Ek duje ke vaaste. Hate to love story (Epi – 3)


Epi 3

Nanu asks suman to make food. Suman prepares food . it’s all favourite food of shravan . she serves to nanu. By the time someone rings the bell . suman sys might mami and masi has come back . I will check .and goes and opens the door . she is shocked to see shravan standing . nanu comes ther and asks who?? She stammers shra-shra-shravan…. Nanu gets happy and sys shravan. Come inside he comes and take bless frm nanu . nanu blesses him and asks wen he came frm London ? He sys today. Nanu asks suman y didn’t u say he has come . suman sys tht I forgot to tell. Nanu says OK and asks shravan to have food . shravan first refuses . nanu insists so he says OK.
Sumo in mind: ab is khadoos ko khana khilana padega pata nahi kitna kayega.
Sumo serves him . he sees all his favorite food and stares at sumo. Thn eats it
Sumo in mind : pata nahi kyun maine iska pasand khana banaya pata nahi kya soch raha hoga.tum bina sumo.
They finish having lunch
Nanu and shravan talks . nanu asks him to come to home sometime to meet him . shravan nods.
Shravan heads to leave but nanu sys him meet others also. Mashi mami everybody comes home and are tired . they asks who is this. Nanu sys shravan . they get happy and meet him . shravan sys he is getting late as everybody is waiting for him he excuses himself. And goes..

I’m malhothra mansion
Shravan comes and asks chachi to prepare food as he is very hungry . everyone have food together and spend some family time.
In room
Shravan is busy in laptop pushkar comes ther and talks to him and he asks abt sumo. Did u see her. Shravan sys yes. Pushkar : kaise thi vo ????
Shravan : kaisi thi MATLAB . vaise hi hai kaise pehle thi??
Pushkar : hmmm tik hai bhaiyya good nyt.
Shravan: good nyt
Next day in office

Sumo comes at a time becoz she don’t want to be late as pushkar will tease her infront of shravan
Pushkar is shocked and sys: me sapna tho nahi dekraha hoon seeing at sumo .
Sumo gives him angry look and pinches him . he shouts . she sys : tum sapna nahi dekh rahe ho samjhe . and goes
Pushkar: ye ladki bina .and smiles.
Shravan is in cabin . sumo knocks . he sys to come in . she comes and stands quietly.
Shravan sees and asks wat?? She sys nothin . shravan : then go. Sumo : sys I’m ur secretary. Shravan in shock stands and asks wat???
Sumo : yes. Ramnath sir said to me.
Ramnath comes ther sys yes . she sys to sumo to discuss the case with him.
Sumo sys OK .

Precap : shravan and sumo stuck in a room somewhere.

Credit to: shiza fahida

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  1. Pls try to write in eng
    Cox i can’t understand Hindi words

  2. secretary hehe good… 🙂 🙂 good work 🙂 🙂

  3. kaisi thi matlab? shravan is a cutie. wonderful update

  4. Along with the SHRAMAN, I also like the sumo Pushkar friendship bonds! It’s cute?

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