Ek Duje Ke Vaaste: Friendship, Love, or Something more? INTRO


Hey guys!!! I am watching EDKV ever since it was launched nd obv it turned into my obsession within the 1st week.I desperately wanted to write something on their cute story so here I come. It’s my 1st fanfic so it might not be well written due to lack of experience. I wanna say that I’m more overly a mature writer and over time, there might be some scenes. However, I’ll try not to emphasise much on them.

Shravan nd Suman r childhood besties but due to some complicated their friendship paused halfway. Shravan went to London for his higher studies and turned out into a lawyer. He had always been smart but over time he grew more charming, handsome and manly. On the other hand, Suman lived back in India with her family. She managed her way out of university as studying was never her thing and started her own tiffin center.
****The backstory of ShraMan is the same. No changes there. My ff will start as Shravan returns to India.*****

**All characters with their signed roles. No changes except for Nirmala is Shravan’s mother and there is no backstory of her with Ramnath. External characters like Khoshla, Gugloo, Aditya r not included. If I introduce new character I’ll let u know***

At Malhotra house:
Nirmala walking into the kitchen: Areh Ramesh tum yeh kya karraheho? Maine bolana aj khana mai banaungi. Tum jao
Ramesh: Okay mam

Kamini in the living room: Agar saabne hath ethe ethe chalai toh 10 saal aur lagjaegi saaf karneme. I want all these clean within an hour. Aur yeh phool sab marehue kyu hai? I want the freshest lilies of the market in these vases.
Vandy: Mammy ji chill. I know you are very excited but don’t stress out sooooooo much. U should come with me to the parlour and get a relaxing spa. It’ll make you look young and fresh
Lala ji: Mera sonio is always young. No need of any spas-shas
Kamini blushing: Kuch bhi awi. Now let me work. I want this house to shine like diamond b4 he enters. Vandy putar agar tera spa hogaya toh tu zara Nirmala bhabi ki bhi help karde.
Vandy makes a cute innocent face nd leaves for spa
Pushkar in his room, talking in the phone: So finally the waiting hours ended. He is coming. Seat on ur khatara nd come here
Voice (in the phone): Whom did u call khatara? It’s my life
Pushkar: Toh jiska tumne das saal intezaar kiya woh kya hai?
Voice: Shut up!
(U guys can guess out who she is)

Tiwari house:
Mamiji: Can she get off her phone? Suman come here and help me pack these bags.
Sumo cuts the call and walk into mamiji’s room nd helps her pack the bags.
Sumo:If you don’t mind can I leave for an hour? I need to go somehwere to meet someone. (Smiles)
Mamiji: Today? NO!!!! We will leave for kanpoor tmrw morning nd u wanna do got today? Who will pack all these?
Sumo: Mamiji I’ll manage
Mamiji: How? U have 10 hands? No means no.

At night-Malhotra House:
Nirmala: Kuch chut toh nahi gaya?
Kamini: Don’t worry bhabi. I knw u r excited to see his face after 10 years but so are we. Nd we all did our best to make this perfect for him

Nirmala nods
Ramnath: Varun nd Pushkar come with me to the airport. He will be landing soon
A voice from the door: Koi aur bhi aane wala hai kya?
Everyone turns around and said together “Shravan!!!!”

Tiwari House:
Sumo holding a photo and talking to herself: By now he must have landed. It’s not at all fare! I waited for this day for 10 years nd now I can’t see him. I just wanna meet u and say I’m sorry. Sry for everything I did when I was covered with immaturity and selfishness. Yah it’s true I can’t meet you now or sometimes near as I’ll won’t be here, but soon I’ll say you this.

Malhotra House:
Shravan: Ma I have been dying for this daal for ages.
Everyone laughs, talks and enjoys their dinner and then leaves for their respective room. Pushkar joins Shravan for some words in Shravan’s room
Pushkar: What a surprise. U took an early flight!!! Btw koi peer ke sath competition ke the kya? Itna lamba?
Shravan: Shut up
Pushkar: Ajkal to harkoi mujhe yehi kahta hai (recalls the words of Sumo in their phone conversation)
Shravan: uh?
Pushkar: Oh where is she? She was so excited. Even more than Nirmala aunty. She was suppose to come. I don’t know y she missed out?
Shravan: Who?

Pushkar: Aur kon, Sumo? She was dying to meet you. When I said u’ll come, she almost had a heart attack
Shravan’s smile faded away as soon as he heard her name. Blood was circulating quicker through his veins and the heat of his anger was shivering.
Shravan: Pushkar mujhe sona hai I’m tired
Pushkar leaves
Shravan to himself: Y is she dying to meet me? Kuch baki bhi hai aab? Anyways let me see how she meets me. I promise Sumo, u’ll die …..die waiting for my glance but I would never let you see me ever again…and it’s shravan malhotra’s promise

Precap: Shravan visits his friend in a cafe near PCT. Sumo is also there

How’s it so far? Hope u guys liked it. I tried. Please comment and share ur opinions. Sry if there r mistakes.

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  1. Sriya

    awesome fantabulous one u rocked it is it same as serial dear???

    1. Ariana

      I didn’t change the basic idea of their childhood friendship as I loved tht. But the story will change from nxt epi

  2. Nikita

    It was damn amazing.. And I loved it

  3. Marie

    Ariana it WS fab dear……pehla hi ep…was wow!!!!
    U write very well dear……!! 😀
    Post nxt prt soon 🙂

    1. Ariana

      thanks!!! Yep coming up with the next epi asap

  4. Nandini aka Nandu

    Awesome dear. But kya story original.waali jaise hee hai? I mean the revenge track? Keep posting. Lots of love,

    1. Nandini aka Nandu

      Btw whats ur age? ( only i u dont mind) else keep writing and posting. Lots of love.

    2. Ariana

      yah I kept the basic same coz I loved their old friendship. Nd I’m 14.

  5. pretty preeti

    Nice into Ariana u r new or old
    It was very nice
    Post soon

    1. Ariana

      yah gonna post asap. Maybe by tmrw. Nd I’m new here

  6. Angel_pari

    Nyc!!!!!! Looking forward for ur ff!!!!!! 🙂

  7. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Nice story dear bt I think it looks like the serial’s story .. isn’t it ?? . .. BTW it was nice .. post next part soon ???

    1. Ariana

      yah the 1st part is same tht’s y kept it in intro. From next part there won’t b much link with the serial stry

  8. It was wt i liked in the story when I watched it first time..and happy to see that again..it was almost as first episode of edkv..
    But..as it is a ff..I’m sure..there will be different and new things can b found in this plot..☺☺☺
    Interesting ..to read..?☺??
    All the best..
    Post the next part soon..☺☺

    1. Ariana

      yah it’ll b diff from next part nd tnx for ur wishes.

  9. Good going.Pls continue.
    Reminded me of those first few episodes.

    1. Ariana

      sure the nxt part will b up within 2 days hopefully. I’ll let u knw

  10. Neeti

    Hello di. mujhe pehchana main neeti, jo phir se tapak pari .i love the last part. shr will nvr let her die thats pakka. im exited to know why shravu hates her.

    1. Ariana

      the next part will b updated by tmrw so u can read it

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