ek duje ke vaaste….friendship or love? Episode 8


Hi guys!! I’m posting my next episode… it’ll be a small one but I’ll not be able to post now for some days… at least a week. But I’ll try…
Well you all must be excited to know what is sumo’s reply… well its shocking..
Episode starts-
Sumo is in her thoughts.. thinking about Shravan
Sumo- what has he done.. he has really left med blank..
Next morning..
Shravan gets sumo’s call.. he super excite to know her reply
Shravan- sumo tell me fast you love me or no??? I can’t wait anymore please tell me
Sumo- will U let me speak?? Well I want to meet U.. in the same coffee shop. Bye
They both meet in the coffee shop. Shravan has his fingers crossed …
What is sumo’s reply????? Can anyone guess??
Sumo- look Shravan we both are together since childhood and U R my best friend I suppose…. But I’m sorry to say that nanu has fixed my wedding and that to yesterday with Aditya. Don’t take me wrong. Even I love you but as a friend.

He looks at her with teary eyes.. he is all broken.. he leaves from there.. sumo notices it that he is deeply hurt…
She calls him out.. he turns and asks what happened… she bursts out laughing.. he is clueless… she checks if she is fine… she says that did he think nanu really fixed my marriage?? Are I was joking… I wanted see your reaction.. But now I’ll confess that I love you too. She hugs him tightly.. he is really very happy hearing this…

Precap- will ramnath accept sumo??

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  1. pretty preeti

    Tiara it was a lovely epi
    Very sweet
    Loved it
    Love u

  2. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hahahaha !!! Sorry sorry bt what a joke sumo crack on Shravan .. bechara to rony hi lg gyaa .. tooo good dear .. very very nice ep .. just fabbbbbbb dear .. post very soon .. ab ye ramu kaka beech me koi syapa na kr dy .. let’s hope for the best .. once again post very soon .. waitingggggggg ..
    Take care ..

  3. Tiara

    Thanks a lot.. ya i’ll try my best to post new episode soon

  4. Tiara

    But U all should also put some comments… i’ll get discouraged…

  5. Hey dear don’t feel discourage . For the first time I am commenting and reading your ff.
    Awesome dear. It was superb.
    Update soon. Love your ff. ??

  6. Nandini aka Nandu

    Omg tiara u are too good yaar???? just loved it like hell??? post soon if u can. Keep writing and posting sweeto. Lots.of love. Now fingers crooses for ramnats decision .??????

  7. ?????
    It was so..nice..☺☺

  8. soo sweet . a lovely epi. i will miss u alot

  9. Nandini aka Nandu

    So any plans for fast update??? I guess mera pehle ka comment nahi post hua, so lots of love. I just loved it dear???? keep writing

  10. Tiara

    I’m not gonna write for few days… but ramnath’s reply is very out of d box

  11. Tiara

    Can anyone guess abt ramnath??

  12. Nikita

    Hey di !!
    Bicharaa Shravan ka popat ho gaya !!
    The episode was damn amazing !!
    Do post soon !!
    Lots of Love,

  13. mai bhi ro rai hu..Shravan bechare ko hr jagha rona kiu pr raha he…pr atleast bad me woh kush ho gaya…so happy..
    tiara di itna accha likh ti ho ap ki if you come here I will buy so many chocolates fr you that you will give dem back to me :p ?? bt sach main its so nice
    Idhar bhi Ram a gaya woh use to mr dalungi huh bt love fr you
    love you di, by- Neeti

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