Ek duje ke vaaste. Hate to love story (Epi – 1)


I’m a great fan of edkv and I’m writing ff on them.

Same characters

Tiwari house
Sumo is sleeping . mami shouts to get up and get ready for the office. Sumo is still sleeping . again mami shouts and wakes up suddenly. She sees the time and is shock tht she is already late. She gets ready and comes down . mami sys to have breakfast. But she sys tht she is late and hve to reach office at a time. Mami scolds her tht I said to u to come and sleep fast yesterday night but u Wer busy with ua frnds. Now see the outcome . sumo is irked by her taunts. And goes frm ther. She reaches the office . puskar sys thank God aleast today u r in time . but 5 minutes late. Sumo stops him. Pushkar sys thank God bro is not here otherwise . she sys otherwise wat ” aane do usse mai use nahi chodungi. Pushkar sys calm down “itna bhi gussa mat karo vaise aaya bhi nahi aur tum abhi SE shuru ho gayi. Sumo goes frm ther. She meets ramnath . he sys tht my son is coming today .so
: go kal SE kaam shuru kardega aur mai chahtha Hun ki tum uske secretary banjaao.
Sumo: par sir kal SE!!!
R: haan mera beta kaam mai deri nahi kartha isliye.
Sumo : teek hai sir.
Sumo was thinking today he is coming and he will start his work frm tomorrow .kaise ajeeb insaan hai.
She dashes with someone and she falls on his arms.and they both share an eyelock. He is none other than shravan.they r meeting each other after ten years .she doesn’t recognize him starts her dadagiri and asks him who r u ?? And whom u want meet . he tries to go inside but she doesn’t leave him. He pushes her . get inside. She shouts thief thief. Everyone gather ther everyone is surprised seeing him . ramnath sys shravan. Sumo was shocked and sys lambooo shravan.

Precap: pushkar teasing tht she didnt recognize shravan bhaiyya and laughs. Sumo goes to shravan and apologize.

Credit to: shiza fahida

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