Ek duje ke vaaste. Hate to love story (Epi – 5)

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Epi starts with shravan and sumo going to mall. They reach ther.
Shravan asks her to go inside as he will come after parking his car. Suman waits for him . he comes and asks her to move. They goes towards the lift. They Wer in lift. They get stucked in it.
As power goes off. Shravan gets little afraid and holds Sumans hand. She sees this and laughs. He asks what!! . she shows him . he removes his hand on her. He says
: vo galti SE hogaya..(it was bimistake)
Suman laughs. Shravan says kya!!!.(what!!!)
Sumo: kuch nahi….(nothing) and smiles.
Power comes . and they are happy.
Shravan asks suman to meet the client as he has to do a phone call. So he move otherside.. Suman goes to meet the client. To a cafe .She doesn’t any one ther so she sits and waits. A man was teasing a girl . she sees this scolds him badly and badly. Everyone gathers ther.shravan comes ther and asks what’s happening he sees and get shocked as sumo was scolding the man is none other than their client . he stops her but she continuously scolds him. He shouts tht he is our client. Sumo shocked and stammers. K-k-kya???? (What!!!) Shravan apologize on sumos behalf but he sys tht this girl scolded me infront everybody. He sys tht he dont wanna work with them.he goes.
Shravan gets angry he doesnt sy a word and goes sumo goes behind him.

They reaches the office. Sumo tries to talk to him . but he ignores it . she goes behind him into his cabin. He scolds her.everyone in office sees this. Ramnath come ther and ask what’s the matter.
Ramnath: kyun iss bechari ko dant rahe ho ??? (Why r u shouting at this innocent girl)
Shravan:Dad!! ye bechari nahi hain!! Poochiye iss SE is NE kya kiya??(she is not innocent . and ask with her itself wat she has done??)
Ramnath: kya hua beta??. (Wat happenned child)
Suman makes innocent face and sys everything wat had happened.
R: tum bevaja iss bechari ko dant rahe the!( u Wer simply blaming her)
Suman looks at shravan makes innocent face and nods at him.
Shravan: itna accha SA client hamare hath SE nikal gaya is ki vaja SE ( becoz of her we lost tht client)
R: it’s OK . and asks suman to come as he has some work with her.and goes.
Suman goes behind him before leaving she winks at shravan who was staring at her . he was like what???.

Ramnath sys to sumo tht don’t take his talks to her heart as he is lidat as u know. She smiles and sys yes. He gives some work and leaves.

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