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Hey guys!! Its ur tiara… I’m really sorry that I’m not posting any episode since these days and not even today… I know u’ll all beat me with whatever you get but pls bare with me cause my SA’s are in line n my practical are going on… I’m in ninth now so it’s not possible for me to write frequently… hey but not so less comments ok? I need more or else i’ll end my ff…
Well there’s a short promo for U all

Ramnath comes to nanu and asks for sumo’s hand for shravan… well nanu agrees but there is a twist in the story… at the same time Nirmala enters with Aditya’s marriage proposal for sumo….
Nanu leaves a decision on sumo….

well what will sumo say??? well it’s a yes of course for shravan…
Its sumo and shravan’s marriage… mehndi, haldi etc.. all rituals are taking place..
Meanwhile aditya misbehaves with sumo… he gets beaten up by shravan
Why did aditya behave like this???? That you all will get to know in my ff

Bye guys love U all… and also comments needed pls

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  1. Ariana

    Hmmm…Sounds so interesting that I really can’t wait. ShraMan marriage with all rituals and Adi’s interference. It looks so amazing. Pls post the epis soon I’m eagerly waiting. Can’t wait honestly.
    Post soon
    Love U
    Take care

  2. Sounds interesting…
    Matlab adhi ko firsey…thapad lag ney wali..hai…wanna….read it????

  3. Anushika

    It is very interesting,pls post soon

  4. pretty preeti

    Tiara interesting dikh rha hai
    All the best to uu
    Lovely promo

  5. Nikita

    Interesting.. Post soon !!

  6. full of suspence…. well i am not guessing anything right now…. confused
    even i am in class 9 so can understand ur situation very well … try to post asap

  7. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Awwwwesome one ???????

  8. Tiara

    Guys i’ll try my best to post… i’m just able to comment on all d ff.. no time to write

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