about, was now under the mole hole. She had no way to get her power back. Still with little hope of escape she gulped to begin.

Suman: *trying to hide her nervousness* Kis haq jatarahi ho?
Shravan *looking straight into her eyes and making his tone husky*: Woh haq jo mujhse koi nahi chin sakta, tum bhi nahi. Jo haq maine 11 saal pahle paya. *Suman slugged* Dosti
Suman *getting back some “hatred” on her heart*: Woh haq tum khud khudse chinli Shravan. *Shravan raises his eyebrows questioningly, still having the smile on his face* Kaal…..Tumhine kahatha ki humare beech
*Shravan joined*
Shravan and Suman together: kuchbhi age ki tadha nahi hoga
Suman was shocked looking at his confidence. He never regretted on his words. She had nothing so say. She hated him though her heart was still looking at his eyes, opening wide.
Shravan: Yehi kaha na? *Suman nods with disgust* Agbhi yehi kahungi. Humare beech kuchbhi age ki tada nahi hoga.
Suman: Shravan pls shirt pehno, aur yahase jao. Mujhe tumse koi baat nahi karni.
Shravan: Lakin mujhe toh tumse baat karni hai. U knw wht, its great ki tumhe baat nahi karni. Mai aramse baat karsakti hu, without any interruptions. So, Sumo dekho, mera baat pehle sunna uske baad jobhi tum chahoge, wahi sahi.

Suman: *loud and angry* Mujhe tumhari koi baat nahi sunni. Aur kyu sunu tumhari baat? Kon ho tum mere? *Shravan opens his mouth but Suman continues* Dost? Konsa dost? Shravan u moved on from our friendship. Tumhine kaal kaha. Aaj bhul gaya?
Shravan *soft*: Nahi Sumo mai kuchbhi nahi bhula
Suman: Toh fir yeh saab kya hai? U rn’t even guilty on ur words. Shravan, u moved on, and u said me to move on too. Ab jab mai move on karneki koshish kar rahi hu, tum mere samne ake tapak raheho.
Shravan: Yes Sumo I moved on and I want u to move on too…Lakin
Sumo: Lakin kya? *closing her eyes for a while and then taking a deep breath to gain courage and looked straight into his eyes. Not with anger, but with concern* Shravan are u sure, U… *smoothing her tone* u moved on?
Shravan: Yes, I moved on. *a drop of water speeded down Sumo’s left eye* I moved on from the past…from whatever happened 10 years back…from everyone I faced 10 years back…From every memories I had… *Suman’s cheeks were wet by now* but…I didn’t…I didn’t forget the memories I made with u….I didn’t forget the words I said to u…I didn’t forget the time I spent with u….Or I can just say…I didn’t move on from the u. Tum ajbhi MERA Sumo ho. Aur tumhe “Mera Sumo” kahne ka haq mai khudse kabhi nahi chinungi, aur nahi kisi aur ko chinne dungi.

There was a long silence. Both knew nothing about what happened, though they witnessed it all, clear. While Shravan was busy organizing his words, Sumo was still stuck with his previous ones. Her heart, so pure and unaware of the pale reality, just took in those words which she had been waiting to hear for years: “Mera Sumo”. But her brain, which faced the cold world forever rejecting the words of love, didn’t accept it.

Suman *hopeless *: Kahna kya chateho? Agar mujhse age nahi bad payi toh yeh saab kya hai? And y should I move on from u?
Shravan: *Aggressive* Miss. Suman Tiwari don’t u dare to move on FROM ME. *calming down*U got me wrong. Maine tumhe mujhe bhulakar age badneke liye nahi kaha, I said u to move on from what happened between us 10 years ago. I said u I moved on. I DIDN’T move on from YOU, I moved on from that black day when our friendship fell apart and I want u to do the same. Bhuljao jobhi hua. Us baat ke liye mafi mat mango.
Suman: Mai kaise buljao jab tumhi nahi bhuli? Aur mafi deer se mangne ki yeh natija, mafi nahi mangti toh tum mujhe “so-called dost” nahi kahte. U didn’t forgive me.
Shravan: Yes, I didn’t forgive u when I came back to India after 10 years. *Suman’s eyes went all watery once again* Kuiki agar maaf kardeta, sabke sang tumhe bhi bhuladeta. Aur tumhe bhulkar toh mai nahi je sakta. I needed support. I was alone. I had no reasons for a comeback. But the anger I had on u, gave me hope, to meet u again. And see. Wahi hua. Mai wasap papa ke kahne par nahi ayi, tumse milkar, tumpe mera narazgi nikalneke liye aayi thi. But, how can I be angry on someone I love? *Suman’s eyes grew wider with hope. No one ever said they loved her. Her parents died. Nanu cared, so did everyone else. But no one loved.* Dost se pyar karte hai, gussa nahi.

Suman*wiping her tears off*: Par Shravan….fir tumne kyu naha humare beech age ki tada kuch nahi hoga?
Shravan: Kuiki sach yehi hai ki hum age ki tada dost nahi rahenge. *Suman opened her mouth but Shravan put his hands over her lips. Both shared a long eye contact* Sumo, pehle hum bache the. Nadan, selfish, immature. Humesha ladai karte the. Ek dusre ki importance nahi samjhe, par aab, we know the importance of each other in our lives. In daas saal hume dur nahi aur kareeb laya. Now we won’t fight against each other, but for each other. Now we r mature, aur yehi hai joh is dosti ko badal dega. U know what I mean right? *Suman kept staring at him confusingly. She did understand what he meant, but didn’t know how to react* Nahi samjhi? Okay, let’s be clear. We use to fight
Suman: And patch up too. Now we fight but don’t patch up. Coz age to tada kuch nahi hai.
Shravan: *loud* NAHI! Now, we WON’T even fight. We will be together, forever.
Suman *hopeful*: Forever?
Shravan: BF”F”. *both knew their heart wanted to go more than that but boundaries lined up somewhere in between*

Suman smiled but then her smile faded away: Shravan tum mujhse kaal bhi nazar the?
Shravan: Kaal subha? Toh ha. *Suman leaned against the wall breaking down* Lakin….Time has its own power. Time ke sang Chote bhi bade hogaya, aur tumhari gajar ka halwa bhi kamal hogaya, so gussa gaya bhar me. Aur yeh sach hai
Suman: Aur baki saab jhut? Jobhi tumne pahle kaha? *smiling teasingly*
Shravan: Mai tumse kabhi jhut nahi kaha.
Suman: Abhi bola. Mere mu par! Tumne mujhe party, ya fir woh anat ashram par nahi pahchani thi ki mai Sumo hu.
Shravan’s smile faded away. He went all insecure. Was she aware of his newborn feelings for her? Did she accept him? Or was she angry this whole time due to that?
Shravan *trying to cover up the topic*: Jhut toh tumne bhi mujhe bola

Shravan leaned closer to Suman. He lugged his hands up against the wall putting them over Suman’s shoulder while Suman tried to step far but forgot that she was already leaned
against the wall. Her body started having goosebumps.
Shravan *husky*: U said me being shirtless won’t matter u. Jhut tha! Ajtak koi ladki mujhe aene me aise mu kholkar nahi dekha. Aur bhagi bhi nahi. U r the one to be most affected by my body. Aur mana math karna, kuiki tumhe abhi goosebumps arahi hai. *Shravan dragged his left hand down Sumo’s right one, letting Sumo grow more uncomfortable. She gulped hard but said nothing* Kya kahrahi thi? “mai record break karna chahungi?” Sumo…U did.. Now, u r the most reactive girl. Like u r Iodine nd I’m Francium (it’s a chemistry pick up line) *Shravan winks* So, agli bar, soch kar bolna. Lawyer hu, upne apko defend karna ata hai.
Suman *gulped after hearing his words*: Shravan…tum woh chashmish Shravan nahi rahe.
Shravan: Ha ub chasma nahi pahenta hu
Suman: Chashmeki baat nahi, tumhari character ki baat kar rahihu. Ladkia marte hai tumpe right? Aur tum bhi uske piche gurteho
Shravan: *husky* Correction. Ladkia mujhpe marti nai, that’s true. In fact Sumo the wrestler bhi.. *grinds making Suman blush* But mai ladkio ke piche NAHI gurti. I’m a ONE WOMAN GUY.

He was well aware of his words. He is a one woman guy now. Yes he wanted to move on from Sumo, but ended up liking her back unknowingly. So same girl, forever….or now his lady she is.
Suman couldn’t stop herself from smile. It wasn’t a fake one. It was a smile which spoke of her heart. Now, he said something which made her feel so special. He was a one woman guy, and she knew somewhere deep inside, she was that woman, HIS lady.

It was a new beginning for both, together…

Precap: 4 year leap

Done!!! I hope u guys liked it. Fingers crossed. So 1st formalities: I’m sorry for any grammatical or spelling mistake. Hindi is not my mother tongue so I suck at it, and Literature isn’t my thing (I’m more math nd science) so I’m terrible at writing. Pls consider it. And now….I just finished writing my 10th epi of my 1st ff. These epis took more than 2 weeks, and in these two weeks I found so many friends. Thanks for welcoming me into ur family. This site is sometimes very unfriendly in terms of using and I get irked a lot but then when I read all ur sweet comments and ffs, my heart melts. Thanks for ur support and blessings so far. I love u all. Ik my epis get crappy sometimes but still u guys don’t throw tomatoes!!! U guys throw flower nd butter for sure! How much money did u all spend on buying that butter which u apply on me through comments? I’ll try paying them off with some sweet moments on my ff. I don’t want it to be a lengthy msg so gonna stop here. Just wanna say, THANKS nd LOVE YOU ALL AS INDIVIDUAL.
Ohhh! How was the epi? Don’t forget to comment (btw tomatoes and rotten cheese were always allowed so u can stop buttering sometime). Share ur opinion abt my 10th epi nd also the ff so far….
Ariana (Aru, Ariana di, or whtever u like calling me)

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  1. WeirdSister

    Ariana…it was just took good…..how can u write so well…amazing choice of words …..4 year leap?… Vry excited for this part…post very very soon..otherwise I m gonna kill u???
    Luv u!!??

    1. Ariana

      thanks!!! gonna post pretty soon but when idk. I’m progressing. Probably Tuesday. And love u too

  2. Wow aru
    Who said tht u r terrible at writing
    Itna mast to likhti ho
    I loved the epi
    It was awesome n so romantic?
    Serial me to aise moments aj kl impossible lgte hai?
    Bt u made me happy after reading it thnku
    N yeah the butter is all free of cost?
    Love uh…. Post next part asap
    Eagerly waiting….

    1. Ariana

      Thank you dear. In the show ? so much fight. And the new promo!!! ??? but I managed some sweet moments. The nest epi will b up soon.
      Love u

      1. Yaa the new promo lookss like hell i had tears in my eyes…?? pta ni when we get to see nimik together

      2. Ariana

        Ikr!! And Suman will even agree to marry that Adi -_- btw Namik posted they r shooting another ShraMan separation Promo. Life is hell now ???

  3. Nandini aka Nandu

    Hey ariana! I seriously dont know abt your’s but this time my heart seriously melted reading ur message. U were so sweet:). Dont worry, u will never get any sort of tomatoes or stuff from us. U seriously seem to be a science and maths type and thats why inserted one in the ff too! How are u? Whts the time zone there?? I mean the GMT. While reading, there were some mistakes, but maaf kiya because u were too too good in writing hindi despite hindi not being ur mothertongue! Lots of love. Keep writing dear. Congrats for ur 10 episode dear:) kots of wishes. Btw whats ur mothertongue then..bengali??? Post soon. Omg.. 4years leap…!!! Cant wait to read wht happens next. Omg! I am soo excited! Lots of wishes so that god stuffs plenty of ideas in ur head;)

    1. Ariana

      Awww. Thanks dear. Its around 1:02 am here in Canada, and yes I’m a Bengali. And tomatoes r one of my fav fruit so I won’t mind d much ? the next epi will b up very soon. Hopefully by Tuesday.
      Love u ?

  4. Lovely episode…
    4years leap…reallyintersting..10episodes complete karney ki khush mey..story 4 years leap le.li..??
    Hahaha…??????????jst kidding…
    And u r asking the rate of butter we apply on u…???
    Aru….for ur information…its as costly..as ur imagination skills..
    Its a rare product..like ur writing skills…??????
    If u agree that..ur writing..thoughts..creating story..is just so easy for u..the we too..agree that..we r applying butter..unnecessarily..on u..?????????
    Tab tak k liye..raklo..Sara butter..??????????????????????????????????
    Really..yaar u deserve wt we say.love u☺☺

    1. Ariana

      Direct blackmail!!! U compared ur wonderful praising skills with my rotten epis ? I can agree that my epis get stupid and u guys can agree too tht u guys butter me more than usual. Still the butter melts on my heart so I won’t mind. Love u ?

  5. pretty preeti

    Aru loved it sweet heart
    Love ur surprise sweety aru
    U r awesome
    Congo for 10 epi
    Loved it
    So nice

    1. Ariana

      Thanks sweetie. Love u

  6. Sumo

    well well well, 100 bucks a day, dats my grocery bill , for d butter I get for u.. ??
    Ariana .. u should learn to appreciate urself, if u r good at something u should kno it n appreciate itself just like u apretiate us, I loved it.. the description about the plot is amazing..
    ur a little weak at Hindi, so u can write d dialogues in English as well… but anyway i looked it wid awe, loved it a lot..❤

    1. Ariana

      Awww thanks solo much. Love u too ?❤

  7. Nikita

    Ariana di!!
    So happy to see that you’re early!!
    Kya likhte ho yaar ap!
    Finally ShraMan ki confusion dur hogayi!
    Kya matlab nikala apne shravan ke words ka !!
    “MERI SUMO” “One woman”
    I was blushing the whole time!
    But the precap !!
    4 yrs leap !!
    Exicted !!
    Post soon..
    Love you too,

    1. Ariana

      Thanks. Ur words r soooo sweet. Like chocolate ?. Sure gonna post soon. How abt Tuesday? Will tht work?
      Love u

  8. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey Ariana !!!! This ep was just fabbbbbbbbbb … I just luved it .. bt u know what instead of u thanking us .. we should thank u for making us read such an amazing ff like never before .. soo Miss Ariana !!!!! A big big hug nd a big THANKKKKK UUUUUU ????????????????????????????????? … nd plzzzz plzzzz upload next part soon bcz as both suman nd shravan patch up soo can’t wait for their special moments ..
    Take care ..

    1. Ariana

      Awwww ur welcome dear. ??? u made me blush!! Yah I’ll post next epi by Tuesday but I wonder will there b a real patch or not. Uk ?

  9. WELL
    No words :*
    real talent
    Ur way of expressing the episode is awesome
    ..:D our independence day is coming :p
    Hame wish nh kari gi kia??;)

    1. Ariana

      Thanks for informing before hand. So let’s start wishing from now. Happy Independence day!!! ?
      Thanks for the sweet comment. ? love u

  10. sry Ariana di, wen I was cmnting my data expired
    bt yes yes..yesssss ShraMan ka romance..
    that time I was in bus so could nt dance bt I was really happy and exited..yess yesss
    that’s wy I call you all my sis (apna bhi toh tarif banta he na) ?
    nw accept kisses and hugs from this chutku behen

    1. Ariana

      Don’t get too excited. I might disappoint u with the next epi. And thanks soooooooooooooooooo much for ur love. Love u too
      I accepted ur hugs and kisses nd also returned ur favour.
      muuuuuahhh Love u sweetie

  11. Wow wow wow wow i m speechless aru wonderful epic great outstanding out of the world i know it will be too much buttering but u know that u r a great writer i couldn’t stop myself from praising u u r awesome i dont have words to explain how am i feeling now u made me blush with this epi today

    1. Ariana

      Ohoho!! Its not only buttering. Now u r applying butter, jam, sauce everything on me. Thanks thanks thanks (millions of thanks r less for ur praisings) I’m glad u enjoyed the epi. Love u

  12. Hi Ariana…… first of all congrats for completing 10 episodes of your ff…….. I hope you soon complete a huge number of episodes in this ff….and many more………..you write so well your update was just awesome……. I always enjoy reading it…… I am really excited for the next update……so please…. please….. please……. please… please…… please…. please post soon…… eagerly waiting for the next update……….

    1. Ariana

      Thankssooooooooooo much dear. Don’t worry the next epi will be up hopefully by tuesday. I’m still working on that. Don’t keep very high expectations, I might end up disappointing u. Anyways love u

  13. guilty guilty guilty 4 commenting soo late. epi was mindblowing even i began to have goosebumps!!! mera sumo i wanted to hear this thousand and one times from shravan`s mouth and u fulfilled my wish.love u
    well we are of same age and have d same mother tongue !!! hindi is even not my cup of tea .!!!
    cant wait 4 tommorrow

    1. Ariana

      Don’t be guilty. I’m happy u atleast read it. Ik sometimes we get busy nd it’s hard to comment nd I can cooperate. And sure I’ll add some “Mera Sumo” on the coming epis.
      Love u

  14. Carroll Hasenbeck

    The story revolves around Shravan Malhotra and Suman Tiwari, who’ve been best friends since childhood, but were separated due to misunderstandings.

    1. Ariana

      Yup. In my ff their misunderstandings r cleared but in the show!!! Uhh would anyone pls help them. That Ramnath -_- causing all new misunderstandings

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