Ek Duje Ke Vaaste: Love, Friendship, or Something More? Epi 1


Hello everyone I’m finally starting my ff with all of MY ideas. I knw the part on intro was pretty much wht u’ve seen in the show that’s y I kept tht in intro. Now it’s all mine nd I can do anything I want. :p And thanks a lot for ur support. U guys r awesome. Yah if I keep on praising u all then probably I can’t get started. So let’s start:
***If u haven’t read the intro then read tht 1st: http://www.tellyupdates.com/ek-duje-ke-vaaste-friendship-love-something-intro/***
Recap: Shravan returns from London

Malhotra House:
Shravan on phone: Hey Rahul sup? Kinte saal bath.
Rahul: Shravan tu!!! Now u remember me? I’ve sent u hundreds of mails since I read abt ur victory in LonLen Gang case (a case Shravan fought bck in London). Tera toi responds nahi
Shravan: Woh mai kaam me busy tha. Koi bath nahi aaj aja coffee par.
Rahul: Ok. I knw a nice café. I’ll msg u the address.

Tiwari House:
Tiwari ji on phone: Ramnath kaise yaad kiya?
Ramnath: Shravan is back!!! I can’t express my happiness. Our family is complete now. I kept a party tonight so I want u to come with everyone, especially Suman. Maybe she had forgotten Shravan. Akhir daas saal. But she can recall as they meet each other
Tiwari ji: Woh Ramnath we are going to leave for Kanpoor within an hour. It’s Manju’s nephew’s wedding. I don’t think we’ll be back before a week or two but as soon as we r bck, I’ll meet Shravan.
He keeps the phone.
Rachna mouci: Suman everything ready?
Suman: yes! Nd we still have an hour left. (sadly)
She thought she could have went to meet Shravan last night. Suddenly her phone rings nd she picks it up
Preeta: Sumo bohat badi problem hai tu aabhi aa. Mr. Mathor is here waiting for u.
Suman: How Can I come now? I told u I’ll be unavailable for this whole week
Preeta: Tu nahi aai toh samaj yeh deal haath se gayi
Sumo cut the call and leaves house being perplex.
Shravan standing out of care with Rahul
Rahul: Yaar zabardast gappse shappe hui. Firse kabhi milenge. I gotta leave. U knw gf ka mamla hai. Anyways thanks for the coffee
Rahul leaves. Shravan walks to his car which was parked right next to PCT (Opp of the café) He opened the door of his car when he heard an old bold voice yelling out
Voice: Yeh saab kya hai? Hairs all over the food!!! I thought PCT delivered fresh, healthy food but no. My office staff went sick after having it. Khane ka taste ke saath saath quality ka bhi dhayn rahiye.
A soft voice responds: Mr. Mathur I’m sry for everything. I promise next time I won’t disappoint u. From tmrw u won’t find any reasons to complain.
SHravan turns around and sees a man in suit (Mr. Mathur) standing next to a tall, slim girl. Her dark straight hairs were down to her waist and covered half of her face (Shravan was looking from an angle) He felt something……He knew something was so same…….he left 10 years ago and almost all of India changed but this thing didn’t.

Yah people still blaming each other!!! (Sry itna jaldi Sumo ko nahi milega) He recalls those old days when he walked with an ice cream nd hit a lady unconsciously. That lady blamed him nd humiliated him so badly but lucky Sumo was there and saved him (it’s the flashback where Shravan bring ice cream for Sumo). Suddenly he shivered in anger. Not on Sumo but on himself. How can he be thinking of that stupid girl? She is no one to him now. He started blaming himself but then he decided to stop and just pity that girl who is being taunted right now in front of him. Sumo rescued him back then but this girl is lonely nd hopeless now. Should he go and stop that man? Y would he do that? Naaa. Mind ur own business Shravan, he said to himself and seat on his car.
(I guess u all predicted who the girl is by now. Yah our Sumo)
Mr. Mathur left with the hope of betterment. Shravan also started his car and was abt to leave when he saw that that girl walking to the other ladies who were standing next by the door. (Staff of PCT)
Sumo is a loud voice: Preeta yeh kya tha? Khane mei baal? Kaise? Lucky I didn’t leave. U knw I don’t like hearing bad stuffs abt PCT. I won’t bare any more complains in future.
Preeta: yaar sorry. Woh kya hai ki……
Sumo: Kuch bhi nahi. I’m not leaving u all at this state. Mai ek din nahi aayi (She was busy packing for Kanpoor so she didn’t come to PCT yesterday) aur tum saab ne hamgama kardia. If I don’t take care for a week then u all will make my PCT shut down.
Shravan gets irked looking at her behaviour. He couldn’t believe he pitied such a girl. Oh yah obv girls!!! All are same. Pretends to b gold but is dirtier than coal. He couldn’t even breathe in this place with cheap ppl. He left immediately.
Sumo calls home and informs she got some work so she won’t be able to join the wedding and says her family to leave for Kanpoor.
Malhotra House:
Shravan enters but is still irked at Sumo: Girls these days. All the same. Frustrating. I feel like she is like…
He stops. He can’t let her name come out of his mouth.
Ram: Areh Shravan. Aaj raath party hai. Everyone is coming except for two of my close people.
Shravan: Kon?
Ram: Mr. Berry, he got a meeting, but he requested u to visit his office now. Here is the address
Ramnath gives Shravan a piece of paper
Shravan: Thanks.. aur dusra?
Ram: Jisko tumhare aaneka unahi khushi mili jinta mujhe. Tiwari ji. He is leaving with his family for a wedding party. I wish he joined us tonight. Suman bhi nahi aaegi. Yaah hai use?
Shravan: Papa mai Mr. Berry ke office hokar aatehoon. If I go there late, I’ll be late for the party.
Shravan saw a huge traffic on the main road so decided to take a short cut (The route of PCT) He was pissed off unconsciously as he had a bad impression of that place due that stupid girl (Sumo) He took that route however ended up in a traffic. (Yeh Delhi hai bhai) He turned on the radio nd chilled out when he saw the same girl getting out of PCT. It took him a second to irk off but the next moment he found his life lying ahead.

Precap: Sumo read a letter from nanu telling her to drop a file to Ramnath asap. It’s the party night
How was it? Ik pretty big but the nxt part it kinda sort. Pls share ur feedbacks nd excuse me for mistakes

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    Nice epi di just loved it .bas shravu ka sumo ke liye pyarr wala part jaldi likh do.

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